Saturday, July 21, 2012

'Secede' - Jumping Through Hoops

My video inspired several individuals to suggest methods to secede that are “legally enforceable,” as relates to that fictional abstract known as the US Government. Here is one such approach. These are all viable courses of action, if that is the direction you choose. But I still am bothered by the elemental question that continually goes through my head: By what authority does an individual or group of individuals claim rule and dominion over my life without my consent? There is none, of course, and such an illegitimate authority can only be enforced through fraud and violence.

When I am born into this world, am I born a free man or someone else’s property? The state has created a maze of legalese to distract you and cloud and hide this inconvenient question that the state can’t answer. I don’t understand why intelligent and awake people allow the state’s matrix of propaganda to obscure that basic question in people’s minds. The state creates these legal games to confuse its subjects and keep them oblivious to the simple, rational truths contained in the answers to such questions.

How can any individual or entity (that I had no part in creating) rightly claim me as their property and then require me to navigate through all sorts of hoops and obstacles and legal nonsense to regain a condition (freedom) that I was born into?

It’s no different or no less reprehensible than a chattel slave being required by his master to complete whatever perverse directives this despot can imagine, in order for the slave to win or “earn” his freedom- a freedom that was taken from him at birth! How is this slavish relationship any different than the relationship the state forces upon me? Why is the burden upon me to abolish or rectify this relationship-particularly since this entity claims to rule “by consent of the governed?”

Asking these questions exposes the reality of the state’s existence- it is a tyrannical, criminal band of thugs with a great public relations agent.

Any legitimate “contractual” arrangement with this beast is rather one sided. I’m expected to keep my end of any “agreement,” but the state rejects any demand that they keep theirs. They can change the terms of any “agreement” at any time and without any input or consent by me. That’s why I never opened a Roth IRA. I fully expect them to eventually change the rules so you’ll be paying taxes on that money twice! That’s of course, if they don’t nationalize (confiscate) everyone’s retirement money first.

The burden is placed upon the wrong party. As it is now, the individual is expected to prove why he is not a property of the state. It should be up to the state to prove such an abominating supposition.

Why should I spend my time fighting one legal fiction by replacing it with, or defensively using, another legal fiction? Even if that is successful, what is to stop the state from creating still another legal fiction that I must then counter? Where does it end? I am sovereign. I am born that way. I need no document or state decision to make that a reality. The fact of my sovereignty is confirmed by the fact of my birth as a conscious human being, a property of no one, nor any self-described ruling entity. If you believe otherwise, than you have to believe that all men are born as other’s property. You also then have to admit to the tyrannical nature of the entity that you legitimize and obey. And what does that say about you as a person?
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TNAR said...

I am curious whether you are following through on your secession? The government has a long track record of being extremely intolerant of those who refuse to submit their ransom payments (taxes) on an annual basis. What do you intend to do regarding the IRS? What about mundane things like property taxes, sales tax, vehicle registration, driver licensing, IP issues, et cetera?

Enlightened Rogue said...

I don’t discuss my tax issues with strangers but I’ll refer you to another post where I ponder such a dilemma:

Property taxes, sales tax, vehicle registration, driver licensing are all state mandates. My declaration is directed only at the USG- for now.
IP restrictions I generally ignore, depending on the situation.