Thursday, February 27, 2020

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Controlled Media Suggest Elites Should Nominate Emperor

It’s an “anachronistic inconvenience” to allow the peon’s vote to be considered anything more than a suggestion.

Regime’s Hired Killers Prick Wave Russia

Repeated often enough, minor incidents eventually turn into shooting wars.

$715 million worth. But don’t bother asking what was stolen since they didn’t bother to keep any inventory records.

Now they are being accused of spreading “disinformation” concerning the corona virus. Count on it- Any information considered “disinformation” by the lying DC Regime is most likely true

Their natural competition with Russian fishermen is tough enough. Now they have to suffer a Russian embargo in response to US sanctions.

Is a lack of creativity and imagination common among Bolsheviks?

Bureaucratic nitpicking about the amount of chemical in a plant!

A farmer’s crop that tests just one tenth percent THC over the limit risks being caged and robbed of his farm.

How, in this day and age, can anyone still believe that prohibition is a rational policy?

Does seeing “ethical principles” mentioned in conjunction with DC-sponsored murder make you laugh out loud?

The poor thing is frustrated with the slowness of diplomatic pressure.

When they pay Abdul in his country, the money comes out of the "defense" budget. But when they send him to the US Collective, you local taxpayers pay him!

And as a result, your local taxes go up to pay for interpreters in schools, etc.

Not to mention a number of potential, subsidized jihadists are relocated to North America.

They will never tolerate exposure of their war crimes and other criminal activity.

Add on another mandated interference in small, private businesses to hurry their extinction.

They’ll do whatever it takes to get votes. Staying in power is always more important than standing for truth.

Do you feel safer, now?

CIA Sodomite/Emperor-Wannabe Mimics the Half-Black Lord

Shouldn't we consider plagiarism and lack of originality as a “crime?” committed by those who claim credibility?

And after just one deployment.

Tired of having your stolen dollars pissed away?

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"From a narrative perspective, China is fighting this war against nCov2019 exactly like the US fought its war against North Vietnam. … They convince themselves that the people can’t handle the truth, particularly if the truth ain’t such good news. They convince themselves that they can buy enough time to win the real-world war by designing and employing a carefully constructed 'communication strategy' to win the narrative-world war. That strategy proved to be a social and political disaster for the United States, as the cartoon tail (gotta get more NV casualties for Cronkite to report) ended up wagging the policy dog (send out more counterproductive search-and-destroy missions). I think exactly the same thing is happening in China. And I think the social and political repercussions will be exactly as disastrous."
Karl Marlantes

"The reality is that the interventionist systems never defend the improvement of the environment, but aim to appropriate the climate banner to do the opposite and then blame the nearest external enemy. The politicization of climate action does not defend the environment, but whitewashes interventionism. Hence the silence on the environmental records of highly interventionist regimes like China and Iran.
The biggest subsidies to pollution are, surprise, all in countries with low economic freedom, governments with maximum control of the economy and with state-owned companies. Of the 147 countries that have ratified the latest environmental agreements, in more than 90%, the companies, and polluting sectors are 100% public (the producers of the petro-states, the largest coal plants, steelworks, etc)."
Daniel Lacalle

"There has always been pollution. When there are forest fires started by lightening, they put off CO2. Volcanoes put out CO2. Plants and trees need CO2 to survive. This is simply a divine mechanism of how the earth functions.
The entire climate change issue has become a covert means in this final confrontation between the left and the right. This is the very issue that will destroy the Western Society for it has been elevated to such heights and governments love it for all they see is more power and money. The activists behind the curtain are simply Marxists who are determined to make communism work one more time."
Martin Armstrong

"Any defense of rights is bound to involve not only guns proper but also argument. In fact a defense should foremost use argument and persuasion before resort to physical confrontations. The colonists engaged in lengthy argument, pamphlets, discussions, reading of political theory, petitions, debates, appeals and the like. We need to get gun rights right, that is, understand the position. And that position is to be found in the Declaration of Independence and other sources from our revolutionary era that argued for unalienable rights to life, liberty and property. And these are indissolubly connected to all men being created equal, which means that no one is born with or inherits a right to rule other people. There is no right to such monarchical rule.
But likewise, any right to rule by society or a government must derive from the people ruled, from their consent. There is no right to misrule on purpose. Derivative power of government is not and cannot be open-ended. Such power cannot contradict or go against the unalienable rights of each and every person. If it does, that is usurpation. That is subverting and blocking one’s exercise of proper rights by force. Usurpation is improper by negating the basis for proper use of powers that a people delegates to its agents. That basis is to defend the unalienable rights to life, liberty and property."
Michael Rozeff

"The idea of democracy is an anachronism, at best. The US has mutated into a domestic multicultural empire. The average person has been propagandized into believing that it’s patriotic to do as he’s told. 'We need libraries of regulations, and I’m happy to pay my taxes. It’s the price we pay for civilization.' No, that’s just the opposite of the fact. Those things are signs that civilization is degrading, that the members of society are becoming less individually responsible. And therefore that the country has to be held together by force.
It’s all about control. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The type of people that gravitate to government like to control other people. Contrary to what we’re told to think, that’s why the worst people – not the best – want to get into government."
Doug Casey

"Progressive movements, as the name suggests, used to be about pursuing progress, pushing mankind forwards, creating a better, wealthier world for all. Extinction Rebellion wants the precise opposite. It wants to propel us backwards, to the Stone Age. It wants to reverse the most important moment in human history – the Industrial Revolution. It wants to undo that revolution’s liberation of mankind from the brutishness and ignorance of life on the land and recreate that old, unforgiving world in which we all 'ate locally', never traveled, danced around maypoles for fun, and died of cholera when we were 38."
Brendan O’Neill

"Altruism is the very foundation of statist propaganda and power that the individual must place his interests, including his property, beneath the 'need' of the collective (state). In our time this is called 'in the public interest.'
The term 'public interest' translates into the government interest always. Therefore, the army of federal judges and politicians claim to act in the 'public interest,' and they would tell you in a minute that they do everything in the 'public interest.' This is a deception that few unravel mainly because of the self-deception of altruism. As long as an individual believes that he is obligated to share his property and produce for the 'common good,' he is in reality no longer an individual but a part of the collective slaves of the state. Altruism motivates people to self-sacrifice. This is why altruism is at the root of all governments. Governments must instill self-sacrifice to solidify political power."
Bob Livingston

"The Deep State on the other hand, is not comfortable with risk, does not 'enjoy the game,' and it does not play.  You cannot vote for it, nor can you assign values, weights, measures or limits to it, in any realistic way.  The Deep State doesn’t want your vote or your political support – it wants your money, your faith, and your obedience.  It is not interested in your opinion, as it is perfectly confident that it knows what is best. We don’t have time here to put the Deep State on a couch to seek clarity or find out why it turned out this way.  It’s running, and ruining, the lives of 330 million Americans, and conducting coups, wars – hot, cold, trade and propaganda – in real time, as it has for over 100 years, maybe more.  Increasingly, the weapons of these wars are aimed not abroad, but at the very citizens of the land of the free and the home of the brave."
Karen Kwiatkowski

"We do not live in a world of 100% private property – we have significant state property, we have significant regulation by the state on private property, and – of course – we have state borders.  Hence, every decision about immigration, movement, and access is a state decision – managed and controlled by the state.  There is no libertarian answer in a world of states.  Period.
But what of the government-controlled land: surely immigrants – or anyone – would be free under libertarian theory to move onto government-controlled land.  But this also represents an invalid assumption: while government might control the land, we must ask: who is the owner?
And the answer here is obviously simple: the taxpayers own it, as it is taxpayer funds that have been used to acquire, manage, secure, regulate, and improve such land.  In other words, there is no such thing as open, virgin, un-owned territory – at least not in the regions where virtually everyone would choose to live.
Like all state action, this topic is one that the state will always use to the advantage of the state – to change demographics and voting, to allow labor movement in support of state-favored industry, etc."
Bionic Mosquito

"Radical Left revolutionaries hate the fact that most people will not cast their ballots for an agenda that calls for them to surrender their money and freedom, which is why they consider violent revolution to be a viable option.  They realize that people don’t give up their freedom easily, so they believe it’s their moral duty to save people from their own bad judgment.
It’s also why, at a time when a majority of Americans have let it be known that they want to move away from government control, government regulations, and government theft, immature, low-information students, along with their low-information, even more immature college professors, are singing the praises of free … Free … FREE!  Not free as you and I understand the word, but free in the sense of having other people pay for the things you want.
No question about it, free will always be music to the ears of a significant percentage of the population, and freeloaders could care less who pays the bills.  These are the folks who are feelin’ the Bern and are euphoric about Sanders’ chances of winning the Democratic nomination and ascending to the White House."
Robert Ringer

"Democratic socialism is dangerous like other flavors of socialism and does not constitute a natural development of human society. On the contrary, it is an artificial construct that leads nations into an evolutionary dead end. All countries that practiced socialism of various flavors have never achieved economic equality but rather a sameness in their misery. The history of ex-Soviet republics shows that the only way out of poverty and moral decadence is embracing capitalism again."
Allen Gindler

"The MOVE, Waco and Ruby Ridge slaughters were primitive antecedents to the 'logic' of red flag laws visited on entire groups of humans predicated on flimsy pre-crime predictions of what could happen. The notion of red flags isn’t new. The legislation simply codifies more directly the historical government fear of armed tax helots. Keep in mind that not one initiative in any chamber of political remoras has suggested disarming the government. You will note that the oversized badged Orcs who come to seize weapons always bring their own firearms, ironically paid for by the very victim from whom they are seizing weapons."
Bill Buppert

"Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life.
Future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century’s developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree, and, on the basis of gross exaggerations of highly uncertain computer projections combined into implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a roll-back of the industrial age.
What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison."
Richard Lindzen

"My position is to believe nothing and question everything. It is the only way to achieve sanity, to find the truth, and to see the evil that exists in this world. That evil is far more prevalent than can be readily imagined, and only truth can expose the risks we face. Beware of false flags. Beware of state and media lies. Beware of false prophets wearing the robes of kings, and beware of those that continue to paint a picture of terror in order to advance more war. We are in a time of great danger, and that danger is already upon us today."
Gary D. Barnett

"Not voting IS voting. It is making a statement that there is no one WORTH voting for."
Simon Black

Thursday, February 20, 2020

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

CIA Sodomite/Emperor-Wannabe Wants to Flood Your Small Town with Third World Immigrants

And the number of immigrants which move there is decided by “administrative process”- meaning a DC bureaucrat decides how many unwanted foreigners take over your town.

You’ll never defeat globalism by begging your DC master.

Funds for Border Defense Must be ‘Diverted’ from ‘Defense’ Budget

Does anyone else see the sick irony of having to "divert" funds from a supposed "defense" agency to pay for a project critical to...defense?

The Pentagram is all about empire, not defense!

Countries are only allowed to transport their missiles with the permission of the DC King.

The DC Demons continue to stick their murderous noses into the Arctic.

Repeat a lie long enough from a position of “authority” (whether legitimate or not) and people will believe it.

He finds it “distressing” that Europeans would buy their gas from The Evil Russkies.

He’s looking for an answer that the social media mobs “can get behind” and thus eliminate any disagreement.

How long before it’s used on you?

What next? Bedtime stories and breakfast in bed?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to make their life somewhat miserable as a message to others to not disrespect a country’s borders?

“The outlets now have to seek US government’s approval to acquire office space and register personnel changes, just like diplomatic missions do.”

It’s a backdoor method of controlling the Chinese press.

Some good news for the resistance:

Though how the California government controls its employed slaves is their business, I’m hoping this case receives a lot of publicity and helps illustrate the canyon-sized divide between competing cultures within the US Collective.

The solution? Separation!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Make no mistake about it, when Bernie rages on about redistribution-of-wealth schemes, he’s not just some idealistic old fool.  On the contrary, he gives hope to millions of Americans who actually do dream of a Bolshevik-style uprising in in the United States.  Trust me, these people would love nothing more than to see blood running in the streets.  It may be hard for normal people to comprehend, but envy loves blood even more than it loves free stuff."
Robert Ringer

"The laissez-faire position doesn't attempt to foist a new tax or a new regulation on anyone. It seeks only to remove the government policies that forcibly transfer wealth and economic advantage from one group to another. It is a policy of leaving people to decide for themselves. After all, in the absence of coercive state policies, consumers are still free to refuse to buy foreign goods. They're free to refuse to employ foreigners. They're free to boycott and drive out of business entrepreneurs who don't want to 'bake the cake.'
On the other hand, using government policy as a 'tool' to obtain what 'the people' supposedly want from markets requires government force. This is force necessary to implement and enforce government policy based on taxing and regulating all members of a society — including those who just want to be left alone."
Ryan McMaken

"In case you’re not up to speed on immigration loopholes that always work to benefit outsiders and never citizens, anchor babies are the GPS theory of national allegiance.
Let’s say your pregnant wife was sitting in the stands at Lambeau Field and she got so excited she gave birth. The resulting baby would not be entitled to Packers season tickets for the rest of his life. But if your wife was an illegal immigrant named Consuela, who gave birth in a Green Bay maternity ward, your new child would be a Yankee Doodle Dandy.
An instant U.S. citizen with all the welfare rights that come with the birth certificate."
Michael Shannon

"Natural man fears chains more than he fears propaganda. But propaganda is the far greater despotism.
When men are in chains, they are aware of their slavery. But few understand the superior power of deception. Most people can be persuaded to do almost anything to their own detriment.
What we believe and act upon we consider our own free will. Nothing could be further from the truth. We as a people and a nation are subject to massive and continuous propaganda. So programmed are the masses that they become hostile to truth.
Democracy is a mask, a front for total power of an oligarchy ruling via forced persuasion. Such a system might be tolerable if the oligarchs had the people's best interests at heart. But the focus of forced persuasion is to channel all social, economic and moral law to the federal establishment. The stated altruistic justification is the perpetual utilitarian argument that the majority can require and force the minority to self-sacrifice for what the establishment-created majority has determined to be the greater good."
Bob Livingston

"Depending on where you stand, some citizens are not worth as much as others, and more importantly, some citizens cost a lot more than others. How to decide? Politicians are in the business of deciding this question, and they are gamblers at heart.  This predisposition shapes their calculations and actions. Win or lose, they enjoy the game. Various political groupings help them assign 'value' and it’s all out in the open, as ugly and insulting as it is. You are free to choose a party or a candidate based on how you value yourself and your neighbors, and what you believe is good and valuable for you and your neighbors to have and enjoy. You can vote based on a coin toss, hairstyle or spousal charm, their pantsuit, their skin tone, or because you believe whatever they are saying. It’s all good, and it’s all good fun in this nation of equals."
Karen Kwiatkowski

"You don’t need a smoke detector; that’s what the fire department is for. Now… if you think that sounds stupid, you know how I feel when you say I don’t need a gun."
Bill Buppert

"Society needs first of all to be freed from these meddlers — that is, to be let alone. Here we are, then, once more back at the old doctrine — laissez faire. Let us translate it into blunt English, and it will read, Mind your own business. It is nothing but the doctrine of liberty. Let every man be happy in his own way. If his sphere of action and interest impinges on that of any other man, there will have to be compromise and adjustment. Wait for the occasion. Do not attempt to generalize those interferences or to plan for them a priori. We have a body of laws and institutions which have grown up as occasion has occurred for adjusting rights. Let the same process go on. Practice the utmost reserve possible in your interferences even of this kind, and by no means seize occasion for interfering with natural adjustments. Try first long and patiently whether the natural adjustment will not come about through the play of interests and the voluntary concessions of the parties."
William Graham Sumner

"Identity Politics has invented the fake news of a 'white race.' There is no more a white race than there is a black race. There are numerous white ethnicities, most of whom have been at war with one another for centuries. The same for blacks. The international black slave market was the creation of the black King of Dahomey’s slave wars. He sold his surplus first to Arabs and then to Europeans. Yet in Identity Politics, it is the nonexistent 'white race' that is responsible for slavery."
Paul Craig Roberts

"This is a two-fer: The insane, delusional Left has now convinced millions of people that all white people are evil, but also that children are the new 'experts' on things like gun control and climate change.
Yep, adults are stupid, and children have all the answers. Is this a freaking Disney movie? Nope, it’s the new narrative of the retarded Left, which thinks a 16-year-old girl whose mother claims she can literally see carbon dioxide — an invisible gas — is now a more credible 'expert' than a 30-year scientist and expert in atmospheric chemistry.
And if you put up a poster that says, 'It’s okay to be white,' you are immediately accused of hate crimes. Yes, it’s okay to be black, and it’s okay to be brown, but it’s never okay to be white in today’s insane 'progressive' society defined by left-wing bigotry, racism and hate."
Mike Adams

"Saudi Arabia is the exact opposite of all that was good about the United States at its founding. Its policies defy morality and the sanctity of life, but the ignorant and indifferent American populace in their total hypocritical blindness says nothing and does nothing to stop the nefarious union of these countries via there beloved elected rulers. The U.S. has become its own enemy, and is now joined with evil. Evil begets evil, and so long as Americans allow this partnership to continue in their name, they are at fault, and responsible for these crimes against humanity. This relationship is not just based on oil, but is based on power and control. It is the essence of depravity, and should be ended without delay."
Gary D. Barnett

"Today’s Republican Party is a collection of rural interests from flyover country, handmaidens of the military industrial complex and, most important, militant evangelical Christians who see the world through the spectrum of the Old Testament.  Israel’s far right has come to dominate American evangelists by selling them a bill of goods about the End of Days and the Messiah’s return.  Many of these rubes see Trump as a quasi-religious figure.
Mix the religious cultists – about 25% of the US population – with the farm and Israel lobbies and the mighty military industrial complex and no wonder the United States has veered off into the deep waters of irrationality and crusading ardor.  The US can still afford such bizarre behavior thanks to its riches, magic green dollar, endless supply of credit and a poorly educated, apathetic public too besotted by sports and TV sitcoms to understand what’s going on abroad."
Eric Margolis

"The argument can be made that the largest criminal entity today is not some Colombian cocaine gang, but the US Government. And they’re far more dangerous. They have a legal monopoly on the force to do anything they want with you. Don’t conflate the government with America; they’re different and separate entities. The US Government has its own interests, as distinct as those of General Motors or the Mafia. In fact, I’d probably rather deal with the Mafia than I would with any agency of the US Government.
Even under the worst circumstances – even if the Mafia controlled the United States – I don’t believe Tony Soprano or Al Capone would try to steal 40% of people’s income every year. They couldn’t get away with it. But – because we’re said to be a democracy – the US Government is able to masquerade as 'We the People,' and pull it off."
Doug Casey

"The difference between the Leftist Cult and the Trump Cult is mostly intent: Leftists double and triple down on their lies because they are infatuated with collective power. The Trump cult ignores facts and evidence on Trump because they are hyperfocused on collective defense.  Leftists are seeking to micromanage the thoughts and behavior of the world, while conservatives are seeking to solidify enough political protection to ensure they are left alone. The Leftist Cult wants to burn everything to the ground, erase history and rebuild the world in their image. The Trump Cult is trying to keep the last embers of American heritage alive; they have simply chosen the wrong champion to do it.
The sad reality is that leftists and conservatives are likely far too alien to each other now to ever come to a diplomatic solution. The division in society is very real; it's the division at the top that's Kabuki theater. The liberty movement is the key to everything, as we are the constant target of establishment 4th Gen propaganda. If we didn't matter, then the elites would not be spending so much time, money and energy trying to keep us in line. They need us to buy into the theater, otherwise, we become an unknown element, a time bomb that could explode unexpectedly on them at any given moment."
Brandon Smith

"To sate the lust of power; more horrid still,
The foulest stain and scandal of our nature
Became its boast –One Murder made a Villain,
Millions a Hero. – Princes were priviled’d
To kill, and numbers sanctified the crime.
Ah! Why will Kings forget that they are men?"
Beilby Porteus

"In general, those who resort to mass murder on a collective scale always put forward the justification that they acted on behalf of the nation. "
Taner Akcam

Thursday, February 13, 2020

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

It’s looking like the culprit is…Their good ol’ ISIS buddies!

DC’s message to Iran: “Sorry we assassinated your general. Even the best of us make mistakes, right?”

Since they’re Shi’ites, the DC war goons consider them “Iranian proxies” and an “immediate security threat.”

Of course, this is just another example of scapegoating to excuse the failure of a depraved, dying, irrelevant empire.

So much for the idea that unregulated immigration is a “remedy”’ to economic stagnation.

The DC Demons will become your new telecommunications provider to fight their nonsensical war against China.

Recent history tells me they’ll be very shortly re-deployed to another, newly created, war zone.

He’ll never get a trial, so we’ll never really know if he’s “terrorist.”

Ten bucks says this guy (if he even exists) shows up somewhere alive in a couple months. The DC Regime is counting on you not noticing.

Is there anyone easier to fool than a US loyalist?

They demand censure of the truth telling coming from Iran.

“The Federal Reserve is doing what no responsible central bank is supposed to do, and effectively funding the growth in the debt at well below free-market interest rates via monetary creation on a massive scale—without admitting that it is doing so … This is all about funding the fast growing national debt at lower rates than what rational investors would accept in a free market.”

How many times does this happen and the victim fears retaliation for reporting it?

So, you now have 49,000 new DC parasites grabbing at your wallet.

Ask yourself, "How is my life better now?"

Don't forget- "Cuts" are merely reductions in the rate of increase, NOT real cuts.
None of the parasites suckling at the DC teat will experience a real cut.

Remember this when DC’s hired killers demand more tribute to “protect” you.

And, as usual, they lie about it.

The paper learns the hard way that the degree of their “independence” depends on where the funding comes from.

Yet, at the same time, they whine about threats against them!

“We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”
Mikey Pompeo, former Chief Spy Goon

They kill thousands with their invasion and occupation, then kill thousands more when they try to clean up their mess.

And all for your “security” and to protect The DC Regime’s “interests.”

The DC Death Cult believes they have “neglected” the Arctic and now favors “aggressive involvement and militarization.” 

God help us.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"So why are people exaggerating this coronavirus? Good question! People have been feeling like the world is ending for thousands of years. Aethelred II took his portrait off the coinage for the year 1000 believing the world was coming to an end and Christ would make his second coming. When that did not happen, he promptly put his portrait back on the coinage."
Martin Armstrong

"Any attempt at decentralization, nullification, or secession is said to be invalid because 'that was decided by the Civil War.' There is no doubt, of course, that the Civil War settled the matter for a generation or two. But to claim any war 'settled things' forever, is clearly nonsense.
It is true, however, that if the idea of a legally, culturally, and politically unified United States wins the day, Americans may be looking toward a future of ever greater political repression marked by increasingly common episodes of bloodshed. This is simply the logical outcome of any system where it is assumed the ruling party has a right and a duty to force the ways of the one group upon another. That is the endgame of a unified America."
Ryan McMaken

"Some may object – when I say everyone should pay his own way and the state should have absolutely no involvement in healthcare – that I’m putting a price on a human life. They say that a life has 'infinite' value. But like most of what you hear in this ridiculous debate, that’s a lie, told by the duplicitous and believed by the unthinking. There are lots of ways to figure out what a life is worth. How much can be negotiated for ransom on a kidnapping? How much is a thug paid for a 'hit'? How much is the annual premium for life insurance? How much is the present value of someone’s estimated lifetime earnings?
But what we’re talking about here, in the context of national medical insurance, is how much you’re willing to pay to keep a complete stranger alive."
Doug Casey

"Our founders never intended for America to have a standing army. They certainly never envisioned a monstrosity like the military industrial complex and its nefarious intelligence agencies. But the public doesn’t seem to mind. Give them the pomp of a good flyover or cannon blast. Watch them tear up at staged reunions between soldiers and their young children. They used to call it bread and circuses."
Donald Jeffries

"It is in the supreme interest of government that the people be systematically and gradually dumbed down. People who still have the mental capacity to question 'public policy' do not think in 'the public interest.' 'Public policy' and 'the public interest' are establishment concepts of conformity. 'Public policy' and 'the public interest' refers to the interest of the state, not the interest of the people.
The suppression of human liberty is always created upon or out of distorted reality. Any political system built upon self-sacrifice (and all are) is an illusion and can only maintain authority at your expense. Distorted reality is any ploy that seeks to persuade you to share what you have with nonproducers or to seek guidance from external authority. Politics is such an ingrained system that few realize that politics is a system of reliance on external authority which perpetuates itself on illusions and distortions."
Bob Livingston

"The standard explanations and justifications for politics are breaking down. Democratic consensus and needful compromise and good governance were always empty bromides, but today our political overlords understand and pander to an altogether different mood. The Trump presidency, like the Brexit vote, was never accepted by the same elites who spent the early 21st century gushing about the sanctity of democracy. The entire pretense for democratic politics, ostensibly the peaceful transfer of political power and the consensual organization of human affairs, now gives way to new and uncomfortable questions. What if we cannot vote our way out of this? What if the structural problems of debt and entitlements and central banking and foreign policy cannot be solved politically? What if the culture wars are unwinnable? What if we have reached the end of politics as an instrument for keeping American society together?
Democracy and politics will not alleviate our problems; only committed individuals working in the intermediary institutions of civil society can. Democratic elections can work locally, and in small countries or communities; Switzerland's system of express subsidiarity comes to mind. And clearly the best hope for America's survival will come through an aggressive form of federalism or subsidiarity, one that dramatically reduces the winner-take-all stakes of national elections. But mass democracy, in a country as large as America, is a recipe for strife, bitterness, endless division, and much worse."
Jeff Deist

"The monopoly of power that is held by the few over the rest of society is all consuming, and the ultimate control sought by these elites is getting ever closer to fruition. It has been affected over long periods of time through incremental measures. It did not happen overnight, but over centuries, and at this point, the final objectives desired are within sight.
This is the most dangerous time for man as I see it, as the elite design for future economic decision-making for all is to be placed in the hands of so-called chosen experts, with power over the entire world economy. All economic decisions are to be based on a controlled allocation for society, which is simply centrally planned socialism, with a top-down hierarchy of control by the few. This ruling system is known as Technocracy, and when implemented, it will be the end of liberty."
Gary D. Barnett

"[A]fter the 2020 elections ordinary Americans will have to deal with the same dreadful question we faced in 2016: How do we secure and perhaps restore our fast-diminishing freedom to live as Americans? And while we may wish for help from Trump, we have to look to ourselves and to other leaders for how we may counter the ruling class’s manifold assaults now, and especially in the long term...
The logical recourse is to conserve what can be conserved, and for it to be done by, of, and for those who wish to conserve it. However much force of what kind may be required to accomplish that, the objective has to be conservation of the people and ways that wish to be conserved.
That means some kind of separation."
Angelo Codevilla

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.
The real cost of the State is the prosperity we do not see, the jobs that don’t exist, the technologies to which we do not have access, the businesses that do not come into existence, and the bright future that is stolen from us. The State has looted us just as surely as a robber who enters our home at night and steals all that we love."
Frederic Bastiat

"The US has been undergoing what amounts to a cultural revolution, because the universities, media, and entertainment have been captured by the memes of cultural Marxism. The last cultural revolution was in the ’60s. This one will be much more serious, with broader participation. In fact, the US is on the ragged edge of a civil war between the Red counties and the Blue counties. They don’t like each other and don’t share the same values. The best solution is separation."
Doug Casey

"This global warming seems to have risen to a religion and it is being used by the Communists/Socialists to kill the Industrial Revolution and redistribute the wealth. Raising all the taxes in the world is only pure punishment – there is no program to reverse climate change – no fantastic machine. Anyone who was really a scientist just has to look at the historic data on temperature and you will discover that civilization thrives when it gets warm, and it contracts when it gets cold. But above all else, it has always changed."
Martin Armstrong

"Assimilation is required if a country of diverse ethnicities is not to become a Tower of Babel. In the US an English population was able to assimilate Irish, Italians, and Polish peoples by having periods of no immigration. Moreover, all were from a Christian European culture. Today the situation is much more challenging. Somalis and Muslims are culturally different from Western populations, and assimilation is considered racist white superiority. The result is separate populations with the recent arrivals claiming to be victims of the white population. It is a sign of insanity that everywhere in the Western world governments are trying to marry unassimilable ethnicities, many of whom are victims of the West’s bombing and invasion of their home countries, with Identity Politics. This is a recipe for the destruction of Western countries."
Paul Craig Roberts

"The state is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies, too; and this lie creeps from its mouth: 'I, the state, am the people.'… Everything about it is false; it bites with stolen teeth."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"Society is like a stew. If you don’t stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top."
Edward Abbey

"You know what I haven’t seen yet? A woman who identifies as a man competing in a male athletic competition.
Must only be bigotry keeping them out…."
David Burns

"Never bet on the end of the world. If you are wrong you will be in trouble, if you are right it won’t matter."
Bill Buppert

Thursday, February 6, 2020

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Communist Emperor-Wannabe Plans Many Dictatorial Edicts

In polite company, tyrants call them “executive actions.”

Communist Regime ‘Committee’ Demands Censorship of‘Climate Crisis’ Skeptics

They consider any information contrary to their point of view as “harmful information.”

Regime’s Newest Fighter Jet Still a Piece of Junk One Year Later

The hundreds of software glitches are bad enough but for $400 billion you’d at least think it could shoot straight!

But they won’t use that money to protect you from armies of border invading parasites.

And that Goon must have that child’s approval.

It’s now a trend- the future will be directed by disturbed, abused, young sociopaths.

Their charges are a lie.

Purell is an alcohol based sanitizer. Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend using alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a preventive measure for the flu and other ailments. Influenza is a virus. Numerous studies show that viruses are killed or inactivated by alcohol.

GOJO just needs to find the right FDA slug to bribe.

If you ain’t Latino, tough luck for you!

He’s the hero who exposed all the criminal, rights destroying misconduct of “cyberespionage.”

This should cause you to think twice the next time you feel triggered to shout, “Support the troops!”

The fact is, they’re now virtually non-existent there. There are probably more KKK members in Minnesota.

This belief in a “resurge” is a variation of the old favorite, “We can’t leave [name country here] or the terrorists will follow us home.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?