Thursday, March 30, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

More reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime’s Death Cult Has a Productive Day….

…..“liberating” more constituents.

The Ex-Emperor’s demonic legacy has been saved. And his cult is celebrating. 


Hired killers need their job security.

US criminals not only steal your wealth but can’t even spend it efficiently. You are working to house parasites that don’t work while enriching The Regime’s cronies.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the freedom to say no.

He describes 15+ years of getting his butt kicked by goat herders as a “stalemate.”

I hope you aren't surprised.

As Murray Rothbard pointed out, this is impossible because “capital is conscripted from the taxpayer” and government monopolies lack the ability to calculate market prices. 
The only “increased efficiency” is in the fleecing of the tax slaves by crony capitalists.

Has another secession supporter been created? Make sure to watch the video. Notice how much time the pervert spends rubbing around the boy’s crotch area.

Ignore the whiney war criminals. The tax serfs want their money back.

Never forget your money belongs to them first!

"The idea is that there is no American culture. Immigrants instead should retain their identity and America should accommodate the new arrivals rather than the new arrivals largely accommodating themselves to American culture."

Not a problem- we’ll all sing Kumbaya and smother each other with love and kisses.

Prepare to lock and load!

Who better to spread lies and dupe the slaves?

Coming soon- days to honor invaders of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Syria…..
Hell, just throw a dart against a map and you’ll see where US invaders have killed for the king. Soon, every day will offer a stirring remembrance of death and destruction.

And you and yours suffer the consequences of their sickness.

Some good news for the resistance:

The bill has received at least one important endorsement. Some good news here for a change!

Apparently she wasn’t aware that if you want to accept bribes you must launder them as “campaign contribution” or as “donations to your charitable foundation.”
Regardless, it’s always a positive when The Regime eats its own.

He’s threatening for the wrong reason, but we’ll take any help we can get.

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession, anyone?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Defenders of tariffs basically do not understand economics. They really are economic ignoramuses. They do not understand economic cause and effect. They do not understand the fact that consumers are being hurt by the tariffs. They call for these discriminatory taxes, and they do it in the name of liberty. They do it in the name of fairness. Yet discriminatory taxation is inherently unfair."
Gary North

"Loyalty to a country can make some sense, on at least a primitive atavistic level, as long as the inhabitants of the 'country' share a common language, religion, ethnicity, and customs. But it makes no sense when they have little in common. So it’s natural, and salubrious, for the various religious, ethnic, racial, cultural or economic groups within a country that’s become too big, too 'diverse', and too 'inclusive', to want to get out. Everyone recognizes—even if they don’t say it—that a national government is just a vehicle for theft, benefitting the group that controls it."
Doug Casey

"Democracy by all definitions is mob rule or groupism. It is anathema to individual liberty. Democracy does not equal human liberty. Democracy precisely means the manipulated mob. Mobs are never spontaneous."
Bob Livingston

"Progressivism is a not a rational or logical system of thought but a form of self-help therapy that makes the progressive feel better by providing a magical solution to all of the life’s problems: state action.  The problem is that it doesn’t work and makes matters worse.  However, since progressivism wasn’t conceived as a rational ideology in the first place, its failure doesn’t faze the progressive. Instead, they cling to its therapeutic value by inventing scapegoats for the problems caused by state action.  They also construe any problem as an instance where not enough state action was used."
James Ostrowski

"When the topic of freedom vs. tyranny comes up, people inevitably want a solution to the problem. People want a formula to unshackle themselves from the chains of the overarching state. Some want to affect a certain brand of politics and vote it away. Some want to use legal semantics, capitalization of certain words and technicalities to remove themselves from federal jurisdiction. Some want a shooting war. I’m of the opinion that a final liberty solution doesn’t exist in practical terms and that mans eternal struggle is between freedom and slavery. Our only option may indeed be is to forever seek methods and ways to carve out niches of freedom and use various means of dissolution of the mechanisms of slavery."
Bill Buppert

"Why do open-borders libertarians insist on conflating goods, capital, and people when speaking on this subject?  Nothing dictates that the movement of people will be as free as the movement of goods or capital.  As it is today, in a libertarian world trade and investment will likely extend much farther than will the people who produce the goods traded."
Bionic Mosquito

"The concept of the State is the greatest criminal conspiracy ever perpetuated upon humanity. All States originate in conquest and exploitation, and as elite oligarchies, continue to exercise this monopoly of crime over their subject peoples through war, taxation, conscription, and indoctrination.
To persons studying ancient history these documented facts are obvious and unchallenged. There is an unquestioned acceptance of the brutal and exploitative nature of imperial kingdoms of the past. These were regimes of criminal bands of warriors, slave traders, pirates and plunderers, who over the course of time, grew into dynastic ruling families and elite oligarchies, sanctified by ritual trappings and tradition."
Charles Burris

"Can the man say, Fiat lux, Let there be light; and out of chaos make a world? Precisely as there is light in himself, will he accomplish this."
Thomas Carlyle

"Most socialist doctrines and movements are literally saturated with the mood of death, catastrophe and destruction . . . One could regard the death of mankind as the final result to which the development of socialism leads."
Igor Shafarevich

"I am a proponent of freedom because freedom is life. I am a proponent of freedom because without a deep and abiding respect for freedom there's no sense in being a proponent for anything else."
T.K. Coleman

"Is it not evident to thoughtful minds that all political systems depend on conflicts among those who comprise a society? For the same reason that orthodontists need overbites, churches need sinners, and lawyers need disputes, the state must have an endless supply of 'fundamental differences' among diverse groups if it is to act to harmonize such differences. Conflicts have thus been concocted among groups based upon racial, religious, gender, nationality, lifestyle, economic, and other categories; divisions that have been eagerly insisted upon by persons who foresaw advantages – whether in the form of money, power, or status – in advancing hostilities with others."
Butler Shaffer

Friday, March 24, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

More reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Emperor Hires Lawyers to Steal Texan’s Land

Criminal, of course, but not even necessary with the creation of a virtual wall. Sound too creepy? How do you think your private defense agency will protect your property in a libertarian world- with concrete walls and armed guards every ten feet?

Emperor Wants $30 Billion More Stolen Money to Fight US Created Enemy

The Big ISIS Scam just keeps marchin’ on……

Creating even more angry jihadists looking for revenge.

War is always an “option” for the DC Death Cult

Disobey federal bullies and you pay the price.

She’s baaaa-aaaack! Not to worry- The lovable War Wench is here to “shine a light” for us deplorables.
Why is this event listed under “US Crimes?” The crime is this creature is still not in jail!

The domestic version of collateral damage. 

Emperor Spreading His Killers Throughout Africa

“Africans are at war, we’re not. But we have a strategic interest in the success of partners.” Translated: “Why should we miss out on the fun and profit?”

They did it by fooling the “best and the brightest.” 

They consider it “critical infrastructure,” don’t you know. View their seemingly benign assertions as the “camel’s nose” towards stopping any state secession. 

Just give their families some medals and cash and all will be forgotten.

What else do you call a sovereign country permanently occupied by an empire’s military?

Which is why her and her criminal colleagues constantly ignore it.

The Left will continue to harass as long as they control the state’s instruments of power. US abolition solves that problem.

All for your protection, of course.

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession, anyone?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The more artificial taboos and restrictions there are in the world, the more the people are impoverished…The more that laws and regulations are given prominence, the more thieves and robbers there will be…"
Lao Tzu (6th century B.C.)

"But let’s remember the Democrats used to be very pro-Russia when there was Stalin. When Stalin and Lenin were in charge, they liked Russia. They set up the export and import bank to fund trade with Russia. Of course, they were Russia’s ally in WWII. Now that Russia is …no longer Communist, it has much freer market and no Gulag, they hate its guts. Seems to me there is something wrong about that."
Lew Rockwell

"Requiring by force of law that one perform some specific government-mandated act in order to demonstrate proper fealty to government or a symbol of government elevates government and that symbol to the status of a god. It creates a phony form of patriotism within the population that becomes strong leverage against independent thinking, keeping people ignorant of the treason by their own government."
Bob Livingston

"Nation states when stripped of the patriotic bunting and jingoistic propaganda are nothing more than claimed (and conquered) tax jurisdictions where the subjects are drained of resources at gunpoint to subsidize the rulers and their parasites and looters who maintain their constituent power.
Terrorism is politically motivated violence against non-combatants which means that government’s very charter is a terrorist act."
Bill Buppert

"Government, begotten of aggression and by aggression, ever continues to betray its original nature by its aggressiveness.
We let ourselves be deceived by words and phrases which suggest one aspect of the facts while leaving the opposite aspect unsuggested. A good illustration of this…is seen in the use of the words 'protection' and 'protectionist' by the antagonists of free-trade… this so-called protection always involves aggression; and that the name aggressionist ought to be substituted for the name protectionist. For nothing can be more certain than that if, to maintain A’s profit, B is forbidden to buy of C, or is fined to the extent of the duty if he buys of C, then B is aggressed upon that A may be 'protected.' Nay, 'aggressionists' is a title doubly more applicable to the anti-free-traders than is the euphemistic title 'protectionists;' since, that one producer may gain, ten consumers are fleeced."
Herbert Spencer

"There is a reason that nation, tribe, race, and religion are 'age-old.'  That reason is human nature.  To ignore or otherwise try to remove these from our humanness is…inhuman.  Of course, if we do not have nation, tribe, race, and religion to fall back on, we are left only with government for governance (and for the libertarian utopians out there, it will always take more than the NAP to provide governance; take away culture, and you will always and only be left with government)."
Bionic Mosquito

"The State, completely in its genesis, essentially and almost completely during the first stages of its existence, is a social institution, forced by a victorious group of men on a defeated group, with the sole purpose of regulating the dominion of the victorious group over the vanquished, and securing itself against the revolt from within and attacks from abroad. Teleologically, this dominion has no other purpose than the economic exploitation of the vanquished by the victors."
Franz Oppenheimer

"I see leftism as a projection of personal unhappiness into the world of politics whereby the leftist uses the state when they control it, or private violence when they don’t, to do damage to those who are the object of the leftist’s colossal envy and thereby somehow reduce the leftist’s chronic misery." 
James Ostrowski

"Some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher."
Thomas Paine

"However congenial the idea of open borders may be to elites who think of themselves as citizens of the world, it is not even possible to have everyone come to America and the country still remain America.
Some immigrant groups seek to bring to America the very cultures whose failures led them to flee to this country. Not all individual immigrants and not all immigrant groups. But too many Americans have become so gullible that they are afraid to even get the facts about which immigrants have done well and improved America, and which have become a burden that can drag us all down."
Thomas Sowell

"Body counts are not victory. Victory will be when America doesn’t continue to make terrorist enemies, when the TSA is gone, when the FBI isn’t entrapping potential bombers, when domestic shooters and mass murderers do not take ISIS as their inspiration, and when the domestic police state and domestic spying are dismantled. Until then, bin Laden has won. One can die and still win. One can kill enemies and still lose."
Michael Rozeff

"Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one. And we don’t think this is going to help. What are they going to do? To fight ISIS? The Americans lost nearly every war. They lost in Iraq, they had to withdraw at the end. Even in Somalia, let alone Vietnam in the past and Afghanistan, your neighboring country. They didn’t succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions."
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Friday, March 17, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

More reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

US Emperor authorizes increased drone strikes

…..creating more “enemies” who want to kill you.

The idiot savant/Emperor-to-Be believes The Regime can create new rights.

The Emperor’s enforcement class honor any living beings that help them cage and kill- including annoying animals.

Is such judicial tyranny occurring in your state?

They’re too stupid to figure out how to stop border crossings, so they “make up for it” by harassing everyone through privacy rape.

After all, a similar method worked so well in capturing well armed “drug dealers.”

And as usual, “all for your own good.”

Maybe such “efficiency” inspired the god-Trump to “rebuild” the “gutted” military.

At least 18 agencies receive billions in stolen cash to promote their climate hoax and enrich themselves and their corporate cronies. 

Add another buck to the cost of blue glove rape.

To kill in your name and with your confiscated dollar.

You forfeit your assets by looking “suspicious.”

Looking forward to those new defense contracts, no doubt.

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession anyone?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Bureaucratic tyranny, a ruling oligarchy and Deep State power are as nefarious in the United States as in any so-called communist country. It is just more sophisticated and the media plus the public school system has sold the U.S. brand of communism as democracy."
Bob Livingston

"War is a racket, but it’s also an ingrained American habit. War is embedded in the American economy and politics. It’s embedded in the American psyche and way of life. War is accepted, nay, welcomed in some dark corner of the hearts that deny it and affirm love of peace. If it isn’t one war, it’s another. War is virtually the poisonous breath of American life. If it isn’t a military war, then it’s some other war or crusade. War is regarded as something that will conquer fear."
Michael Rozeff

"Communism is tyranny in the name of destroying the strong in order to make room for the weak. Fascism is tyranny in the name of destroying the weak to make room for the strong.
It is these two political extremes that the elites have used over the past century to dominate geopolitical outcomes." 
Brandon Smith

"There should be no doubt that the life of the state depends on the death of kinship and traditional culture; this is why the state works so hard to destroy it.
There will be something that holds society together beyond respect for property.  Libertarians who avoid this avoid fundamental human nature; we have no choice on this matter.  The only question that remains: what shall be that something?
I suggest kinship and culture.  Legislation from afar and by strangers (if not enemies) has proven neither stable nor favorable toward peace."
Bionic Mosquito

"These are death cults, both fascism and socialism, and kissing cousins when it comes to degrees of government supremacism in human affairs. These tend to strongman personality cults where masses of otherwise sentient beings forego building their own lives to letting psychopaths inform their every life decision."
Bill Buppert

"It’s time to face facts and abandon partial solutions. The federal monster, created by the states, is loose, wrecking all in its path. If [Texas] go at Washington with the 10th amendment, they won’t be impressed, and will do their best to make life miserable for Texans. The only way to deal with this monster is to unmake it, at least as far as Texas is concerned. And why not? At this point, Texas needs Washington like an oak needs termites. If we assert our right to leave the union for interfering with our sovereignty, a right remanded to the states in COTUS and claimed in the Texas Constitution, then we can build our own nation free from interference from the Potomac, making our own decisions on how to govern. Forgive the 80’s film reference, but the only way to win at the federal power game is not to play."
Daniel Miller

"What we have now is a self-serving virtue-signaling' technocrat class that works for a self-serving political/financial elite that avoids the imperial burdens of military service and taxes while imposing what amounts to an economic military conscription on the working class. This Imperial elite sends these military conscripts around the globe to defend their Imperial interests.Virtue-signaling doesn't signal virtue--it signals decline and collapse. Just as in 5th century Rome--an empire careening toward collapse--those reaping the gains are complacently confident in their moral superiority while their hubris-soaked intellectual sclerosis blinds them to the systemic banquet of consequences that will soon choke their precious self-serving status quo."
Charles Hugh Smith

"Once the champion of the working class, the left now champions Identity Politics. Trump’s goal of jobs for the working class leaves the leftwing cold. The left wants to destroy the 'Trump deplorables,' which the left describes as 'racist, misogynist, homophobic, gun nuts.' In Identity Politics, every identity is a victim except the oppressor identity—white heterosexual males."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Because government action, with its one-size-fits-all 'solutions,' typically crowds out private actions, government failing to act clears the field for a multitude of private persons, each spending their own money, to act. With lots of private citizens experimenting with ways to address problems, the chances of creatively and successfully addressing those problems will be far greater than if only government is 'doing' something."
Donald J.Boudreaux

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design."
F. A. Hayek

"Democracy hasn't turned politicians into decent human beings; it's only gilded their age-old power lust with altruistic hypocrisy."
Bryan Caplan

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cease and Desist!

Though our US rulers respect no limit on harassing its tax cattle, they do seem to prefer boundaries when similar torment is directed towards them.


“A Milwaukee man who has made multiple daily calls to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has been told to stop or risk punishment at the hands of Capitol Police.”

It appears that one of the tax slaves “represented” by plantation overseer Johnson has made an inordinate and inappropriate number of contacts (by both mail and phone) to Johnson's office. This has offended Overseer Johnson sufficiently that he has forwarded a demand to his overly persistent “constituent:”

“Dear Mr. Good:
This Cease and Desist letter is to inform you that any further communication from you to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s office can only be done in writing. This means that you are not to call or visit any of Senator Johnson’s staff or any of his offices at any time. Our office has done all that we can to assist you with your concerns. This letter acts as written notice of our expectation for you to discontinue your unwarranted telephone calls and office visits. If you fail to comply with this notice, then we will have no other alternative but to contact the United States Capitol Police and report your noncompliance.
Ron Johnson’s staff U.S. Senate”

I’d be interested in just what action the US Capitol Police would take considering Mr. Good is halfway across the country from the District of Criminals. My guess would be persistent, harassing phone calls that Mr. Good should ignore. I’m sure Mr. Good has caller ID as well, and should ignore any numbers with a DC area code.

Overseer Johnson laughably declares that Mr. Good’s persistence “crosses the bounds of decency.” A rather sickly ironic statement, don’t you think, to come from a tyrannical politi-gangster that serves a predatory, thieving, murdering state mafia masquerading as a benevolent master? An arrogant, hypocritical description, don’t you think, from one who willfully instigates acts of physical and financial terror around the world to satisfy his collective’s lust for power and domination?

Perhaps other downtrodden, American slaves should eagerly follow Mr. Good’s lead and commit such “harassment.” Repetitive contact seems like small punishment for such liberty stealing despots that arrogantly claim to rule you through extortion and violence, but ignore you when you politely resist. Certainly, they deserve much worse.

Multiply Mr. Good’s actions by thousands and you can visualize the widespread chaos that would ensue in that domed, DC terror cell.

Continued “harassment” may even encourage them to pack up and leave!

Why just stop at “draining the swamp?” Empty and padlock the whole depraved city! It’s time for individuals and even the fifty, sovereign, kidnapped states to reassert their sovereignty. For the USG, however, it’s high time to “Cease and Desist!”

To help you out, I’ll even add a few more action verbs to the demand: “Shut Down!” “Liquidate!” “Expire!” “Disappear!”

Secession, anyone?

So You Want Open Borders?

So you want open borders without a preceding state abolition? The state will LOVE you. Open borders means more dependent slaves for the master’s tax farm- more tax theft of the producers, more violations of private property, and the wonderful bonus of an enlarged bureaucracy and police state to control and supervise such activity.

The inevitable cultural clashes between first world and third world individuals means inevitable increases in violence. Now that state you claim to despise has a delightful choice- Either instigate further controls over all individual lives to mitigate the violence or, even better, pick a side in the conflict and protect only that side. Which side do you think the state will pick to offer support? The peaceful producers who generally despise the state or the violent, state dependent parasites who bow to it? What has history shown to be the answer to this question?

According to Hans Hermann-Hoppe:

“In the short run, which most interests a democratic ruler, the bum, voting most likely in favor of egalitarian measures, might be more valuable than the productive genius who, as egalitarianism’s prime victim, will more likely vote against the democratic ruler. For the same reason, a democratic ruler, quite unlike a king, undertakes little to actively expel those people whose presence within the country constitutes a negative externality (human trash, which drives individual property values down). In fact, such negative externalities – unproductive parasites, bums, and criminals – are likely to be his most reliable supporters.”

Of course, the state will choose to protect their dependent parasites by weakening the peaceful producers with further intrusion into their lives and claims against their property. And all such intrusions will be defended and instigated under the state’s holy trinity of “compassion,” “cultural enrichment,” and “diversity.” Don’t you feel better?

“In fact, bums and unproductive people may well be preferable as residents and citizens, because they cause more so-called ‘social problems,’ and democratic rulers thrive on the existence of such problems. Moreover, bums and inferior people will likely support his egalitarian policies, whereas geniuses and superior people will not. The result of this policy of non-discrimination is forced integration: the forcing of masses of inferior immigrants onto domestic property owners who, if they could have decided for themselves, would have sharply discriminated and chosen very different neighbors for themselves.”
All of these completely unnecessary but inevitable events (as a result of open borders) only strengthens the state you claim to despise!

“The current situation in the United States and in Western Europe has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘free’ immigration. It is forced integration, plain and simple, and forced integration is the predictable outcome of democratic – one-man-one-vote – rule.” 

You have now replaced the “ tyranny” of state borders with the much worse and more relevant tyranny of forced integration!

Having open borders, you are forced to live among violent, depraved individuals who value force, aggression and coercion as necessary behavior to complete their wicked goals of conquest and domination. Notice their deafness in response to your plea to respect life and property. The native statists you have suffered under up to now will look like choir boys compared to these misfits.

And what about your long time neighbors who previously listened politely to you describe the Non-Aggression Principle and respect of person and property as superior tenets for social organization? Previously, you resided in a culture at least somewhat open to this idea of a libertarian society. Notice their deafness now in response to your pleas to continue considering such principles. They will see you as the culprit creating their desperate situation. “If this libertarian open borders produces such chaos as I now suffer, how does the rest of  your philosophy have any legitimacy?”

And they rightfully will see you as the culprit as you did not explain that libertarian open borders cannot exist in a state controlled world- specifically, states with large, generous welfare programs. State abolition and replacement of property lines as borders must occur first. The libertarian seeds you planted in fertile (though statist) minds will be swept away by violent, migrant violence and the accompanying state response.

Having now seen what the world of open borders in a state dominated world would look like, please tell me- How are you better off?

Libertarians naturally would like to see their superior philosophy manifested in the world around them. However, any change must be measured and cautious as the reality of a state dominated world (and the mindset of its loyalists) cannot be changed over night- nor would you want it to.
You cannot solve a problem if some or all of the causes of that problem are allowed to worsen.

“Abolishing forced integration requires a de-democratization of society, and ultimately the abolition of democracy. More specifically, the authority to admit or exclude should be stripped from the hands of the central government and re-assigned to the states, provinces, cities, towns, villages, residential districts, and ultimately to private property owners and their voluntary associations. The means to achieve this goal are decentralization and secession (both inherently un-democratic, and un-majoritarian).”

Such actions takes time and can only succeed in the context of relative social stability, not chaos. And strict, discriminatory selection of immigrants must be the norm in the meantime.

“More specifically, it means distinguishing strictly between ‘citizens’ (naturalized immigrants) and ‘resident aliens’ and excluding the latter from all welfare entitlements. It means requiring as necessary, for resident alien status as well as for citizenship, the personal sponsorship by a resident citizen and his assumption of liability for all property damage caused by the immigrant. It implies requiring an existing employment contract with a resident citizen; moreover, for both categories but especially that of citizenship, it implies that all immigrants must demonstrate through tests not only (English) language proficiency, but all-around superior (above-average) intellectual performance and character structure as well as a compatible system of values – with the predictable result of a systematic pro-European immigration bias.”

“Elitist!” “Bigoted!” “Racist!” “Intolerant!” Absolutely! And all absolutely necessary!

The resultant stability and intellectual and (true) cultural enrichment from such discriminatory actions will provide the environment necessary for state decentralization and abolition.  As state institutions become obsolete and outright dismantled (encouraged by increased individual enlightenment, technological advances, a rising standard of living, etc.) state borders will also become obsolete and unnecessary as the superiority of property lines as borders becomes obvious. Individuals become sovereign as they and only they determine what people or goods pass their way. And any migrant, visitor, or traveler must be prepared for the consequences if they appear as an uninvited trespasser.

The path to individual sovereignty (no rulers, no masters, no consent) must have a timeline and progression that does not include the suicidal, short term demand of “open borders” in a state dominated world. Only the state will benefit and the long term goal of such sovereignty will become even more difficult to reach.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
Leo Tolstoy

"Patience is the companion of wisdom.”
St Augustine

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Americans are a very confused people, in my opinion. The thing they are most confused about is how to deal with evils. If they see or are induced to think they see evil in a foreign country, they support their government in making war against it. If they see bad effects of drugs, which there are, and see it as evil, which actually depends on many individual circumstances, they support their government in making war against it. They think that they know what’s evil and what isn’t, and then they think that the evils should be forcefully resisted. This in itself is not always a correct procedure because evils cannot always be identified objectively; and vices can easily be tagged as evils to be fought when they are not in that category. In many cases, attempting to eradicate a supposed evil only makes matters worse."
Michael Rozeff

"People lift themselves out of poverty when they are free to trade and to enjoy the fruits of their labors. They remain poor only when they face violent threats to their lives, liberties, and property. If giving to a charity empowers some vicious gang or government that keeps people poor, you’ve just made poor people’s lives worse. This consideration doesn’t relieve us of the duty to give, but simply adds a duty to investigate seriously the consequences of our gifts before we make them."
Jason Sorens

"People are so naïve. Communism is not dead in Russia. It is not dead in Europe. It is not even dead in the United States. Communism is alive and well worldwide.
Communism is only a cover word or disguise for state capitalism or monopoly capitalism and police state power. With only very small variations the entire world is on this system.
Russian communism gets the bad name because it has been used since World War II by the ruling oligarchy and their military-industrial complex to keep the American people in constant fear and political manipulation. More importantly, Russian communism has been used as a decoy to keep the American people and the world from seeing American communism.
Russian communism was exported to Russia from the U.S. (See 'Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution,' by Antony Sutton). But in the United States, communism was incubated, concealed and sold as democracy."
Bob Livingston

"If California were ever on its own, within six months of its 'independence' it would be unable to function at even a survival level. Though it boasts the sixth largest economy in the world (larger than that of both Brazil and France!), there’s no economy big enough to keep a Marxist country afloat. This has been demonstrated time and again in such failed nations as Cuba, the Soviet Union, Mozambique, and every other country that has experimented with socialism/communism in any of its hideous forms."
Robert Ringer

"Where is socialism successful, and those living under it happy and healthy?
The same place where magic is real, where faster-then-light travel is possible, where shape-shifters live.
Fiction. All those things are in fiction. Books, movies, TV shows. But only in fiction."
Kent McManigal

"If we ceased to desire the goods of our neighbor, we would never commit murder or adultery or theft or false witness. If we respected the tenth commandment, the four commandments that precede it would be superfluous."
René Girard

"The cause of war is preparation for war."
W. E. B. Du Bois

"A law that decrees that the majority shall have the decisive voice in determining the well-being of all cannot be erected on a foundation that is first provided by that law itself. Democracy never founds itself, and continual non-participation implies a rejection of the regime as a whole."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"No matter how glowingly positive advocates are for the benefits of Universal Basic Income, recipients are still wards of the state. UBI is a bribe to shut you up. Any government big, rich and powerful enough to give you 'free money' is big, rich and powerful enough to take it away from you, or even worse, make you so dependent on it that they can manipulate you in any way they wish."
Garry Reed

"The heart of the Great Con of identity politics and political correctness is a tragic irony: the more wealth, income and power that slip through the fingers of the bottom 95%, the more their overlords rely on social 'empowerment,' as if a 'safe space' on campus is a substitute for real political and economic agency. 
That's the Great Con of political correctness: using worthless speech acts about empowerment to distract the working class from its disempowerment in the real world. No amount of 'safe space' and happy talk about empowerment can replace meaningful opportunities for economic security and advancement--precisely what is abundant for the protected technocrat/ managerial class and scarce for the unprotected 95% that's been sold down the river."
Charles Hugh Smith

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Some Thoughts on 'Bigotry'

Two words used constantly by virtue signaling leftists against their ideological opponents are “bigot” and “intolerance.” Are these words useful in communicating ideas and arguments or are they just empty, vapid sounds emanating from clueless dolts?

The uncomfortable fact is that everyone is a “bigot.” Everyone has prejudices which they act upon that then become manifested and categorized as “bigotry.” Calling someone a “bigot” is as redundant as calling someone “human.” It’s meaningless. And by objecting to “bigots,” isn’t one becoming a “bigot” himself- by being bigoted against bigots?

Another useless word is “tolerance.” If you object to my declared “intolerance,” are not you intolerant, yourself, by objecting to my “intolerance?” How can you declare yourself tolerant when you have admitted intolerance to my intolerance?

The reason for using such terms is, of course, to censor thought. Sociopaths object to thoughts that conflict with theirs and use such meaningless words to slander and marginalize those holding thoughts, opinions, and beliefs that differ. Instead of actually constructing a logical argument to defend their objection, they find it so much easier to use slanderous and extremely subjective words such as “bigot” and “intolerant” to paint their opponent as someone not worthy of attention or respect. The “discussion” is therefore ended, leaving the slandered to defend himself, rather than challenging the name caller who has since run off to his safe space.

In reality (a construct that leftists often ignore), what truly matters are not a person’s thoughts (whether bigoted and/or intolerant), but his actions- particularly as it relates to how they treat the person and property of others.

People’s personal "bigotries" and "intolerance" comprise, at least in part, the information necessary to make choices in their lives. Such thoughts and beliefs make up the individual conscience that guide one toward acting in his best interest. As long as any action such an individual takes does not violate the person or property of others (including the actions of representatives or agents of this individual), why should anyone care what bigotries and intolerance this individual may have? And if such labeled individuals actually do initiate force or coercion against others, it’s certainly more important and relevant to expose the objective reality of such aggression and coercion rather than the subjective reality of their supposed motivation.

You may know a white person who is extremely bigoted against blacks, to the point that they will not freely associate with blacks, whatsoever. But as long as that white person does not initiate force or aggression against the blacks he despises, his “bigotries” are irrelevant. Only meddling busy bodies (such as government and its regressive supporters) will spend time to excoriate and ridicule that individual’s “thought crimes.” To thinking people, they are unimportant.

Many may consider my objection to immigration of unskilled, illiterate, culturally medieval peasants into the US (as long as a federal welfare state exists) as “bigoted.” However, whether that assertion is true is irrelevant. What is relevant are the inevitable costs, problems, parasitism and cultural problems that will occur (and proven by historical precedent) when such immigration is allowed. The actions (results) that occur subsequent to such immigration are what are important, not whatever "bigotry" one may claim inspired that opinion.

And if you don’t agree with, or find repulsive, such a person’s “bigoted” opinion, see if you can articulate why that position is incorrect without using inane, useless words as “bigotry” and “intolerance.” Resist emotion, laziness and convenience and instead embrace reason and logic. Attempt to illustrate how it is in the best interest of that “bigoted” individual to change such opinions. Just be prepared that you may be proven wrong. And certainly respect that individual’s choice to be disinterested in your thought conversion effort.

And if you still cannot compose such an argument, chances are you don’t have one to offer- meaning all your slanderous objections are nothing more than useless, emotionally programmed outbursts lacking any comprehensive knowledge or validity.

In other words, you should mind your own freakin’ business.