Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Tolls for Hired Killers?

It seems that in 2009 Texas state lawmakers passed a bill allowing disabled veterans to be exempted from state toll road fees. Though now “allowed” to exempt such special class citizens, about half the state’s toll roads still charge.

“State Rep. Abel Herrero (D-Corpus Christi) authored the original bill in 2009. He said that he is disappointed that some toll agencies have decided not to exempt disabled veterans. Herrero is also the author of a new bill that would change the wording of the law from ‘may’ to ‘shall,’ thus requiring toll agencies to give disabled veterans a free ride.”

Once again, the authoritarianism of political government is exposed in the sunlight. It’s not enough to let individual toll road authorities decide whether to offer such a gift. It would now be required, backed by the full faith and violence of the “the law.”

Hey, Mr. Herrereo. Want to pay the tolls for these individuals? Then you and likeminded people are more than willing to pay it yourselves! Form a charitable organization and solicit and collect funds from fellow, yellow ribbon patriots and pay the toll bills for every mangled man-at-arms you deem worthy.

"'We are not asking for a handout,’ said disabled veteran Olga Wuerz of Dallas.”

Not asking for a handout? This example is the very definition of a handout!

When you make war on innocent people and get injured, how is it someone’s else’s responsibility to help you through life?

What next for these murdering assassins? Free groceries? Free rent? Free video games? Free liquor? Free hookers?

Of course, this program will be expanded to include not just physically damaged ex-hired killers but to the mentally damaged, as well. There are thousands and thousands more of these brain addled misfits.

I drive a lot on these toll roads. They’re excellent roads but they aren’t cheap- and I don’t take kindly to the idea of paying even more to subsidize the transportation of murderers.

US loyalists have already put a gun to my head, forcing me to subsidize their crusades of death and destruction around the world. They’ve already put a gun to my head, forcing me to subsidize the education and medical care of their hired killers. Now, they want to rob me to subsidize their travel!

Where does it end? These injured triggermen may no longer carry the regime's guns in their hands and outright murder people, but they continue to initiate still more violence and aggression against still more innocent individuals. Their modus operandi has changed only by switching from weapon enforced violence (war) to politically enforced violence (forced redistribution of wealth).

When will the American people finally become liberated from the forced worship and support of murdering militarists?

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Austin Eco-Fascists Outlaw Plastic Bags

The earth worshippers that contaminate Austin have seen to it that businesses can no longer serve their customers with plastic bags.

Of course, the corporate whore media had no problem locating a willing, satisfied, obedient serf:

“It’s just like remembering to wear seat belts,” said Ron Roberts, who brought reusable bags to an H-E-B in Austin, and got a few free ones from the store. “We’ll get used to it. We have no choice.”

Please remember, it was these same greenie weenies who took away our paper bags because a tree would have to be cut down to create them (horrors!). They suggested we use plastic instead.

These are the same greenie weenies who are taking away our incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with poisonous bulbs that emit a sickening, insufficient light.

These are the same greenie weenies who took away our five gallon toilets, so we can enjoy the pleasure of backed up sewer pipes and the expensive repairs then incurred.

These are the same greenie weenies who insisted we use these much less efficient plastic bags. Now, they’re taking away (through the violence of "law") even these bags because they’ve decided that Mother Earth does not like them.

Next, they’ll be taking away the food and merchandise that goes into these bags!
Face it- these human hating Luddites want us dead!

This is the kind of BS you get when you allow an authoritarian state to be run by a bunch of delusional, ignorant, pro-government extremist, KOOKS!

Why do we put up with it? These tyrants don’t deserve our obedience and respect. They only deserve a hollow point between the eyes- rhetorically speaking, of course.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters