Monday, July 29, 2019

What Texas Can Learn from Shithole-California

Here is Part One of Stefan Molyneux’s documentary about the decay and destruction of “The Golden State.”

Warning to Texans not wishing to suffer the same irresponsible fate:

The city of Austin recently legalized sleeping and camping on public areas by homeless bums- including on sidewalks adjacent to businesses and homes.

Coming soon- massive public defecation and the same “privileges” extended to private property.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Relationships are some of the most important things created in life, and that is the key to understanding Southern music.  Southern music was not created by committee, or by decree, or by a government.  It was created by individual people building relationships with each other, cooperating and collaborating with each other, learning from each other, and having a good time.  Ultimately, that is also the key to understanding all of Southern culture."
Tom Daniel

"How can a good society ever be attained by building up a state-made 'right' to vote and placing it ahead of natural rights of free exchange? In the classical liberal view, the state has a limited role in protecting property rights. Elevating the role of voting as superior to property rights is a political philosophy subversive to property rights."
Michael Rozeff

"Far from enjoying supremacy, white males are denied equality. They are discriminated against in university admissions and employment. Free speech is denied to them. According to military wives, white males are being denied promotions while the military achieves diversity balancing.  Google fires white males for stating basic facts. White school boys are being browbeat and feminized.  The charge of white supremacy is being used to herd white people to the back of the bus.  While they sit there and suck their thumbs, white people are being propagandized out of existence."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Democracy does not ameliorate conflict; it generates conflict.  It does not eliminate the essential nature of the state as a violent institution; it only masks that nature.  It is the nature of the state itself, as an institution that systematically uses aggressive violence, each instance of which creates winners and losers, that is the cause of escalating conflict in America.  Unless we wake up, the misplaced reliance on democracy and voting as a means to resolve conflicts among individuals and groups, will lead us all the way to the brink of civil war as it has done already in other countries and in our own country in 1861!"
James Ostrowski

"Many leftists desperately desire a kind of apocalypse, but an apocalypse on their terms. The globalists are giving them one, or at least a farcical version of one called 'climate change,' in which mankind angers nature with his production and progress, but is smote down with catastrophe while the devout leftists watch on in their purity saying 'We tried to warn you, but you would not repent...' This is of course science fiction, not fact, based on junk science funded by organizations with agendas to manipulate the masses.
The solution to this apocalypse, coincidentally, always ends up being more government, more control over human trade and progress, population reduction, and perhaps even global governance of every aspect of life. Otherwise, we might incur the wrath of the great leftist war god of destruction — carbon fed global warming. In the minds of leftists, that will be the moment when we all understand that they were the sane ones, that their cult was right all along, and we will come to them willingly, prostrating ourselves before their mighty intellectual superiority."
Brandon Smith

"Only if there is already an existent social order is it possible for anyone to immigrate to it. To put it another way, the logic of the concept of 'immigrant' logically presupposes both an established society to which the immigrant immigrates and, importantly, the concept of 'native' or 'indigenous,' i.e. of the non-immigrant.
America was established by those who settled it.  There was no America before specific people at a specific time decided to tame the vast wilderness that would become the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.  Those people were all white, all British, and, at the time of the War of Independence—about 170 years after the first settlers made a home for themselves in Virginia—they were at least 80 percent English and 98% Protestant Christian.
To repeat, there was no America until white, British Protestants created it.
Thus, the term of 'Native-American,' designed to refer to those who were formerly described as 'Indian,' are patent misnomers. Yet the movers and shakers of the Big Con use it just as frequently as do 'Politically Correct' liberal leftist Democrats."
Jack Kerwick

"In the world in which we live in right now, millions of people in the United States are supposedly hungry, homeless, sick, and economically disadvantaged. If the super-rich want to help these people, then why don’t they put their money where their mouth is and do it? Why involve the government? And why do they want the government to force their super-rich brethren to be philanthropic?"
Laurence Vance

"The Founding Fathers feared a standing army, and for good reason. While its ideal purpose is to create peace, we do not live in a world of ideals. The actual effects are to lower the costs of war to those who would have it, and to create a special-interest group of bureaucrats and military personnel who have a vested interest in advancing the war machine. As long as the army stands, peace is unlikely to be achieved or long-lasting."
Andrew Kern

"Slavery never ended; the terms of employment changed for the quaint but anachronistic chattel slave institution to update servitude to the contemporary government arrangements for mass theft.
America is too big to succeed at anything but tyranny."
Bill Buppert

"Assistance given voluntarily … is truly charity; that taken from another by force … is not charity at all, in spite of its use for avowed 'charitable purposes.' The virtue of compassion and charity cannot be sired by the vice of thievery. … All told, the process of 'political charity' is about as complete a violation of the requisites of charity as can be conceived."
F.A. Harper

"Attacking a person as a 'conspiracy theorist' was the only tool critics really needed to keep a piece of evidence or a concrete viewpoint from going viral. Conspiracy theory is equated to insanity, or stupidity or buffoonery. Everyone knows a conspiracy theorist is not to be taken seriously, so why waste time listening to what they have to say in the first place?
It should come as no surprise that conspiracy reality is not something these people want entertained by the public. Conspiracies are a fact of history. Governments lie all the time, and they have been caught doing it. The media lie constantly, and has been caught doing it. Yet, we are supposed to ignore this and assume that anyone daring to stand contrary to government and media claims is some kind of lunatic?"
Bob Livingston

Thursday, July 25, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Border Invasion Continues, Becomes More ‘Diverse’

The Emperor looks foolish as his must touted raids are an abysmal failure (just as I predicted) and he and his Gangster buddies have still not completed a single foot of new border barrier.

Smugglers are cutting up what’s left and taunting, invading parasites are losing fear of border guards.

Another goofy edict issued by a Regime Clown-in-Gown gives more reason to end the asylum scam…NOW!

One Gangster offers still another ridiculous “solution” while common sense talking Nick Di Paolo offers a better plan.

Are any of these 2100 new troops proficient with a super soaker?

Regime Lies Again About Iran

I'm eagerly awaiting the fuzzy, Bigfoot-quality video they'll offer as "proof."
Never believe confirmed, pathological liars like the DC Demons.

Iran denies the charge and actually has proof to back their defense.

My money is on the neocons and CIA goons starting this nonsense in the first place.

The Emperor becomes uncomfortable upon his throne as Iran plays tit-for-tat.

Ain’t reciprocity a bitch?

Now, DC claims to want “free, open passage” in the Gulf, arrogantly forgetting they were the pirates seizing ships in the first place to enforce their illegal, economic warfare!

So how does protecting known terrorists make you safer?

And wasn’t this the same mistake made in the past?

ISIS is defeated there but they can always come up with a reason to indefinitely occupy a country. This time, it’s to defend the Kurds against Turkey.

Yes, these are the same crooks already under investigation for stealing “aid” money in the past!

And it took a public outcry for him to make changes.

DC’s wars of empire require ever more human sacrifice.

Haven’t we heard this before from every creature who as sat upon the DC throne?

Their war of empire has hindered recovery from drought and floods.

The psychopathic DC Demons believe everyone in the world, no matter where they are located, are subject to “US law.”

They call is “bipartisanship.” Realists consider it a united effort toward bankruptcy and economic destruction.

Which means prosecution of truth tellers that expose them.

By all means- any dude should have the right to enter a women’s restroom to watch the little girls go pee pee…

As of now, the decision just covers state-controlled property, but the sick pukes who push this crap are coming for your property rights next!

“…perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and federal student loan fraud.”

Yep, just sounds like your typical DC Demon. The loud- mouthed wench might have got away with it if she hadn’t married her…brother?

This is what is considered “equality.” Everyone is screwed!

Will we also be screwed (at the point of a DC gun) to bailout the RV industry?

He’s considered “beyond qualified” to keep your stolen money flowing to the war machine.

This is equivalent to naming a working prostitute to lead the vice squad.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The American people at large — content to deferentially dwell within the United States of Amnesia —  still do not get it. The deep state, driven by the imperial presidency, an acquiescent congress and a complacent federal judiciary, has destroyed the American Republic. The parasitic welfare-warfare state, enabled by the Fed, fosters and promotes the profligacy and dependency which is at the root of this destructive process.
Criminal aggression, ruthlessness, and duplicity are not aberrations or breakdowns of the American State, but are absolutely endemic to it."
Charles Burris

"Anyone seeking human liberty, privacy and private property under the mental deception of democracy is under the greatest illusion. Let us purge our minds of this seductive appeal, this spiritual despotism. It has stolen our conscience, our soul and our honor. It is our legacy to future generations to whom we are passing on our slavery. Shame could have no greater victory.
Democracy is a faith, a state religion, a state of mind. It is the progressive destruction of the person — the individual. It is covered and masked with benevolence, philanthropy and brotherhood. Democracy is the opposite of the common belief. It is 'democratic' tyranny, a camouflage for despotism. Its goal is nothing less than universal slavery."
Bob Livingston

"If measured by the standards of natural law and justice, all politicians, of all parties and virtually without any exception, are guilty, whether directly or indirectly, of murder, homicide, trespass, invasion, expropriation, theft, fraud, and the fencing of stolen goods on a massive and ongoing scale. And every new generation of politicians and parties appears to be worse, and piles even more atrocities and perversions on top of the already existing mountain, so that one feels almost nostalgic about the past. They all should be hung, or put in jail to rot, or set to making compensation."
Hans-Hermann Hoppe

"It is such supreme folly to believe that nuclear weapons are deadly only if they are used. The fact that they exist at all, their very presence in our lives, will wreak more havoc than we can begin to fathom. Nuclear weapons pervade our thinking. Control our behavior. Administer our societies. Inform our dreams. They bury themselves like meathooks deep in the base of our brains… The nuclear bomb is the most anti-democratic, anti-national, anti-human, outright evil thing that man has ever made. Through it, man now has the power to destroy God’s creation."
Arundhati Roy

"So let’s disabuse one important point; corporations never pay taxes and not in the righteously indignant social protest nostrums of the economic illiterates in SJW circles or the other socialist apologist organs scattered across the fetid plain. They can’t pay them because they sell goods and services to consumers so every time you hear someone in the Keystone Keynesian moronathon talk about corporations paying their fair share, it is economically impossible. The consumer pays the income taxes in higher prices for goods and services."
Bill Buppert

"Most men and women who couple up for life are looking to make a family with their own children. That's not something they can do if one is normal and the other is 'gender confused.' Or, to get down to where the goats graze, a man can't produce children with a man who pretends to be a woman. And a woman can't produce children with a woman who pretends to be a man... no matter how much the mainstream media would pretend otherwise.
Regardless of what transgenders want to believe, biology remains biology and always will."
Jay Baker

"What remains of Western Civilization cannot withstand either the search for answers or the reciting of questions that are grounded in the same assumptions whose destructive, dehumanizing consequences continue to be played out. When thinking is not informed by reason, science-based validation, and spiritual and emotional standards, people are able to believe in anything."
Butler Shaffer

"True, such discrimination may be based on based on stereotypes, prejudice, racism, sexism, or bigotry. And yes, such discrimination may be unfair, illogical, irrational, nonsensical, or unreasonable. But since discrimination is not aggression, force, coercion, or threat, it shouldn’t matter, insofar as the law is concerned, on what basis the discrimination takes place or the reason why the discrimination occurs. Discrimination is a crime in search of a victim.
By their very nature, the natural rights of freedom of assembly, freedom of association, free enterprise, and freedom of contract include the right to discriminate. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subsequent federal anti-discrimination and public accommodations laws are an illegitimate function of government and an unconstitutional expansion of federal power."
Laurence Vance

"The abject failure of the current order, big picture, is a failing not of the culture, government, economy, or biology -- but of individual self-awareness.
We can’t demand for ourselves that which we have not taken the time to understand -- which is, of course, ourselves.
If we did understand, after all, we would simply stop participating in those things which do us harm… 
We would stop trodding down the unsustainable path with the rest of the lemmings… until there are no lemmings left for the blood-and-guts-stained pit beyond the cliff.
So, with little self-awareness as to who we truly are, we, too, assume we can be molded for the Perfect Society.
As we beg and plead, with our sticks and our placards and our witty slogans, for the busybodies to do what they must, at all costs, to make us whole.
If we are to have a happy, healthy society, it must be harmonious with the requirements of this inherent nature.
And, ultimately, if we can whittle this nature down to its barest of bones, the closest we can come to touching it is this:
To the extent that an individual is not free to live his or her life peacefully…
According to his or her own standards… 
To make good, life-affirming, generative choices and be rewarded for them and then, as a result, to feel good and in harmony with life…
And to make bad, life-negating, degenerative choices and be punished for them and then, as a result, to suffer and fully feel at dis-ease with life...
To think, feel, intuit, sense, and act freely in accordance to one’s own individual nature, in pursuit of reaching one’s full potential and maturation…
And to fully own what one honestly earns by the sweat of one’s own brow… 
Unless these things are not in place…
Try as one might to convince oneself otherwise…
Such an individual is still a slave.
But not a slave to a master… not a slave to some tyrant in some large building who signs his name willy-nilly on piles of papers.
Rather, a slave to one’s own ignorance about who he or she truly is as an individual with an inherent nature…"
Chris Campbell

"The State always works in its own favour. The political class will always seek out greater power and wealth for themselves. Although the electorate may see politicians as elected representatives, politicians rarely see themselves in this light. They regard themselves as the keepers of the cookie jar and it’s a rare keeper indeed who doesn’t (eventually) decide to start taking cookies for himself, without the approval of the electorate. Collectivism maximizes the opportunities for raiding the cookie jar, since it places the State in charge of commerce and the holding of wealth 
Whether the State calls itself capitalist, socialist, communist or fascist, its aim will be collectivist – central control of commerce and wealth by the State."
Jeff Thomas

"I think you should be able to call yourself what you want, do what you want, say what you want, this is all fine. And let people judge you by how you identify yourself. Say that you’re a hermaphrodite dinosaur who was born on Mars, if you want. I don’t care; it’s your problem. But these PC types want to legislate that people have to treat the psychologically aberrated as if they were normal. They want laws and punishments governing what you can and can’t do and say and even feel. They want to force you to respect, and pay for, the fantasies of a minority. And change – overturn actually – the whole social culture of the country. It’s a very disturbing trend. It’s likely to end in violence."
Doug Casey

Thursday, July 18, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Border Invasion Never Stops

DC offers more empty promises.

The Regime offers more resistance to a submarine hauling plant material than against the invading hordes. If the sub was full of illegals instead of non-state approved plants, they would have been offered a multi-ship escort to the nearest port where they would have received a water cannon salute and a hot meal.

Instead of saving our stolen money with more deportations, they instead send millions of it to the invader’s shithole origin.

Regime Gangsters respond with ridiculous assertions, helpful advice to criminal invaders, inept prosecutions, and promises of at least 700% more invaders!

Loyalists are more concerned about their ugly war rag than they are defending their border!

Yes, that’s how The DC Regime fights crime- They tell the criminals in advance when they’re coming so they can flee or hide…

Knock, knock. No one’s home.

Doing whatever they can to keep the rude parasites fat and happy.

Their “constituency” obviously isn’t the people who voted for them and pay their salaries.

Their previous theories have long ago been thoroughly debunked, yet they continue with the fear mongering.

These people have no shame.

And no, it’s not even the War Department.

Why is it the tax slave’s responsibility to pay for security of these ships belonging to multi- billion-dollar shipping companies?

All this will do is further increase tensions in the Gulf until the DC Demons get the war they so crave.

And most certainly, more and more lying is part of the plan.

She therefore wants to hire more bureaucrats to meddle in your life.

Supporting the parasites cost the most- even more than Social Security and the War Department.

It’s the perfect crime of hypocrisy.

He doesn’t mind these creatures destroying your community and looting your wallet but there’s no way he’ll tolerate them smelling up his headquarters.

They’re desperately trying to save their ever more archaic, ever more worthless dollar. And they’ll use whatever violence is necessary.

Money talks in the Land of the DC Demons- a cool million from Dow for the Emperor's coronation...

Some good news for the resistance:

“Countries that stockpile gold create a foundation of stability for their monetary systems.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The House plans to hold endless hearings on the conditions of the detention facilities holding illegal aliens. What few in government and the media plan to focus on is what we are not seeing but that is still coming into our country, since Border Patrol has been transformed into Walmart greeters and babysitters. Moreover, what nobody in the media wants to discuss is the number of people who come in openly and go on to commit crimes in this country.
While House Democrats hold hearings on behalf of illegal aliens, the question nobody in the Republican-controlled Senate is asking is why should Border Patrol be forced to allow in so many criminals, yet still get called Nazis? And if not Border Patrol, then why can’t the military actually defend our border?
Ultimately, this all boils down to one question: Are the assets of the United States government for the protection of the American citizen or for the welfare of those seeking to subvert our sovereignty?"
Daniel Horowitz

"Brexit has monkeywrenched the plan and Americans were paying attention. Even now, long after the post-Brexit hysteria has fizzled out, mentions of Texit continue to surface. Indeed, the Texas Nationalist Movement recently surged in popularity and currently boasts hundreds of thousands of followers. It appears that more than a few Americans are questioning the sanctity of a system whereby one self-interested city presides over hundreds of millions of people. Is that really so unreasonable?
We’ve been propagandized for so long against considering alternatives to rule by our DC overlords. According to the pledge that American schoolchildren recite every day, our country is 'one nation,' 'indivisible.' But these words – remnants of world war fascism – run contrary to the very founding of this country. After all, the most American of holidays celebrates an illegal declaration of secession. Americanism is rooted in decentralization.
So the next time you encounter talk of Texit, don’t just dismiss it outright – as foolish, or selfish, or anti-American. Because Texit is none of those things. Texit only asks a simple question, to be judged by its answers: Would the Lone Star State be better off on its own?"
The Texas Nationalist Movement

"Our policy should never be to suffocate the civilian population of another country with ruinous sanctions. In addition to being unjust and cruel, it hardens attitudes against the U.S. and provokes stronger resistance. No genuine U.S. interests are served by immiserating tens of millions of people for the actions of their government, and by inflicting collective punishment on an entire nation our government commits a terrible injustice that should shame us all. If the Iranian people are not our enemy, we must halt the economic war our government is waging against them and pursue a course of diplomatic and economic engagement instead."
Daniel Larison

"It is true that in the beginning men submit under constraint and by force; but those who come after them obey without regret and perform willingly what their predecessors had done because they had to. This is why men born under the yoke and then nourished and reared in slavery are content, without further effort, to live in their native circumstance, unaware of any other state or right, and considering as quite natural the condition into which they are born.
Hence, people will grow accustomed to the idea that they have always been in subjection, that their fathers lived in the same way; they will think they are obliged to suffer this evil, and will persuade themselves by example and imitation of others, finally investing those who order them around with proprietary rights, based on the idea that it has always been that way."
Etienne de La Bo├ętie

"Taxation is theft and the acquisition of other people’s resources with a velvet glove backed by a mailed fist. It is simply one of the many ways in which the state brutalizes and impoverishes its tax cattle on a daily basis. Despite the government-media complex insistence that the tax rate in America is tolerable if not fair, anything above zero is morally wrong if the robbed don’t agree implicitly and consensually to the mugging for whatever fantastic services the state proclaims it provides."
Bill Buppert

"The second Wilsonian excuse for perpetual war ... is even more utopian: the idea that it is the moral obligation of America and of all other nations to impose 'democracy' and 'human rights' throughout the globe. In short, in a world where 'democracy' is generally meaningless, and 'human rights' of any genuine sort virtually nonexistent, that we are obligated to take up the sword and wage a perpetual war to force utopia on the entire world by guns, tanks, and bombs."
Murray Rothbard

"Once a culture becomes thoroughly politicized, most people come to believe that the most effective means of human action necessitates the use of threats and violence. This represents the essence of all political systems, distinguished from the peaceful and voluntary methods of non-political social systems. It is the mind that is the battlefield for this contest. Only individuals can think; collectives react. Reasoned analysis and long-term commitments to problem-solving or projects take too long, and the skills for employing such methods may atrophy from diminished use. Civilizations are sustained only by maintaining respect for the inviolability of the individual and his or her interests, the conditions that were essential for the creation of cultures. They begin to collapse into divisive and undifferentiated collectives wherein autonomous individuality is transformed into group identities and purposes, with human energies and resources subject to centralized, coercive direction. Violence and other dehumanizing behavior give a false impression of liveliness and resiliency to the destabilizing forces of change."
Butler Shaffer

"The question that no open-borders advocate has ever answered is, How many illegals should be allowed into the United States?  100 million?  500 million?  One billion?  Where does it end?  When the United States finally becomes one of the most undesirable countries in the world to live in?
If Republicans were really serious about solving the border crisis, they would come up with legislation that would cut off 100 percent of government benefits to illegals, overturn the ridiculous asylum laws and the 72-hour release scam, and require that all — repeat, all — people who are here illegally be rounded up and deported.  No exceptions."
Robert Ringer

"What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins."
Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States

"Democracy is an esoteric belief system that manipulates the people in such a way that all power flows to the state. As with pure dictatorships, power flows from the top down.
Democracy implies freedom in the public's mind while power and wealth is constantly channeled to the federal government. Human liberty is regressively crushed under 'democracy.'
Democracy is a political word that is embraced by all political parties and all politicians under many labels in every country of the modern world. It is a cover and a facade for communism, socialism, fascism, for class warfare, for the exploitation and manipulation of minorities against stability, cultural heritage and private property. (By the way; communism, socialism and fascism are all equal. Don't be fooled by claims that one is a right wing and another is a left wing philosophy. They all transfer power to the state. The difference is simply semantics.)"
Bob Livingston

"All too often, government-produced defense is discussed as an ideal — a force that protects people and their rights. Seldom does reality enter the picture. Standing armies, after all, often do not only practice defense.
Once established, a government’s military, its bureaucrats and leaders, as well as laymen all face a different set of incentives. Those with a job related to the military have an incentive to keep their job. In most cases, they probably also desire to see the scope of their power expanded and their pay increased. The support for war then, is the ideal policy for achieving those goals. These incentives may not transform a champion of peace into a war-loving bureaucrat, but they can have effects on the margins. It’s much easier to rationalize a war if your job depends on it."
Andrew Kern

"I dislike the idea of a hereditary aristocracy – kings and queens and royals. They’re basically just successful, silk-clad gangsters. Why the royal family in Britain is looked up to is a mystery to me. They, like all royals in the world, historically are just descendants of successful thugs."
Doug Casey

"Slavery was a gross violation of human rights. Justice demands that all participants in the trans-Atlantic slave trade make compensatory reparation payments to slaves. However, there is no way that Europeans could have captured millions of Africans. That means compensation would have to be paid by Africans and Arabs who captured and sold slaves to Europeans in addition to the people who bought and used slaves. Since slaves and slave traders and owners are no longer with us, compensation is beyond our reach and it’s a matter that will have to be settled in hell or heaven."
Walter Williams

"I agree that the fake story of America’s moral worthiness is much easier to live with than it is to bear the shame of the true story.  But in the end the fake story destroys our liberty even more completely than would conquest by a foreign opponent. People are more suspicious of an occupying power than they are of their own government and are less likely to believe foreign occupiers when they lie to them.  In contrast, a people’s own government can trap them in a false consciousness and keep them there with fake news."
Paul Craig Roberts

"The appropriate term for the 7 billion people who haven’t yet gone through the formality of moving to the United States is 'Pre-American-Americans'."
Steve Sailer

"More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed. White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the United States."
Thomas Sowell

Thursday, July 11, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

More and more street gangs, violent Cubans, Haitian “families,” and disease spreaders enter at will.

The Emperor makes more empty promises.

Regime Clown-in-Gown Hinders Border Defense

Somehow, invading, parasitic, trespassing criminals have “5th amendment rights.” If someone scales your back fence, trespassing onto your property, do you first detain, then release them while you decide if they are guilty?

Welcome to the Depraved DC Empire where equally depraved“judges” rule your world.

She and her staff (whose salaries are payed by you) are passing on their greatest skills- lying and committing fraud.

All The Emperor needs is one crooked lawyer to show him how to start the killing.

Iran would be happy to comply… if they actually had a nuclear arms program!

The DC Demons believe they rule the world and they have dictated that no one may ship oil to Syria without their permission.

They’re now forming a piracy ring to seize more ships from disobedient countries.

How many were rubbing one out while drooling over photos of naked kids as the Twin Towers were being attacked?

That way, when nothing does happen, you’ll feel grateful to “The Troops” and DC Parasites for “protecting your freedom.”

They hijack the holiday to make it about them rather than the true historical heroes.

The Emperor babbles incoherently while exposing his jingoistic, Lincolnista roots. Most certainly, he proves, "we" are a military nation.

‘murica. Fuck Yeah!

The murder is cool with us but photographing his victim?....Nah, sorry, we psychopaths just can’t tolerate that.”

A great lesson for the kids…..

He’s just doing what he can to help Big Brother.

They need to fight that “malign Kremlin influence” they’re always so paranoid about.

It’s just a “patriotic” way to describe how they plan to starve those Evil Russkies.

This sociopath knows best what Amerika should “look like” (meaning as few white males as possible).

That’s 4 million souls whole “living wage” is now…zero.

Ignore Bastiat at your own risk

Didn’t we just celebrate a 243-year old “revolution” fought in part to stop “taxation without representation?”

They failed miserably in the legislation process (covert violence) so are now trying a direct order from the DC Throne (overt violence).

Expect all sorts of new "rights" to benefit depraved, self- appointed "victim" groups.

It's not surprising that a murderous thug like Pompeo would have no idea what constitutes a "right".

These ignorant, cowardly Maoists are gradually overcoming their hoplophobia and arming themselves.

He doesn’t approve of where they purchase their missiles.

She used to sell herself as American aborigine, but has finally settled on colored.

I guess colored is what’s now “hot” in the demented world of identity politics. Whatever sells!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?