Thursday, March 29, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Not a shooting war (yet) but a trade war. No one benefits except ruling elites and their parasitic supporters, both corporate and union.

Now you know why Regime killers are in Syria.

The Regime can’t even cover $7 trillion of it’s own pensions, yet it seems to think it can cover others?

Watch them counterfeit trillions of new funny money to close the gap. The dollar then goes the way of the Bolivar.

Make no mistake, “sanctions” are an act of war against property and economic freedom.

And the majority of this funny money goes to…where else?…The Pentagram.

Some of the rest goes to supporting Middle East terrorists, migrating parasites, and baby killers.

Who told them they could? They did, of course! They claim a monopoly on power and get to regulate themselves.

If you are a Regime subject and you move to another country, they still claim ownership of you and your money (by taxing you). Now, if you move your data to a foreign location, they believe they own that too!

The ultra-arrogant DC Criminals believe they own the entirety of the Pacific Ocean.

He considers it “courageous” of them to scream, yell, and dirty their diapers to inspire confiscation of your weapons. 

These filthy imps are too clueless to know that the literal vomit they spew will only lead to civil war- a war that has them hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

This creature claims you have “no right to bear bullets.” 

This brilliant “constitutional scholar” seems ignorant of the fact that such a change would still not give The Regime authority to regulate firearms.

And of course, it must be destroyed by committing more resources toward a war lost long ago.

Some good news for the resistance:

Watch Texas thrive and California join Sweden and Germany in their self-made hell.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The focus on gun control directs attention to a useless remedy that, even if it were stringently implemented, would only drive killing into alternative means, locales and channels. How does disarming the 9,999,999 out of 10,000,000 people who do not dream of killing others change the mind of the 1 in 10,000,000 who does? If anything, it encourages him that he’ll meet no deadly counter force."
Michael Rozeff

"A trade war is just as phony as a war on drugs, a war on crime, or a war on terror. None are worth fighting. And none are winnable. It is meant to reward the elite at others’ expense. Nothing more."
Bill Bonner

"People don’t have the right to own guns because of the Second Amendment, just as people don’t have the right of free speech because of the First Amendment. People’s natural, God-given rights preexist government. They exist whether the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the federal government are there or not."
Jacob Hornberger

"Good ideas don’t require force to survive. And neither do bad ideas in order to die. They eat themselves until there’s nothing left. 
Reality has mechanisms built in to snap back the delusional. 
Dealing with it is easy. 
Motivate yourself with seeking and spreading the truth and nothing else. Not spreading, or resisting, some malformed ideology. 
That is all you can do."
Chris Campbell

"Remember you don’t get the best and the brightest going into government. There are two kinds of people. You’ve got people that like to control physical reality—things. And people that like to control other people. That second group, those who like to lord it over their fellows, are drawn to government and politics."
Doug Casey

"The income tax did more than revoke the immunity of property. It gave the State the means of effectively attacking the immunities of mind and of person; it transferred to the State that sovereignty which, according to the American theory, is lodged in the individual. In the final analysis, sovereignty is a matter of dollars. The more dollars the more sovereignty. The individual is no longer sovereign when his living is dependent on a superior will, when that will becomes dominant by the economic strength behind it."
Frank Chodorov

"The 2A [second amendment] is a sham to protect weapons ownership. It has no teeth whatsoever. If it did, how could the 1934 NFA, 1938 FFA, the decision in US v. Miller in 1939, 1968 GCA, Nixon’s pogrom against handguns, the 1986 FOPA, Bushevik I’s ban on foreign cosmetically offensive weapons in 1989, the NICs, the AWB all the way to the conservative zombie Scalia’s Leninist bromide about 'dangerous and unusual weapons'. On and on and on.
The government has a message for your 'right' to keep and bear arms: Fuck You, Helot."
Bill Buppert

"Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; it should allow you to find values which will be your road-map through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whomever you are with; it should teach you what is important, how to live and how to die."
John Taylor Gatto

"There is no greater threat to life on earth than Washington. Constraining Washington’s determination to destroy life on earth is the greatest challenge humanity has faced. If we fail, we all die, every one of us and all creatures.
Despite Russia’s military superiority, the humanity of the Russian government places it at a disadvantage as there is no concern for humanity in Washington."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as 'surveillance companies.' Their rebranding as 'social media' is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense."
Edward Snowden

"Criminal, totalitarian states (what other kind is there?) have always used mental illness as a means to empowerment. And by that I mean to suggest that so many people who commit acts of violence are deliberately tagged with 'mental illness' as the underlying cause. This is how the state and its institutions use the power of propaganda to create yet another crisis that requires more government resources and taxpayer funding, further growing state power, especially as it applies to the mental health of individuals.
However, what is often ignored is how this utilization of power and propaganda so easily grips the passions of the masses who rely on the advisement of so-called 'experts' in the public sphere; sound bites in the mainstream media and on social media; and emotional arguments that confirm their own biases. The uninformed, hyper-emoting, non-reasoning masses of asses around us are as much of a threat to our freedom as state power in the hands of miscreants."
Karen De Coster

Thursday, March 22, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

They offer no proof because doing so would expose the fact that, “the United States also spies on infrastructure in other parts of the world.”

Preparing the populace for war with over the top propaganda.

This time, Russia may not stand by and watch.

The consequences could be devastating.

How else do you think she has escaped a prison cell after her 30 year long crime spree?

They practically made it to a McDonald’s drive thru.

Think about this when writing your extortion check on April 17. 

And no, that doesn’t include the bribing, Big Pharma businessmen who created the problem in the first place.

Will they also require us hard core civilians to one day do the same?

“The Rule of Law” is such an outdated concept these days- at least as regards the behavior of The Warfare State.

And they’ve been doing it longer than anyone suspected.

Using his near limitless powers of violence and deceit, he would cause targeted businesses to lose value and then his buddies would buy up these damaged businesses for pennies on the dollars.

So this is what a “community organizer” does!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles."
Jeff Cooper

"No political party in America is friendly to the private ownership of weapons.
You will note that no political party has ever advanced the notion of restricting the possession of weapons by the government.
The reason these violence brokers posing as statesman want you disarmed is elegantly simple.
Your money is not enough.
Your compliance is not enough.
Your allegiance is not enough.
Until you are craven, prostrated and every human transaction you broker is totally controlled by the state, nothing will sate the hunger of the government supremacists.
In the end, without total obeisance, they want you dead and buried. Most likely in a mass grave with thousands of other enemies of the state. There is a reason that failure to comply always has deadly consequences even for seatbelt violations."
Bill Buppert

"The individual tyrant mindsets that make up the collective mass are necessarily the result of democracy. Weaned on the teats of the State, these individuals are imbued with the 'democratic' philosophy that government is there to provide for their endeavors, even if it means having the State aggress against others to relieve them of life’s little uncertainties and risks. Democracy gives them a say-so in the political process, a process where coercive powers are exercised at will via majority rule. Once the nipples of democracy have been exposed to the piglets gathering round the hub of majority rule, we engender a perpetual breeding process of decadent usurpation by the masses over the few."
Karen De Coster

"Demagoguery loves to emphasize a distinction between human rights and property rights. The distinction is without validity and only serves to arouse envy. The right to own is the mark of a free man. The slave is a slave simply because he is denied that right. And because the free man is secure in the possession and enjoyment of what he produces, and the slave is not, the spur to production is in one and not in the other. Men produce to satisfy their desires and if their gratifications are curbed they cease to produce beyond the point of limitation; on the other hand the only limit to their aspirations is the freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
That fact, deep rooted in the nature of man, accounts for the progress of civilization when and where the right of property is recognized, and for the retrogression that follows from its denial. Property rights and human rights are more than complementary; they are identical."
Frank Chodorov

"Even under the worst circumstances, even if the Mafia controlled the United States, I can’t believe Tony Soprano or Al Capone would try to steal 40% of people’s income from them every year. They couldn’t get away with it. But—perhaps because we’re said to be a democracy—the US Government is able to masquerade as 'We the People.' That’s an anachronism, at best. The US has mutated into a domestic multicultural empire. The average person has been propagandized into believing that it’s patriotic to do as he’s told. 'We have to obey libraries of regulations, and I’m happy to pay my taxes. It’s the price we pay for civilization.' No, that’s just the opposite of the fact. Those things are a sign that civilization is degrading, that the society is becoming less individually responsible, and has to be held together by force."
Doug Casey

"Government is the last place one should look for deciding how to school children, how to run schools, how to run police and how to produce law enforcement for its citizens. It is only the tyranny of a long-established status quo in which government took on these tasks that holds us back from removing these government-enforced monopolies and realizing the freedom we profess to cherish."
Michael Rozeff

"Short of secession (which, ideally, is the most morally proper option), there can’t be any peaceful co-existence between those who want to win by whichever means necessary and those who live in fear of offending the sensibilities of those who want to win by whichever means necessary.
There can be no peaceful co-existence between people as long as one of these two groups lives in fear of the other.
If a tentative peace can be had, it can be had only when both groups have fear."
Jack Kerwick

"If America cannot compete against athletes of other nations, it will ban them.
If America cannot be trade competitive, it will impose sanctions on its competitors.
If America sees that a nation does not fully kowtow to its agenda, it will classify it as a terrorist state and tries to push it to its knees by putting a ban on international trade with it.
When the economy fails and America cannot generate wealth, REAL WEALTH, to stay on the top, it will print money.
And when American citizens turn into whistle-blowers, they are branded as traitors. So much for free speech. And where did Edward Snowden seek political asylum? In Russia out of all places. Will we in the future see a reversal of the former exodus of citizens of the USSR to the USA? We cannot say this can be ruled out."
Ghassen Kadi

"The only argument against libertarianism is authoritarianism. No one can 'explain' it to you; as a moral, ethical and rational being it’s up to you to learn, to understand and to embrace the difference for yourself. You either own yourself or someone owns you. No amount of word-parsing or philosophical hair-splitting will ever change that reality."
Garry Reed

"War must never, ever be allowed to occur with Russia and China and the United States.  Will we risk the life of the planet over a stupid quarrel over some one-tractor town in Ukraine or a Syrian village no one has ever heard of?  Yes, if the neocons have their way."
Eric Margolis

"The impetus for protectionism comes not from preposterous theories, but from the quest for coerced special privilege and restraint of trade at the expense of efficient competitors and consumers. In the host of special interests using the political process to repress and loot the rest of us, the protectionists are among the most venerable. It is high time that we get them, once and for all, off our backs, and treat them with the righteous indignation they so richly deserve."
Murray Rothbard

"…[T]o restrain [evil men] by their sense of humanity is the same as to stop a runaway horse with a bridle of silk thread."
Walter Scott

Thursday, March 15, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

How dare they pay for what they want, rather than using the “Exceptional American” process of conquest and theft!

Of course, the "debate" will not include hearing how this entire climate scam can be debunked.

It will be the climate kooks presenting their fraudulent pseudo-science vs. the oil companies (who agree with the kooks) offering creative excuses for “not taking immediate action.”

I’m betting he worked with Creepy Uncle Joe.

The Left and the Right are kissin' cousins- They BOTH are authoritarian and they BOTH believe in the concept of "might makes right."
When their ideologies merge to create a "government," the result is the creation of a dangerous, inbred, institutional monster. 
Hence, we suffer the inanities and babbling of Regime Goons like Sessions.

He uses dubious land claims from extremely old books to justify his argument.

Spies, deceivers, and war criminals aplenty among them.

It’s not enough I have to get up at 4:00AM (and my body thinks it’s 3:00AM) to go to work and serve humanity on a Sunday. This week I do it and experience longer darkness in the morning.

More “sunshine,” my ass!

And you and your “representative” have absolutely no say in the matter.

He beats the statute of limitations for his crimes. He instead enjoys a comfy retirement and the activities of his criminal organization continue unabated.

This criminal mafia cannot afford to be truly open and honest about its nefarious activities. 

The Regime’s war mongers only want "peace" when they or their proxies are getting their butts whipped.

The do it on even on domestic flights, now and they won’t even tell their victims why.

He also brings aboard a torture loving Head Spook.

Trump Chumps and other loyalists need to learn that there is no such thing as "free speech rights." There are only property rights.

The often mentioned “First Amendment rights” can only be applied to actions created by the US Government, not private individuals or entities.

Loyalists want their Emperor/Wizard to wave his magic wand (create a law) to enforce “free speech” on the internet. What they’ll instead help create is the possibility to make speech on the internet less free, if The Regime so desires in the future. Such a “bill of rights” will only create a censoring tool for future tyrants. Such a tyrant (now with the power to police speech on a private platform) will then have the power to force property owners to abide speech they find objectionable!

If a media platform is “censoring” your speech, use another platform or create your own. Using the peaceful market to solve a problem is much more logical than using state violence to get what you want- violence that can then be used against you and your property.

But only from those who demonstrate a “threat” to others.

In other words, anyone who objects to The Regime’s crimes and lies. 

He’s running out of places on earth to attack and destroy.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"As I see it, if DST [Daylight Savings Time] is going to keep us forever disoriented, why adjust our clocks forward and backward by only one hour?

Why not move them forward to 2030 so I can begin collecting Social Security – or backward to 1984, when I had a 29-inch waist and was still able to date really good-looking ladies?"
Tom Purcell

"When you examine the advantage which one class obtains over another you find that the basis of it is political power. It is impossible for one person to exploit another, for one class to exploit another, without the aid of law and the force to back up the law. Examine any monopoly and you will find it resting on the State. So that the economic and social injustices we complain of are not due to economic inequalities, but to the political means that bring about these inequalities.
If peace is to be brought into the social order it is not by accentuating a class struggle, but by restraining the basic cause of it; that is, the political power. To bring about a condition of equal rights, which is a condition of justice, the hands of the politician must be so tied that he cannot extend his activities beyond the simple duty of protecting life and property, his only competence."
Frank Chodorov

"We don’t need a constitution to recognize all humans have an innate and pre-existing right to self-defense. To make that right effective (especially for weaker members of society) tools must be employed. Guns are simply those tools, inanimate objects that cannot be imbued with innate qualities of good or evil. The right to own guns flows naturally from self-ownership of our bodies."
Jeff Deist

"Whether teachers should be armed or not, either answer made within the monopoly system simply maintains and possibly intensifies the problems inherent within that system. Whether or not teachers should be armed can only be answered properly if incentives are aligned properly, and that cannot happen until the system of law enforcement is opened to competition. It also cannot happen until tax-funded school districts are ended, because they too prevent the consumers of education from buying into schools that are safe for their children."
Michael Rozeff

"I've said it before, and it bears repeating: communism = socialism = fascism = democracy. The labels are important to the global elite only insofar as they deceive the masses.We cannot escape this creeping American communism until our intellect overpowers spiritual and political deception. Eventually we get the great revelation that politics and organized religion are more alike than they are different. This is the master key and the essential ingredient. This is the key to understanding."
Bob Livingston

"People have a misconception about anarchists. That they’re these violent people, running around in black capes with little round bombs. This is nonsense. Of course there are violent anarchists. There are violent dentists. There are violent Christians. Violence, however, has nothing to do with anarchism. Anarchism is simply a belief that a ruler isn’t necessary, that society organizes itself, that individuals own themselves, and the State is actually counterproductive.
It’s always been a battle between the individual and the collective. I’m on the side of the individual."
Doug Casey

"In Jefferson's day the tyranny was centered in the British Crown. In our day the tyranny is centered in Washington, DC, in New York, Geneva, and Brussels. If we are to restore liberty, free enterprise, and free trade, we must begin by understanding the power that genuine economic globalism and an old-fashioned devotion to political independence will have in uniting us against the forces of despotism. We can be both trade globalists and political localists. Indeed, this is precisely what the best of the American tradition holds out as an ideal."
Lew Rockwell

"To assign 'mental illness' as the 'cause' of criminality, whether the crime in question is theft, arson, assault, or murder, is to divest the act of all moral value, positive and negative.  In short, if we’re going to insist that a person was 'caused' by his 'mental illness' to, for example, go on a shooting spree at a school, then it is no longer possible for us to condemn that person and his acts as immoral, much less as evil."
Jack Kerwick

"Blame whomever you wish for our troubles from your parents to the Founding Lawyers that wrested the freedom the Anti-Federalists offer and turned it into the witches brew of a commie clusterfuck you live in today."
Bill Buppert

"If Texas really wants to protect second amendment rights, and that of the fourth, the sixth, and the rest of them, then it’s about time to give up on this failed American experiment. The U.S. had a good run, but in the end, it wanted to discard its roots and become just like the other nations and unions of the world, where what little rights its citizens have are at indulgence of government rather than government deriving its powers at the begrudging consent of the people."
Ryan Thorson

"The student-stooges don’t direct their outrage at Amerika’s hired hitmen — only at us serfs, exercising our God-given right to keep and bear. Like the Nazis, Communists and progressives of the last century, today’s Left distrusts anyone outside of elected or appointed office. They despise us ordinary individuals who don’t lie, steal or kill for the State and insist that government protect itself and them from us. But it’s we who must defend ourselves from politicians and bureaucrats with their endless wars, corruption and oppression."
Becky Akers

"Under our Constitution and laws, police officers have NO OBLIGATION to protect the American citizenry. But at the same time, our politicians, news media, and most public school administrators and police chiefs insist that the American citizenry NOT be allowed to protect itself. If this isn’t madness, there is no such thing."
Chuck Baldwin

"One of the first things Dub-Yuh did as president was to impose tariffs on steel imports.  The U.S. steel industry has claimed to deserve 'infant industry' protection with tariffs and quotas for at least the past 160 years.  Some people never grow up.  Trump has followed suit with tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, which will increase the price of everything made of steel and aluminum (i.e., American-made cars), rendering vast portions of the U.S. economy less competitive in international competition. Thousands of American workers will lose their jobs as a result.  It will also loot the pocketbooks of American purchasers of American-made goods that contain steel and aluminum, i.e., Trump’s working-class political base, with higher prices.  Other countries will retaliate with high tariffs on American-made goods, causing even more unemployment among Trump voters in the export-related industries.  Trump just shot himself in the foot with a bazooka."
Tom DiLorenzo

"The primary reason for a tariff is that it enables the exploitation of the domestic consumer by a process indistinguishable from sheer robbery."
Albert Jay Nock

Thursday, March 8, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

How is a problem of rude, City of Houston employees the business of the Imperial City?

He believes it is a “public good,” meaning subject to restriction of the DC ruling class.

He just can't figure out how “democracy works over the long term” if people who hold different realities, opinions and facts.

After all, lowly serf, you are too stupid to figure out for yourself what is real and what is true.

Credit her for consistency- She doesn’t consider invading another country illegal when she does it through military invasions. Why should it be illegal when her own country is invaded by migrating parasites?

Hoplophobes will do or say anything to force you to accommodate their mental illness.

“Progressivism” at its finest and purest. 

He’ll worry about that annoying procedure called “due process” later.

Though he’s not real clear about just who gets to decide what “mental illness” is.

Only loyalist, Trump Chumps are stupid enough to buy their Emperor's logic and con game.
With a stroke of the pen this tyrant has raised the cost of living for millions of people and destroyed the jobs for thousands in steel and aluminum consuming industries.

ONE MAN has this power???

Is this what the loyalists’ precious, demonic "republic" is all about?

The only beneficiaries of this crime are bribing, corporate fat cats and violent, fascist, union thugs.

This one involves trade. The goal is to achieve that “level playing field” that makes everyone poorer.

This one involves cars.

This one will also make you poorer

This one will also make The Regime (and its suckling parasites) richer.


And they’ll blame it on the Syrian government, of course.

So don’t be surprised or fooled when it happens.

He thinks it’s “worth it” to achieve so called “long term stability.”

Certainly, when everything is either dead or destroyed, “stability” can be found- At least until the start of the inevitable blowback.

That’s what they’ll get if they buy their missiles from the Evil Russkies instead of Regime-supporting war whores.

They claim it’s part of a “defense relationship” (why are Regime subjects paying for Vietnamese defense?) when we all know it’s to further provoke and antagonize China into a war.

Usually, fascist corporations get their government goons to shut down their competitors. CNN must think they can accomplish this on their own. Or is this just a last desperate act for a lie peddling dinosaur to avoid extinction?

Perhaps some blowback by “The Resistance” is in order.

It was an experiment during his Big Pharma days.

He also claims there is “no such things as medical marijuana.” To prove it, he’s spending $750 million of your stolen wealth to find a substitute for opioids.

Meanwhile, a plant that already works (and costs next to nothing to grow) is further demonized by your overseers.

They couldn’t make you defenseless with their gun prohibition laws, so they’ll instead try to tax you into oblivion.

If increasing the price of steel at least 25% and increasing the price of aluminum at least 10% brings “independence,” why not increase both tariffs to 100%…or more?

We’ll all be much poorer, but we’ll be even more "independent." Right?

Someone please explain to me how making me poorer as an individual and my truly evil DC rulers (and their corporate thugs) even richer promotes any kind of “independence?”

I bet you didn’t know it’s your responsibility to pay for the security of their drilling activities.

They’ve been good buds with the Gestapo for some time now.

The blue-gloved perverts want to cruise public areas for more molestation victims.

Some good news for the resistance:

If only sentient, human organisms had the sense to make it permanent.

This is so much fun to watch!

A fully equipped rubber room awaits Her Highness.

Better him than us.

When you seek fame and fortune among The Regime’s nomenklatura, you risk the wrath of some big time DC Mafioso’s.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Prohibition didn’t work but decriminalization does; the moment something is regulated by law, it is encumbered by the state and becomes a weapon against freedom to choose."
Bill Buppert

"It’s inevitable that some of the U.S. soldiers who are now in Syria will be killed or maimed.  If the military were not led by a pack of pathological liars and told the truth, here’s what they would say to the mother of a young American soldier killed in Syria:  'Your son thought it would be fun to join the military in order to go to Syria, which poses no threat to anyone or anything in America, in order to murder strangers from Russia, a country which also poses no danger to anyone or anything in America.  He thought it would be an 'adventure' to be a paid murder for the military/industrial complex, shoot a few foreigners, and get well paid for it.  We hope he cashed enough paychecks to pay for his casket.  Suckerrrrrrrrrrs'.”
Tom DiLorenzo

"The only reason victory is elusive in Afghanistan is that presidents continue to have an impossible definition of victory. If victory is creating a nation where no real nation has ever existed, then no victory will ever occur.
If victory requires the disparate tribes and regional factions of Afghanistan to have more allegiance to a regime in Kabul than to their local tribal leaders, then victory will never come."
Tom Woods

"Texas has sent money and its best politicians to Washington to salvage and safeguard the rights and property of Texans. Unfortunately, they have all failed. They’ve all succumbed to the power of the ring and become the beast they were meant to slay. If Texas doesn’t want to be next on the beast’s menu, to see her prospects become a barren waste, her future lost, and her resources squandered, Texas has to give up the fantasy of a Washington solution and save herself. Texas independence, before its too late."
Ryan Thorson

"To the political right government is an extension of God and they want a government that will coercively impose their values of God-Family-Country on everyone.
To the political left government is a substitute for God and they want a government that will coercively impose their values of group rights-collective thought-social justice on everyone."
Garry Reed

"Validation without merit and demanded empathy without discrimination are time bombs within any culture. Social justice thrives on these disturbing ideals."
Bob Livingston

"The average person now resents rich people for having a modicum of privacy in today's world. Privacy is a signature of civilization—there is no privacy in primitive societies, where everyone can see and hear what’s going on in the next hut. Today the average guy intuits that Google, the NSA, Facebook, and a hundred other entities, including his new 'smart' refrigerator, know everything about him. He resents that some people don’t want to be an open book to the world, and can avoid it."
Doug Casey

"Sure, there is no question that North Korea has a more complete welfare state than the United States has but isn’t that simply a difference in degree rather than principle? Isn’t the overall philosophy of North Korea’s socialist economic system the same as the overall philosophy of America’s welfare state: that it is the purpose of the state to take care of the citizenry and protect them from the vicissitudes of life?
Both North Korea and the United States are national-security states or 'deep states.' They both have enormous, permanent military establishments that require massive amounts of money to fund. They both have secret intelligence agencies that engage in spying and surveillance, including on their own citizens."
Jacob Hornberger

"If we take away the power Washington has, and allow politics to be played out at the State and Local level, then America will no longer be a country in which we are required to force our political beliefs on everyone else. Instead, we would all have genuine options about the style of government we live under. 
As the scope of government America continues to grow, we will see political tribalism only grow.
Until that trend reverses itself, a politician's political affiliation will always matter more than his morals."
Tho Bishop

"Often, arguing over which version of the State is worse is like having a debate as to whether it’s better to be kicked in the groin or gouged in the eye. Due to the State's ability to control immense amounts of resources through its power to tax, the very presence of the State, not the form it takes, creates an impetus for violence. 
Ultimately, the State itself, not the form it takes, is the problem. Premature deaths from all other sources pale in comparison to the violence inflicted by organized governments; and as the correct answer to the question of getting hit in the groin or gouged in the eye is saying you’d rather have 'none of the above'."
Justin Murray

"Prior to the leftist cultural ‘liberation’ movements of the 1960s, school shootings were virtually nonexistent. They had a form of gun control then that we lack now: respect for life, respect for property, religious faith, rules about right and wrong, and law and order.
Today we have Idiocracy, extreme video games, a culture of nihilism, a lack of religious faith – basically Leftist Nirvana. And we have a generation of emasculated men, clueless young people, depression and psychotropic drugs, thug music that glorifies sexual assault and gunplay – and we also have school shootings.
My friends on the Left refuse to come to terms with the truth: these school shootings are their legacy. But they won’t change the culture that spawned it. Why?  Because their attitude is 'F-you, I like my nihilism'."
Larry Beane

"Virtually every aspect of human life — from business organizations to trade to food to communications to travel to shopping to money to education — becomes more and more decentralized every day. Hub and spoke networks are dying; replaced by nimbler webs and networks. Only government, in its hubris, bucks this dominant trend of the digital age. Somehow governance continues to go in the wrong direction: from local to regional, from regional to national, from national to supra-national, and from supra-national to global. And it’s not just DC: bodies like the UN, EU, and IMF work every day to centralize the management of human affairs. Why do we put up with this, even as we demand decentralized efficiency in everything else?"
Jeff Deist

"If technology is destroying jobs faster than it’s creating them, it is the first time in human history that it’s done so. Actually, the number of jobs is unlimited, for the simple reason that human wants are unlimited — or they don’t frequently reveal their bounds. People always want more of something that will create a job for someone. To suggest that there are a finite number of jobs commits an error known as the 'lump of labor fallacy.' That fallacy suggests that when automation or technology eliminates a job, there’s nothing that people want that would create employment for the person displaced by the automation. In other words, all human wants have been satisfied."
Walter Williams