Thursday, September 19, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Emperor Lies About ‘Super Weapons’

Talking out of one’s ass is common among blustering bullies.

Regime Wastes Billions Operating Gulag

The even larger crime, of course, is that some of the prisoners have been held there for as long as eighteen years without being charged.  

It’s always the civilians that suffer, never the instigating politi-gangsters.

“The opening salvo in The Green New Deal.”

Thankfully, the appointment is temporary.

Of course, you and I were told that only the Taliban that committed war violence during that time.

Can you say “hypocrite?”

The Chinese must be reminded of DC’s “supremacy.”

They need to remind Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova that they’re better off being enslaved by DC than by Moscow.

If he survives his stay in a UK gulag, he’ll shortly be extradited to “The Land of the Free” to be tortured and killed.

Iran says, "bullshit" as DC does what’s necessary to keep the war drums beating.

They’ll be “defending” their subjects from the truth about their many crimes.

The fact this case is not immediately dismissed tells you all you need to know…

Meanwhile, on the border, the number of invaders has decreased but the underlying problems remain.

Don’t you consider hypocrisy a crime when practiced by those who claim to rule you?

It’s looks like any person or organization that disagrees with her about anything is designated as “corrupt.”

They’re also looking to loot his income.

Consider both actions a warning to other whistleblowers who valiantly publish the crimes of the state.

The technology, of course, will eventually be shared with local police forces.

The demon-faced, mentally ill, teeny hypocrite will lecture them to adopt her pseudo-science scam and anti-carbon bigotry.

And bribes to Regime Gangsters keep the whole scam going.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"We cherish our right to keep and bear arms in defense of ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our community, and our Texas. We will not accept the politicization of our pain. We will not accept any policy that would reduce us to the status of defenseless prey. We will not listen to the ceaseless judgment from self-righteous and disconnected narcissists who love nothing more than to see Texans suffer. Be gone. You have no power here."
Daniel Miller

"Still using the same principle that political rulership should be employed to the extent of the evil in man, we would then have a society in which complete political rulership of all the affairs of everybody would be called for.… One man would rule all. But who would serve as the dictator? However he were to be selected and affixed to the political throne, he would surely be a totally evil person, since all men are evil. And this society would then be ruled by a totally evil dictator possessed of total political power. And how, in the name of logic, could anything short of total evil be its consequence? How could it be better than having no political rulership at all in that society?"
F.A. Harper

"The rich will be, and should be, first in line for living forever. They may or may not be the nicest people. But their wealth is some evidence that they’re more diligent, more intelligent, and harder working than most. That’s tough luck for the ne’er-do-wells, the mooches, and the slackers. If you’re poor, you made your bed. Now, you sleep in it. And, yes, I hear the whines about 'bad luck.' You make your own luck over the course of a lifetime. In fact, the bread generally goes to the wise, the race to the swift, and the battle to the strong. At least in a free market. That’s what justice is all about."
Doug Casey

"The main merit of individualism is that it is a system under which bad men can do least harm. It is a social system which does not depend for its functioning on our finding good men for running it, or on all men becoming better than they now are, but which makes use of men in all their given variety and complexity."
F. A. Hayek

"I vehemently deny that 'systemic racism' exists in America to any significant degree. The vast majority of Americans are not racists. Yet we have a problem, which is the perpetuation of the false idea that we are racists. There is also the problem of the false idea that racism causes or has caused people of color, mainly people of African heritage and genetic composition, to be so disadvantaged that non-black Americans have to turn themselves inside out in all sorts of ways, including money payoffs, in order to rectify the situation.
I deny that racism is anything worth getting riled up about, much less legislating about. I think that all such efforts to conjure up the specter of racism are scams, con games and rackets designed to favor certain specific beneficiaries. Race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have kept alive the racism myths, and they’ve succeeded in passing them on to a new generation of both black and white people. Along side of them and adding fuel to the fake fire blazing in people’s heads are Barack Obama and other socialists and progressives like him who see racism as a way for them to seize government power."
Michael Rozeff

"Our Ruling Elites have no idea how many of us already want to see them all in prison jumpsuits, and they also have no idea how fast the moral revulsion with their corrupt 'leadership' might spread. Scanning the distracted, consumerist rabble from the great heights of their wealth and power, they reckon the capacity for moral outrage is limited, leaving them safe from any domestic crusade.
They also trust that the citizenry can be further fragmented, further distracted, and so they will continue to be invulnerable. Or worst case scenario, a few especially venal villains will need to be sacrificed, and then all will return to the bliss of Neofeudal exploitation.
But they may have misread the American citizenry, just as they've misread history."
Charles Hugh Smith

"We hear much about America’s external empire—UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan.  What I am suggesting is that the United States itself has become an internal empire of antagonistic races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, and agendas.  As empires are unstable, the US is doubly so.
The decision to deep-six the immigration policy of assimilation was a conscious decision to disunite the country.  Diversity coupled with reverse discrimination dispossessed the core population of their country.  It was an act of national suicide."
Paul Craig Roberts

"I’m not aware of a foreign terrorist threat, attempt, or action against the United States, in which a motivation was stated, where that motivation was anything other than opposition to US military imperialism. Statistically, religion doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it. If you occupy another country, people get mad – with or without religion.
This is part of a broader picture of counterproductive self-defeating masochism. Terrorism has predictably increased during the war on terrorism (as measured by the Global Terrorism Index). 99.5% of terrorist attacks occur in countries engaged in wars and/or engaged in abuses such as imprisonment without trial, torture, or lawless killing. The highest rates of terrorism are in 'liberated' and 'democratized' Iraq and Afghanistan. The terrorist groups responsible for the most terrorism (that is, non-state, politically motivated violence) around the world have grown out of US wars against terrorism."
David Swanson

"The rule of law no longer applies. The law in the U.S. has become the 'expression of the general will' as seen in recent Supreme Court rulings and in the absolution of Hillary Clinton for her crimes by the FBI director and the Department of JustUs, and the unrelenting illegal — but state-sanctioned — spying on and investigations into President Trump and his associates during and after the campaign.
Americans would do well to study to the French Revolution for a precursor to where we're headed."
Bob Livingston

"It is psychologically comfortable to believe that we live in a just world. It is much less psychologically comfortable to understand that we don’t, and that we never will unless we fight very hard for it. One is an illusion, the other is reality. A preference for reality over comfort is the primary factor which separates those who serve corrupt power from those who speak out against it."
Caitlin Johnstone

"I have said before that if the federal government in the US were forbidden from stealing a single dime from its supplicant populations it would wither and die and further, if it was unable to transfer a single ruble of its stolen booty to the vast government enstupidation factories from K-PhD, communism would die on the vine in the west as a 'rational' framework in a generation. The education complex in America is the primary communist software virus hothouse in the US if not the west."
Bill Buppert

"A society’s first line of defense is not the law or the criminal justice system but customs, traditions and moral values. These behavioral norms, mostly imparted by example, word-of-mouth and religious teachings, represent a body of wisdom distilled over the ages through experience and trial and error. Police and laws can never replace these restraints on personal conduct. At best, the police and criminal justice system are the last desperate line of defense for a civilized society. Today’s true tragedy is that most people think what we see today has always been so. As such, today’s Americans accept behavior that our parents and grandparents never would have accepted."
Walter Williams

"You will not hear the mainstream media or even much of the alternative media talk about the real solutions to elitist criminality or government corruption. You won’t hear about these solutions because they are hard; they require struggle and sacrifice. Voting is easy, which is why it does not work. Legislation is easy, which is why it does not work. And, protesting with signs on a street corner is easy, and it might spread the word on an issue, but ultimately it does not work. The corruption remains.
There are two options left; first, walk away peacefully from the system and build one that works on your own or with others of like-mind. If you are successful, then expect the corrupt system and the elites behind it to try and stop you. Second, when this happens, the only option left is to fight back and remove the threat. This is where we are inevitably headed, not because we want it, but because they will force the issue."
Brandon Smith

"Participating in a gun buyback program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids."
Clint Eastwood

Thursday, September 12, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Clown-in-Gown Destroys Texas Border Sovereignty

He overturns the rule requiring asylum scam-seekers to remain outside the US until their case is heard. Now, anyone can arrive seeking asylum and allowed to disappear into the American wilderness and sanctuary cities.

There is only one possible response to this nonsense (beyond secession, of course):


Make sure to welcome all the new murderers, drunken killers, and anchor baby mamas seeking “asylum.”

And tell the military to quit whining about having a minute fraction of their trillion-dollar-per-year budget being spent on true national defense- border security.

If the military wants to kill foreigners, why not kill the foreigners invading our border rather than killing innocent, non-threatening foreigners on the other side of the planet?

Regime Ramps Up Harassment of Iran

Along with the above-mentioned harassment of cancer patients, DC offers harassment of the Iranian Space Agency, an Iranian shipping network, and attempted bribery and extortion of Iranian oil tanker captains.

No surprise, here if you’ve been paying attention.

The Demons on the Potomac require a steady diet of dead civilians.

And they’re meeting at this very moment on how to do just that.

According to him, killing their unborn children as a sacrifice to the Climate Gods will reward them with better weather.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to kill both the born and unborn in wars- as the Regime does now? That way you would also please the campaign-donating military/industrial complex.

Now she has a blue one for the ocean.

Remember when humans utilized the wonderful brain in their skulls to adapt to natural changes in their environment?

Now, they just whine like hysterical, entitled children while begging for a bailout from their DC Daddy.

The race-confused, anti-carbon bigot refers to such a threat as “calling out capitalism.”

“Capitalism?” If only we had capitalism!

The pilot was “serving his country” by bombing it with white phosphorus.

Why should only foreigners have this wonderful experience of “deep penetrating burns” and death by “inhalation and ingestion?”

And they’re teaming up with the Big Tech Fascists to do it.

This particular Goon is considered an “incorruptible beacon of justice.”

He can’t understand why Afghans keep killing people who invade their country…

He apparently hungers for more human sacrifice by those who kill for their king.

We can now look forward to increased resistance by the Taliban and increased terrorism by the DC Regime- all inspired by the twenty-year-old paranoia involving “re-grouping terrorists.”

DC knows how to treat their foreign lapdogs, particularly those who have a history of oppressing their subjects.

And the fiscal year is not even over.

Whatever it takes to make a buck- even off the misery of others.

It makes servicing The Regime’s trillions in debt cheaper while ruining your retirement.

As Ron Paul says, such an action "is an example of a popular definition of insanity: doing the same action over and over again and expecting different results."

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"I’m beginning to feel like a broken record. I’ve had to say this after the mass shootings in Santa Fe, Sutherland Springs, El Paso, and now Odessa. We appreciate your sympathy, but if you aren’t from Texas or don’t live in Texas, then shut up about gun issues in Texas.
Every time Texans face a tragedy or catastrophic event, non-Texans seek to insinuate themselves into our lives. It’s as though you feel entitled to dictate how we govern ourselves and how we live our lives. I get why you feel your opinion is somehow equal or superior to ours. You’ve been conditioned to think that way by our continued voluntary participation in your federal system. Allow me to disabuse you of that wrong-headed notion now.
We do not want your policy demands nor are they welcome. The reasons are simple. They are ridiculous, hypocritical, and show that you have no idea who Texans really are.
If your policy demands, that would restrict lawful ownership and carrying of guns, were worth a damn then Chicago and other major metropolitan areas outside of Texas would be gun-free islands of peace and stability. They aren’t. Instead, they are slaughterhouses for the poor who have been deprived of the basic right to defend themselves using the same tools as the aggressors.
This fact alone shouts to the world your hypocrisy and your latent racism."
Daniel Miller

"The War for American Independence was fought to secure the natural right to be governed by a system to which the people have consented. Thanks to the indoctrination of future lawyers by Institutions staffed with individuals who have no excuse for their continued ignorance, the people and the States continue to defer to a system in which our fundamental, God-given, natural rights are determined, qualified, and restricted by a national government which no longer cares about the consent of the governed. We have come full circle, back to a system of Parliamentary Sovereignty; we have surrendered our revolutionary legacy."
Suzanne Sherman

"The realities of the universe are unforgiving. Our failure to understand their inconstant complexities imposes costs of varying degrees that make our lives less rewarding. Having few instincts to direct us, we must rely upon our mind’s search for truth to distinguish fact from fantasy, and to evaluate the likely consequences of the options before us as we contemplate our actions. As many historians have advised us, our continuing disregard of the basic facts of existence have brought down prior civilizations, and help to explain the current demise of Western Civilization."
Butler Shaffer

"I’ve concluded that genius is as common as dirt. We suppress genius because we haven’t yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women. The solution, I think, is simple and glorious. Let them manage themselves."
John Taylor Gatto

"Capitalism, the private ownership and therefore private handling and management of property, competes with states, which involve taking property, pooling it and using it as the politicians, interest groups and bureaucrats see fit. Capitalism is in direct conflict with states. The economic means of capitalism compete directly with the political means of power of states.
Capitalism competes with socialism, and states are socialist in nature, in their very construction by which they absorb, pool and distribute money. That is why states must be strongly limited in scope and power. Otherwise they cause the people they rule to stagnate, go backwards or fail to progress as they might have done."
Michael Rozeff

"In the same way that some battered wives cling to their abusive husbands, the more debacles the government causes, the more some voters cling to rulers. The craving for a protector drops an iron curtain around the mind, preventing a person from accepting evidence that would shred his political security blanket. In the days after the 9/11 attacks polls showed a doubling in the number of people who trusted government to 'do the right thing.' The media fanned this blind faith—as if trust in government was the high road to public safety. The Bush administration exploited the trust to unleash itself at home and abroad, and the nation is still paying the costs of its post-9/11 infatuation with government."
James Bovard

"Obama was the perfect front man for a cruel empire. Being partly black, he could be presented as humanitarian and considerate of the dark-skinned peoples the George W. Bush regime had ground under the American boot.  Being a one-term senator from Illinois, he had no following and no independent political base, and thus had no ability to stand up to powerful organized interest groups.  Installed in office, he delivered the violence and mayhem that the ruling oligarchs wanted as they destroyed independent governments, controlled oil flows, and sought to establish Washington’s and Israel’s hegemony over the Middle East."
Paul Craig Roberts

"The probability of the people in power being individuals who would dislike the possession and exercise of power is on a level with the probability that an extremely tenderhearted person would get the job of whipping master in a slave plantation."
Frank H. Knight

"When I tell you that you are an American tax slave, I become one of the few who question the tax system and are labeled 'tax protesters' and as 'unpatriotic.' The propaganda machine has successfully persuaded the American people to think of themselves as 'taxpayers.' After all, you won't think bad thoughts about something you are. 
People are tricked by phrases like, 'paying our fair share.' This is altruistic nonsense because no one can pay taxes with debt money, which are those fiat IOUs that are our greenbacks. 
The income tax is a people control and information system. There is no better description of the income tax system than organized crime. It's payola to the machine."
Bob Livingston

"If all human nature be corrupt, it is needless to strengthen the corruption by establishing a succession of kings, who be they ever so base, are still to be obeyed. NO man since the fall hath ever been equal to the trust of being given power over all."
Thomas Paine

"Few are truly naive enough to think we can just sweep conflict under the rug (by banning it) and it’ll disappear. 
That if we close our eyes tightly enough the baddies will go away. 
I don’t think we need less conflict -- one of the main causes of polarization is people are opting out of conflict, opting for fake, superficial, posturing forms of conflict… 
I think we need more conflict. 
But the healthy stuff. 
The raw, heavy, sweaty, inescapable, cathartic conflict. 
Where truths come to light and are sat with and digested. 
This will mean, of course, sometimes, things we don’t like could very well rise to the top. But rather than repressing, suppressing, or depressing-- responses that, psychologically speaking, only serve to turn ideas into fixations, obsessions, and ideological possessions (AKA demons) -- the mature society would face it and see it for what it is: part and parcel of the human condition…"
Chris Campbell

"Americans are implicitly taught that history began yesterday. If any people anywhere behave contrary to 'American interests' -- how that phrase makes my skin crawl -- they must be incorrigibly wicked, and motivated only by envy at our sheer awesomeness.
Meanwhile, diplomacy has all but disappeared from the foreign-policy elite's repertoire.
Negotiation, if we can call it that, begins with a set of preconditions to discussion that the elite surely know the target country cannot and will not meet.
When that country inevitably objects, the U.S. foreign-policy establishment uses the refusal as evidence that only war can solve the problem. War, they assure us, is an option they pursue only reluctantly and as a last resort."
Tom Woods

"I would have never guessed I would be fighting against the mass appeal of communism again in my lifetime [I am in my late fifties]. Mind you, my definitional standard for what makes a communist may be more broad than the accepted constructs by 'polite society'. I suggest that every government supremacist no matter their perceived affiliation along the cleverly manipulative falsehoods of the bidirectional nonsense of left and right ends up in the same continuum as the aspiring communist sympathizer. There are individualists and collectivists but nothing in between, all collectivists are naturally interventionists and through their simpleton conceptions of employing violence to form society, they set the conditions for leviathan states that snuff out every aspect of liberty and freedom informed by atomized moral volition."
Bill Buppert

"America has become a nation controlled by men who seek 
ever-increasing power. Justice is whatever they want to happen. 
Truth is whatever they announce has occurred."
Jim Garrison

"No action can be virtuous unless it is freely chosen."
Murray Rothbard

Thursday, September 5, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

She’s concerned that these violent, raping, sexually abusing, disease spreading, criminal invaders be treated "humanely."

And I’m sure has no interest in slowing down the 200 invaders per day released into the country.

After all, her and her commie comrades have to find some way to win elections.

Loyalist Open Borders Bitches Whine About ‘Detention Centers’

They’re welcome to leave anytime. They found their way to this horrible place, so they know how to find their way back.

If they’re complaining about such mildly annoying conditions, then it must not really be that bad where they came from. Correct?

Asylum denied!

“The US Military has a long-standing position that its operations are carried out worldwide, including in areas claimed by allies, and are separate from political considerations.”

Translated: “We, the 'exceptional nation,' do whatever the fuck we want.”

Besides creating “provocative acts,” such rude intrusions seem to include looking for future base sites.

Imagine the reaction of the DC Demons if China tried to pull this off in the Gulf of Mexico…

They’ve also added hacking and employee harassment to their little bag of war mongering tricks.

It’s okay for normal people to suffer “invasive screening” but not for her precious, depraved non compos mentis monstrosities.

The Longest War will morph into The Longest Occupation.

Of course, that’s assuming the “pullout” even occurs.

They’ll be compiling “personal threat assessments” about you to see if you’re a threat to their authoritarianism.

They’ve run out of enemies in the “War on Terror,” so now they’re taking a gander at you!

Keep fear alive!

Say “Bye, bye” to your “tax cut.”

You continue to get poorer and poorer with higher taxes and higher cost of living as The DC Regime grows richer and richer, as well as more powerful.

The only way the DC Demons know how to deal with others is bullying.

The anti-Russian paranoia reaches ever more ridiculous and dangerous heights.

He thinks you’re destroying the planet, so his solution is to impoverish and starve you.

Soon after that tax becomes effective, he’ll be coming out with a new welfare program for farmers who go out of business due to the high cost of their product…

They suck at winning wars, so I guess they feel they might be competent at detecting “fake news.”

But then what do you expect when you ride on a Regime operated railroad?

In an independent Texas, if any of these DC Goons (illegally) tried this with a Texan, that Texan could legally shoot them dead.

He’ll get “real time data” to determine whether or not you should own a gun.

They will us a “social credit score” system now used by the communist Chinese.

Isn’t it time to de-fund DC and send it back to the Hell Pit?

It’s part of their strategy to surround and starve Venezuelans.

They call it “diplomacy.”

“Dear ‘Beto,’

Don’t wait until you’re the all-powerful DC Emperor, sending your armed goons to disarm us all.

Show some courage and personally come to our homes and forcefully ‘buy back’ our weapons.

My guess is you don’t have the stones to do it!”

Apparently, that enslaving Piece of Paper containing Talking Point #2 is not clear enough for the ruling class and its communist supporters.

How perverse- the “solution” to protecting people from violence is to disarm them even more than they are now!

Laws won’t save you.

Politicians won’t save you.

Prayer won’t save you.

Only you can save yourself.

Buy a fucking GUN and learn how to use it!

They claim their fleet of pirate ships are there to “protect oil shipments.”

What are “negative” interest rates?

That’s when you pay the bank to hold your money! Your assets receive “negative income.”

When you’re a member of the DC ruling class (particularly the communist wing), you can get away with that sort of thing…

They’re just doing what they can to enrich and empower other political criminals around the world.

The “crime?” It’s the fact that someone this brain dead is “qualified” by Regime standards to rule the lives of 330 million people!

Some good news for the resistance:

"Shut down DC?"

Sounds pretty good to me.

How can the whole US political collective not be better off if that happens?

Step #2 will be padlocking all doors.

Step #3 will be bringing in the bulldozers and leveling the place. It's the perfect spot for a landfill!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?