Sunday, June 17, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"For most Americans war is little more than a video game, seen in snippets on the nightly news. It is a peculiar form of cultural blindness, an exercise that involves foreign people in faraway places and is not to be taken seriously. The rest of the world, which has experienced far too much of war’s devastation first hand has quite a different viewpoint, however."
Philip Giraldi

"Unfortunately, our grey matter needs to catch up with the speed of change. We’re still running around in the forest because millions of years of hunting and gathering taught us to fear the tiger and the serpent around every bend. We don’t have claws or fangs so we needed to plan ahead to avoid disaster.
At our most basic level we’re survival machines. We imagine terrible futures so we can avoid them.
What we fear changes over time but it’s all rooted in the same fears. Tigers and serpents morph into fairies and demons and then into weaving looms and artificial intelligence. What we really fear is the end of ourselves. Death is the demon behind all our fears, shape-shifting into new forms as society grows and changes.
The fear of Zeus killing us all with a bolt of lightning is the same as the fear of superintelligent machines slaughtering us all."
Daniel Jeffries

"Statism runs counter to human nature, since it consists of the systematic, monopolistic exercise of a coercion which, in all areas where it is felt (including those corresponding to the definition of law and the maintenance of public order), blocks the creativity and entrepreneurial coordination which are precisely the most typical and essential manifestations of human nature. Furthermore, as we have already seen, statism fosters and drives irresponsibility and moral corruption, as it diverts the focus of human behavior toward a privileged pulling on the reins of political power, within a context of ineradicable ignorance that makes it impossible to know the costs of each government action. The above effects of statism appear whenever a state exists, even if every attempt is made to limit its power, an unattainable goal which renders classical liberalism a scientifically unfeasible utopia."
Jesus Huerta de Soto

"‘Invisible Government’ is a phrase for which it would be difficult to formulate a dictionary definition without sacrifice of accuracy to brevity. It may perhaps be best described as the political and economic control of the community — or the political control for selfish, if not sinister, economic purposes — by individual men, or groups or organizations, who are careful to evade the responsibility which should always accompany power. They operate behind a mask or puppets in politics and business, and these must take the blame in courts of law, and before the bar of public opinion, for any errors in the technique of knavery."
John McConaughy

"A dominant protection company in an anarcho-capitalistic world will be tempted to become a state. A limited state is tempted to become an unlimited state. A dominant state is tempted to become an empire. An empire is tempted to become a world government. A group of states is tempted to become a world government. A limited government is tempted to become an unlimited government.
There is only one solution, and it’s costly. It involves constant vigilance. When people delegate powers of protection to others, they still have to be ready and able to secure their own protection by alternative means at any time while withdrawing their resources from any given protection provider. Only this readiness accompanied by constant monitoring helps prevent a given company from exploiting its position. If, on the other hand, people become lax or if they become greedy and rapacious and support a company’s aggression, war will result. A state may result."
Michael Rozeff

"It’s hard to be an empire, for sure, but it’s even harder, apparently, to be a truly virtuous society. First, I suppose, you have to be not insane. It’s hard to think of one facet of American life that’s not insane now. Our politics are insane. Our ideologies are insane. The universities are insane. Medicine is insane. Show biz is insane. Sexual relations are insane. The arts are insane. The news media is utterly insane. And what passes for business enterprise in the USA these days is something beyond insane, like unto the swarms of serpents and bats issuing from some mouth of hell in the medieval triptychs. How do you memorialize all that?"
James Howard Kunstler

"Being a high civil servant subjects man to a dangerous temptation, simply because he is a part of the ruling apparatus. He finds himself caught in the strategy complex. The magic of becoming an executive and a strategist provokes long-repressed feelings of omnipotence. A strategist feels like a chess player. He wants to manipulate the world by remote control. Now he can keep others waiting, as he was forced to wait himself in his salad days, and thus he can feel himself superior."
Joost Meerloo

"Every man must have freedom, must have the scope to form, test, and act upon his own choices, for any sort of development of his own personality to take place. He must, in short, be free in order that he may be fully human. In a sense, even the most frozen and totalitarian civilizations and societies have allowed at least a modicum of scope for individual choice and development. Even the most monolithic of despotisms have had to allow at least a bit of 'space' for freedom of choice, if only within the interstices of societal rules. The freer the society, of course, the less has been the interference with individual actions, and the greater the scope for the development of each individual. The freer the society, then, the greater will be the variety and the diversity among men, for the more fully developed will be every man's uniquely individual personality. On the other hand, the more despotic the society, the more restrictions on the freedom of the individual, the more uniformity there will be among men and the less the diversity, and the less developed will be the unique personality of each and every man. In a profound sense, then, a despotic society prevents its members from being fully human."
Murray Rothbard

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

“If we’re gonna lose, let’s lose big…and make fools of ourselves.”

The Regime wants total control over encryption. To allow competition is bad for Regime spying and therefore bad for “security.”

Just because they have kids. Hell, they can’t even prove that they’re their kids.

Don’t be concerned- They were just “doing what they are trained to do.” 

Which makes it okay.

His ultimatum in a nutshell: “Surrender or die.”

Two lying, murdering, Mafia thugs sign a piece of paper that says, “We will someday sign another piece of paper.”

Thug Kim would be smart to take Iran’s smart advice.

And don’t forget, the US Regime (the aggressor in this scenario) has no intentions to cease the acts of war it is already committing.

The DC Regime/Death Cult wants war and they will get their war.

I’ll get excited when the god-Trump signs an agreement with the 50 sovereign American states to work for US abolition and dissolution of the US Commie Collective.

That will be something for the peace loving world to get excited about.

Killing Syrian civilians to support Anti-Assad terrorists. How is that action not terrorism, as well?

They include a long list of bogeymen and bad guys to wage that war on. Interestingly, none of them are found in that part of North America where the US Regime is responsible for security. They’re all in other countries!

Other countries (and even non-state actors) will soon be following the precedent set by the DC Death Cult.

This gives more opportunity for the US Regime to display their arrogance and hypocrisy. They’ll decry and condemn murderous drone actions committed by others, even though they are guilty of committing those same murderous actions for years!

So who will The Regime blame when the starvation begins? The Russians or climate change?

Some good news for the resistance:

Loyalists are hoping they’ll be back up and flying again in time to bomb starving Yemenis.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"What we really need to understand is that all modern wars are financed by bank credit, not by income taxes or any other taxes. All governments and all systems are and were financed by bank credit. Nazism, fascism, communism, and democracy are all products of bank credit. All are equal and all are the same. Imagine all the dead soldiers on both sides who died for the same thing and because of the same thing — bank credit. Bank credit is another name for the New World Order. It is the true name of the New World Order."
Bob Livingston

"The State conducts all of its foreign (and domestic) affairs while assuring and teaching us that it is looking out for our peace and security. It assures and teaches us that it has a right to act on our behalf, which we have delegated to it and which we influence through periodic elections. The fact that many of us believe this story doesn’t make it true. Belief in fairy tales doesn’t make them true stories.
The fact is that the State has no right to act on our behalf, and we know that it has no such right because each of the premises that supposedly imply such a right is false. If we do not act as a people voluntarily and do not choose the State to protect us, and if we prefer other arrangements to be freely chosen by us, even as the State represses them, then we cannot possibly, of our own accord, be delegating the State as our protector."
Michael Rozeff

"Let me say this is clearly as possible — presidents do not matter. They do not matter in terms of any important change in American society. Those great changes are always made either by a contingent of free people fighting relentlessly for good, or by a contingent of power mongers manipulating the halls of government from behind the scenes. In the end, like most other presidents, Trump is irrelevant, unless you view him as a pied piper leading conservatives down a terrible path."
Brandon Smith

"The state has slyly and systematically distracted the citizenry from the fact that the true origin of social conflicts and evils lies with the government itself, by creating scapegoats everywhere ('capitalism,' the desire for profit, private property). The state then places the blame for problems on these scapegoats and makes them the target of popular anger and of the severest and most emphatic condemnation from moral and religious leaders, almost none of whom has seen through the deception nor dared until now to denounce that in this century, statolatry represents the chief threat to religion, morality, and thus, human civilization."
Jesus Huerta de Soto

"The development of a kind of bureaucratic absolutism is not limited, however, to totalitarian countries. A mild form of professional absolutism is evident in every country in the mediating class of civil servants who bridge the gap between man and his rulers. Such a bureaucracy may be used to help or to harm the citizens it should serve. 
It is important to realize that a peculiar, silent form of battle goes on in all of the countries of the world — under every form of government — a battle between the common man and the government apparatus he himself has created. In many places we can see that this governing tool, which was originally meant to serve and assist man, has gradually obtained more power than it was intended to have. 
Governmental techniques are no different from any other psychological strategy; the deadening hold of regimentation can take mental possession of those dedicated to it, if they are not alert. And this is the intrinsic danger of the various agencies that mediate between the common man and his government. It is a tragic aspect of life that man has to place another fallible man between himself and the attainment of his highest ideals."
Joost Meerloo

"There’s a macabre equivalency between our various overseas war operations and the school shootings that are now a routine feature of American daily life. The purposes are equally obscure and the damage is just as impressive — many lives ruined for no good reason. But consider more lives are lost every year in highway crashes than in the Mexican War of the 1840s and more Americans are dying each year lately of opioid overdoses than the entire death toll of the Vietnam War. America’s soul is at war with its vaunted way-of-life."
James Howard Kunstler

"The notion that government can produce something people value enough to buy, or that it can 'partner' with entrepreneurs who do, is as silly as Hillary Clinton’s excuses for losing the election. Our interactions in the market, whether buying or selling, are voluntary. But government is force — physical, brutal, lethal force. It may glorify itself with museums and marble monuments while prattling about patriotism, but its essence is raw, physical compulsion. If you don’t obey politicians and bureaucrats, if you ignore their diktats, they will arrest you. If you resist that arrest, and continue resisting, they’ll increase the volume of force until they ultimately kill you. Behind every law and regulation, no matter how innocuous or beneficial they may seem, lies the same potentially lethal force."
Becky Akers

"Instead of making an honest living like Stormy Daniels, Rudy [Giuliani] has been a politician for most of his life. In other words, he was the lowest of the low. He was someone whom no one should ever respect. He was someone who had no credibility. He, like all politicians, sold himself for cash, gifts, favors, or campaign contributions."
Laurence Vance

Thursday, June 7, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

The Regime finds a new type of prohibition to increase its power and and spread more misery among its subjects.

Will the War Against Certain Plants be joined by the Wars Against Certain Cars?

They’re livin’ large at your expense. I’m betting you don’t need to spend $670 per day to keep your youngin’ “comfortable.”

It’s bad enough that such a ship is obsolete and useless. You’d think, for that money, it could at least reliably move through the water.

Peace is bad for their very profitable “business.”

Peace is bad for their very profitable “politics.”

Beginning to see a trend here?

As long as they willingly kill for the king, pay their tribute, and bow to his war rag, he and his Regime love them.

They’re now considered an “historically oppressed minority” since they are sometimes targeted for violence.

Don’t we have enough absurd protection for such whiners?

Looking at their recent history, I’m sure The Regime believes that starving thousands would be “worth it.”

Again, I’m sure they believe the “price is worth it.”
Easy to say, of course, when you are not the ones personally paying that “price.”

And if you find that creepy and objectionable, your overlords insist you must be “a bonafide member of the tinfoil hat wearing, black helicopter conspiracy theorists.”

And your name will probably be added to zee liste.

Flying a war machine several thousand miles from the Homeland is somehow an act of “defense.”

Making demands of other countries, several thousand miles from the Homeland,  is somehow an act of “defense.”

Emperor Leads State Worship Ceremony

Sorry, but bowing to a murderous state master while committing idolatrous worship to a piece of cloth and singing about the glories of war and mass murder is NOT "America."
Instead it is a slavish display of religious zealotry by infantile, brainwashed bootlickers who are absolutely terrified of real freedom.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"By allowing full scope for investment, mobility, the division of labor, creativity, and entrepreneurship, the free economy thereby creates the conditions for rapid economic development. It is freedom and the free market, as Adam Smith well pointed out, that develop the 'wealth of nations.' Thus, freedom leads to economic development, and both of these conditions in turn multiply individual development and the unfolding of the powers of the individual man. In two crucial ways, then, freedom is the root; only the free man can be fully individuated and, therefore, can be fully human."
Murray Rothbard

"The typical citizen drops down to a lower level of mental performance as soon as he enters the political field. He argues and analyzes in a way which he would readily recognize as infantile within the sphere of his real interests."
Joseph Schumpeter

"The state has become the 'idol' everyone turns to and worships. Statolatry is without a doubt the most serious and dangerous social disease of our time. We are taught to believe all problems can and should be detected in time and solved by the state. Our destiny lies in the hands of the state, and the politicians who govern it must guarantee us everything our well-being demands. Human beings remain immature and rebel against their own creative nature (an essential quality which makes their future inescapably uncertain).
They demand a crystal ball to ensure not only that they know what will happen in the future, but also that any problems which arise will be resolved. This 'infantilization' of the masses is deliberately fostered by politicians and social leaders, since in this way they publicly justify their existence and guarantee their popularity, predominance, and governing capacity. Furthermore, a legion of intellectuals, professors, and social engineers join in this arrogant binge of power."
Jesus Huerta de Soto

"Capitalism is not a 'system.' It can’t be improved, reformed, or redesigned.
Like freedom itself, all you can do is take it away – by breaking contracts, stealing property, and counterfeiting money."
Bill Bonner

"The right stands for liberty, a free, unprejudiced form of thinking; a readiness to preserve traditional values (provided they are true values); a balanced view of the nature of man, seeing in him neither beast nor angel, insisting on the uniqueness of human beings which cannot be transformed into or treated as mere numbers or ciphers. The left is the advocate of the opposite principles; it is the enemy of diversity and the fanatical promoter of identity. Uniformity is stressed in all leftist utopias, paradises in which everybody is the same, envy is dead, and the enemy is either dead, lives outside the gates, or is utterly humiliated. Leftism loathes differences, deviations, stratifications…. The word 'one' is its symbol: one language, one race, one class, one ideology, one ritual, one type of school, one law for everybody, one flag, one coat of arms, one centralized world state."
Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

"Apart from the Hollywood and Washington image, there is no purity and no nobility in fighting wars and making sacrifices that could have been avoided and that are not in self-defense; wars that are entered into with propaganda, calls for revenge, and battle cries ringing in our ears.
If Americans really believe and accept this,'…our country, then as always, would fight against aggression and all the aggressors that challenged the rights of free men', it means we will have an empire until the costs break us and other countries unite against us."
Michael Rozeff

"Given that the left has sought the complete transformation of society, and given that such wholesale change is bound to come up against the resistance of ordinary people who don’t care for having their routines and patterns of life overturned, we should not be surprised that the instrument of mass terror has been the weapon of choice. The people must be terrified into submission, and so broken and demoralized that resistance comes to seem impossible.
Likewise, it’s no wonder the left needs the total state. In place of naturally occurring groupings and allegiances, it demands the substitution of artificial constructs. In place of the concrete and specific, the Burkean 'little platoons' that emerge organically, it imposes remote and artificial substitutes that emerge from the heads of intellectuals. It prefers the distant central government to the local neighborhood, the school board president over the head of household."
Lew Rockwell

"Nation states—governments—are well aware of the value and effectiveness of terror, and use their own variations of it. Drone strikes and B-52 raids are prominent examples, but aren’t characterized as terror, because it’s convenient to say only the bad guys do that."
Doug Casey

Thursday, May 31, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

“Stand and worship the god-State and its war rag… or leave!”

Feel safer now?

And then they lie about not doing it.

The demonic US is desperate to defend their anti-Assad terrorists who are being routed.

Through what else- your smart phone.

They also monitor your GPS data to decide whether you’re a “risk” by seeing where you go and the places you visit.

“You don’t have a country without steel,” he claims. Meaning “you don’t have a country” unless you buy more expensive steel and autos from local union thugs.

The god-Trump reasons that if US consumers preferred to buy $337 billion more of Chinese goods than overpriced, Amerikan made crap, the Chinese must be “complicit in abusive trading practices.”

“If you agree to kill for the King, we’ll reward you with a free U. S. of A. membership card and bodybag!”

To “deter” the evil Russkies.

So we’re supposed to believe confirmed liars and criminals who continue to promote fully discredited claims?

It’s to keep track of those whose reactions have been naughty and not nice toward their groping and passenger humiliation.

And expect to witness a “steady drumbeat” of it.

“We are going out of our way to cooperate with Pacific nations, that’s the way we do business in the world,” says the Regime Goon. 

Apparently, bombing Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos into the stone age, slaughtering Filipinos en masse, and the firebombing and nuking of Japanese civilians is a cooperative way of doing “business.”

Some good news for the resistance:

The Regime’s abuses of experimentation and torture make earlier Nazi crimes look like an 8th grade science project.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The Donald pretends to be a conservative; but there is nothing conservative about him. The liberals pretend to be 'progressive, but their most urgent priority is to take aim at the future… and shoot it dead before it gets too close."
Bill Bonner

"There is no such thing as 'the common good' when it comes to democratic politics, for nothing is ever unanimous in politics except in very small groups of a few people.  Such unanimity is the domain of the free market, where all voluntary transactions do in fact have unanimous consent.  It is the domain of the civil society where individuals join together to support churches, create charities, do volunteer work, play sports, and perform thousands of other voluntary functions.
Government, by contrast, is always and everywhere about the use of violence, force, and intimidation to plunder one group of citizens for the benefit of others.  It is about enslaving one portion of the population for the benefit of another, in other words, so that the enslavers – the politicians – can reap healthy  'profits' themselves by manipulating the political process.  Repeating 'the common good' over and over and over again will not change this reality."
Tom DiLorenzo

"The real beauty of free market capitalism is that anyone who wants to voluntarily participate in a socialist/communist society is free to do so. The inverse does not hold true."
Jacob Leddy

"The State mobilizes public opinion in favor of war through events with large public signals, like the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the 38th Parallel, the Gulf of Tonkin, and 9/11. Lately the signals are terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Anthrax, Chemical warfare, genocide and nuclear proliferation. Pavlov rings the bell and we salivate. The State propagandizes. Our government justifies a war by using phrases like aggression against our rights and freedom. The public responds."
Michael Rozeff

"Individuals, left to their own interests and passions, have the capacity for unimaginable brilliance. 
But when they latch into the hive mind, they err on the side of the herd (whose stance is always 'We are not like the other guys') and do and say things wildly outside of their normal characters."
Chris Campbell

"Sound money is an essential requirement for individual freedom from despotism and repression, as the ability of a coercive state to create money can give it undue power over its subjects, power which by its very nature will attract the least worthy, and most immoral."
Ammous Saifedean

"All these socialists, social democrats, liberals, Democrats—their names are legion—think they’re doing the right thing. They think they’re being moral. And you can’t convince them otherwise. Intellectual arguments are useless against these people. It’s a psychological problem, not an intellectual one.
You can’t make an intellectual argument to a mob."
Doug Casey

"Modern psychological force is based on the propaganda doctrines of altruism and self-sacrifice among the people. Anti-productive politicians and bureaucrats use and coerce the public mind with the doctrines of self-sacrifice and altruism. This is a system of appeal to the unconscious mind. When you hear a politician use the term 'common good,' 'for the children,' 'fairness' or 'your fair share,' he is manipulating you to give up something – rights, privileges and wealth — to nonproductive government.
If the manipulative fiction of self-sacrifice were to become widely known, the people could readily see that taxes, regulations and innumerable laws are a complex system of government force."
Bob Livingston

"Grown men do not need leaders."
Edward Abbey