Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Military Chaplains?

Is there a greater abomination among the human family than a “military chaplain?”

You know, the gents who distort religious scripture to excuse “the troop’s” acts of murder, torture, property destruction, and genocide?

Those who claim to represent the Prince of Peace should be pleading with their brethren to throw down their weapons and exit the military as soon as it is practically possible. They should not be pampering them and officially exempting these killers from the rules of civilized behavior.

These “chaplains” should be showing their flock the road to repentance and ultimate forgiveness, not directing others toward that spiritual dark alley of confusion and hypocrisy.
If the Devil ever decides he needs a group of individuals to act as yes men and instigators for his demonic actions, the first group he should consider is military chaplains.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters