Thursday, August 30, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

The Emperor refuses to even justify his actions. My theory is he can’t boink porn actresses any more, so he gets off my killing little brown kids.

Lockheed Martin needs the business…

The Emperor needs to look “tough. Therefore, loyalists and Trump Chumps will happily oblige by suffering higher gasoline prices to go along with their higher tariffs.

“Whip Me! Beat Me! Chain Me!”


All to help enforce the War Against Some Drugs.

No worries. This won’t delay any transfer of the files. As I’m typing this, those files are being offered for download at alternative websites outside the reach of this loyalist tyrant. 

It worked before, so why not again? The compliant and obedient Regime controlled media will happily catapult the propaganda.

And they “colluded” with Russian intelligence- along with Queen Hillary!

No he doesn’t have that.. yet. But I’m sure it’s on the DC agenda…

Say goodbye to peace with North Korea.

“We’ll leave only if you give us some of your oil.”

Some good news for the resistance:

Cody and his legal team are way too smart for these tyrannical Clowns-in-Gowns and their incompetent hacks. They should just admit defeat and move on- find someone else to harass, rob, meddle with, and destroy.

MAGA- Abort DC and the USG!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"This is 2018 and de-platforming popular content won’t make it go away. It’ll just shift it over into areas of the internet you can’t see, where it’ll fester and grow stronger over time in even more intense and radicalized echo chambers. You’ll think it’s gone from society because it’s been safely cleansed from your corporate-government Facebook timeline, but it may grow even stronger in the shadows. This is particularly the case in a nation dominated by an entrenched, corrupt and unaccountable elitist class. One that refuses to confront the reality of its monumental failures, and instead chooses to self-interestedly obsess over what are just symptoms of a decadent empire in decline."
Michael Krieger

"Like all statists, democratic socialists want to grow government to solve a problem created by government, and to do so under cover of mob rule (the vote).
Socialism is a philosophy of envy. When one sees something another has and decides he wants it,  rather than earn it on his own merits he wants the power of government to take it and either give it to him or redistribute it to the masses. Often the socialist doesn’t want that something for himself as much as he doesn’t want someone else to have it."
Bob Livingston

"Libertarianism is individualist. If one individual doesn’t respect or treat a libertarian as an individual the libertarian will typically move on until they find others who will. But collectivism won’t allow that because people belong in a class and will always treat people like a class. What people get from collectivism is never-ending class warfare."
Garry Reed

"Sure, state separation won’t solve all problems, but isn’t letting people be free to govern themselves at least preferable to one side feeling they must kill-off enough of the other side to get their way? This sort of calculation may even now be growing in the minds of some. Is our will to dominate the other side greater than our will to live in peace and freedom? Do we hate the thing we are against more than we love the thing we’re for? I hope not. Instead, we should accept the reality that we can live together better separately than we can through the perverse game of alternating governments, swapping out identities of subject and master, with society in perpetual arrested development. Let’s give peace and freedom a chance. Let’s separate, for the good of all."
Ryan Thorson

"The just society is not some game of chess where we can move around each person like they exist to carry out the will of 'the people.' We must not forget that in real life, these 'pawns' move with their own objectives. If we depart from the notion that each person is an individual with their own unique attributes and objectives, we can guarantee ourselves that only misery and despotism will quickly follow."
Aaron Banks

"As leftists worship the mob and government power, conservatives tend to worship heroes, some of them false prophets. Conservatives are always desperately searching for the man on the white horse to lead them to the promise land. They are always looking for another messiah.  And in this they make themselves weak.
What they should be emulating are their principles and heritage alone. Only ideals and truths matter, because they are eternal, and they do not lie. But let the right showman or mascot come along reciting the correct rhetoric in a rousing way, and many conservatives become putty in the hands of the political elites."
Brandon Smith

"In a corporatist system of government, wherein there is no meaningful separation between corporate power and state power, corporate censorship is state censorship. Because legalized bribery in the form of corporate lobbying and campaign donations has given wealthy Americans the ability to control the U.S. government’s policy and behavior while ordinary Americans have no effective influence whatsoever, the U.S. unquestionably has a corporatist system of government. Large, influential corporations are inseparable from the state, so their use of censorship is inseparable from state censorship."
Caitlin Johnstone

"Continuing refugee business as usual is a mistake; resettlement contractors profit, while the American communities where refugees are relocated struggle through difficult transition periods. The multi-millions in dollars the U.S. spends domestically on refugee programs would go 12 times as far if distributed in refugees’ home regions to provide for their shelter and care until they can safely return home. No nation including the U.S. can indefinitely accept the world’s displaced populations."
Joe Guzzzardi

Thursday, August 23, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

I bet you didn’t even know they were there, did you?

The DC Mafioso say it’s “to train for fighting in winter conditions.” If that’s the case, why don’t they train in Minnesota?

Of course, we all know they’re there to feed the anti-Russian paranoia.

Such “aid” is nothing more than bribes masquerading as “diplomacy.”

It worked at the Branch Davidian Compound, so why not try it again?

It seems they may be once again covering up for some powerful entities.

Since nearly the entire world is considered an enemy of The Regime, expect scores of attacks. Unfortunately, since they’re all committed in secret, we’ll probably never know exactly how many.

It would require at least 1600 new satellites just to operate one launch interceptor, not to mention costing $300 billion of your stolen money.

Just admitting defeat and ending it is, apparently, not an option. Instead, contractors who were not even born when the war began will be sent to commit human sacrifice for the glory of The Empire.

Considering that this war is really nothing more than a jobs program for the Military Industrial Complex, having a private company in charge may make some sense- in a depraved sort of way, of course.

“Democracy” is such a wonderful gift to the Iraqis that it has to be forced down their throats in perpetuity by an invading army. The Regime calls it “stabilization.”

Instead of representing you, the lowly, war weary, tax slave attempting to live with some remaining shred of freedom, they now will openly be representing the parasitic corporatists of the Military Industrial Complex.

Regime Gangster Creating Speech Law

He and his fellow thugs will be deciding just what is “common decency.” He also promises that there will be “consequences” if you disagree.

Some good news for the resistance:

Becoming the majority opinion is not far away!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"We’re not children.  We don’t need to be protected from ‘bad ideas.’  Hell, we’ve suffered through Marxism for the past 150 years, I think we can survive an Alex Jones rant about Sandy Hook."
Thomas Luongo

"I think the state should be as weak as possible relative to the individual. The proper posture of the state is one that at least is in fear of its citizen, not one that lords over it."
Cody Wilson

"The Marxists fought for the right to vote, freedom of the press, and the right to form associations and assemblies as long as they were not the ruling party; where they came to power they did nothing more quickly than set these freedoms aside. . .   A majority decision can never be ‘just’ for the Marxists . . .; for them it is always only the expression of the will of a particular class.  Even seen from the angle alone, therefore, socialism and democracy are irreconcilable contraries; the term Social Democrat contains a contradictio in adjecto."
Ludwig von Mises

"Let’s be honest! The federal experiment has failed. However, that doesn’t mean that we necessarily need to start killing each other. Why couldn’t both sides get what they want? A solution that could avert civil war is this: separation.
If States like Texas prefer government that is limited, lives within its means, and recognizes the individual’s right to liberty over their own life and success, why shouldn’t Texas get that? If California wants more centralization and a controlled economy, valuing a state that promises welfare in lieu of Liberty, why shouldn’t they get that also? It’s not Texas’ responsibility to subsidize or clean-up after California, nor California’s job to liberate Texas from its freedom. Both should go their own ways, only coming together for commerce or in times of war. Otherwise, both should be free to reap the benefits of or suffer the consequences of their own political choices."
Ryan Thorson

"A fairly good working definition of theft is the taking by force of one person’s property and the giving of it to another to whom it does not belong. Most Americans think that doing that is OK as long as it’s done by government. We think that it is OK for Congress to take the earnings of one American to give to another American in the form of agricultural subsidies, business bailouts, aid for higher education, food stamps, welfare and other such activities that make up at least two-thirds of the federal budget. If I took some of your earnings to give to a poor person, I’d go to jail. If a congressman did the same thing, he’d be praised."
Walter Williams

"Both socialism and democracy are anathema to human liberty. Democracy is an esoteric belief system that manipulates the people in such a way that all power flows to the state. As with pure dictatorships, power flows from the top down.
Democracy implies freedom in the public’s mind while power and wealth is constantly channeled to the federal government. Human liberty is regressively crushed under the one simple word, ‘democracy’."
Bob Livingston

"Now, democratic socialists will always deny that getting on the pathway to tyranny will lead to tyranny, and they will always tell you that true socialism has never been achieved. Basically, their argument is that we should throw out the ideology that brought the world the freest and most prosperous country in human history and instead give an ideology that has failed every single time it's been attempted yet another shot because they are tired of paying for the things they want."
Kurt Schlichter

"The purpose of any advocated socialist society is to reach some assumed optimum of which society can function. This is the 'goal' that is established. Whether it be equality, industry, or leisure, it does not change the system that will be installed to reach that goal. Besides the obvious and documented danger of majority rule, any democratic decision would have to be enforced by some central authority; without one there would be no chance to achieve such a goal. When the central authority is realized, the individuality of each citizen will be usurped by the collective society and central planning will ensue. Democracy can only serve as a means to socialism, an otherwise undemocratic end."
Aaron Banks

"Let me tell you folks straight out: Donald Trump is as much a usurper of constitutional government as Maxine Waters. The only difference is the brand of tyranny that you prefer.
Both Trump and Waters act like there are only two sides to this argument. They act like the whole country is divided between the fascists of the right and the socialists of the left. Not true! There are millions of Americans from a variety of backgrounds, theologies and philosophies that are sick and tired of BOTH SIDES. Count me as one of them."
Chuck Baldwin

"The Facebook situation is uncomfortable, but government control is much worse. Government control thwarts our own personal control. At present, we are the masters, not the giants like Facebook. It may not seem that way when they ban Alex Jones and suspend Daniel McAdams. But we patronize these companies. We make them stand or fall. If government replaces our marketplace power with its political power, we will be facing a far worse situation than Facebook’s censorship. We will be at the mercy of government control of speech. We will be at the mercy of government regulations and bureaucrats."
Michael Rozeff

Thursday, August 16, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

They’re considered guilty of attempted murder despite no evidence.

For The Regime, that offers a good enough reason to create suffering for innocent Russians and their American counterparts.

His proof? Sorry, that’s “classified.”

It would be interesting to check the financial records of these loud mouth liars and find just how much in bribe money (“campaign contributions”) they are receiving from cyber security firms.

They’re just continuing their long “proud” history.

They don’t like having one of their many “enemies” too close to the Emperor’s palace.

And his already overtaxed subjects will be taxed even more.

The so called “President” can make as much war as he wants on whomever he wants.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Facebook clearly singled out Alex Jones. It didn’t embrace 'diverse views'. It didn’t remove him because of some 'specific harm' he was causing. If he were doing some harm, Facebook would have reported him to the police for investigation; or the people being harmed could have sued Jones.
Facebook’s removal of Alex Jones is politically-motivated. It’s coming from the Left, but it would not be surprising if well-known right-wing politicians and deep state members joined in the attack on Jones because he questions the Establishment and conventional narratives. Alex Jones is 'proud to be listed as a thought criminal against Big Brother'. His basic orientation is to question appearances and to propose that considered judgments and aims of large-scale, powerful and monied interests lie behind important events. In his own case of being banished by major communications companies, this appears to be true!"
Michael Rozeff

"Based on the idea of natural rights, government secures those rights to the individual by strictly negative intervention, making justice costless and easy of access; and beyond that it does not go. The State, on the other hand, both in its genesis and by its primary intention, is purely anti-social. It is not based on the idea of natural rights, but on the idea that the individual has no rights except those that the State may provisionally grant him. It has always made justice costly and difficult of access, and has invariably held itself above justice and common morality whenever it could advantage itself by so doing.
So far from encouraging a wholesome development of social power, it has invariably, as Madison said, turned every contingency into a resource for depleting social power and enhancing State power.  As Dr. Sigmund Freud has observed, it can not even be said that the State has ever shown any disposition to suppress crime, but only to safeguard its own monopoly of crime."
Albert Jay Nock

"If, just for the sake of argument, we accepted critics' insistence that the rights of property are not absolute and must sometimes be curtailed, it would not follow that it is the state rather than the individual conscience that must do the curtailing.
State power to aggress against property owners inevitably encourages man's most predatory instincts, giving him an incentive to devote less time to satisfying the needs of his fellow men and more time to using the state's machinery of coercion to loot them for his own selfish benefit. To put this in language more familiar to our critics, the release of such instincts undermines the common good."
Tom Woods

"Socialism is political cancer. It literally ruins every place in which it’s tried; routinely with attendant casualties in the millions. But its message of 'free stuff, and the rich guys pay for it' sells to millennials, their burnt-out hippie parents, and their college philosophy professors; none of whom realize that once they’ve gotten rid of the rich guys, there’s no one left to pay for anything. Nonetheless, the Democrats are bringing it back. It’s the perfect complement to their 'pussy' hats and Che’ t-shirts — and losing."
Ben Crystal

"No one loves socialism quite like a moron who has never experienced it firsthand." 
Kurt Schlichter

"The Constitution was created by the states. The 10th Amendment guarantees all powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution to the states and the people. So when the judicial branch of the federal government can overturn a state law as unconstitutional, the Constitution has been turned on its head. The creator cannot be overruled by the created."
Bob Livingston

"Does an act clearly immoral when done privately become moral when done collectively? Does legality or majority consensus establish morality? Before you answer, consider that slavery was legal; South African apartheid was legal; the horrendous Stalinist, Nazi and Maoist purges were legal. Clearly, the fact of legality or a majority consensus cannot establish morality."
Walter Williams

"Of all the reasons for Texas to sever ties with the Union, the impending fiscal collapse of the U.S. is the most critical. When that happens (not if), it will have catastrophic effects throughout the world. However, if Texas were today to establish a complete return to sovereignty, as is its right, we could begin preparations for that soon-coming day, to insulate ourselves and mitigate the damage. If we wait, we may look upon the fears we had for a hypothetical independent Texas as a relative blessing compared to the stark realities of the crisis of hyperinflation."
Ryan Thorson

"Collapse of a State means a weakening of the instruments of coercion by means of which property in the fruits of one's labors was transferred to nonproducing rulership or its supporting accomplices. Thereafter, maybe for centuries, freedom prevails, men learn to dream and hope again, and the realization of each dream through effort encourages further fantasy and generates more effort; thus wealth multiplies, knowledge accumulates, manners take shape, and the nonmaterial values attain importance in man's hierarchy. A new civilization is born.
Although something of the lost civilization is recaptured by accident, what is dug up has to be relearned; the new civilization does not grow out of its predecessor, but emerges from the efforts of the living. At any rate, history tells us, a civilization no more than gets started when a political institution attaches itself to it, feeds on it, and in the end devours it. And the roundelay starts all over again."
Frank Chodorov

"In government, the scum rises to the top."
Friedrich Hayek

Thursday, August 9, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Wherever nastiness rears its head in Africa, The Regime seems to be involved.

This “program” was created illegally out of thin air by the previous Emperor, something that the Gangster Congress only has the power to do (if you believe the Piece of Paper).

Supporting DC gangsters have already found a back door way to fund it.

No need to worry- It’s just local gangsters working with their “federal partners.”

And somehow, that’s a good thing?

It seems that continually promoting the Scam That Just Won’t Die (Russophobia, not socialism) is popular with voting, toothless, loyalist, hillbillies.

$300 million of your stolen money is going toward funding the “security” of part of a continent on the other side of the world. And all to maintain the criminal hegemony of the DC Regime.

It’s time to start starving Iranians and destroying their economy.

Anyone else who does not cooperate with this necessary action to “stabilizing” this country will be destroyed as well.

The Big Tech Purge now underway is just a start.

So tell me the difference, again, between The Blue Gang and the Red Gang?

They either pay them off to leave the area to fight another day or outright recruit them to kill for the Empire.

Isn’t it interesting that Russia recognizes the right of secession but the Dregs of DC do not?

Paid for with money stolen from you, of course.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The average person has been programmed to trust the government. It starts with their grade school civics books, and continues through college courses on 'political science,' where Boobus americanus is assured we live in the best of all possible worlds. Sure, everyone knows governments make mistakes and are occasionally clumsy. But the average person actually thinks the government’s his friend.
This is why they're perfectly willing to give up privacy for convenience. They think their interests are in the hands of competent, good humored, and good-natured people. But that’s not the case at all.
The government is an entity with its own interests. It’s like a parasite or a predator that is living off of society at large."
Doug Casey

"Just as it is supremely dysfunctional for a major economy to hang on every word of a central bank chairman, so too should it be considered abnormal and unhealthy for a country of 320 million people to wait with bated breath for the latest prognostications of nine friends of presidents in black robes from their palatial offices in Washington, DC.
We’re told by pundits and politicians from across the spectrum how indispensable, awe-inspiring, and absolutely essential the Supreme Court is. In truth, we should be looking for ways to undermine, cripple, and to generally force the Court into irrelevance."
Ryan McMaken

"Nowadays we are being told that consumption is aesthetically displeasing, and that we should strive to get back to nature, stop driving here and there, make a compost pile, raise our own vegetables, unplug our computers, and eat nuts off trees. This longing for the primitive is nothing but an attempt to cast a pleasing gloss on the inevitable effects of socialist policies. They are telling us to love poverty and hate plenty.
But the beauty of the market economy is that it gives everyone a choice. For those people who prefer outhouses to indoor plumbing, pulling their teeth to dentistry, and eating nuts from trees rather than buying a can of Planters at Wal-Mart, they too have the right to choose that way of life. But don't let them say that they are against 'consumerism.' To live at all requires that we buy and sell. To be against commerce is to attack life itself."
Lew Rockwell

"The structures that dominate mankind are monopolistic, non-optional, and violence based. The central principle of their operations – the one they enforce thousands of times every day – is this: Do what we say or we’ll hurt you.
However offended people may be at these statements, it will not be because they are false. Rather, they will be offended that such things are discussed. It’s not pleasant to face the fact that our world’s basic organizational structures are barbaric relics of the Bronze Age.
These systems are offensive structures by design. They are built to extract money from large populations, to consolidate those takings in the seat of the operation, and to use that money to become more powerful than every other such system. And their 6,000-year track record most certainly bears this out."
Paul Rosenberg

"The concept of judicial review is the ultimate example of the fox guarding the henhouse. Supreme Court justices are unelected autocrats with lifetime appointments. They are paid by the government, they are agents of the government and they almost always rule in favor of the government. There is no accountability to the people and the people have no say in their appointment."
Bob Livingston

"What a country calls its vital economic interests are not the things which enable its citizens to live, but the things which enable it to make war… What is called national prestige consists in behaving always in such a way as to demoralize other nations by giving them the impression that, if it comes to war, one would certainly defeat them. What is called national security is an imaginary state of affairs in which one would retain the capacity to make war while depriving all other countries of it."
Simone Weil

"Defund the American university from any tax dollars, funded debt or bonds and you will critically damage the ability of the state to produce its vast legions of Goebbels-gargling boosters and collaborators."
Bill Buppert

Thursday, August 2, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Only approved and scripted propaganda is offered and certainly, no questions are allowed.

You are now tried and convicted on the spot by "trained" hell hounds.

And here you thought they were there just to joyfully grab your crotch at the gate…

When you ruler’s suspicions are aroused enough, hell hounds will detain you to smell your wallet.

The necessary “intelligence and understanding as to what is happening on the ground” is well under way.

Of course, that is only if you consider this war legitimate to begin with. If not, every single dollar (and life) spent has been wasted.

It needs a new gear. Cost- $30 million.

You say you husband beats you in your Central American, third world shithole? You would now qualify to be one of the 32 million new invaders allowed entry to the welfare nirvana of the US Collective!

The political enemies of these criminals are referred to the Gestapo for investigation as “domestic terrorists.”

Isn’t it a “crime” when ignorant, deranged creatures like this claim to be your overlords and forcibly take your money to pay their salaries.

How can tolerating such madness be considered rational?

It’s a “temporary” command for now. Will these politi-gangsters and lie peddling propagandists finally realize they can’t possibly halt or even regulate the flow of information?

No place on earth is immune to or safe from the Empire’s rage against those who refuse to bow.

They’re troubled about the treatment of “Rohingya Muslims.”

Have you ever before heard of “Rohingya Muslims?”

How is the treatment of “Rohingya Muslims” any of their business?

Do you really care about the treatment of “Rohingya Muslims?”

And the Trump Chump loyalists will gladly grab their ankles and suffer even more to please their god-Trump savior.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?