Monday, August 22, 2022

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Border Invasion Sets New Records

“Another 199,976 economic migrants arrived at the southern border in July, ensuring President Joe Biden’s 2022 migration exceeds the total 2021 numbers, even though August and September numbers have yet to be added.”

The numbers are up 325% from the Trump administration.

The former ICE Director Tom Homan calls the situation at the border “the largest crisis” he’s seen in 35 years of doing his job, and it definitely fits under the definition of “invasion.”

700 invaders cross in just five hours at a Texas border town.

Bad weather isn’t stopping them.

Vehicle pursuits are creating danger on area highways.

Texas ranches are being trashed and some ranchers are even starting to move out of Texas for their own safety!

Exposed- DC Regime is Trafficking Thousands of Invading Children a Week via Secret Night Flights

"Sometimes there are people who are not even on any documents for the child, and it tends to happen where these sponsors will show up and they will say, 'oh, I’m here for the kid,' but it’s really the sister or a neighbor, cause the sponsor didn’t feel like going."

DC to Spend $490,000 of Your Stolen Money for New Wall Around Emperor’s Castle

“Critics of Biden are calling out the hypocrisy of this new wall, especially at a time when migrant encounters at our Southern Border continue to near 200,000 month after month.”

Pedophile-in-Chief Cancels $3.9 Billion in Debt for Student Dead Beats

They were supposedly "cheated" so it’s your responsibility to make them whole!

DC Disease Goon Lies About 'Virus'

“’Right now, we have 400 to 500 Americans dying every day. If everybody was up-to-date on their vaccines and people got treated with Paxlovid as they’re supposed to, the deaths will be close to zero across America,’ Dr. Jha said.”

Exposed- 44% of Pregnant Women in Vax Trials Lost Their Babies

“Wolf has analyzed 300,000 pages of Pfizer documents with the help of crowdsourcing that were finally released in January. The Big Pharma giant attempted to delay the release of these documents for decades, but their efforts ultimately failed. Now, it is easy to see why they wanted to conceal them from the public considering how murderous their vaccine studies turned out to be.”

DC to Send $800 Million More of Your Stolen Money to Ukrainian Nazis

“The West still appears to be holding out hope that ramped up arms shipments, including increasingly heavier and longer-range weapons, can tip the scales against the superior and larger Russian forces. This is at least the logic in Washington, despite little evidence the unprecedented defense aid packages have significantly halted or dented the Russian offensive.”

Regime’s Commanding Hired Killer Promotes Provoking China

For some reason, he believes what China’s military is doing in their own waters is his business.

DC Still Refusing to Return Afghanistan’s Stolen Money

“The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the Biden administration has decided not to release any of the $7 billion in Afghan central bank reserves that are held in the US as millions of Afghans are facing starvation. The administration also suspended talks with the Taliban on the funds.”

Exposed- Hundreds of Afghans on Terror Watchlist Released into US Collective

“Some 324 Afghan evacuees who appear in the system were freed in the U.S., the DOD whistleblower says. The information has sparked outrage among some members of Congress who assert known suspected terrorists were let into the U.S. last year ‘after the administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan’.”

DC Kills (Again) in Somalia

The trend is clear- more bombing and killing is in the future.

Communist Regime Gangster Claims it’s 'Hate Speech' to Criticize DC’s Gestapo

"Hate speech leads to hate violence. We know that the number one national security threat is domestic terrorism, which is fueled by white supremacy."

Exposed- DC’s Tax Collectors Training to Carry Out Armed Raids on Suburban Homes

“Training also includes ‘physical fitness conditioning and use of force training, which includes firearms, weaponless tactics, and building entry,’ according to the internal report.”

DC’s Mail Goons Will Now Control Handling of Mail-In Ballots

“The rationale for this new division is that the growing use of mail-in ballots requires extra attention to ensure the greater volume of mailed ballots can be handled by an increasingly overburdened USPS.”

DC’s Security Goons List Patriotic Dissidents as 'Domestic Violent Extremists'

Congratulations- Your DC Masters now group all of you under the acronym- "DVE’s."

DC Clown-in-Gown Block’s Florida’s Anti-Maoism Law

“The ruling comes less than two months after the law took effect, restricting what workplaces can implement in their employee training.”

DC Police Officer Caught Lying in Court

“This trial proves that Gonell likely lied to the Congress during the Unselect Committee Hearing, lied to the FBI when giving statements and to the media during interviews in which he has painted himself as a hero.”

Good news for the resistance:

Texas Troopers and Texas Guard 'Push Away' Border Invaders

Finally- some real border control!

Tenth Texas County Declares Invasion at Border

“The resolution declares that cartels are acting as paramilitary, narco-terrorist organizations profiting from trafficking people and drugs and that Tyler County has a major health and public safety issue with methamphetamines.”

Texas GOP Declares Border Invasion

“Its chair, Matt Rinaldi, is calling on Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, and on all Texas counties to do the same.”

Texas Border Town Funeral Home Refuses Dead Border Invaders

“…the director of Memorial Funeral Home reported his facility is beyond capacity and can no longer accept remains of migrants found in the Rio Grande or on nearby ranches.”

Truth Teller Sues DC’s Spy Goons

“The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday in US District Court in New York City, accused the CIA of violating the privacy rights of more than 100 American citizens who met with Assange in 2017 and 2018.”

Communist Ex-Regime Gangster Charged with 28 Felonies

“Prosecutors say that Cox targeted companies he was affiliated with, along with those company’s clients and vendors, by setting up secret bank accounts that he diverted their money into ‘through false representations, pretenses and promises’.”

Texas Dissident Calls Out Fake Mexican as a 'Communist'

“The Democrat gubernatorial candidate has worked closely with the Texas Organizing Project, which is supported by the Communist Party of Texas.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

Monday, August 15, 2022

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

DC-Sanctioned Communist Front Group Harasses Texas Border Defense

“Overall, the ACLU contends that ‘migrants are being held on federal property in violation of the [federal standards] and in potentially dangerous conditions’.”

232,809 Border Invaders Escape Capture in One Month

“In all months, the Del Rio and Rio Grande Valley sectors in Texas experienced the most traffic.”

Mexican Cartels Threaten Border Defenders- DC Does Nothing

Shootings, threatening displays using dead bodies, and abandoned children are regular occurrences.

Pedophile-in-Chief Claims Inflation June Was…Zero

He should spend more time studying math instead of abusing women and little girls…

Exposed- Study Shows 'Cataclysmic Prevalence' of Heart Problems in Vaxxed Young Boys

“There are roughly 21 million boys ages 10-19. There are another 11 million ages 20-24. This means that if the bad guys got their way, there’d be roughly 1.1 million boys and young men with myocarditis of some sort! And we know the risk exists for other ages and for women, just at a lower rate.”

And Big Pharma wants them taking yearly boosters. No problem, it's just like getting a new I-phone.

DC’s Disease Goons Admit They Lied About Vax Surveillance

“The false information was conveyed in responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for the results of surveillance, and after the CDC claimed COVID-19 vaccines are being monitored ‘by the most intense safety monitoring efforts in U.S. history’.”

And they’re busy scrubbing their website of other lies.

DC Propaganda Outlet Admits Not All Military Aid to Ukraine Makes it to the Front Line

And then they immediately censor their own report!

DC Sends $4.5 Billion of Your Stolen Money to Ukrainian Nazis to Fund Ukrainian Parasites

“U.S. taxpayers are now responsible for financially supporting the lifestyle of Ukrainian citizens directly.”

DC Creates New 'Strategy' to Colonize and Destroy Africa

One of the most corrupt regimes on the planet plans to help Africa by fostering "anti-corruption initiatives," "opposing authoritarian leaders," and promoting "rights" for mentally ill circus freaks.

DC Prick Waves China

“The US will participate in war games with the Indian military in an area of India that is less than 62 miles away from the country’s disputed border with China.”

More Regime Gangsters Join Effort to Provoke War with China

They announce they will be sending more "warships and planes through the Taiwan Strait in the next few weeks."

DC Kills in Somalia

“The Pentagon is notorious for undercounting civilian casualties, especially in Somalia, where US operations are shrouded in secrecy. The incident marks the second US bombing in Somalia within one month, signaling the US might be escalating its drone war in the East African nation.”

DC Regime Passes Fraudulent Bill to Increase Taxes and Energy Costs on Texans and Americans

Here is the list of tax increases you will enjoy.

"Mother Earth" will like it!

The memes tell it all…

Exposed- 100% of Regime Gangsters Believe Men Can Get Pregnant

“…every Senate Democrat voted in unison on Sunday to reject the provision limiting the federal government’s pregnancy programs to women.”

Exposed- More than a Dozen Regime Members Have Been Foreign Agents

“…at least 13 officials under President Joe Biden who were once paid to represent foreign interests and registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Their prior clients range from Iran and Kazakhstan to Canada and Mexico.”

Communist Mayor/DC Loyalist Threatens to Harass Texans in Their Homes

“I am deeply contemplating taking a busload of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned door-knocking.”

Will he warn his invading mobs that many Texans own guns?

DC’s Treasury Goons Sanctions Crypto Platform

Is Tornado Cash the first sanctioned robot?

DC’s Tax Collectors Give 100% of Their PAC Money to Regime Communists

“Over the next decade, doubling the size of the IRS will prove lucrative for the Democrat party.”

DC’s Tax Collectors Will Now be Armed and 'Willing to Use Deadly Force'

“The Democrats' misnamed "anti-inflation" bill gives $80 billion in funding to the IRS to facilitate the hiring of some 87,000 new IRS agents.”

Regime Sets Another New Record for Tax Theft

“While it was collecting this record $4,10,725,000,000 in taxes, the federal government also spent $4,830,844,000,000—resulting in a deficit of $726,119,000,000.”

Regime Tech Terrorists 'Ramp Up' Censorship of Truth Tellers

“One of the tools Democrat-affiliated groups and media are once again choosing to use is lean on the biggest and most influential social networks, in order to make sure only “the right” messages get out.”

DC’s Gestapo Harasses Dissident Regime Gangsters

These goons even stole one of their phones!

Exposed- DC’s Gestapo May Have 'Personal Stake' in Raid of Ex-Emperor’s Castle

“According to Paul Sperry, the FBI agents spent 9 hours looking for details President Trump took with him on the Crossfire Hurricane FBI spying scandal.”

Good news for the resistance:

Texas County Declares Border Invasion

“The safety and security of every Texan is threatened by the federal government’s abandonment of its constitutional duty. … If Texans don’t save Texas, no one will.”

Texas Politicians Call for Expelling Regime’s Gestapo Agents

“We are at war with the Left. Watergate pales in comparison and it’s time to stop acting like Democrats are a party we can work with. Texas should immediately expel all FBI employees from our state until this madness ends.”

Former State Texas Rep Leans Towards TEXIT

He says it "may be the only option left."

Texas Business Owner Sues DC’s Labor Goons

“If Congress wanted a salary level requirement for exempt white-collar employees, it would have said so in clear terms—rather than giving a blank check for the Secretary of Labor to draw the line wherever he might like.”

Former DC Tax Collector Arrested for Fraud and Theft

“Police said Cohen-Roth's Ponzi scheme consisted of making interest payments to her investors/victims, while using incoming ‘investment’ funds to allow for her lavish lifestyle.”

She just copied the Social Security scam!

'Climate Change' Creates Misery in Imperial City

Flooding in The Swamp…

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

Monday, August 8, 2022

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

DC Regime Now Using Air Marshalls to Escort Border Invaders into the US Collective

“In one Arizona sector, more than 30 Air Marshals, a source said, have been deployed to help facilitate the mass release of border crossers and illegal aliens. The process is so widespread that a source said many arrive at the border expecting to secure parole.”

Supreme Clowns-in-Gowns End 'Remain in Mexico' Policy for Border Invaders

They grease the skids for the asylum scam!

Pedophile-in-Chief Issues Decree Using Your Stolen Money to Aid Travelling Baby Killers

“Medicaid is taxpayer funded, and the Hyde Amendment prohibits the use of taxpayer funds for abortions. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Daily Wire on this point.”

Regime’s Hired Killers Give $1.74 Billion of Your Stolen Money to Poison Peddlers

Here comes 65 million more doses of poison to unleash on Texas and America.

Exposed- Regime’s Own Database Shows Poison Vax Causes 10,000% Increase in Cancer Cases

“Having first queried the cases of ‘the most common cancers [that] had been reported following COVID-19 vaccines,’ he found ‘837 cases of cancer, including 88 deaths, 66 permanent disabilities, and 104 life threatening events’.”

DC Regime Sends $550 Million More of Your Stolen Money to Ukrainian Nazis

And a billion dollars more will soon be on the way!

Exposed- DC Regime Now 'Directly Involved' in Ukraine War

“It is the Biden administration that is directly responsible for all Kyiv-approved rocket attacks on residential areas and civilian infrastructure in populated areas of Donbas and other regions, which have resulted in mass deaths of civilians.”

Communist Regime Gangster Prick Waves China

Even though nobody in Taiwan wants her there, she insisted on displaying her senility to them…

DC Regime Still Killing in Afghanistan

They killed a harmless old man they saw as a "threat." Even though they said previously he and his crew were "no longer a threat."

Regime’s Gestapo Attack Dissidents

They had the gall to visit Russia for a secession related conference, which Regime wackos consider "collusion with Russia."

Has The Regime’s latest war driven DC Goons crazy?

Regime’s Gestapo Now Listing Certain Dissident Groups as 'Potential Domestic Terrorists'

But no, BLM and Antifa are not on the list…

DC Regime-Controlled Media Harasses Texas Mother

This just after a Regime Clown-in-Gown sentenced her husband to 87 months in prison for peacefully protesting.

Regime’s Ex-Securities Goon Exposed as Corrupt

“Former SEC Director Hinman gave Ethereum and Bitcoin a regulatory free pass as currencies, over all other cryptocurrencies.  This helped his own multimillion-dollar interests as well as Chinese interests in Ethereum and Bitcoin.”

Regime to Spend $80 Billion More of Your Stolen Money…to Steal Even More of Your Money

DC Communists "want Joe Biden to unleash what they call 'beast mode' executive power, and the Schumer-Manchin tax bill supplies the cash to turn the Internal Revenue Service into Wolverine."

Regime Sues Idaho Over 'Near-Total Ban' on Baby Killing

“The lawsuit - which marks the DOJ's 1st challenge since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade this summer, argues that Idaho's law would violate the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which says that hospitals receiving Medicare funds ‘must provide medical treatment necessary to stabilize that condition before transferring or discharging the patient,’ according to Tuesday's filing.”

It's called "weaponizing the Justice Department."

Regime’s Environmental Goons Spying on Texas Oil Industry

They’re looking for "unauthorized emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)."

In other words, they’re looking for any reason to loot oil companies and shut them down.

Regime Clown-in-Gown Blocks Voter Integrity Law

“The vague description of a residence address has allowed voter registration certificates with residential addresses corresponding with vacant lots, mailbox stores, motels, and commercial locations.”

DC Regime Prick Waves North Korea

“The US and South Korea are planning new war games where they will simulate taking out North Korea’s military leadership, including the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un.”

DC Regime Gangsters Pledge Your Children’s Lives to Defend…Sweden

Do you think Sweden would do the same for you?

Not bloody likely!

DC Regime Gangsters Pledge Your Children’s Lives to Defend…the Philippines

They will "protect human rights and fundamental freedoms" there.

It’s too bad they don’t do that in the US Collective!

DC Regime Develops New Battery but Won’t Allow US Manufacturers to Make It

But it’s okay for China to do it!

Good news for the resistance:

Open Borders Supporting States Aggravated that Border Invaders are Bussed to Them

“The number of border crossers and illegal aliens arriving in D.C. and New York City pales in comparison to those arriving in America’s small border communities.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

Monday, August 1, 2022

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Invading 'Gotaways' are Flooding Texas & American Border

“A ‘gotaway’ is someone seen on a camera or in a bailout/pursuit but never apprehended. These people evade Border Patrol and escape into the United States. Since October, there has been an average of 1,850 gotaways entering the U.S.each day—as many as the population of any small Texas town.”

Only the threat and commitment of lethal force will protect a border!

DC Regime to Give ID Cards to Border Invading Criminals

“The cards will essentially make illegal immigration legal in America. It would allow the illegal aliens to show police that they are already in the system.”

Regime Giving Borders Invaders Social Security Numbers

“I have this confirmed from border patrol agents who are actually, physically doing this, they are given a Social Security number. They get assigned a Social Security number when they cross.”

Regime’s 'Exemption' to Immigration Law May Threaten National Security

“The administration ‘utilized a small exemption to provide a reprieve to untold numbers of foreign nationals who have had various levels of affiliation with known terrorist organizations’.”

Regime Communists Create 'Jobs Plan' for Border Invaders

“In this legislative funding package for the 2023 fiscal year, House Democrats want to reward DACA illegal aliens with employment in Washington DC, on Capitol Hill.”

Regime May Spend $500 Million of Your Stolen Money on Luxury Camp for Border Invading Kids

“The luxury camp is being planned to house up to 800 illegal alien children aged 13-17 for two weeks to several months until they can be resettled in the U.S. There are conflicting reports on when the camp will start taking in migrant children ranging from the end of July to the end of the year.”

Pedophile-in-Chief Wants to Smother Texas Gulf Coast with 500,000 Acre Wind Farm

“As ERCOT continues issuing pleas for Texans to conserve power and keep the grid functioning in the intense summer heat, the Biden Administration is proposing additional investments in unreliable energy sources.”

Other weekly crimes include:

Trying to redefine what a "recession" is.

Bragging about miniscule gas savings.

Considering forgiving student loans for millions of deadbeats.

Lying about the nature of 'Covid' deaths.

Regime’s Head Quack Rejects Not Persecuting You More During Virus Scam

“Had we known that then, the insidious nature of spread in the community would have been much more of an alarm and there would have been much, much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing or what have you,” Fauci said.

Regime Spends $16,000 of Your Stolen Money ‘Coaching’ Lying Disease Goon

Their idea of lying is to "communicate essential public health messages."

Exposed- Regime’s DC Goons Coordinated with Tech Terrorists to Control Information About Fake Virus

“For instance, the CDC proactively flagged posts for tech companies, sending Twitter a chart showing posts that allegedly had misinformation and held “Be On the Look Out” meetings where the CDC could provide examples of what the government agency claimed was “misinformation” with the social media company, according to internal agency emails first reported by The Washington Free Beacon. The CDC also sent Twitter some recommended language involving the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), according to the documents, pointing out that a report to VAERS was not proof the vaccine caused an injury.”

DC Regime Gangsters Want 'Military Advisors' Sent to Ukraine

Vietnam, anyone?

Exposed- Regime’s Nazi Puppets Caught Spending Your Stolen Money on Luxury Real Estate

“According to extracts from the Switzerland’s local land registry, high-ranking Ukrainian officials have purchased luxury real estate in the land of private bank accounts and alpine meadows.”

Regime’s Hired Killers Consider Expanding Their Empire

“The National Guard has over 90 training programs with countries around the world, and more programs are set to be added.”

DC Regime Prick Waves China

“The American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group, including a guided missile destroyer and a guided missile cruiser, set out from Singapore on Monday heading northeast towards the South China Sea.”

Exposed- DC Regime Helped Kill 160 Civilians in Nigeria in 2017

“Conducted as part of a long-running counterinsurgency campaign against the terrorist group Boko Haram, the January 17, 2017, attack on the camp, located in Rann, Nigeria, near the Cameroonian and Chadian borders, also destroyed at least 35 structures, including shelters for war victims who had been forced from their homes.”

Regime Launches Website to Aid 'Vulnerable' Colored People and Circus Freaks

Apparently, The Regime believes these people are too stupid to know how to stay cool in the summertime without help from their DC Daddy…

Regime’s Hired Killers Ground Crappy Jet…Again

This after buying 375 more of them!

Exposed- Regime’s Gestapo Help Censor Negative Information About Emperor’s Criminal Son

“Grassley, the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the whistleblowers alleged that legitimate streams of information and intelligence about the president's son were characterized as likely disinformation or prematurely shut down leading up to the 2020 presidential election.”

Exposed- Regime’s Gestapo Creating Fake Fear Porn About 'Domestic Terrorists'

“The FBI is reportedly ‘pressuring’ agents to reclassify cases as ‘domestic violent extremism’ -- regardless of the facts of the case -- in order to bolster the Biden regime's narrative that white extremists are the ‘greatest threat’ our country faces.”

Regime Bans Another Word

Has there ever been a more Maoist-sounding name than "The Derogatory Geographic Names Takes Force?"

Regime Goon Claims Fake 'Climate Change' is a 'Security Issue'

He rationalizes that, "It’s a driver of actual missions, because climate change creates instability, which creates insecurity in some places. And you can end up — the fighting in Syria started, really, as a result of a drought. And so, there’s — there’s a — it can actually drive military missions and force the military to become involved in places and at times where they wouldn’t have had to otherwise."

DC Regime Wants to Give $250 Billion of Your Stolen Money to Semiconductor Companies

“When it was initially introduced, the bill would cost taxpayers $76 billion. Since then, it’s ballooned to $250 billion and is full of taxpayer subsidies to multi-billion-dollar companies with no strings attached for how the money is spent, opponents argue.”

Regime Clown-in-Gown Forces School to Bow to Mentally Ill Circus Freaks

“A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) from enforcing a state law preventing transgender athletes from competing on sports teams consistent with their gender identity, siding with a transgender 10-year-old that was forced off her school’s all-girls softball team after the law took effect this month.”

Regime Clown-in-Gown Throws Out Media Libel Lawsuits

Slander and libel are allowed when used against The Regime’s domestic enemies.

Regime Gangster Wants Gun Manufacturers to 'Take Responsibility' for Shootings

"This is like the old saying that we're going to blame the manufacturer of forks and spoons for obesity," said State Rep. Jody Hice (R-Georgia). "I guess you're going to supeona some of them as well."

Regime Gangsters Pass Semi-Automatic Gun Ban

"It’s a gun grab, pure and simple."

Regime Gangster Says, 'Be Happy- at Least You’re Not Starving'

“So now the White House is actually pushing the really you're doing great because it's not famine defense while desperately attempting to squiggle around and finely parse and redefine quite basic concepts as recession.”

Regime Creating Postal Division to Deliver and Return Election Ballots

“The USPS as we reported previously is a Democrat union-led shop.  This biased entity should not be handling ballots let alone have a division to do so.”

Good news for the resistance:

Texas (Again) Kicks DC Butt in Court

“Despite the Biden administration’s objections, the Department of Homeland Security will still be required to detain illegal aliens with certain criminal convictions.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The end of Roe v. Wade may end up emphasizing the political and cultural divisions in America by forcing many Americans to recognize that the United States is not one place. It is many places. This is not a problem, however, if we relearn that rather than employ federal coercion to 'solve' the world's problems, it's perhaps better to tolerate others doing things differently in other parts of the world. On the other hand, if Americans can't shake the idea that the regime must force one way of life on everyone, we can expect national political divides to grow ever more bitter."

Ryan McMaken

"There are analogies to how governments are going to sneak away from the catastrophe of the last two years. It’s been a war on people, a war on reality, an attack on rights and liberties on a scale and scope that is without precedent in the modern age. None of it worked. Indeed, that is incredibly obvious now, and wholly humiliating and discrediting for vast swaths of the ruling class.

What’s the exit strategy? There never has been one. As with the Iraq War and World War I, governments stumbled into this mess with a wild and implausible conviction, sure that bombs and blood would somehow force reality to conform to an apocalyptic dream. It didn’t happen. Now governments need a way out."

Jeffrey Tucker

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."

Edward Bernays

"History shows us that vetting and preventing psychologically broken individuals from slipping into institutions that offer power is not so easy. In fact, many monarchies and empires were built on systems that allowed psychopaths and narcissists to flourish because they relied on genetic succession. If a monarch had a son who was predisposed to psychopathy, it did not matter, that mad prince would one day become a king and there was little that could be done about it. There was no vetting process. Also, many such traits are passed on genetically, which means a power structure built on heredity could become progressively more destructive as psychopaths in royalty intermarry.

The creation of democracy and democratic republics was in part designed to help weed out aberrant individuals using open elections and the voting process. In other words, let the people scrutinize candidates and remove the crazies from circles of power. Unfortunately, this doesn't work too well if all the candidates are psychopaths, and the public has no real choice. Beyond that, psychopaths have also found ways to circumvent the political process and control it without participating in it."

Brandon Smith

"The end goal [of the Covid scam] is something much darker than a dark-enough world in which everyone is coercively vaccinated, whether they are at risk or not, whether they have immunity or not, a world in which 'boosters' for seven billion people annually are guaranteed forever. The end-goal, rather, is to ensure that our pre-March 2020 world disappears forever, irretrievable. To be replaced with a world in which all human endeavor is behind a digital paywall, and in which all of us ask the permission of technology to gain access to the physical world, access to culture and access to other human beings.  

The real goal has nothing to do with public health. The real goal is to destroy Western and human culture, and to replace it with a techno-fascistic culture—-a culture in which we have forgotten what human beings can do. The crime that was perpetrated during the pandemic years of 2020-22 was perhaps the greatest ever committed against humanity. And it is being perpetrated still."

Dr. Naomi Wolf

"That Washington and its despicable puppet states parade around like goody two shoes, shouting accusations at Russia when it is Washington and its puppets who are provoking war, and everyone falls for it tells me that Washington has the world on the road to nuclear Armageddon."

Paul Craig Roberts

"Universalism and collectivism are by necessity systems of theocratic government. The common characteristic of all their varieties is that they postulate the existence of a superhuman entity which the individuals are bound to obey. What differentiates them from one another is only the appellation they give to this entity and the content of the laws they proclaim in its name. The dictatorial rule of a minority cannot find any legitimation other than the appeal to an alleged mandate obtained from a superhuman absolute authority. It does not matter whether the autocrat bases his claims on the divine rights of anointed kings or on the historical mission of the vanguard of the proletariat or whether the supreme being is called Geist (Hegel) or Humanite (Auguste Comte). The terms society and state as they are used by the contemporary advocates of socialism, planning, and social control of all the activities of individuals signify a deity. The priests of this new creed ascribe to their idol all those attributes which the theologians ascribe to God—omnipotence, omniscience, infinite goodness, and so on."

Ludwig von Mises

"The next three years in the US are guaranteed to be bad because the regime in Washington DC has exactly the same philosophical and psychological views as the Jacobins and Bolsheviks; they’re spiritual twins. The situation will likely persist for not just the next three years but for the rest of the decade or more. Why? Because several generations have been indoctrinated to believe what the authorities are doing is morally correct. And people like to do what they think is right, even if it causes a disaster.

Things will get even worse when some 'strong man' presents himself in the US, promising to kiss everything and make it better. He’ll need near-dictatorial powers to set things aright, of course, and Boobus americanus will clamor to hand them over."

Doug Casey

"We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN."

B.W. Powe

"The globalist plan is ancient: to absorb the West into the East, with no remnants of racial or religious identity remaining. You will evolve into nothing more than an expression of the state unless you shed their labels and use your own intellect to decipher the lies.

Collectivism and altruism diminish individualism and transform the mind. Adolf Hitler used this concept to manipulate the German people into false patriotism and self-sacrifice.

It will be deja vu all over again unless you ask yourself, and answer honestly, can we really be slaves and give our total allegiance to the state without being conscious of it? Can we support the New World Order without awareness? Yes. Madness comes without a label — it is time to wake up!!"

Bob Livingston


"We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it then to consume wealth without producing it."

George Bernard Shaw

Monday, July 25, 2022

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Texas Sees Record Number of Border Invaders in June

“U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) recorded 207,416 encounters for the month of June—the highest ever recorded in June since they began keeping track in 2000.”

The Regime claims the border is "secure," being totally oblivious to the reality of life for those most affected.

Thousands of future invaders have stormed the southern Mexico border on the way to Texas.

Regime Begins New Policy to Assist Border Invaders

“…the policy directs illegal alien workers to contact the agency if they fear supervisors will try to get authorities to deport them for reporting workplace abuse. The DOL will then contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to request the undocumented employee be protected from deportation, according to the measure.”

Regime Gives $171 Million of Your Stolen Money to Group That Helps Border Invaders

“The Vera Institute of Justice, a New York-based group that supports defunding police and views immigration enforcement agencies as a ‘threat’ to civil liberties, was awarded a Health and Human Services-funded contract in March to provide legal assistance to unaccompanied minors.”

Exposed- Regime Reduced Prosecution of Border Invaders by 80%

“The decline in prosecutions for illegal border crossings also happened amid the worst border crisis in U.S. history. Migrant encounters on the southern border exceeded two million in 2021.”

Nine Texas Gangsters/DC Loyalists Vote to Expand Chain Migration

“They voted for an en bac amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which included an amendment sponsored by Rep. Deborah Ross, D-NC, that drastically alters and expands H1B Visa and Green Card status to nonimmigrants.”

Exposed- Regime Has Plan to Massively Expand Asylum Scam

It will "allow people from anywhere in the world to sign up for U.S. asylum online and then fly into any American airport."

Exposed- DC Regime Has No Idea How Many Border Invaders Have Escaped into Country

“Federal immigration officials don’t know the whereabouts of potentially hundreds of thousands of migrants who came across the southern border last year, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report.”

Pedophile-in-Chief Exposed as Major Liar

“The personal calendar found on one of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptops reveals the disgraced First Son met with his father at least 30 separate times soon after Hunter returned from foreign business trips.

However, Joe Biden has repeatedly stated he does not and has not ever talked with Hunter or his brother Jim about their lucrative contracts and business deals.”

Other weekly crimes include:

Announcing new dictatorial actions in support of the climate scam.

Proposing spending $37 billion of your stolen money to assist (meaning control) local police departments.

Regime Disease Goon Admits to Lying About Vax Poison

“I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines, and it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization.”

 She has revealed her ignorance, treachery, and deceit.

Regime Continues to Spread Fear Porn About Newest 'Strain' of Fake Virus

Call it the "Midterm Variant!"

Regime’s Disease Goons Approve New Vax Poison

“The FDA in a fact sheet for health-care providers warned that Novavax's vaccine appears to carry a risk of heart inflammation called myocarditis. FDA officials flagged four cases of myocarditis and pericarditis — swelling in a membrane surrounding the heart — from Novavax's clinical trial in young men ages 16 to 28.”

 Oh, boy- Just like the "old" vaccines!

DC Regime Sends More Weapons to Ukrainian Nazis

The 16th transfer now totals over $8 billion.

DC Regime to Train Ukrainian Nazi Pilots

It cost $100 million of your stolen money to train 30 fighter pilots?

DC Regime Considering Sending Fighter Jets to Ukrainian Nazis

"Despite previous reports to the contrary, the United States is indeed considering sending fighter jets to Ukraine and training their pilots how to fly them, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall says."

Exposed- DC Regime Still Sending Billions of Your Stolen Money to Afghanistan

“The U.S. has dropped a ghastly $146 billion on Afghanistan reconstruction in the last two decades and billions more continue to be spent, but the Biden administration is blocking federal auditors from conducting their congressionally mandated job of investigating where the money is going.”

DC Regime Prick Waves China

“The important message to the public from RIMPAC is pretty clear: They can sink your battleship.”

DC Regime (Again) Prick Waves China

“The US Navy destroyer USS Benfold made the passage through the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday after challenging Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea twice by sailing near Chinese-controlled islands.”

Exposed-Ex-Emperor’s Anti-Chinese Tariffs Cost You $32 Billion

“It's clear that the tariffs have not been effective in dealing with China and are instead hurting US businesses and consumers.”

DC Regime Bombs Somalia

They killed two "insurgents."

Feel safer?

Exposed- Some Regime 'Agencies' Redefining Laws

“The Constitution’s separation of powers requires federal agencies to implement the laws passed by Congress by following the laws’ text. When agencies can ignore this principle and redefine a statute’s meaning case-by-case, it enables executive jiggery-pokery.”

DC Regime Commits Record Theft- Again

"Texans are being robbed!"

Regime Circus Freak Wants to Mutilate More Kids

“We really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth -- not to limit their participation in activities in sports and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state.”

Exposed- Data Collection by DC Regime is More Extensive Than Previously Revealed

“The documents obtained by the ACLU reveal that more than 336,000 location points were obtained from smartphones in North America. In only 72 hours in 2018, the CBP obtained location records with about 113,654 location points (translating to about 26 location points every minute) in the southwestern states.”

Regime Steals Your Money to Bail Out Pensions

“Pensions are in many ways the biggest Ponzi Scheme of modern man.”

Regime’s Hired Killers Buy 375 More Warplanes

“So much for ‘world peace’ as the US continues to modernize its fleet of fighter jets and strategically place them in key US allies, such as Germany, Japan, and South Korea, creating a 'friends circle' of fifth-generation fighters around Russia and China.”

Exposed- Regime’s Head Climate Kook Is One of World’s Worst Polluters

“Kerry’s family jet, a Gulfstream GIV-SP, has made a total of 48 trips lasting more than 60 hours and emitted an estimated 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon since President Biden was sworn into office.”

Regime’s War Goon Declares Climate a 'National Security Issue'

“According to Kirby, soldiers of the United States Military are directly impacted by climate change as certain missions require deployments into areas with natural disasters such as wildfire. Kirby believes these are all cause by climate change.”

Regime Controlled Media Blames You for July Heat Wave

“…all three of the network evening newscasts blamed man-made climate change on the July heat wave sweeping much of the United States and Europe.”

Regime’s Labor Goons Attempt to Censor Worker’s Speech

“All Americans, including employers, have free speech rights under the First Amendment, the center’s senior attorney, Matt Miller, adds, including “the right to convey simple, truthful information about unionization to their employees.”

The NLRB is just the enforcement arm of union-controlled labor cartels. Who needs them?

Regime Coming for Your Nutritional Supplements

“One of the latest attempts to thwart your ability to access nutritional supplements comes in the form of draft legislation that would require premarket approval for dietary supplements. In short, it would require supplements to undergo the same approval process as drugs.”

Regime’s Gestapo Harasses Gun Owners

“The FBI has absolutely no business poking around in the private information of those who have obtained a concealed carry permit in Missouri.”

Exposed- Regime’s Justice Goons Blocked Release of Declassified Documents

“The documents that Trump declassified never saw the light of day, even though they were lawfully declassified by Trump and the DOJ was instructed by the president though Meadows to expeditiously release them after redacting private information as necessary.”

Regime Gangsters 'Push Ahead' with Sticking You with a Digital ID

“The deaf stance rejecting Americans opposition to digital ID shows how little the decline in trust of government resonates with Congress, simultaneously showing that the will of the people if the furthest thing from what directs their actions. As things stand, the Improving Digital Identity Act of 2021 proves that the Congress intends to get the digital ID it desires by any means necessary, regardless of their constituents opinion on the issue.”

Regime Gangsters Federalize Marriage

They have absolutely no authority to interfere into this institution.

Regime’s Transportation Goon Claims You Suffering High Gas Prices is a 'Benefit'

“The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles.”

Regime Spend $40,000 of Your Stolen Money to Study 'Whiteness'

That supposedly means studying the "developmental trajectory of children’s beliefs that white males—more so than black males, white females, or black females—best exemplify a person."

And it’s going to take them three years to do it!

Regime’s Security Goons Spread More Hysteria About 'Neo-Nazis'

They’ve even created a new word to help catapult their propaganda- "accelerationist."

Expect to hear that goofy term used a lot in the future by The Regime controlled media!

Communist Regime Gangster Admits to Wanting to Confiscate Your Guns

“That’s the point of the bill.”

Communist Regime Gangsters Create Fake, Coordinated 'Protest'

George Soros money in action!

Communist Regime Gangsters Create New Right

“This rushed legislation would overturn commonsense conscience laws to increase distribution of chemical abortion pills and other abortifacients through vague language and a hurried legislative process.”

Regime Communists Create Even More Wokeness for Their Hired Killers

Their action "establishes a full-time, funded, stationed, and resourced 'Gender Advisor Workforce'."

Exposed- Regime Partnered with Maoists and Tech Terrorists to Squelch Reporting of Election Fraud

“A partnership of far-left zealots from government, Big Tech, and leftist organizations who claim exclusive ownership of the ‘truth’ was set up in 2020 to attack any reporting that the 2020 Election was stolen.”

Regime Goons Harass Texas School District

The DC Demons love sticking their noses into issues that are none of their business.

Regime is Spending Your Stolen Money Promoting Eating Bugs

“The globalists are pushing for the peasants to eat bugs, weeds and synthetic ‘meat’ because bugs ‘consume fewer resources than traditional livestock’.”

Some good news for the resistance:

Texas Kicks DC Butt in Court

“Texas is handing [President Joe] Biden so many huge loses. First Biden tells DHS they don’t have to detain criminal illegals. Court strikes down. Biden appeals. Loses. Biden goes to SCOTUS. Just now, loses again! Feds MUST detain illegals. I’ll keep fighting in court until they do their job!”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?