Sunday, March 31, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"It’s so laughably ironic that while the witch hunt sought a non-existent Kremlin master manipulator, the real foreign string-puller was sitting in the White House Oval office chortling away:  Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and, behind him, the moneybags patron of Trump and Netanyahu, American billionaire gambling mogul, Sheldon Adelson, the godfather of Greater Israel.
The three amigos had just pulled off one of the most outrageous violations of international law by blessing Israel’s annexation of the highly strategic Golan Heights that Israel had seized in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War.  This usurpation was so egregious that all 14 members of the UN Security Council condemned it.  Even usually wimpy Canada blasted the US."
Eric Margolis

"There is a word very commonly used these days: 'anti-communism.' It’s a very stupid word, badly put together. It makes it appear as though communism were something original, something basic, something fundamental. Therefore, it is taken as the point of departure, and anti-communism is defined in relation to communism. Here is why I say that this word was poorly selected, that it was put together by people who do not understand etymology: the primary, the eternal concept is humanity. And communism is anti-humanity. Whoever says 'anti-communism' is saying, in effect, anti-anti-humanity. A poor construction. So we should say: that which is against communism is for humanity. Not to accept, to reject this inhuman Communist ideology is simply to be a human being. It isn’t being a member of a party."
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"All US-led military agendas begin with propaganda. If the public were allowed to see the reality of war with fresh eyes, they would all instantly recoil in horror and adamantly demand its immediate end. The only reason the US-centralized empire is able to sow death and destruction around the world without this happening is because of propaganda, which is why Americans are the most aggressively propagandized people in the world: the violent agendas of the most powerful military force ever assembled are far too important to be left up to the will of the citizenry.
So before they can launch missiles, planes, and ships, they launch propaganda. They launch mass media psyops. They launch narrative control campaigns to make sure that Americans hate the leader of Targeted Nation X and want the people of Targeted Nation X to have Freedom and Democracy™. Day after day after day, they seed the idea that Targeted Leader X 'must go', until the story has become so thoroughly indoctrinated that it almost looks like the US and its allies have no choice but to intervene with increasingly violent measures."
Caitlin Johnstone

"What we are seeing in our politics at this time is a severe loss of restraint among those who were defeated, not that much in the physical sphere of direct action although some already has occurred in marches, sit-ins, demonstrations and riots, but mainly boiling over into the verbal, visual, emotional and legal spheres of behavior. Instead of settling down in the past two years, tempers and extremism are rising, egged on by irresponsible media and political figures."
Michael Rozeff

"Those politicians and commentators who push the idea that billionaires need to 'give back' or pay their fair share do not understand that there is nothing to 'give back' and that the 'fair share' has already been contributed to society. There is nothing to 'give back' because an exchange took place; value for value, with the capitalist giving a good or service and the consumer reciprocating with a transfer of funds. There was an even exchange such that there is no deficit or surplus in what one party continues to owe the other.
Further, the idea that billionaires must pay their fair share via taxation is similarly interpreted. The fair share, the wealth that the capitalist created on the path toward his billions, has been bestowed upon society in the course of his receiving the reward for his accurate anticipation of the wants and needs of consumers he has likely never even met."
C. Jay Engel

"Don’t let the communists seize the high ground on language; if gun violence is responsible for two thirds of all suicides, is it rope violence if they hang themselves? There is no communist country in recorded history that permitted private weapons ownership. I say again, you will note that the disarmament enthusiasts NEVER advocate the disarming of government forces. It is not even in their 'moral' imagination."
Bill Buppert

"Political power increases in direct proportion to the ability to manipulate words.
The manipulation of the crowd with words is an awesome power, totally invisible to the people. It is magnified political or religious power far beyond its simplicity. It is the power of life and death over billions of people. 
Russian billionaires are called 'oligarchs.' Here they are called the 'mega rich.' Financial publications call ultra-wealthy folks the .001%.' Why?
Repeated words or word phrases, like viruses, are biochemical organisms that cause an altered state of consciousness. It is electro-chemical pathology that numbs the senses, resulting in programmed thought patterns.
Etiology is word manipulation that subverts human individuality, the ego, into group consciousness. Indications are dependency on the group and dependency on authoritarianism. Any external word stimulation that violates programmed thought evokes negative stimulation and hostility. Once neuro nerve patterns are set, they cannot be rearranged without emotional trauma. Word-control systems have inherent defenses against probes of opposing ideas.
This is psychological warfare against the person. It is transferred from generation to generation with only parental stimuli, but it is constantly reinforced by 'the system'."
Bob Livingston

"The words racism and sexism as used today by the left and the mainstream media are a psychological scam. The real meaning has been destroyed in favor of politically correct lies meant to frighten and deceive the simple-minded masses. Those seeking to divide us are pathological by nature, and they use these terms as weapons. Those individuals and groups who rely on this tactic are spreaders of a societal disease for the single purpose of fulfilling a political agenda. There is no caring or honesty evident, and no real compassion exists. Only anger, hostility, and hatred are pursued. These are the tools of division used by pretenders, those postmodernists who purposely propagate separation instead of unity in order to promote opposite identities."
Gary D. Barnett

"The fact is – and here’s a statement that many will find shocking – that the blacks who were stolen from Africa and enslaved were the lucky ones. As a libertarian, I’m opposed to slavery. That goes without saying. But blacks in the U.S. have it much better – about 30 times in economic terms – than blacks anywhere in Africa. Except the billionaire kleptocrats who control their governments."
Doug Casey

"War serves only the warlords and the graveyards!"
Mehmet Murat ildan

Thursday, March 28, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

So……..what exactly are we paying these guys to do?

Protect other country’s borders?

They insist on ruling the entire world and that certainly includes every little bitty island in the Pacific.

Through the air and soon on the ground.

Otherwise, they don’t really need them.

And looky here- The “Acting Defense Secretary” just also happens to be a former Boeing executive. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence…

Gotta pay for those new, unneeded jets to enrich Boeing stockholders.

Abolition through secession dries up the tax teat so they can’t even pay the interest on their criminal level of debt. Without that teat, DC dries up and dies!

Notice the lame excuse they offer.

Are they “innocent?” Well, not a single one of them was invading that area of North America known as the “US.”

If they run out of “terrorists” to kill they’ll create new ones.

We now have default open borders thanks to “catch and release.”

And thousands more are on the way.

Some of us are desperately looking for help.

Regime Clown-in-Gown Says Work Not Necessary to Get Free Shit

Now the thousands of invading parasites mentioned above have even more motivation to get "caught and released."

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"As always, left wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views but this is all cliched nonsense.
The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.
Let us be clear, while Muslims may be been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. Worldwide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale.
The entire religion of Islam is entirely the violent ideology of a sixth century despot masquerading as a religious leader, which justifies endless war against anyone who opposes it and calls for the murders of unbelievers and apostates.
The truth is that Islam is not like any other faith. It is the religious equivalent of fascism. And just because the followers of this savage belief were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless."
Australian Senator Fraser Anning

"What’s scary is how easy it is for race hustlers and hate mongers to appeal to the Moron Mob.  One need only offer them free stuff — the more, the better — and they quickly morph into modern-day Jacobins shouting 'off with their heads.'  Let’s face it, everyone likes free stuff — even me! — but rational, intelligent people of goodwill realize that 'free' is nothing more than an illusion and that the true cost of so-called free stuff is a loss of freedom."
Robert Ringer

"Certainly, since the defeat of the American constitutional system in 1865 there has been a pernicious and seriously destructive trajectory in our history which, now reaching unimagined and unparalleled frenzy, seems to indicate so.
Are we not living in a geographical entity officially called the United States of America where verifiably there are TWO Americas, TWO conceptions of what is real and what is not real, TWO ideas of what is moral and what is not, TWO views about Truth and Error, TWO visions about using whatever means is available to reach a desired and posited end (which for one of these groups is the creation of a brutal, vicious and soulless 'utopia' that would make Joe Stalin’s Communism seem like Disneyland in comparison)?"
Boyd Cathey

"The elites in the District of Criminals and the money power behind them are so far removed from the people over whom they lord and/or whom they employ that they may as well be on a distant planet in another solar system. All the thoughts they think and all the things they do are designed to draw more power and more wealth into their control."
Bob Livingston

"Before they launch missiles, they launch narratives. Before they drop bombs, they drop ideas. Before they invade, they propagandize. Before the killing, there is manipulation. The front line of any antiwar movement is a fight against mass media psyops."
Caitlin Johnstone

"The intent of the EU is what its name suggests, a union of states, although its Treaty suggests otherwise. That had been attempted in the past by the Roman Empire and by the Third Reich, among others. It could not be done by force of arms. Could it be done by other means? That’s what the powers behind the EU had planned.
The recorded history of each country also depicts how powers attempted to extend realms and absorb peoples in places beyond their current reach. The EU’s attempt is as old as the hills, although its method was on a grand scale. Leaders with power almost always attempt to extend the territory under their control. They also always have a vital interest in further amalgamating the people under their control under the states they lead."
Michael Rozeff

"Western civilization is the product of Europe and America. And Europe and America have historically been run by white people. This has been true since the founding of Western civilization in the days of the ancient Greeks, up through the Romans, through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution. These are all exclusively products of Western civilization. Which, coincidentally, means the product of white males."
Doug Casey

"We all know communists now, you don’t just see them on TV or whatever media you consume (I recommend you never watch another news broadcast for the rest of your life). They are strangers in the supermarket, that car with the Obama or Pantsuit Negan sticker on their car; they may even be friends and family. Their creed is a gun to your head."
Bill Buppert

"The entire purpose of civilization is people coming together and working together for a common goal. We have lost all such common ground and both extremes are demanding subjugation of their opponents. This is why revolution unfolds. Neither side is allowed to exist. Each demands the other conforms to their ideas. This is why direct taxation destroys all civilizations for it allows one side to exploit the other."
Martin Armstrong

"We have until recently never had government as aggressive, reckless, or psychiatrically fascinating as now. Again, it is not a matter of Republicans and Democrats. No administration of any party, stripe, or ideology has ever pushed to aggressively toward war with so many countries. These people are not right in the head."
Fred Reed

"It’s funny how the solution to every problem the left obsesses over is having leftists take away your money and your freedom. 
But, in my Red, White and Blue New Deal, no one takes anything from anyone else. You take care of yourself, and you get left alone, which is frustrating for the left because the left exists to steal what you have earned to redistribute as the left sees fit, and to command you to do, think, say, and feel as the left sees fit."
Kurt Schlichter

"Indeed, it is time for just wages. Those are not wages set by politicians such as Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, however, but by an actual market where one is paid according to one’s actual contribution to satisfying consumers’ varied wants. The only way of figuring out that real worth of work is to allow everyone to try to find the best use of their abilities, to pursue whatever opportunities they see or believe that they see, and thus through their actions satisfy wants and generate opportunities for others.
True 'paycheck fairness' is only possible in a market that is open to all, and where participation is both voluntary and unrestricted. That is, in Oppenheimer’s words, where the economic means prevail and the political means have been abolished and forgotten."
Per Bylund

Thursday, March 21, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

$4.6 million in just one month. But it was the final month of the Holy Fiscal Year where either you spend (and waste) it or lose it.

They will do whatever necessary to starve Iranians, even if it damages the world economy.

They call this “executing our foreign policy.”

DC arrogance and bad manners know no limits.

And then they designed a coup to remove him.

It looks like they tried everything but a drive by shooting at his favorite Italian restaurant.

He’s got to keep the Trump Chump loyalists soothed with more fake promises.

Yes, they’re still spying on you but they’re doing it with “superior technology” compared to the spying program they used before.

Same spying but a different program- Which the Regime controlled media spins as “shut down.”

Regime criminals always look out for each other.

He feels obliged to fear monger us into paying him more carbon taxes and exterminating cows. 

And that just money spent on “parts” for one jet type.

They consider looking into war crimes allegations against them as “improper investigations.”

So she admits to consorting with, defending, and protecting the interests of criminals. Doesn’t that make her a criminal, as well? Shouldn’t this creature be investigated for aiding and abetting criminal activity?

And for just one year.

Bus tickets back to where they came from would cost a fraction of that.

There's a million of them now waiting for a bus ticket, but The Regime is too pathetic to get it done.

And all of them released in country.

Looks like lots more health care costs for you to pay!

I'm sure that record number of invaders will soon be broken now that there is no room to detain them.
So, they just let them go!

Their cars are a threat to your “security.”

So, if you pay more for those cars, you will be more secure. Get it?

First, it was 200 would remain. Then 400. Now it’s a thousand.

As long as you keep offering a tax teat to DC, they  will use it to support endless war.

And they will always offer a ready made excuse for their backtracking.

The Orange Lord is the classic narcissist. And narcissists will not tolerate mocking.

He doesn’t even have the sense to ignore his no-talent, “comedic” detractors but instead draws attention to them with his constant whining.

Have you forgotten that dirty little war? Well, since there is slightly less killing going on in Syria, the extra killing machines now available have been sent to Somalia to keep busy.

“We have to keep killing to stay in business (and even commit war crimes if we must), so why not Somalia?”

Regime Refuses to Prosecute Crooked Gestapo Agent

This is just the surface of the sea of depravity that exists among the DC Demons

Regime Clown-in-Gown Uses Climate Change Scam to Shut Down Oil and Gas Industry

The totally discredited climate scam is gradually being enshrined into law.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"No wonder politicians destroyed the Founders’ republic for a democratic dystopia that empowers them. Yes, the ghosts of that republic still flit along the periphery of the public square. But they increasingly flee before the dictatorship of the mob, aka., 'democracy.' The idea that government’s one and only job is to protect our political liberty expired well over a century ago; instead, its leeches sponsor legislation based on an issue’s publicity (which they’ve often carefully ginned up beforehand) and its resulting popularity. And even that democracy isn’t direct enough: hence the rise of 'propositions,' 'ballot initiatives,' 'school levies' and other ploys, whereby our friends and family decree which of our inalienable rights the State may alienate and how much of our money it will steal.
Voting legitimizes these evils and many more. By casting a ballot, victims tacitly agree that the State should reign over them. They unwittingly cooperate with their predators to change the question from whether Leviathan may manage our lives to how."
Becky Akers

"There is no reason to expect the U.S. government to ever become trustworthy on Afghanistan.   At best, Washington will rotate its lies, the same way it rotates the National Guard units sent to the Afghan badlands.  Americans need to recognize that, once their government commences warring, truth will be target number one."
James Bovard

"We’ve already undergone a gradual revolution in economic thinking. It seems most people are now at least sympathetic, if not active supporters, of socialism and the welfare state.
We’ve had a slow-motion political revolution, with a gigantic and irreversible concentration of power in the State.
The next step seems inevitable. Cultural revolution."
Doug Casey

"The United States was a unique country in which traditional European enemies became assimilated as Americans. But assimilation is no longer emphasized or even permitted. The celebration of diversity and multiculturalism has split the population into victimizer and victimized groups, with hatred of the former taught to the latter. In place of unity, disunity has been created. The American future is not promising."
Paul Craig Roberts

"As most of my readers know I am guilty of othering and demonizing communists, I do not consider them human beings worthy of my consideration or protection. They are the enemy of all moral and free men. Surprisingly, Radio Free Europe published a great retrospective on the Romanian elimination of their communist overlords in a style I hope to see repeated in the future.
We all know communists now, you don’t just see them on TV or whatever media you consume (I recommend you never watch another news broadcast for the rest of your life). They are strangers in the supermarket, that car with the Obama or Pantsuit Negan sticker on their car; they may even be friends and family. Their creed is a gun to your head.
There are communists amongst us!
When the government comes to take away evil private guns, they will use evil government guns to do so."
Bill Buppert

"The media plus the public school system have sold the U.S. brand of fascism as democracy. When the federal government — or, as we call it, the state — can create money and pay it to you for goods and your labor, you are a slave. You may be a happy slave, but you are indeed a slave to the money creators. This system is iron-fisted totalitarianism because it is backed by police power and accepted as 'law.' 
Now do you see why they want everyone to be 'educated' at a university? George Orwell could not have conceived of such a perfect scheme."
Bob Livingston

"Among the most popular current catchwords are 'climate change deniers.' Stop and think. Have you ever — even once in your entire life — seen, heard or read even one human being who denied that climates change?
It is hard even to imagine how any minimally knowledgeable person could deny that climates change, when there are fossils of marine creatures in the Sahara Desert. Obviously there has been quite a bit of climate change there."
Thomas Sowell

"I can’t see that the Left actually is Left, I mean. The Left in its more practical embodiments used to be the champion of the working man. It fought for unions, good pay, benefits and job security. Conditions were horrible in America’s mines and factories. Things were ugly, and Leftists often got hurt or, occasionally, killed trying to remedy them.
The Left is now hostile to working men, called 'deplorables' in an unwise moment of honesty by Hillary. Can you imagine Saul Alinsky or Leon Trotsky worrying about transgender bathrooms or cultural appropriation? And it is a weirdly teenage Left in which most seem ten or fifteen years younger than their chronologic age. Oh good."
Fred Reed

"I can imagine that some day we will be presented with mature candidates who have some wisdom, sense, understanding and integrity, and who can control the 21st century tendency for nasty remarks. It seems that rap, comedy, and movies are all raising the level of crudity, nastiness and immaturity. It’s been so long since mature candidates have appeared, male or female, that it’s hard to maintain this fond hope. The theory that the worst people, the shallow demagogues, rise to the top in a democratic system seems to have legs. The level of the top is also sinking lower and lower."
Michael Rozeff

"No longer does the left exist to question authority, if indeed it ever did. It exists to defend orthodoxies and expel dissidents."
Tom Woods

Thursday, March 14, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

According to this dolt, asking people whether or not they are citizens is “counterproductive” to finding out whether they…are…uh…citizens.

The future looks bright for looters and parasites but for the rest of us- it’s the road to serfdom.

Regime Continues to Bus Illegal Invaders Into Country

The criminal negligence of “catch and release” continues.

The proper course of action is to “catch and send back.”

And it’s done during the business day.

Do you wish to be ruled by such depraved individuals who actively encourage the mentally ill to pursue their sick reality?

All designed to protect his CIA Goons

Two million more fellow, liberty destroying comrades just like him and his tranny “wife” to be trained at his terrorist base camp.

The next time you struggle to pay for a new pair of shoes for your kid, remember that your money was used instead to (supposedly) “economically empower women in developing countries.”

The DC Demon’s appetite for destruction is insatiable.

Less for the Parasitic Mobs but even more for the War Whores.

He claims it will inspire his Gang and the (other) Communist Gang “to come together.”

Isn’t that sweet? 

What other tyranny to they have in mind after they “come together?”

These Criminals and their complicit media whores lionize those who protest and expose criminals from other state mafias. But they persecute those who commit the same, brave actions against them.

She didn’t pay her “fair share!”

Regime's Waitress-in-Chief Commits More Climate Hypocrisy

“You know…like… whatever!”

They don’t like where India buys their oil.

Regime Bullies Italy

They’re “consorting” with China.

They killed civilians and their doctor in an act of “self-defense.”

Regime Murders Fifty in Syria

“We have to destroy the village to save it.”

Their lives and safety are considered for valuable than yours.

Some activists pose as journalists so they are not arrested while helping others commit crimes. There are a number of these fake journalists working now, assisting the criminals illegally entering the US.
This law is obviously for their protection.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Quotes of the Week

***MY 1000TH POST!***

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Most governments don’t go out with such a massive bang. 
They just slowly degrade over time. Their shoes become cinder blocks and, one day, they just give up and jump into the river. 
It begins with policies that destroy incentives, discourage innovation, and sap the brains of the citizens by expanding only mindless, useless work not grounded in any economic realities… 
They hire a workforce of rubber stampers, responsible for little more than getting in the way. 
They waste untold amounts of money on tying and untying their own shoelaces… until it all grinds to a halt." 
Chris Campbell

"One widespread characteristic defect of the Yankee national character  I have mentioned—a tendency to reduce public matters to self-centered personal emotions.  There is a socialist side to this that has become glaringly evident of late in California and elsewhere.  There is also a fascist side—people who react violently to any notion of breaking up the good ole U.S. of A., 'the greatest nation on earth.'   This is what happens to people who have no culture and no religion and can only gain identity from their feeling of belonging to a powerful government.  Such people are unable to tell the difference between government-worship and real patriotism—the love of one’s land and people.  And they are out there, believe me.  Every time I write a little something in defense of the Confederacy I receive denunciations as a traitor who will soon meet my just demise."
Clyde Wilson

"One may deal with people of ALL kinds fairly and squarely, no matter what their race, religion, sex or sexual preferences. Most of us learn to do so. This is far from enough for the left-wing National Socialists. They want their agenda codified in law. They want to control speech and thought.
Unless the left-wing Nazis are seen for what they are and their ideas rejected, they will continue to take over. The ultimate result may well be warfare within America. The rightists will firm up their side, but any victory of theirs will also be oppressive. The forces of freedom have to coalesce on their own agenda in order to fend off these menacing extremes."
Michael Rozeff

"Few people ever come to the realism that big government in cooperation with big business work together to perpetually extract labor and wealth from the people. This is called fascism, and make no mistake that it is alive and well.
Fascism is now incubated, concealed and sold as democracy in America. Bureaucratic tyranny is as bad in the United States as in any so-called fascist or even communist country. It is just more sophisticated."
Bob Livingston

"EVERY country which has EVER engaged in socialism has injected the death of their own society by suicide. When law favors one group over another, the very purpose of coming together to form great societies ceases to exist."
Martin Armstrong

"Infanticide has been a progressive pipe dream for over a century. Keep in mind that politicians are death fetishists first and foremost. For serial killers, psychopaths and sociopaths, political office is the ultimate cloaking device to practice your evil in public and rob the taxpayer at gunpoint to pay for your sumptuous living."
Bill Buppert

"Identity politics has turned Western civilization against itself. Those claiming victim status have acquired many privileges that violate equality under law. They are granted quotas in university admissions and appointments and in business employment and promotions. They can bring charges against those of European descent for insensitivity and racism by misconstruing language, expressions, body language, facial expressions, art works and scientific theories as racist. Females have acquired similar power over men. Black studies and women studies rewrite history in order to present the white male as a more hateful figure."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Let me draw your attention to the fact there is no limit to how far out of control stupidity can get. Einstein was right. After hydrogen, it’s the most common thing in the universe."
Doug Casey

"The corporate-state media lives in terror that the truth will somehow leak out of the corporate-Imperial fortress, imperiling their jobs and perks. Their job isn’t to report any truth that lays waste to the self-serving interests of the ruling elites; their job is to protect the ruling elites by 'reporting' politically-correct narratives and playing up culturally divisive incidents to distract the masses from any awareness of their political invisibility and lack of financial independence or agency. 
The MSM’s other job is to scrub any mass dissent from their 'news.' So for example, U.S. corporate-state media coverage of the yellow vest movement in France is near zero. This is not random; it is all part of skewing the 'news' to meaningless controversies and fawning politically correct / approved narratives stories."
Charles Hugh Smith

"There is no honor in going to someone else’s country and butchering people you don’t know because some political general, which is to say some general, told you to; A hit man for the Mafia is exactly as honorable."
Fred Reed

"Some conservatives lament that the government doesn’t care about POWs. But of course the government doesn’t care about POWs. If the government really cared about any of the soldiers in its military it wouldn’t send them to fight undeclared, immoral, unnecessary, and unjust foreign wars. It would only use them to defend America, secure American borders, guard American shores, patrol American coasts, and enforce a no-fly zone over American skies."
Laurence Reed

"Tell me who you cannot criticize and I will tell you who is your master."

Thursday, March 7, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

These particular schools don’t indoctrinate their students to worship the DC Demons.

….in just one week. How many made it through? This kind of volume certainly merit’s a response, does it not? Like mine fields and shoot-to-kill?

Or how about even sending them back?

We’re talking millions of individuals here.

This foolish act, of course, will encourage even more invaders.

There is most definitely something unstable about this strange creature.

They want the tissue to create “humanized mice” for testing HIV remedies. But if these mice are then “humanized,” do not these “scientists” therefore admit that these murdered “fetuses” are human?

And then there is the question of why are they testing HIV “remedies” when HIV caused AIDS has proven to be a complete fraud?

When it comes to DC, one case of fraud just begets more fraud.

Despite what The Emperor says.

Here’s just one of hundreds of Regime crimes that would be eliminated through secession.

Shouldn’t hypocrisy and deception (along with extreme ignorance) be considered a “crime” when committed by someone with this kind of power over others?

He calls it a “coalition.”

Committed by another of The Regime’s “coalitions.”

How long before they start blaming someone else for a “chemical attack.”

They refer to this violation of state sovereignty a matter of “ethics.”

He’ll send men with guns to kidnap you or your children and force needles full of poison into their arms.

This arrogant goblin has absolutely no authority to mandate such an act. If anyone tries to do this to your children, take whatever action you deem necessary to protect your children!

Emperor Wants to Nationalize 5G

“…the suggestion is that if America wants to beat China, it has to become China, and nationalization is the first step.”

So, to "beat" China, we must “out-communize” them, correct?

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The categories that are used today with so much authority make no sense. There is no such thing as white and black races. There are many different white nationalities and ethnicities. There are Germans, Italians, French, Scandinavians, Slavs, Dutch, Greeks, English, Irish, Scots, and so forth. Similarly for blacks. A Maasai is not a Zulu. A Tutsi is not a Hutu."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Here’s the good news about the racial hoaxes on the nation’s college campuses: Left-wing college students have a difficult time finding the actual racism they claim permeates college campuses. Thus, they have to invent it. Though it has not been proved yet, these students may have support for their racial hoaxes by diversity-crazed administrators, who nationwide spend billions of dollars on diversity and a multiculturalist agenda. Racial discord and other kinds of strife are their meal tickets."
Walter Williams

"They are going after cosmetically offensive weapons for one reason they dare not voice: if you wish to turn your country into a aspirational communist abbatoir based on envy, economic illiteracy, secular messianism and a Marxian death cult, you must disarm all the potential corpses to make your dreams come true.
The hard-core adherents have simply leveraged narratives that mask the true intention."
Bill Buppert

"Freedom is a wonderful and inspiring word, full of hope and possibilities. But it has been manipulated to mean something that reduces general freedom—expanding some freedoms for some people, by taking away the equal freedom of others. A host of abuses have found a foothold in that cognitive dissonance, diminishing the best hope and greatest possibilities for society. That is why improving our potential for mutual advancement depends on the rediscovery of a consistent understanding of freedom as universal freedom from government coercion, not something for nothing promises that force nothing for something onto others."
Gary M. Galles

"Government creates the public mind and the public will. It channels human thought, human energy and human production and wealth to itself. Government does work. It works perfectly for the elite. It is organized crime and organized force at the national and international level. It just doesn't work for the people, it works against them."
Bob Livingston

"The Democrats rely upon Marxism and always preach class warfare which denies the very foundation of the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause and violates the Ten Commandments by coveting what others have materially. They always run on a platform of a vote for me and I will go get the rich bastards. Once any new form of taxation is introduced, then politicians will always raise the rates and lower thresholds as they continually need a never-ending source of other people’s money."
Martin Armstrong

"The fact of the matter is that Afghanistan is a primitive, backward country with a culture that’s completely alien to the West. Americans are viewed as hostile invaders, and are about as welcome as the Soviets were in the ’80s. But at least the Soviets wrangled an invitation from their puppet in Kabul, much as the U.S. had from its puppet in Saigon a couple of decades earlier. Americans are about as welcome as an army of Muslim teenagers would be breaking down doors at 3 a.m. in Topeka. The U.S. has absolutely no interest or possibility of profiting in any way from occupying a desert on the other side of the planet."
Doug Casey

"The Stormtroopers of today are leftists intent on instilling their values in the hearts, minds, speech, laws and regulations of Americans. Search on the two words 'instilling equality' and see what you find concerning gender equality. Search on 'instilling gender-free language.' Search on 'transgender rights' or 'LGBT rights'. Search on 'hate speech'. Search on 'political correctness'. The left industriously is pushing its agenda into every nook and cranny of American life. Their program is totalitarian.
Between left and right-wings, the greater danger to America is left-wing totalitarianism. It may even be America’s greatest danger. It is palpably moving forward along lines of sex, gender, race, equality, speech, and socialism. This movement has disguised its Nazi totalitarian qualities."
Michael Rozeff

"With a solid understanding of sovereignty, perhaps the single most important thing that would change is that people would no longer think it’s okay to manipulate the thoughts of other people for their own interests. A political/media class would no longer have the permission nor the desire to keep slipping their rapey fingers into our minds and working to control the ways we think, vote and behave, which would enable us to construct a society based on truth and compassion rather than on power-facilitating belief structures placed in our heads by the plutocratic media and plutocracy-serving politicians."
Caitlin Johnstone

"There are many hard-working, honest journalists slaving away in the Mainstream (more accurately, the corporate-state) Media, but there’s the neofeudal reality of their employment: If what they report undermines the ruling elites, they’re not allowed to do their job.
MSM journalists have no agency: they report what they’re told to report. They also have no control over what gets by their employers’ editorial / corporate filters: question a big advertiser and your report will quietly be buried. Question the approved narrative and conclusion, and you’ll be shunned, blacklisted, etc. If you make a fuss, you’ll be let go in the next round of lay-offs."
Charles Hugh Smith

"POWs from the Vietnam War are not heroes. They are not heroes because they had no business going to Vietnam and bombing, destroying, maiming, burning, disfiguring, injuring, and killing for the U.S. government. They are not heroes because they traveled half way around the world to fight an unjust, immoral, and unnecessary war against people they didn’t know who were no threat to them, their families, or the United States."
Laurence Vance

"Conservatism: a practically endless bunch of contradictions.  It’s why anyone with a brain who cares about logical consistency left it behind in high school or college."
Dale Steinreich

"No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
Friedrich Nietzsche