Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Ask yourself this: ten years into the post-9/11 era, haven't we had enough of ourselves? If we have any respect for history or humanity or decency left, isn't it time to rip the Band-Aid off the wound, to remove 9/11 from our collective consciousness? No more invocations of those attacks to explain otherwise inexplicable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our oh-so-global war on terror. No more invocations of 9/11 to keep the Pentagon and the national security state flooded with money. No more invocations of 9/11 to justify every encroachment on liberty, every new step in the surveillance of Americans, every advance in pat-downs and wand-downs and strip downs that keeps fear high and the homeland security state afloat."
Tom Engelhardt

“And so it is that while the world is dominated by the human ape, the species is greatly hindered in its progress by stupid monkeys. Let anywhere near the levers of power, it is a certainty these stupid monkeys will start pulling madly, and keep pulling even as the machine begins to shudder and smoke.”
David Galland

“I am pro-peace, anti-government, pro-people, pro-freedom, pro-liberty, and pro-privacy. If this makes me a radical, then so be it. If it makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why. I am anti-government because of the brutality, blood, and murder done on behalf of what is supposedly ‘us.’ I will not condone it no matter what you say.”
Shaun Lee

“Ending the federal government allows people more freely to live their lives. This includes more freely arranging their health, education, welfare, security, economy, and jobs as they see fit. That this freedom will improve most people’s lives is a proposition that has been known for centuries. It is a proposition that is still fairly widely known. It may even be known by a majority of persons, at least at some times and in some places. Remarkably, it is also one of the most ignored propositions when it comes to governing.”
Michael S. Rozeff

"If taxation without consent is robbery, the United States government has never had, has not now, and is never likely to have, a single honest dollar in its treasury.

If taxation without consent is not robbery, then any band of robbers have only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized."
Lysander Spooner

“And although in truth the anti-authority proposition of the anarchist, put to the test, would shake the existing order (if we can really call it such) at its foundations, it wouldn’t be in the way most people likely expect. Authority is, in its essence and in the anarchist conception, the enemy and antithesis of liberty, an imposition against the natural autonomy of the individual, her judgments and her conscience.”
David D'Amato

“Every ‘political’ solution consists of coercion and aggression. Yet voters never ask their candidate of choice, ‘Why, exactly, should I want to let you forcibly control me?’”
Larken Rose

“This is the great weakness in any political system: 'government' is based on the idea that some individual or organization is awarded power than no human being should possess-- the power to kill, to declare war, to steal, to defraud, to counterfeit.
All of these powers are considered immoral by man, but perfectly acceptable for government... and no matter how much they dress it up as being good for the people, any political system makes full use of its authority in order to maintain the status quo and keep the ruling elite in power.
This is why advocating for political change, while virtuous and noble in deed, is ultimately a wasted effort. Power-hungry megalomaniacs and their sycophantic yes-men will always rise to the top, conning the masses along the way that 'change is coming'. It's all a big snow job.”
Simon Black

“The ‘right’ and the ‘left’ are both equally evil, differing only in the way that evil is put into motion. It all comes down to slavery vs. liberty, theft vs. honest possession, and truth vs. deception.”
Kent McManigal

“Government is significantly different from anything else in society. It is the only institution that can legally threaten and initiate violence; that is, under color of law its officers may use physical force, up to and including lethal force — not in defense of innocent life but against individuals who have neither threatened nor aggressed against anyone else.
Given this unique feature, then, why isn’t everyone wary of the State? Whether or not one thinks it’s necessary, it’s dangerous by its very nature, and we ought to assume it will remain so no matter how many paper checks and balances and bills of rights are thought to contain it.”
Sheldon Richman

“Once a population internalizes that authorities have the power to coerce, few will experience actual coercion because passive submission avoids it. Excessive government control ultimately leads to a psychological change in the people of a nation.”
F.A. Hayek’s

“America was a great idea. That idea died decades ago. What has slithered in, in its place, is the worst parts of all the worst forms of government.”
Jeff Berwick
From the Darkness:
“We saw [Egyptian] President [Hosni] Mubarak fall while President Obama sat on his hands. And we’ve also seen now the rise of radical elements all across the Middle East region.”
Michelle Bachmann, showing her love of brutal dictators

"This is not class warfare -- it's math."
B. Obama, on is proposed massive tax increase on the wealthy

"Modernizing our aging ... fighter force depends on the fifth generation capabilities of the Joint Strike Fighter. Simply put, there is no alternative to the F-35 program. It must succeed."
Air Force Secretary Michael Donley, defending the production of a useless jet

"I would hope that any tax-paid school will say the Pledge of Allegiance, and frankly I'd wonder whether taxpayers ought to subsidize it if it's not going to teach people how to be patriotic and how to be pro-American."
Newt Gingrich

“Now, obviously, [Tony] Bennett's comments about 9/11 — even though they're not very different than the things Ron Paul says all the time — are going to cause an uproar. But before everyone freaks out and storms Bennett's castle with pitchforks and torches, we'd like to point out that he's 85 years old, and therefore is pretty old, and old people are allowed to say whatever crazy shit they want.”
Dan Amira,, commenting on Bennett’s claim that USG created blowback led to 9/11

“We’ve had too many of our troops spending too much of their time painting schools and digging wells. They should be allowed to focus on killing Islamic extremists who want us all to die.”
Mike Huckabee

"What Greece needs at this particular point in time is a military junta that would not have to worry about its popularity and could use tanks to enforce some order among strikers and rioters."
Jussi Halla-aho, an MP for the populist True Finns party in Finland

"I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, to never do business in Georgia."
Michael Moore, urging collective punishment on people residing within the arbitrary boundaries claimed by the Georgia State Criminals who executed Troy Davis [Davis’ appeal was also rejected by a US District Judge. Using Moore’s reasoning, the entire US should then be boycotted.]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“The state is a covenant with death and an agreement with hell. To abide it is to embrace the glamour of evil and accept mastery by sin, to willingly submit to continual baptism in the innocent blood of kin and stranger alike.”
Thomas L. Knapp

“Dear statists: not following state customs is not an affront to society or an insult to you or any other individual, even a ‘hero’ who may have ‘paid the greatest sacrifice for my freedoms.’ The state and its symbols are not synonymous with society. Nor are they representative of you or any other individual in particular. When your identity is intermixed with your government and your patriotism becomes sacerdotal reverence, you become a mindless minion of the state to be manipulated into agreeing to whatever loss of liberty best suits your god government.
Be a good neighbor to your fellow man, not a doting subject to the state.”
Orlando Machado

“The only idea they have ever manifested as to what is a government of consent, is this – that it is one to which everybody must consent, or be shot.”
Lysander Spooner

"An evil that is left unnamed will perpetuate itself with lavish zeal. Exposing lies that destroy is mercy. Ignoring lies that destroy is mercilessness. Supporting lies that destroy is murder”
Emanuel Charles McCarthy

“Each year, 9/11 reminds the Afghans of an event in which they had no role whatsoever. American colonialism has shed the blood of tens of thousands of miserable and innocent Afghans.'"
From a statement emailed to the media by the Taliban

“Emotion is the enemy of objectivity. When people get emotional about something, they close themselves off to other points of view. This poses a great danger to truth.”
Simon Black

"What did lasting damage to the nation was not 9/11, it was remembering 9/11. Not only did overreaction to 9/11 play a substantial role in bankrupting the also made Americans fearful and sheepish. They’re convinced the towel-heads are trying to kill them. They believe they can protect themselves by spending trillions of dollars they don’t have on military campaigns that don’t work.
Ten years ago, only a few fanatics wanted to do Americans harm. Now, after throwing so much military weight around, half the world would happily pull the trigger on an American tourist if he had the chance."
Bill Bonner

“If September 11 was indeed a nightmare, 9/11 as a memorial and Ground Zero as a ‘consecrated’ place has turned out to be a blank check for the American war state, funding an endless trip to hell. They have helped lead us into fields of carnage that put the dead of 9/11 to shame.”
Tom Engelhardt

“The guys with guns, and no ethics, who absolutely and reflexively follow orders, have all the real power. They are not going to let their rice bowls be broken. So, forget about it. Ron [Paul’s] candidacy, like those of Harry Browne in the 90s, is useful only for advertising sound values. It's a pipe dream to think he can be elected by the mob. And a fantasy to think he'd be able to change anything if he was.”
Doug Casey

“Intentions are the great exonerator of government action. Governments almost always conclude that the motives of their own agents are exculpable, regardless of how many people they killed. But a focus on motive as the prime determinant of the morality of action is inherently flawed when judging state actions because politicians and governments routinely misrepresent their motives. It is far easier to count the dead than to determine the thoughts in the minds of the killers.”
James Bovard

“With the exception of trespassing on private property, people have an absolute right to travel in peace and at their own discretion. This right is an extension of self-ownership, which is the basis of libertarianism. Self-ownership means that all human beings, by virtue of being human, have a right to the full and peaceful control of their persons and property. Traveling is nothing more than an expression of that control not only over your body but also over your goods, which may require transport. Requiring a passport as the key to freedom of movement is akin to gagging someone while maintaining that he retains freedom of speech.”
Wendy McElroy
From the Darkness:
“I stand in awe of the men and women in uniform today who are answering our country's call. One of the greatest parts about being governor of Texas is the time I get to spend meeting with those brave men and women, be it in my visits to the many great bases throughout the state, or in my travels overseas to such places Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Rick Perry, lovingly kissing the boots of the occupation force in Texas

“Good conservatives recognize a need for limited government, but they also know that America has an obligation to spread democracy and promote international security.”
S.E. Cupp, NY Daily News, talking out of both sides of her mouth [It's impossible to have "limited" government while creating an empire.]

"American leadership in aerospace and defense is being threatened by forces in Congress and the administration. The security of our troops, our technological future and our economic stability are all at risk. We must preserve jobs across the nation that keep our nation strong."
Marion C. Blakey, president of The Aerospace Industries Association, decrying proposed cuts in defense

“We [the defense industry] understand the nation has to balance its books, but we've already given at the office.”
Chuck Gray, vice president and chief operating officer of Frontier Electronic Systems [“Given at the office?” You mean the bribes paid to Congress critters?]

"I'm off of the [super] committee if we're going to talk about further defense spending."
Republican Senator Jon Kyl's, threatening to quit if defense spending cuts are discussed

“There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow.”
George Soros, arguing that further integration in Europe is the only way to prevent catastrophic financial meltdown. [Yea, right.  Centralization is what caused the problem and further centralization will solve it.]

“As I mentioned when I was at La Raza a few weeks back, I wish I had a magic wand and could make this [immigration reform] all happen on my own. There are times where — until Nancy Pelosi is speaker again — I’d like to work my way around Congress.”
B. Obama, still wanting to be dictator

"The test of every policy the [US] Administration develops in the Middle East is whether it is consistent with the goal of ensuring Israel’s future as a secure, Jewish, democratic state. That is a commitment that runs as a common thread through our entire government."
Daniel Shapiro

“If anybody ought to be looked out for, it ought to be the persons who represent the most significant and the most loyal part of the [President’s] base. That would be African-Americans."
Tavis Smiley

"My vigilance will be unflinching for the law to be applied. Praying in the street is not dignified for religious practice and violates the principles of secularism.”
Paris, France Mayor Claude Guéant, defending a new law in Paris that outlaws praying in the streets

“I gotta tell you, I’ve just about had it with these 9/11 truthers. If there is one phenomenon in our sick, sick culture that sums up how far gone and utterly damaged we are as a people, it is 9/11 trutherism. It pretty much covers everything: self-loathing, antisemitism, zero knowledge of rudimentary physics and a general inability to think logically.”
Ann Barnhardt, Capital Management, Inc.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DVD Reviews

Bruce Springsteen: We Shall Overcome- The Seeger Sessions:
Watch and enjoy the music as Springsteen and a house full of musicians record a tribute album to Peter Seeger. These same musicians and tunes can also be heard live on the DVD, “Live in Dublin.”

Liam Neeson stars in this mystery drama as a man who recovers from an automobile accident in Berlin but is missing any identifying documents. His claims as to his identity are contradicted by others and any documented evidence. As he struggles to prove his identity, he begins to discover he may not be who he thought he was. This entertaining story illustrates well how important it is in this world to have documentation to prove just who you are.

This foreign drama takes place in Belgium, following the trials of a Russian woman who is jailed as an illegal immigrant and faces deportation. The film helps expose the inherent cruelty of thinking of other humans as “illegal.” One riveting scene has the lead character forced onto a plane to be deported. Other passengers on the plane (and even the pilot) rush to the woman’s rescue to protest her harsh treatment. Think you would ever see such a protest in sheepish America?

To Tulsa and Back- On Tour with J.J. Cale:
I’ve been listening to JJ Cale’s music for nearly forty years. This documentary is produced and edited in the same laid back style that Cale plays his unique mixture of blues, jazz and country. It’s nice to finally get a comprehensive background on the artist I and others have enjoyed for so long.

The Eagle:
This drama takes place in second century Britain during the days of the Roman Empire. A Roman centurion returns to a forbidden area of northern Britain to recover a gold eagle standard that disappeared years earlier, along with 5000 Roman soldiers, including the centurion’s father. As they encounter native tribes, the soldier and his British slave must reverse roles in order for both to survive. The film shows how symbol worship has a long history among men (as today, with the flags of nation states). The role reversal among master and slave makes the film much more interesting than it would otherwise have been.

Phil Ochs- There But for Fortune:
This documentary takes a look at the influential singer/songwriter/anti-war activist of the 1960’s and 70’s. It’s a shame he seemed to lose his drive and creative energy once the Vietnam War finally ended.

Source Code:
This sci-fi flick is propelled by an interesting premise that the memory from the final moments of a person’s life can not only be electronically recovered but placed into another person’s mind to relive those final moments- the purpose to solve a crime and prevent a future one.

The Music Never Stopped:
This is a very moving drama based on a true story. A young man loses his ability to retain short term memory (because of a brain tumor) but his older memories can easily be recalled by listening to music experienced during those older periods of time. His therapy therefore includes using music to help him retain short term memory, as well. J.K. Simmons is outstanding as the young man’s father who learns to appreciate his son’s music to reconnect and redeem himself for past parental mistakes.

Harry’s War:
This 1981 comedy has a man fighting an unjust action by the IRS. Though not the best made movie, it does strongly project the very important message that lives and property cannot be destroyed without due process of law; a process, unfortunately, continues thirty years later.

The War You Don’t See, by John Pilger:
I watched this excellent documentary on YouTube. Mr. Pilger looks at the corporate media’s role in the USG’s misinformation campaign in its long string of wars going back to World War I.

Ronnie Hawkins- Still Alive and Kickin’:
This charming documentary looks at what was to be the final year of the rock and roll legend’s life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. “The Hawk” shows much grace and candor as he reconnects with old friends, continually joking about his desperate condition. The story takes a surprising twist when his tumor suddenly disappears, baffling his doctors, and giving Mr. Hawkins new inspiration to continue performing.

The Adjustment Bureau:
Matt Damon stars in this thought provoking sci-fi drama that studies the question of free will. The story includes men with angel-like powers directing Damon’s life in ways that conflict with his wishes. It’s entertaining how he manages to outwit their every move.

My Own Love Song:
Renee Zellweger and Forest Whitaker work nicely together as friends helping each other through present difficulties caused by past traumas. Very emotional and uplifting.

The Great Global Warming Swindle:
You can view this on YouTube. An excellent documentary that contradicts all the claims professed by the anti-carbon, climate change crowd.

How I Ended This Summer:
This Russian drama is photographed beautifully and presented at an extremely slow, though attractive pace. The story surrounds the life of two men, working at an isolated weather station in the Russian Arctic. What’s troubling is how the characters act and react to each other in a way that is unbelievable or simply makes no sense.
Not recommended

This is an intriguing film about a young writer suffering a creative drought who is given a pill that allows him to make full use of his brain; not just the usual twenty percent. He is able to achieve unparalleled success in the financial world that creates unforeseen, dangerous problems and conflicts that must be dealt with.

The Beautiful Country:
A very compelling drama about a young man in Vietnam who smuggles himself across the world to the US to find his American GI father. Nick Nolte contributes a fine performance.

Craig Ferguson-Wee Bit O’ Revolution:
The Scottish comedian celebrates his newfound US citizenship with an enjoyable 79 minutes of comedy performed live in Boston, Mass. on the fourth of July.

The Slaughter Rule:
A very melancholy and sometimes depressing drama about a high school football player in Montana who is cut from the team on the same day his dad commits suicide. He then strikes up a friendship with a man with a questionable past, joining his six-man football team. The filmmakers make fine use of the bleak fall/winter Montana landscape. David Morse gives us a topnotch performance.

The Conspirator:
Robert Redford directs this historical drama about the trial of conspirators involved in the Lincoln assassination. It focuses particularly on Mary Surratt, the owner of the boarding house where many of the conspirators lived and the reluctant attorney who is forced to defend her.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“In any event, as we are all instructed to celebrate the further empowerment of the banking-military junta, and as we are warned about some alleged threat from agent provocateurs, I say: Bah, humbug. I do not consent to be ruled by this murdering, lying gang of thieves. I reject the State and all its works, and all its empty promises."
Lew Rockwell

"The State calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime."
Max Stirner

“In traditional Christianity, the leader sacrificed himself that the followers might live forever and the gentiles gathered in as well. The 9/11 cult’s approach is precisely the opposite: It is the followers and the foreigners who are sacrificed that the political class might thrive.
In Catholic communion, the wafer and wine become the body and blood of Christ, representing his sacrifice on your behalf. Behold the 9/11 cult’s miracle of record: Transubstantiation of the Ski Mask, in which you and your labor become wafer and wine, consumed at gunpoint by holy muggers for the perpetual vivification of the state”
Thomas L. Knapp

“The secret ballot makes a secret government; and a secret government is a secret band of robbers and murderers. Open despotism is better than this. The single despot stands out in the face of all men, and says: I am the State: My will is law: I am your master: I take the responsibility of my acts: The only arbiter I acknowledge is the sword: If anyone denies my right, let him try conclusions with me.
But a secret government is little less than a government of assassins. Under it, a man knows not who his tyrants are, until they have struck, and perhaps not then. He may guess, beforehand, as to some of his immediate neighbors. But he really knows nothing. The man to whom he would most naturally fly for protection, may prove an enemy, when the time of trial comes.”
Lysander Spooner

“It is said that 9/11 changed everything, but in fact it changed nothing whatsoever. Opportunistic politicians simply used the attacks to do much more of what they had already been doing and were hoping to continue in greater measure. Admittedly they were good at that. The attacks gave them a unique chance to frighten Americans into acceding to whatever the ruling elite wanted.”
Sheldon Richman

“Americans see all motivation to hurt us as proof that we are the best, the freest, the bravest, the strongest, the invincible. Yet the prospect of some dictator without a navy flying balsa wood planes over and bombing us with anthrax will lure us into supporting a multi-trillion-dollar war that grinds up thousands of bodies.”
Anthony Gregory

“The US no longer does decisions. It can neither stop the drug traffic nor legalize it. It can neither win wars nor abandon them, neither make money nor stop spending it, neither stop immigration nor assimilate the immigrants. Washington can beat its thumb with a hammer, yes, and notice that it hurts, but it can’t stop beating its thumb. That would take a decision, and Washington doesn’t do decisions.”
Fred Reed

“The history of the last decade or so proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the US government, far from being this great liberating force, the greatest factor for good in the international equation, is instead a force for naked evil. It isn’t that “we are not angels,” it’s that we’re devils. It’s as simple as that.”
Justin Raimondo

“The ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ (which was written by a socialist to help sell flags and magazine subscriptions to public schools) – is creepy. I do not pledge myself to a piece of fabric. I will gladly swear allegiance to my daughters, my wife, my family, my God, people truly important to me… but to a government? No. Governments are forever changing and catering to the interests of something or someone else. To pledge myself to a government is to pledge my loyalty to the whims and corruption of others, and to the tyrannical monopolizer of force that continually finds new ways to aggress against me and my loved ones (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of laws).”
Orlando Machado

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
Albert Camus

“Nation states when stripped of the patriotic bunting and jingoistic propaganda are nothing than claimed tax jurisdictions where the subjects are drained of resources at gunpoint to subsidize the rulers and their parasites and looters who maintain their constituent power.”
Bill Buppert
From the Darkness:
"We cannot tolerate it. There are just too many guns on the streets and we have to do something about it. We need the federal government to step up.”
NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, inanimate objects for his city’s high crime rate

“There’s lot of stuff on the Internet, lots of weird conspiracy theories that people believe – we’ve got to have a controlled demolition if you like of those misconceptions, remind people of the tragedy of what really happened.”
London Mayor Boris Johnson, promoting government myths about 911

"What we have to do is I think demonstrate the strategic patience that is necessary to win a long war. It is going to require more resources, its going to require time. I hope we can bring all those to bear, because as hard, painful, as expensive as this has been in blood and treasure, it has cost a lot less than 9/11 did.
These are tough, determined guys, and we have got to stay in the fight, because if we decide we are done, without completing the mission along the lines I laid out earlier, well the Taliban is going to be back."
Ryan Crocker, a career diplomat who was ambassador in Iraq, justifying the US quagmire in Afghanistan

“Those that criticize us the most are the ones we're most committed to protect.”
Michael Aguilar, the TSA Federal Security Director, in response to critics.

"The real ‘problem’ with Dick Cheney, though, isn't really a problem at all: It's that he refuses to let the conventional wisdom of 'official Washington' stand unchallenged. He prefers facts to cheap and misleading narratives. And he refuses to kiss up to the establishment's demi-gods and demagogues."
Quin Hillyer, American Spectator

“The potential for that kind of [9/11] attack remains very real. Yemen has risen to the top of the list.”
Leon Panetta, keeping the fear alive and creating more bogeymen.

“I think my nickname is ‘Big Sis.’ I don’t think he means it kindly, actually. I think that what he means is we are watching too much—kind of an Orwellian view. He’s just wrong. I mean, he’s just wrong.”
Janet Napolitano, calling out web news aggregator Matt Drudge for suggesting that she’s an ogre eager to invade the privacy of Americans and in particular those who travel by air.

“These wristbands are a reminder not only of 9/11, but also of our shared sacrifice and collective commitment over the past ten years and a rededication to continue carrying out our counterterrorism mission. Thank you for your service and for taking care of one another.”
John “The Perv” Pistole, TSA’s “Administrator,” in a a memo explaining the wristbands issued to TSA agents

"Al-Qaida leadership ranks have been devastated. Virtually every major affiliate has lost key operators."
Queen Hillary [“Devastated?” I think their Number 2 “Operator” has been killed four or five times now.]

“The Department of Defense is not what’s causing the debt and the deficit. It’s the entitlement programs. If we make that mistake, we’re doomed to suffer another attack of some kind, and our intelligence will be less strong and less effective.”
Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“If, then, nobody is individually responsible for the acts of Congress, the members of Congress are nobody's agents. And if they are nobody's agents, they are themselves individually responsible for their own acts, and for the acts of all whom they employ. And the authority they are exercising is simply their own individual authority; and, by the law of nature – the highest of all laws – anybody injured by their acts, anybody who is deprived by them of his property or his liberty, has the same right to hold them individually responsible, that he has to hold any other trespasser individually responsible. He has the same right to resist them, and their agents, that he has to resist any other trespassers.”
Lysander Spooner

“There is no Utopia, but you can prevent a place from becoming a dystopia. Allow people to opt out of anything they don’t want, never put your neighbor’s inalienable rights or liberty to a vote, don’t enforce laws that have no ethical foundation, embrace “live and let live,” and respect the property and person of others.”
Kent McManigal

“Dramatic acts of public ritual like public hangings of tyrants serve a purpose in restoring social cohesion, re-establishing the rule of law, and reaffirming the values of a community. People should not look down on hanging tyrants and war criminals. It is a basic principle of any free, peaceful, stable and sane society.
But, it is not good to be obsessed about the evil nature of any particular political leader, while remaining blind about the responsibility of indifferent and selfish elites.”
Saman Mohammadi

“The correct case against war, and the strongest case against war, begins with a rejection of the state as the sole and exclusive provider of security. Market prices and voluntary patronage are a far better restraint on power than any constitution.
The myth of the state as noble provider of security is deeply entrenched. The state exerts pressure through its public institutions to replace local culture with national culture, individual pride with national pride, and individual identity with national identity. Many people have nothing else left.”
Roman Skaskiw’s

“Those who support democracy but wish to go beyond appeal to an intuition of its desirability have work to do. Perhaps there is an argument that does show that democracy is entailed by sound morality. Much more likely, it seems to me, there is not. The slogan ‘Vox populi, vox Dei’ and its endless modern variants are best consigned to the rubbish heap of exploded superstitions.”
David Gordon

“My point is simple: every Establishment rules in terms of lies, spin, and cover-ups. Most of the citizenry is vaguely aware of the lies and the spin on this or that minor matter, but voters side with the regime on the big lies. To do otherwise is to call into question their own wisdom. It is to admit that you were successfully taken in on some major matter – you and millions of others. This undermines the religion of democracy. It means that republican patriotism is based on widespread gullibility. ‘Fool me once, shame on the government. Fool me 20 times, shame on me.’ So, once the masses have adopted the Official Party Line, to abandon it means abandoning your old self and your old world of political legitimacy. It means that you are now on your own – an outlaw, a pariah."
Gary North

“Spain’s Prime Minister and its Congress changed Spain’s constitution to work in a debt limit. Who knew that Spaniards had bigger cojones than the jugheads in Washington? Answer: everybody. A male mosquito has bigger balls than the DC criminals.”
Russell Longcore

“If visitors from another planet happened to observe a presidential election, what would they conclude about the human race? Would they conclude that we have hit upon a remarkably ingenious way to select our rulers? Or would they conclude that we are a race of masochists with a deep-seated desire to be ruled by the most ruthlessly depraved people on the planet?”
R.K. Blacksher
From the Darkness:
“I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here? Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending.' ”
Migraine-Michelle Bachmann

“I think the president [Bush] made the decision. He felt strongly about it, too. He understood the dimensions of what we were doing. I certainly supported it. I advocated it. I thought it was the right policy. I believe that still today.’’
Dick Cheney, on the invasion and destruction of Iraq

"When I wake in the morning, I wait on the Lord, and I ask Him to give me the strength to do right by our country and its people. And when I go to bed at night, I wait on the Lord, and I ask Him to forgive me my sins, and look after my family and the American people, and make me an instrument of His will."
B. Obama, explaining where he gets his instructions to kill and destroy

"Every day for the past 10 years, these men and women have succeeded together as one American team."
B. Obama, speaking to his hired killers

"We do feel like veterans should have priority because of their service to their country. Almost every state, they tell me the veteran unemployment is higher than the regular unemployment. That doesn't seem right."
Eddie Price, an 86-year-old World War II veteran from Wilson, N.C, speading the meme that those who kill for the state are exceptional and worthy of special treatment

"I think he's an idiot. We are spending $900 million a week in wars and he is arguing about whether we should spend some amount of money? FEMA now has currently $900 million budget available to it. This is a ridiculous conversation. I really don't understand what he is talking about and I'm not sure he does."
Conn. Governor Dannel Malloy, commenting on Ron Paul's remark that FEMA gets in the way and wastes money.

"I mean, think about it. There are already National Registrys [sic] for convicted sex offenders, ex-convicts, terrorist cells, hate groups like the KKK, skinheads, radical Islamists, etc. This type of 'National Registry' would merely be for information purposes."
Pastor Michael Stahl, who wants to start a grassroots organization to keep a database of atheists called "The Christian National Registry of Atheists."

“They must be very busy people. Regardless of one's political views, the president is still the president – and an opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one.
You'd think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that's indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is the President of the United States we're talking about here.”
Jeff Gluck,, outraged that nearly half of the 2010 NASCAR playoff contenders will not attend a White House ceremony they were invited to. [Note to writer- what little remains of the “free world” doesn’t have a ruler. That’s what keeps it “free!”]