Friday, July 26, 2013

Excuse My Outrage

As a Christian, I feel shame that it takes a confirmed atheist to point out the truth:


Friday, July 12, 2013

Art Called ‘Illegal’ in West Texas

Even in the barren expanse of West Texas, free, creative minds are not free of the state’s rules bullies:

A Texas agency says Playboy has 45 days to remove a neon-lit 40-foot high sculpture of the magazine's iconic bunny logo from a West Texas road.

The Texas Department of Transportation ordered the removal of the sign, called "Playboy Marfa," because Playboy does not have a license for outdoor advertisement in Texas.

It appears that even in an artist friendly location like Marfa (known as a hub for such folks) obeying your slave master takes precedence over any creative ambitions.

An even more disturbing fact is that this rule “indiscretion” was brought to the attention of authorities by a local civilian:

Officials were alerted about the sign after Marfa resident Lineaus Lorette filed a complaint. "I thought it was a sign -- a corporate logo. And in Texas you can't put up signs without permits," Lorette said. "I checked and it didn't have a permit so I filed a complaint."

The “See something, Say something” mentality has reared its ugly head, even in isolated West Texas. To add to the ridiculousness of this situation, this obedient, servile, citizen even likes the art:

"I was really ambivalent. It's a beautifully made sign," Lorette said. "The problem is that it's a sign. The rules have to apply to everybody."

Yes, the rules (and the rulers who create them) must be obeyed, no matter their perceived legitimacy. If not, the world will descend into bloody chaos. Disregard any individual impulses toward critical thinking and deciding for yourself what is right and just. Just stay within the lines and follow the rules. And just as important, keep an eye on your comrades in the collective to make sure they also follow such a course.

I see two different approaches to examining this predicament- one from a property rights point of view and another from a spiritual point of view.

No mention is made in the linked report on whose land the artwork rests upon. Since it is not specifically mentioned, I first assumed it was on “public right of way” which is not owned by the state (since thieves can’t own anything) but is certainly controlled by them (thanks to their overwhelming firepower). However, after a little bit of research, I found that Playboy had leased 6500 square feet of land the previous month.

Playboy’s representatives claim that no rules or regulations are being violated. I would assume they know what they are talking about, but in the end, the firepower previously mentioned will enforce any final decision by state apparatchiks, regardless the claims by Playboy. In a free society, property owners have final say on any use of their land. However, in a collective where such rights are only somewhat respected, there still may be state-initiated roadblocks. Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, which is on private land, has been “allowed” to exist for years. Also, “Prada Marfa,” another nearby project created in 2005, is on private land, though directly adjacent to the roadside. It seems to have escaped any harassment by authorities, if not local vandals.

Those opposed to the display declare the creation to be “advertising” and not “art.” The state, by their rules, wants to distinguish between the two. But advertising is art. Art is created to communicate a message- a message to be received by the target’s senses. Advertising is also created to send a message to be received by the target’s senses, and to convince them to buy a product or service. The state’s attempt to segregate art because of its commercial message smacks of nothing less than a shakedown.

Now let’s approach this dilemma from a spiritual perspective. As one who has traveled through West Texas, I can appreciate the tedious mile after mile of monotonous landscape. Yes, beauty can be found in such a bleak expanse. But it is also delightful, and even inspiring, to be surprised along the way by evidence of the human organism’s most unique characteristic- humor. Landscapes offer unique backdrops for works of art and the bleaker the landscape, the better it seems to contrast with the art. A skilled artist can even create art that complements the landscape in a synergistic composition.

Out of the way places such as Marfa often become meccas for artists. There they often can find the freedom to create without being hassled by nosy neighbors, conformists, and rule fanatics. Unfortunately, a fanatical instigator like Mr. Lorette and his ilk (backed by government force) has to come along and spoil an otherwise beautiful, nourishing, free, environment.

Collective conformity is declared more important than individual creativity and initiative. Worship of the state takes precedence over artistic freedom and appreciation. Ultimately, an act of violence is committed against peaceful people, merely to preserve an unjust, arbitrary, institutional decree.

Freedom dies.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters



Friday, July 5, 2013

Guns on Planes- An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Despite the TSA’s efforts to disarm peaceful air travelers, a significant number of these traveling individuals insist on arming themselves when flying. AP reports:

In the first six months of this year, Transportation Security Administration screeners found 894 guns on passengers or in their carry-on bags, a 30% increase over the same period last year.

And the amount of guns found last year was up 17% from the year before. This seems to indicate a steadily increasing trend. Is this a sign of a growing resistance movement to being disarmed by the TSA or are these thugs just becoming more efficient at their “duties?”

TSA doesn't believe these gun-toting passengers are terrorists, but the agency can't explain why so many passengers try to board planes with guns…

"We don't analyze the behavioral traits of people who carry weapons. We're looking for terrorists. But sometimes you have to scratch your head and say, 'Why?'"

Well, only a conditioned slave would have to ask, “Why?” It’s a perfectly natural inclination for one to protect himself and be personally responsible for that protection. Only those indoctrinated to believe otherwise (and have yet to awaken) question such an action.

Of the 12 airports with the most guns last year, five are in Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth International, 80 guns [We‘re number 1!….]; George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, 52; Dallas Love Field […and Number 3!], 37; William P. Hobby in Houston, 35, and Austin-Bergstrom International, 33. Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta had the most for any airport, at 96. Others include Phoenix Sky Harbor, 54; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International in Florida, 42; Denver International, 39; Seattle-Tacoma International, 37; Orlando International Airport in Florida, 36, and Tampa International in Florida, 33.

I believe we can make the following conclusions:

1) Yes, some just forget. Many folks, to their credit, see carrying a firearm as natural and second nature as carrying a wallet or a pen. But I seriously doubt this can explain this large a number of “violations.”

2) More likely, a lot of these people have gotten through security just fine with a weapon in the past, so therefore try to do so again.

3) And from this speculation it would follow that a significant number of firearms are making it on flights, despite the efforts of TSA thugs.

4)This means that TSA is not detecting scores of firearms packed by passengers.

5) Yet, despite all these firearms passing through security, not a single incidence of a passenger brandishing a firearm on a flight has yet to be recorded, that I’m aware of.

Therefore, hoplophobes would seem to be incorrect by hysterically claiming that allowing passengers to carry their personal firearms on flights would lead to disaster.

I’m still waiting.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers
No masters

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

‘Independence Day’- A Collectivist Ruse

“Independence Day” in the US Collective has very little to do with individual liberty. It’s best to ignore it. The event marks the time in history when the US nation state (as it existed at that time) seceded and disengaged from the British nation state. Those involved collectively declared that the ruling British nation state no longer had any ruling authority over those individuals then residing in North America and claimed by the British throne to be its subjects.

Was this an improvement in the “liberty status” of those affected? Most certainly. But personal independence was still not achieved. What essentially occurred is that those enslaved under the British throne rejected one master, only to replace it with a new master. That new master has since evolved into one of the most tyrannical in world history.

No real “independence” occurred, as relates to the individual. The net result of such an event, despite all the energy expended and blood shed, is that free-born individuals swapped one ruling tyrant for another.

True “independence” will not occur until each sovereign individual is self-ruled and personally autonomous, whether after a calamitous collapse of the existing nation state(s) or a “succession of secessions” which lead to such an autonomy.

Then a new, more meaningful “Independence Day” can be declared by you- and on any day you, an independent, self-directed individual, deems worthy.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers
No masters