Thursday, April 29, 2021

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Pedophile-in-Chief Threatens to Cancel Holiday

"Get stuck with the poison are no fireworks!"

Other weekly crimes include:

Adding to his list of forbidden words.

Considering inviting border invaders who are fleeing bad weather.

Preparing to increase the number of border invaders by 800%!

Stopping the fining of border invaders who refuse to leave.

Promoting an energy company that his Energy Goon is heavily invested in.

Pledging to cut your "emissions" by 50%, in part, by taking away 90% of your red meat while he flies home every weekend on a private helicopter.

Saying unemployed fossil fuel workers should get new jobs "where they live." 

Suing to force doctors to perform sex change surgeries.

Ordering government schools to brainwash school children with Marxist, anti-white racism.

Pushing more tax theft by the DC Regime.

Giving an audience to a communist, climate kook.

Border Invasion of Texas Continues

The invaders are now "bum-rushing" the border.

“Probably three-quarters of them are getting away. It’s like each station is only allotted a certain number of agents hired and, even if we had the maximum, it’s not enough to stop the groups. They know we’re overwhelmed and the word has gotten out. As long as they send a giant amount of people out, they’ll get through.”

Border counties are desperate for help.

Defensive violence is the only solution.

Regime’s Disaster Goons to Use Your Stolen Money to Pay for Funerals of Border Invaders

But to qualify, you must die of the fake virus.

Has Clown World reached its peak yet?

Regime Gangster Puts in the Fix on Fake Commission

No investigation coming concerning the nationwide violence from the communist insurgency.

Communist Regime Gangster Blames Racism on Bad Weather

What are the odds that the "scared little girl" will publicly debate her goofy proposition?

Regime’s Climate Goon Declares War Against Plants

The all-knowing goon declares that it necessary to destroy your job to appease his pagan climate gods.

Regime Gangsters Give an Audience to Demon Child/Human Hater

You need to get out of your "comfort zone" and fear the future! And the fact you don’t think her way is a "disgrace!"

Regime Extorting Texas Schools

"Teach racist, hateful Marxism or you don’t get your money back!"

Regime’s Hired Killers Now 'Commuting' to Their Foreign Killing Fields

That way they can have a "small footprint" in whatever country they are waging war.

DC Regime Sending More Troops to Afghanistan

This is what they a "withdrawal.'

They must have more troops there before they can have…less.

Get it?

Regime’s In-Justice Goons Clearing Charges Against Communist Insurgents

“The penalties levied so far against any federal defendants, most of whom were arrested in clashes around federal buildings in Portland including the courthouse, have largely consisted of community service, such as working in a food bank or encouraging people to vote.”

That will encourage them to mend their way, by God!

Regime’s 'Health' Goon Pushing Vaccine Poison

It’s responsible for 56,000 injuries so far, but the greater threat, to them, is an exercise machine.

Chaplain Continually Harassed by Regime’s Airport Goons

He gave uncomplimentary information about their fellow rioting, communist insurgents.

Regime Gangsters Want $10 Billion to Recreate Nazi Youth Corps

Instead of marching to defend the Vaterland, they’ll be marching to defend the Klima

Regime Goons Create Another Russian Conspiracy Theory

'They’re blasting us with ray guns!"

Regime-Controlled Media Claims White People Are a Cult

And the race of people that commits the majority of crime in America is a saintly "superpower."

Regime Giving Border Invading Criminals Printed Propaganda

The book is a primer for Das Kapital and Critical Race Theory.

Exposed- Regime’s Gestapo Using Data Collected by Regime Spies Without a Warrant

The tyrants continue to do warrantless searches even for routine cases.

Pedophile-in-Chief Giving $80 Billion and More Power to Tax Thieves

They say they need a decade of "stable funding."

Regime Persecutes Political Commentator

"No flying for you!"

DC Regime Prick Waves Iran

The "Coast Guard" Just whose "coast" are they supposed to be protecting?

DC Regime Still Assisting Genocide by Middle East Terrorists

Apparently, they don’t consider providing maintenance support to war machines as part of "offensive operations."

DC Regime Prick Waves Russia

Just "sending a message" that The Imperial City claims to rule the world.

Regime’s Secret Court Approves More Warrantless Searches by Regime’s Gestapo

“FISA Court judges have excused another year of FISA abuse by the FBI and signed off on their desire to do it again in 2021.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"It’s been nearly 20 years since 9/11. They’ve spent trillions upon trillions of dollars fighting the War on Terror. They’ve awarded extraordinary authorities to the government in the name of security. They’ve trampled all over the Constitution and individual liberty.

And they’ve made people participate in all sorts of pointless security rituals, like taking off your shoes at the airport.

Yet they STILL haven’t declared victory in the War on Terror.

After all, there will always be some evil new threat lurking, which the media will promptly use to terrify people and make us give up even more freedom.

Similarly, there will always be some evil new COVID strain or superbug.

And count on Big Media to be standing by ready to terrify viewers, while public health officials force idiotic rules upon us (like the 'wet sand good, dry sand bad' decree in Los Angeles from last year.)

Part of me thinks they’ll combine the two-- COVID and terrorism-- with stories of some startup terror cell deliberately infecting operatives with a new COVID strain and sending them on airplanes into the United States.

I cannot begin to imagine how Draconian the government reaction will be. Or that of ordinary citizens.

And this is another major similarity between COVID and the War on Terror.

Because in addition to the inherent endlessness of it all (i.e. the real 'Infinity War'), and the pointless, almost comically silly rituals, both COVID and WoT managed to dehumanize our civilization."

Simon Black

"Young people should not study history for final answers but to expand consciousness.  History is (properly) about human life—about the conflict of human perspectives, experiences, and values.  On all human experience there is always the possibility of a differing  perspective.  Even the 'facts' are often not as solid as they seem, having been selected out of a host of possibilities.  Human life (and therefore history) is not a logical proposition, nor a source (chiefly) of entertainment, nor a mine of ideological precepts and pseudomoral judgments, nor a repository of accepted conclusions.   It is a drama taking place in the mind of God, and only He knows the end.  In a drama we look for a deeper meaning than 'the facts.'  We look for understanding of the mystery of our existence.  Since we are human, all that is human should interest us."

Clyde Wilson

"Scientists were never supposed to run our society. Scientific technocrats and the expert class cannot possibly possess all of the knowledge that they would need to effectively run the lives of 330 million Americans, but that will not stop them from trying. They might be Enlightened, but perhaps there is still an incorrigible, ornery remnant in the United States who will resist efforts to be managed, regulated, and perfected by the experts."

Gregory Gordon

"There is a saying that freedom is not free, and this is very true, but that has absolutely nothing to do with supporting those murderers for the state that kill innocents around the world in the false name of protecting freedom. Freedom is the duty and responsibility of each individual, and it has nothing to do with war; it has everything to do with protecting yourselves from the very state you now call your nation. The only risk to freedom lies within your own ruling class, and it is called government."

Gary D. Barnett

"So 'journalists' are stalking donors to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund – including a paramedic who gave ten bucks. People are losing their jobs because a hacker got into the database and made the donors public.

It’s too bad that his GiveSendGo campaign maxed out and is complete, because I would like to find a way to publicly donate.  Everyone has the right to legal defense.  This new brand of totalitarianism is loathsome and needs to be publicly challenged.  This new breed of thug 'journalists' are nothing more than Rolfs from 'The Sound of Music' acting as Neo-Nazi Brownshirts to thwart the principles of liberty and justice.

Maybe someone will start up a new fund.

Cancel culture is cancer."

Larry L. Beane

"I continue to ask: wasn’t Mengele enough? Why do serfs allow their governments to intrude into medicine? Yes, governments promise to pay your doctor for you. But as politicians and bureaucrats often kill you in the process, is it worth it?"

Becky Akers

"Mass migration without assimilation of people from Central and South America into the U.S will lead to disaster. These migrants are coming from predominantly socialist countries that have failed systems (that's why these people are leaving and coming to the U.S.). But illegals tend to bring their socialist politics with them, and they seek out state and federal government handouts without ever applying for citizenship.

This is why we have borders in the first place... to protect our society from intrusion and co-option by another society or group of people with incompatible values. Despite what leftists and some fake libertarians might claim, without borders, freedom dies."

Brandon Smith

"CO2 is the fundamental, essential, indispensable, crucial, all important substance for Life. Without CO2 there would be no life. Planet Earth would be a dead planet. Everybody with just a minuscule education knows this. Every scientist, whom we must assume has more than a minuscule education, knows this. It’s a fact if ever a fact there was.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared CO2 a 'pollutant.' Ditto the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC). Scads of politicians, lobbyists, Big Media morons, and general idiots are bugged out of their minds about CO2. They want to eliminate it, despite the FACT that life depends utterly on CO2. How’s that for crazy? It’s worse than crazy, however. It’s deadly stupid. These ignorant savages want to eliminate Life Itself. That’s ABSOLUTE EVIL with all caps."

Willliam Briggs

"We are oppressed by government and most people are unaware of it because they themselves have assumed government morality from childhood as outlined above. It is impossible to change what you believe in your heart. If you are taught that democracy means freedom of political choices, you never question it, and the facade of politics serves for reality. Any challenge to this paradigm is written off as nuttery or conspiracy.

The political process is a merry-go-round of phony politicians and platforms that can guarantee only one thing to the person; that is, eternal diversion, deception and exhaustion."

Bob Livingston

"The number of teenage suicides has skyrocketed. I have spoken to fathers who moved to Florida because their boys were suicidal under lockdowns as their dreams were all about sports. Now a father in Illinois has come out against the lockdowns after his son committed suicide and was dreaming of a sports career. Fauci, who is a disgrace to the United States, refuses to yield and refuses to be specific about when people will get their liberty back. He is ignoring the psychological impact of people losing everything and the rise in suicides and violence. All of this is because of Fauci’s recommendations, which NEVER in the history of society has any doctor EVER advocated shutting down the economy and society.

The journalists have blood on their hands because they REFUSE to report the truth and continue to push this nonsense that is all for climate change — not health. We have doctors warning that these vaccines may have serious implications going forward, from making people more susceptible to diseases to others claiming it will reduce fertility. The problem we have is the press calls this all a conspiracy theory but fails to point out that all the health organizations have been compromised, and politicians now cannot admit they made a mistake."

Martin Armstrong

"When free men say 'Give me liberty or give me death,' the tyrants always opt for death."

David Spellman

Thursday, April 22, 2021

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Pedophile-in-Chief all but Declares War on Russia

The largest, most murderous empire in the world declares them an "international pariah."

Other weekly crimes include:

Raising the cap on border invading parasites, otherwise known as "refugees."

Outlawing the use of more words.

DC Regime Teams with Catholic Cult to Traffic Border Invading Parasites

The video speaks for itself. Watch all of it.

More Regime lunacy at the border includes:

Blaming the surge of invading parasites on bad weather.

Using private jets to fly them throughout the country.

Allowing 300 invaders to cross just in Texas while cutting arrests of invaders previously charged with crimes by 80 percent.

Censoring arrest reports involving border invaders.

Thankfully, one known terrorist managed to be caught but how many escaped?

Regime’s Gestapo Arrests Journalist

Why? He was sometimes loud and made a few critical comments against The Regime.

Regime 'Ambassador' Slanders Founding Documents as 'White Supremacy'

This low IQ individual obviously doesn't understand that if that were true, she certainly wouldn't be keeping company with the ruling elites.

Exposed- DC Regime Buying Baby Body Parts

The Most Banned Man in Amerika is proven correct, once again.

Regime’s Goons Pushing to Lock You Down Yet Again

Their wonderful vaccine poison works so well (not), they want to stick you again a year from now.

Other Regime Goons continue to spread fear porn.

And what is that swimming around in your vaccine?

Maybe that is what is causing this.

Exposed- Regime’s Disease Goons Overstate Fake Virus Deaths

Pay attention, because more exposure of this kind of monumental, criminal fraud is sure to come.

Regime Spends $85 Billion of Your Stolen Money to Find 'Origin' of Fake Virus

“It is absolutely accurate the intelligence community does not know exactly where, when, or how Covid-19 virus was transmitted initially.”

How much longer before they finally admit they’ve been faked out?

Regime Spends $1.7 Billion of Your Stolen Money to Study 'Mutations' of Fake Virus

More gifts from you to the corrupt medical establishment.

Regime Attacks Empty Desert in Syria

“Could you ask for a better snapshot of life within the soulless US war machine than a small cast of Beckettian soldiers, waiting around near a bombed-out oil facility for a Godot who never arrives, firing heavy artillery rounds into the desert twice a week for no reason whatsoever?”

DC Regime Imposes More Financial Warfare Against Russia

Pedo-Joe is still blaming them for "election interference."

But’s he’s been too busy sniffing the hair of young females to forward us any evidence.

Regime Admits ‘Russian Bounties’ Story Was a Lie

No surprise- It was fake news spread by a lying Regime Gangster

Regime to Continue Funding of Afghan Military After 'Leaving'

They call it "lingering involvement."

DC’s own hired killers might be gone but their private hired killers will probably remain.

That way, the War Whores can continue to "earn" their blood-soaked booty.

Exposed- Regime’s Hired Killers Landing Drones at Civilian Airports

How long before they are armed?

Regime Controlled Media Begins Major Propaganda Push of Climate Scam

The Covid scam has pretty much runs its course, so it’s time for something else to keep the populace alarmed.

Union Thugs Living the High Life with Your Stolen Money

The union thugs have found a new Mob to steal for them.

Regime Warning Their Hired Killers About Extremist Cartoon Characters

"Looking at certain cartoons can turn you into a…a…Nazi!'

Regime Communists Pushing for Major Land Grab

They’re going to steal your land to "protect" it.

Communist Regime Gangster Incites Violence

And the leading cop hater has the gall to request a police escort while she does it!

Reverse the races- Imagine what would happen if a white Regime Gangster made the same comments at a Trump rally…

Exposed- Regime’s Praetorian Guard Can Kill with Impunity

No "transparency" and no obligation to provide information.

That’s how they can get away with the homicide of an unarmed woman.

Say her name: ASHLI BABBIT!

Exposed- Regime Lied About 'Murdered' Cop

Those responsible for creating and spreading the lie have not recanted, meaning the false narrative will continue to live among the brainwashed, DC loyalist, sheep.

Regime’s Energy Goon Takes First Steps to Destroy Energy Industry

Prepare to shiver and fry as you are forced to appease the climate gods.

Regime’s Hired Killers to Expand Occupation of Norway

There’s Russian blood to be spilled in the High North.

Regime’s Hired Killers to Expand Invasion of Mediterranean

There’s Russian blood to be spilled in the Black and Barents Seas.

Regime’s Hired Killers to Expand Occupation of Africa

There’s Russian and Chinese blood to be spilled on the Dark Continent.

Regime’s Hired Killers to Expand Occupation of Poland

Just some harmless "drills" as preparation for killing any Russians still left alive.

Exposed- Regime’s Head War Goon Awards $2.36 Billion in Contracts to 'Former' Employer

Crime pays the best when it involves a war whoring.

Regime Forcing Medicaid Expansion on Texas

And prove themselves liars in the process.

Exposed- 'Cancel Rent' Supporting Regime Gangster Makes Big Bucks…Charging Rent

Your weekly dose of hypocrisy from the DC Commies.

Regime Clown-in-Gown Forces City to House Bums

Somehow, it’s the looted tax slaves responsibility to house them.

Regime’s Postal Goons Now Spying on Your Social Media

“Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021.”

Regime to Spend $25 Billion of Your Stolen Money on…School Buses

Having electric powered buses will somehow "improve children’s health."

I guess I was a miracle child. All those years of riding gasoline powered buses and decades later…I’m still alive!

Regime Virus Scammer Pushing Anti-White Racism

Communists of the DC Ruling Class can get away with that sort of behavior.

Ex-Emperor/Mass Murdering War Criminal Promoting Citizenship for Border Invading Criminals

His jail cell awaits.

Regime’s In-Justice Goons to Harass Local Police Department

An unconstitutional investigation to fish for "a pattern or practice of unconstitutional policing."

Regime’s In-Justice Goons Harass Seller of Supplements

The Regime wants you sick, helpless and totally reliant upon your DC Daddy.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"People do not expect to find chastity in a whorehouse. Why, then, do they expect to find honesty and humanity in government, a congeries of institutions whose modus operandi consists of lying, cheating, stealing, and if need be, murdering those who resist?"

H.L. Mencken

"In 1978 while Deng was coming to power, 'seek truth from facts' was so ingrained in American life that we could hardly see an alternative. Today our own cultural revolutionaries increasingly forbid it. That is why, regardless of what the American sages and economists may claim in their delusions of a continuing American rationality, why we are falling behind China.

In America, we have called in the clowns of ideology and correctitude. We have allowed the Biden gang of pronoun mutants in masks to rob the central bank. We now worship the clowns and imitate their masks. In China, they still, very privately, laugh at them."

George Gilder

"The entire tragic, criminal, murderous, stupid, farcical COVID fraud is based on a hundred years of Rockefeller medicine—a pharmaceutical tyranny in which the enduring headline is:


That’s the motto engraved on the gate of the medical cartel.

—Thousands of so-called separate diseases, each caused by an individual germ. 

'Kill each germ with a toxic drug, prevent each germ with a toxic vaccine.'

In the absence of those hundred years of false science and propaganda, COVID-19 promotion would have gone over like a bad joke. A few sour laughs, and then nothing, except people going on with their lives.

The overall health of an individual human being has to do with factors entirely unrelated to 'one disease, one germ'."

Jon Rappoport

"It is time to refuse any and every order by this pathetic and evil governing system. It is time to refuse to pay all tax to this monster. It is time to open all your businesses, and to reclaim your independence. It is time to take off these noxious masks that are only meant to gauge compliance and to dehumanize us all. It is time to gather together at every opportunity, and to enjoy a full and beautiful social life. It is time to arm yourselves, not for the purpose of aggression, but for the purpose of self-defense against this onslaught of state enforcement of draconian rules. It is time to tell any corporation that is restricting normal behavior due to state orders to stand down or lose their business. It is time to forcefully defy in numbers each and every assault by state goons called 'law' enforcement. It is time to actively defend yourselves from thugs and gangs commissioned and protected by the state in order to allow them to cause chaos and division. It is time to travel at will regardless of state mandates. It is time for you to demand to see and console your family members in hospitals and nursing homes regardless of criminal behavior by these now mostly terrible institutions. It is time to tell these demonic politicians that you will not accept any state passport (papers) or monitoring devices. It is time to refuse any deadly, experimental, and body and mind-altering vaccination. It is time to wake up and take back your freedom by any means necessary! And when this is done, it is time for all of us to head to the pubs and restaurants for a mass celebration."

Gary D. Barnett

"Is it officially 'game over'? Most likely. There's a big chance we'll be a de facto one-party government by the end of Biden's term, and there'll be nothing we can do about it (short of a Civil War or state secessions). We had a good run, though. Nearly 250 years of being the freest, most prosperous, most opportunity-filled nation in global history were really quite amazing. We should be grateful and proud to have been a part of this 'Great American Experiment'

The only glimmer of joy I will get from the end of America is the look on Democrats’ faces when they finally realize what we've been warning them about for decades... what unchecked liberalism/socialism really looks like and how quickly it can destroy once-great nations and a once-great people."

Wayne Dupree

"All tyranny is an illusion predicated on fear within the minds of the enslaved, so do not fear."

Brandon Smith

"Conservatives think religious faith in the State is terrifying and wonder why so many embrace it. It's because uncertainty is much more frightening. A simple false story is better than a complex true one, and with enough faith, maybe we can force the simple story to be true."

John Hayward

"The political process is a facade of government that satisfies the quest for political choices. It is an illusion unrelated to reality and political participation by the people It is, however, the perfect system for keeping the people focused on empty nonsense year after year. People totally misunderstand the nature of government. Otherwise, they would know that there is no such thing as political choices or political freedom."

Bob Livingston

"All governments are, as they must be, oligarchies: only a relatively small number of people have substantial effective discretion to make critical decisions about how the state’s power will be brought to bear. Beyond the oligarchy itself and the police and military forces that compose its Praetorian Guard, somewhat larger groups constitute a supporting coalition. These groups provide important financial and other support to the oligarchs and look to them for compensating rewards — legal privileges, subsidies, jobs, exclusive franchises and licenses, transfers of financial income and wealth, goods and services in kind, and other booty — channeled to them at the expense of the mass of the people. Thus, the political class in general — that is, the oligarchs, the Praetorian Guards, and the supporting coalition — uses government power (which means ultimately the police and the armed forces) to exploit everyone outside this class by wielding or threatening to wield violence against all who fail to pay the tribute the oligarchs demand or to obey the rules they dictate.

Democratic political forms and rituals, such as elections and formal administrative proceedings, disguise this class exploitation and trick the masses into the false belief that the government’s operation yields them net benefits. In the most extreme form of misapprehension, the people at large become convinced that, owing to democracy, they themselves 'are the government'."

Robert Higgs

"The modern institution of the presidency is the primary political evil Americans face, and the cause of nearly all our woes. It squanders the national wealth and starts unjust wars against foreign peoples that have never done us any harm. It wrecks our families, tramples on our rights, invades our communities, and spies on our bank accounts. It skews the culture toward decadence and trash. It tells lie after lie. Teachers used to tell school kids that anyone can be president. This is like saying anyone can go to Hell. It’s not an inspiration; it’s a threat."

Lew Rockwell

"'Have they even read the new Georgia election law?.'

This is a question being asked by conservatives and others who are criticizing major league baseball, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, and other corporations that are 'protesting' the law.

The answer is YES they have, which is why they are protesting.  The law requires voter I.D., the exact same thing you must do to get on a Delta Airlines flight.  If requiring I.D. to vote is racist, then so is flying on Delta Airlines, opening a bank account, etc.  The law’s sole purpose is to deter the immense voter fraud machine constructed by the Democrat party that was on display in the November elections.  Since these corporations are now arms of the Democrat party, of course they are dead set against anything that deters voter fraud.  Honest elections could stand in the way of the Democrat pipedream of turning America into another socialist sh*thole country with the San Francisco-ization of the entire nation and must therefore be stopped at any cost.  They are doing this because they are evil, freedom-hating, power-mad, totalitarian elitists, not because they are confused or not very well-read."

Tom DiLorenzo

Thursday, April 15, 2021

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Pedophile-in-Chief Begins Effort to Seize Guns

Once again, gun control masquerades as a "common sense way to stop violence."

His other weekly crimes include:

Lying about gun laws.

Lying about the Constitution, ensuring a revolution.

Nominating an anti-gun fanatic to lead the ATF while showing even more signs of dementia.

Giving an $87 million no-bid contract to his associate.

Awards a $530 million no-bid contract to another associate.

Seeking more funding to loot rich people.

Requesting billions more dollars for more war machines.

Considering making cash payment to border invading parasites to urge them to stay home.

Creating a commission to study packing the Supreme Court.

Urging regime gangsters to delete their photos of the border crisis.

Changing the deadline for an Afghanistan withdrawal. I’m sure that the new deadline will be proven a lie, just as it was in the past.

DC Regime Allows 172,000 Border Invading Criminals to Cross in March

Lunatics are in charge as "The Border Patrol" becomes "The Border Tour Guides and Chauffeurs!"

The numbers are staggering:

$6 million/day of your stolen money is spent caring for these scumbag’s abandoned children.

Up to 50 invading criminals unleashed on the streets of small towns every day.

Nearly 42,000 invading criminals have crossed since Pedo-Joe won the fake election.

1.2 million more of them are projected to invade!

And it’s so easy to invade- Bring along a kid (doesn’t even have to be yours) and you're home free!

Regime Gangsters Complain Pedophile-in-Chief’s War Budget not Large Enough

"Talk is cheap, but killing is not!'

Exposed- Regime-Controlled Media Admits Propagandizing to Influence Election

Isn’t it entertaining to see these scumbags personally admit their crimes?

DC Regime Sends War Machines to Russia’s Border

They’ve also been sending spy planes and considering sending even more warships to the Black Sea.

If that’s not enough, they even have the arrogance and audacity to complain about Russia amassing troops at their border!

Gee, why do you think they would do that?

Is the apocalypse the next stop?

DC Regime Prick Waves China

Imagine the response by the DC Criminals if the Chinese sent an amphibious assault ship into the Gulf of Mexico.

Regime Coming to Destroy Your Suburb

You’ll need to get used to high rises full of welfare parasites as your new neighbors.

Regime’s Prison Goons Beating White Dissidents

Does this mark the beginning of Pedo-Joe’s gulags?

Exposed- Regime Spent $500 Million of Your Stolen Money on Fake Terrorist Videos

Fake videos to spread fake fear about fake terrorists.

Regime’s Disease Goons Join the Racism Scam

It’s a "serious threat to public health."

A fake threat to accompany a fake crisis.

However, dubious and nonsensical advice from a quack doctor is not a threat.

Regime Clown-in-Gown Bans Exposing Baby Killers

He considers it a "breach of contract" to uncover their criminal activity.

Regime Hassles Individual for Criticizing Their Littlest Maoist

They were concerned he might be one of those feared "insurrectionists."

Exposed- Regime Spends $332Billion of Your Stolen Money on 'Zombie Programs'

That’s money they spend on expired programs that the Regime Gangsters never authorized.

It's an automatic money machine to serve the looting parasites.

Regime Goons Declare War Against Dissidents

The cockroaches of The Deep State come out into the light.

Regime Goons Pressured Tech Overlords to Censor Dissident Health Site

“The resulting threat to free speech is especially serious because government agents have in essence “deputized” Facebook to do what the government itself is constitutionally forbidden to do.”

Regime Communists Schedule Debate to Loot White Americans

The fake "legacy of slavery" will not be extinguished until all white people are either dead or penniless.

Regime’s Corporate Allies Push for New Ways to Loot Tax Slaves

Wealth transfers and tax slave-funded subsidies to billionaires are now called a "Nationally Determined Contribution."

Regime to Use Your Stolen Money to Pay for Funerals

Your lost loved one must have tested positive with the fake test for the fake virus in order to qualify.

Regime’s Transportation Goon Declares You are Transporting Yourself the 'Wrong Way'

And it’s nothing that $2.3 trillion of counterfeit money can’t solve.

Exposed- Loyalist Billionaire Spent Millions of Dollars to Influence State Elections

“The records obtained in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan show the Zuckerberg monies were used to buy off government officials dictating the manner in which the election was conducted and using government to target Democrat strongholds to turn out the vote for Mr. Biden.”

Brain Dead, Communist Regime Gangster Demands 'No More Policing'

She’s just trying to protect you…

Regime to Send More of its Hired Killers to Germany

I guess the 35,000 already there just isn’t enough to do…whatever it is they do.

Regime Goons Come up with Another Goofy Program to 'Stop Hate'

Please, make it stop…

Regime’s Tax Hikes to Destroy One Million Jobs

No problem- Pedo-Joe will counterfeit trillions more in fake dollars to "stimulate" the losers.

Regime’s Mad Scientists Invent Chip Implant to Detect Fake Virus

Look a little deeper into this and you find out some creepy stuff.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Over the last several decades, the world has witnessed an explosion in the number of self-governing nation-states. At the end of the Second World War, there were 54 recognized countries across the globe. At the end of the 20th century, there were 192. In each of those cases, the people demanding their independence were subjected to unreasonable and irrational scrutiny of their desire to be politically, culturally, and economically independent. This scrutiny often came from their fellow countrymen whose opposition was rooted in and motivated by fear.

The unfortunate thing about fear is that it is paralyzing. Fear causes people, especially so in the case of major political questions, to make terrible decisions. It causes them to embrace a hated status quo rather than imagine the potential for a positive future. It can, if wielded by would-be tyrants, rob an entire people of their self-confidence and reduce them to a status of willful dependence. It is the political version of Stockholm Syndrome.

Thinking about independence in this way may help you and the people of your State reject fear and embrace self-government outside the context of the federal union. For a freedom-loving people who believe in individual liberty and limited government, fixing the federal government and supporting those who promise to do so, is no longer an option. 

Having this discussion right now is a matter of survival. If history has taught us anything, it’s that there is no such thing as the status quo. Much like Newton’s Laws of Motion, tyranny in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. In this instance, it is the force of a people who are no longer content to be deprived of the right of self-government."

Daniel Miller

"Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in possession and under our direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?"

Patrick Henry

"You think everything is a conspiracy. Why, yes. Yes, I do. When only corrupt and/or incompetent people have any semblance of power, they will conspire. It’s what they do, and all they know. They are incapable of doing anything decent, much as a good person is incapable of anything really bad.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. We can only cling to that kind of hope, because at present, as throughout recorded history, the meek have been cheated and trampled upon by the aggressive cretins that have always run things. A kind, empathetic leader is even rarer than a faithful Christian; one who forgoes wealth and possessions, turns the other cheek, and doesn’t judge."

Donald Jeffries

"To call this right of self-determination the 'right of self-determination of nations' is to misunderstand it. It is not the right of self-determination of a delimited national unit, but the right of the inhabitants of every territory to decide on the state to which they wish to belong."

Ludwig von Mises

"One of the greatest perils to the private domain is the notion that Leviathan is more legitimate than liberty. Downplaying government coercion is the key to this propaganda coup. For most of the American media, compelling submission to political commands is a nonissue, equivalent of the sun rising in the east each morning."

James Bovard

"Whatever promotes the growth of the state also weakens the capacity of individuals in civil society to fend off the state’s depredations and therefore augments the public’s multifaceted victimization at the hands of state functionaries. Nothing promotes the growth of the state as much as national emergency — war and other crises comparable to war in the seriousness of the threats they pose."

Robert Higgs

"Modern politics is the art of pacifying the workers and producers of wealth so that stealing from them can be justified through party politics. Politics, therefore, and the political process, is a perpetual psychic system for creating a perpetual hallucinatory mentality for the mass mind.

It is psychic persuasion that coerces the people individually and collectively to imagine they have political and economic freedom despite not having it."

Bob Livingston

"Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear."

Bertrand Russell

"So, the Demo-Nazi Party is reportedly working on a 'vaccine passport' for Americans that will be required for travel and most likely eventually, to enter a store, buy groceries, see a doctor, live your life.  At the same time, the Demo-Nazis are pretending hysteria over a new Georgia law requiring everyone — not just black people — to produce some form of I.D. to vote.  They are screaming 'racism' (ho hum) at anyone who supports voter I.D., the obvious assumption here being that they believe that black people — and only black people — are just too stupid to know how to get a drivers license or some other form of I.D.  Makes sense to me: I never, ever see any black people driving cars, making it through security at an airport, buying alcohol at a grocery store or Target, etc.

Maybe I’m too much of a cynic, but my theory is that their policy of flooding the country with illegal alien peasants from the Third World, combined with vicious, hysterical opposition to voter I.D. is about getting more votes from undocumented 'Democrats'."

Tom DiLorenzo

"In the days preceding the first American Revolution, the militia drilled openly on village greens; spies carried word of the colonists’ determination to defend their liberty to the relevant British authorities.

What would it say to Our Rulers if militias began forming and marching on Main Street? I know, I know: it’s illegal. But what if millions of us suddenly took to such exercises at once? Or what if we carried only wooden replicas of weapons while practicing military maneuvers?"

Becky Akers

"This COVID initiation isn’t meant to be a CONSCIOUS occult ceremony. The person isn’t meant to know he is in a cult. He senses glimmers and rivulets of ritual. He swims among them. He knows very little, but he FEELS.

As with every occult process, reality is created for him. The whole purpose of the steps on the ladder to redemption is: the quelling of the person’s own creative fire, by which he can invent his own future, freely.

In effect, the cult artists say: "You don’t make your own painting; our painting makes you."

Through the pretended 'science' of virology (fake isolation, fake sequencing) and the pretended 'science' of vaccinology (fake immunity), the State—which is already an authoritarian entity—becomes a Cult.

Prior law (the Constitution) is ruled out; it is anathema. It didn’t account for the new great enemy: the virus. 'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty' is replaced: 'The eternal virus demands the curtailment of liberty.'

'Science' is the cover story that conceals the occult hypnotic inducement."

John Rappoport

"How did any ever come to the conclusion that a life under rule was superior to a life of freedom? How does one answer such a contradictory question, without assuming that most all the American population must be either completely brainwashed beyond any recognition, or is too mentally and physically weak by nature to resist servitude? The result of allowing a ruling class to sit atop a throne of authority, while giving those same rulers the power to make all law, means that the entire populace other than that small upper class, have no option except to live as slaves. In other words, most all in this country whether they realize it or not, have voluntarily accepted slavery as their lot in life. This cannot be blamed on the evil despotic members of society that claim, hold, and abuse power, because the people gave them that power willingly. Therefore, all fault lies with the people themselves, and the only solution necessary in order to regain freedom is for the people to demand and take it."

Gary D. Barnett

"Anybody who has been following the pronouncements that have been issuing from the mouths and word processors of professors of history (and official government historians) in recent years ought to be disabused of trust in the competence and good faith of 'experts'—even if he has not seen firsthand the gutting of graduate education that has been taking place.  There was a time when professors of history, whatever their viewpoints and degrees of talent, had to have proved themselves by the rigors of primary research and literate, balanced exposition.  Increasingly they are just people who stayed in school a long time and learned the fashionable attitudes that entitle them to become spokespersons for the ruling party.  The juror has been replaced by the commissar."

Clyde Wilson

"The concept of 'Manufacturing Consent,' posited by people like Noam Chomsky, plays a role here, but I think it goes far beyond that. Rather, Hollywood seeks to not only manufacture consent from the public but also to manufacture the public's relationship to reality. They don't just want us to keep our heads down and begrudgingly accept their ideological zealotry; they want us to believe that their way is and always was the only way.

What I see in the film industry today is complete and unfettered propaganda. We have moved beyond the phase of subversively hidden manipulations to a new stage in which the propaganda has become blatant and aggressive. Almost every new movie and television series is rife with leftist distortions."

Brandon Smith

"No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Thursday, April 8, 2021

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Pedophile-in-Chief Ready to Go to War with Russia

You will soon have a new place to send you children to die for the DC King.

Other weekly crimes include:

"Enlisting" large corporations to push and peddle his vaccine poison.

Speeding up the asylum scam at the southern border.

Poisoning sports with his toxic politics.

Spreading the lie that further looting you and making you poor will help you.

Regime’s Open Borders is ‘Booming’ Business for Human Traffickers

They’ve got a regular pipeline set up and drop invaders over the border any way they can.

171,000 apprehended just in March!

But nearly 1000 invaders per day are unpursued.

A foster care family is evicted from their home in order to house invading parasites!

Known terrorists are crossing. How many have escaped?

Other than shoot-to-kill, there’s only one other solution- Finish the wall!

Regime’s Republi-can(’t ) Gangsters Wimp Out Over Border Invasion

They’ve allowed the debate to degenerate into what is to be done about a "humanitarian crisis" instead of what is to be done about an outright invasion of the country’s borders.

The debate now is how to take care of the invaders instead of how to stop them and send them back!

Regime’s Disease Goons Claim the Power to Control Your Travel

What rational person still believes these professional liars?

Regime Controlled Media Lies About Fake Virus 'Variant'

It’s a "double" mutant. Horrors!

Next, they’ll be warning you about a triple mutant with whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Regime’s Vaccine Death Toll up to 2,050

How much worse can it get?

Regime to Develop 'Effective' Face Diaper

And they’re having a real cool contest to help achieve just that!

Regime to Add Long Range Missiles to Threaten China

And Pedo Joe sends warships to harass them in the meantime.

Just what the Asian Pacific needs when tensions are already high. But hell, it’s more moolah for the War Whores!

Regime Now Brainwashing its Hired Killers

Say anything positive about white people or anything negative about the anti-white, communist insurgency now burning down American cities and…bye, bye career!

It's all part of the process to convince "the troops" that you are the enemy.

Exposed- Pedophile-in-Chief’s 'Infrastructure' Plan a Fraud

It’s all about "caregiving" and fooling white people, weakening the economy, tearing down "racist" highways, and racial equity.

Everything that comes from DC is either a fake or a lie!

Brain Dead, Regime Maoist Gangster Complains About Fake 'Infrastructure' Plan

It just doesn’t spend enough to realize their "very inspiring vision."

Regime’s Lumber Tariffs Raising Cost of Housing

Thank the 17th century economics of the previous DC Emperor.

DC Regime Adds 7000 New Operatives…Just in March

7000 new sociopaths and parasites to control and loot you.

Fascist, Loyalist Tech Oligarch Spent $35 Million Screwing with Texas Election

All of it was directed toward increasing voter fraud.

Regime’s Transportation Goons Stop Texas Highway

It’s a "test" to see if they can get away with stopping any program just by by screaming, "Racism!"

Exposed- Regime Controlled Media Promotes Activism Against Federalism

"Journalism" has been replaced by "activism."

Regime’s Gestapo Raids Safe Deposit Boxes

Everyone is a potential criminal in their eyes.

"Probable cause? What’s that?"

Regime Develops New Initiative to Discriminate Against White People

This time, it’s in the field of quantum information science.

"There’s just too damn many white people in this field!"

Regime’s Money Goon Calls for Minimum Global Tax

She’s moving up in the world- from lowly counterfeiter to high flying, globalist looter!

Regime Controlled Media Smears Florida Governor

A hit job accomplished through deceptive editing.

Regime’s Environmental Goons Look to Control American Economy

“One of its next actions aims to use ozone regulations and secret science to eliminate racecar driving in America – and then eradicate fossil fuel use, and control the entire US economy.”

Exposed- DC Regime’s Syrian Occupation is Forever

“Welcome to America's next forever occupation, apparently, from which it will never willingly extricate itself, akin to Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?