Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Hypocrisy

And the nonsense continues……

People talk about “peace and good will toward men” for a few hours, then they’re back to killing each other for the rest of the year. This has gone on for centuries. Why? Because The State, master creator of hate, death and destruction, still exists!

I’m all for replacing the deceiving “Christmas” bullshit with “Death to the State Day” or even the less antagonistic “Abolish the State Day.” Both names encourage the exact same result.
The invention of “Christmas,” itself involves deceit. It was originally a pagan holiday celebrating an astronomical constant (winter solstice), then somehow morphed into the day the Son of God was born. Huh?

It has become obvious that Jesus most certainly was not born on December 25, branding this hijacked holiday with a tattoo of deception. And why would the birth of the Son Of God, surely the most fantastic event in the history of this planet, only be recognized ONE stinking day of the year? Why aren’t believers celebrating this daily?

For you Christians upset about this proposal, please remember that The State is the Devil’s infrastructure. It allows the strong and the evil to oppress the weak and the peaceful. What a better way to challenge the Devil’s work than to abolish his tools? Think how much easier it will be to change men’s hearts towards the rest of humanity when The Great Deceiver/Great Divider/Mass Murderer- no longer exists!

If Jesus came to earth to “save mankind,” the most important revelation of that rescue is the declaration that hierarchal, Old Testament institutions (both secular and religious) enslave the lives and minds of God’s ultimate creation. In order for humans to remain free, they cannot tolerate self-appointed gatekeepers to regulate and control their consumption of universal knowledge, ethics, and spiritual guidance. Hence, their inevitable and even dutiful hostility toward the state.

Just as the secular Christmas is a silly fantasy, the religious version of “peace, good will towards men,” has equally been a fantasy used to perpetrate a fraud. The Christian “Church” (not necessarily individuals) will never be able to claim such a sentiment as genuine as long as it accepts, legitimizes, and obeys the criminal state and it’s opposing agenda.

Let “Christmas” be a time when Christians and sympathizers rise up and demand the end of their centuries old subjugation at the hands of the criminal state. Let the children enjoy their presents and holiday illusions (I certainly did) but let’s encourage those with an adult consciousness to work for a state-free world in which the potential for peace and prosperity is near limitless- surpassing any fantasy that a child could imagine.

Later, they can deal with the equally despicable enslavement by their organized religious institutions.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters