Friday, August 7, 2015

Texas Yokels Terrifed of Dead Muslims

The fear and paranoia regarding Muslims residing within the US Collective is certainly nothing new. But that anxiety does seem to becoming increasingly absurd.

That branch of the right wing I refer to as the “Hayseed Right” seem not only terrified of live Muslims, but dead ones, as well.

The Islamic Association of Collin County (TX) would like to create a cemetery on 35 acres of land it owns to bury its dead within the confines of Muslim tradition. But many local residents around Farmersville, TX are frightened and even intimidated by such a possibility. And they’re angrily resisting such a project.

For the purpose of discussion, I will not bring up the obvious conflict solution of “property rights” but will instead argue within the kooky, statist/superstitious paradigm of the Hayseed Right.

“People don’t trust Muslims.”

Yes, it's difficult to trust what you don't understand. And it's rather hypocritical for that party that demands trust, considering it's past performance.

Certainly some people don’t trust Muslims, primarily so-called “Christians”- undoubtedly the same variety of that faith who overwhelmingly supported the incineration of about 200,000 civilians (many, fellow Christians) in Japan, the genocide of American aborigines, and in recent history, the aggressive invasion, occupation, and wholesale slaughter of residents throughout the Middle East. The victims of the latter crime, of course, are overwhelmingly Muslims.

Considering such a sordid history, why would anyone (least of all a Japanese, American Indian, or Muslim) trust a “Christian?” Particularly those "Christians" who practice idolatry and loyalty toward the US regime.

"It is my duty and my right to warn when there is a danger."

Danger? Will these dead, buried Muslims come back to life in the middle of the night, break out of their burial vault and assault good, decent “Christians” while they sleep in their jammies?

Or maybe these crafty Muslims have something else up their sleeve- like deceptively burying live terrrrists who then access a series of underground tunnels, gather in force with other “dead” Muslims, then assail Little Johnny as he recites his bedtime prayers.

Maybe, just maybe, these muzzies stay underground and construct a hidden fortress used to store weapons to prepare for the inevitable assault upon the North Texas prairie.

Another concern expressed by these anti-cemetery folks is that the purpose of this cemetery may be to poison the water.


Muslims don’t embalm their dead don’t you know, so the evil spirits within them will be released underground and find it’s way to the water table. This water will then wind up in the drinking glasses of good, decent Christian folk and poison them with the evil, released, Muslim spirits!

Well……. at least poison them with the molecules that once constructed their now decayed, non-Christian flesh. Ain’t that bad enough?

The yokels concerned with these burials don’t seem to understand the basics of nature very well. Think of all the dead, rotting plants and animals whose carcasses have decayed and disassembled, the resulting molecular ooze finding its way through the soil and inevitably to the water table. Human decomposition is no different. Embalming only delays that deterioration and adds some quite noxious embalming chemicals to the mix. Yum! Drink up!

"There is something about it that ya'll are missing."

No, I think ya’ll are missing something of extreme importance- that being reason and education. Perhaps more time reading and researching and less time listening to prevaricating, poison peddling, preachers and talk show hosts would help ease your mind considerably.

And you’ll wind up with a nice, pleasant, quiet cemetery nearby to visit, relax and read your Bible.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Thursday, August 6, 2015

War Criminal Gets Jury Duty

Is a war criminal and mass murderer qualified to perform jury duty?

Apparently, such an individual is worthy to do so in Dallas County.

The Butcher of Iraq and Afghanistan took time off from searching for Iraqi WMD’s and playing with limbless soldier boys he created to “report” for such duty. He put on a good show, joking and laughing with kidnapped sovereigns, helping to pacify any objections to state sponsored forced labor to serve the “justice” system.

Sure, I was disappointed he wasn’t “chosen” to “serve” on an actual jury. But I am even more disappointed that not a single fellow captive out of 34 individuals would look into his eyes and demand he defend his murderous rampage of conquest. Not one.

The local loyalist slaves appear happy with their state master, content with its “policy“ of mass murder and mayhem, and not embarrassed in the least to be photographed with one of its premier instigators.

“I think he was a pretty cool guy”

Meanwhile, The Decider and regular guy can now get back to making speeches.

Feeling optimistic about the future?

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters