Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
"People who want to have the freedom to 'do their own thing' should not tolerate legal prohibitions on their chosen lifestyles (so long as these lifestyles do not involve violence against others). But they must also bear in mind that true freedom includes the freedom of others to refuse to deal with them, to make adverse judgments of their actions or ideas, to discriminate against them, and even to dislike or despise them. Unless and until this kind of freedom is widely accepted, no one will genuinely be free to do his own thing."
Ben O'Neill

"You can pick any singular political issue and ask any statist member of the general public why they support a State solution to the given political issue and you will always find the emotional states of fear or greed driving their decision to advocate the use of violence against their neighbor. Typically what you’ll find are people who project their own fear or greed onto others, which results in their calls for violence."
Michael Suede

"Like all governments, the new American government was just a legal fiction with believers, although it did allow the 'terrorists,' 'insurrectionists,' or 'rebels' to see themselves as a separate nation. If you make your own laws, I suppose you become, by that fact, legitimate. A change in perception by people with weapons can result in changed reality."
Doug Casey

"The death of the state is no more scary or dangerous than the death of the idea that the earth is flat."
David S. D'Amato

“Freedom is not only as moral as governmental slavery is immoral, it is as practical as government is impractical.”
Morris and Linda Tannehill

“Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.”
Thomas Paine

“The government is barbarism and not civilization. Much like the moral amnesia that allowed slavery to thrive for five millenia, mankind has been hoodwinked, cajoled and coerced into thinking the state is the only way to organize society and any other notion makes you an outlaw. How many times have you ever questioned the veracity of a law in polite conversation only to hear that must be the way of the world and there is no other method?
There is no greater moral government and there is no greater injustice than denying a man his self-ownership.”
Bill Buppert

“We should adhere to the age old practice of common courtesies . . . but never blindly obey the orders of those who do not obey the precepts of moral justice.”
Philip A Farruggio

“How many wars go on in the minds of these people? A harmless plant, marijuana, somehow in their world evolves into a brutal War on Drugs that kills hundreds of thousands per year. An emotion… terror… somehow turns into a War on Terror that has killed over a million people and resulted in a massive loss of freedom and liberty in the US, including the cancellation of the Bill of Rights. And now, the internet… the thing you are on right now… peacefully, without problem, they consider to be an ongoing Cyberwar and try to proclaim the GOVERNMENT needs to protect us from it!”
Jeff Berwick

“As humans, our drive and our caring come form our emotions. If we never allow ourselves the virtue of upset and discomfort at the present state of existence then we will never care enough to work as hard as is required to change it. The greatest men and women who have ever graced our history have been those who not only possessed minds capable of formulating rational plans of actions, but who also hurt so deeply and cared so hard that their emotional receptivity drove them to actions of extreme greatness. Their emotions were the engine that propelled them forward, but their intellect is what steered them in the right direction. Either without the other is at best useless, and at worst destructive.”
Vahram G. Diehl

“Citizens concern themselves with the outcome of elections, investing heavy emotional and financial support for ‘their guy’. Companies just wait it out and buy off whichever candidates win.”
Simon Black

“The world isn't complicated except when people like politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers and self-aggrandizing government certified professionals in all endeavors of human activity consciously, purposely, cynically craft a complicated world.
They do this because forcing, bullying and defrauding others gives them an advantage over those others.”
Garry Reed

“The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.”
H.L. Mencken

“Upholders of pure despotism may fitly believe state-control to be unlimited and unconditional. They who assert that men are made for governments and not governments for men may consistently hold that no one can remove himself beyond the pale of political organization. But they who maintain that the people are the only legitimate source of power - that legislative authority is not original, but deputed - cannot deny the right to ignore the state without entangling themselves in an absurdity.
For, if legislative authority is deputed, it follows that those from whom it proceeds are the masters of those on whom it is conferred; it follows further that as masters they confer the said authority voluntarily; and this implies that they may give or withhold it as they please. To call that deputed which is wrenched from men, whether they will or not, is nonsense. But what is here true of all collectively is equally true of each separately. As a government can rightly act for the people only when empowered by them, so also can it rightly act for the individual only when empowered by him.”
Herbert Spencer
From the Darkness:
"Libertarians hold that individual liberty should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of other values or causes. Compassion, justice, civic responsibility, honesty, decency, humility, respect, and even survival of the poor, weak, and vulnerable — all are to take a back seat."
Jeffrey D. Sachs, economist

“The biggest mistake that libertarians make is the way they view government and private sectors. Government is the root of all evil, and the private sector is the source of all good. Libertarians have never figured out that people are the same whether in the government or in the private sector. They will abuse their power regardless of where they perch. That is why government needs to be tied down by the Constitution and the private sector by regulation.”
Paul Craig Roberts [Sorry, Dr. Roberts, but your cherished Piece of Paper and regulation by corrupt politi-gangsters has been an abysmal failure.]

“I’ll be at the space coast in Florida this week giving a speech — a visionary speech — on the United States going back into space in the John F. Kennedy tradition.”
Newt Gingrich, candidate for US Dictator [Cool! You mean we’ll borrow more billions to go the moon and collect rocks?]

“I hope really once a day to do something very positive and clear about positive ways of moving forward as a country to get back on the right track.”
Newt Gingrich, candidate for US Dictator, leaving us breathless with anticipation

"I think it is absolutely essential that we take necessary actions to ensure that air travel is safe."
Jay Carney, White House press secretary, commenting on the detainment of Sen. Rand Paul by the TSA

“Google already has a list of search queries that send most traffic to sites that trade in pseudoscience and conspiracy theories; why not treat them differently than normal queries? Thus, whenever users are presented with search results that are likely to send them to sites run by pseudoscientists or conspiracy theorists, Google may simply display a huge red banner asking users to exercise caution and check a previously generated list of authoritative resources before making up their minds.”
Evgeny Morozov, calling on Google and other search engines to become thought crime enforcers, by providing warnings about websites that contain “conspiracy theories”

"Now you can call this [proposal for a minimum tax on millionaires] class warfare all you want. But asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes? Most Americans would call that common sense."
B. Obama, US Dictator [No, most Americans, in both cases, would call it theft.]

"It's time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: No bailouts, no handouts and no copouts. An America built to last insists on responsibility from everybody."
B. Obama, recent dispenser of bailouts and handouts

"You've got an opponent who has the capacity to reach millions of people with a click of a mouse and there's no fact-checker. They can say whatever they want."
Chris Dodd, head of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, whining about the defeat of the SOPA/PIPA bills

"Unrestrained competition can drive people into actions that they would otherwise regret."
George Soros, confirmed hater of any competition

“We should not allow the Syrian regime to stand as a judge of other countries’ human rights record.”
US Ambassador David Killion, on the Obama Regime’s push to remove Syria from the “Committee on Conventions and Recommendations,” a human rights panel for UNESCO. [This from a regime whose human rights record is less than stellar.]

“I’ve disagreed right from the beginning of this blanket blame of all banks. I don’t like that. I think that’s just a form of discrimination that should be stopped.”
Jaime Damon, head bankster at JP Morgan Chase [Poor Jamie- people are so ruthless discriminating against thieves, con men, and fraudsters.]

"He [U.S. ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey] is constantly ... reaching out, meeting with, cajoling, pushing the players, starting with [Iraqi] Prime Minister Maliki, not to blow this opportunity. This is an opportunity to have a unified Iraq and the only way to do that is by compromising."
Queen Hillary [There already was a “unified” Iraq” under Saddam and you kind blew it apart, Queeny. If a country can only be “unified” through force and violence then it’s not much of a country. Let separation occur.]

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eleven Down, Thousands to Go

"After a raucous meeting lasting more than four hours with police intervention, Dallas ISD trustees voted to close 11 elementary schools, which will result in 177 layoffs of full-time employees."

I suppose it’s good news that there will be eleven less indoctrination centers where children are abused and molested. It's also uplifting to know there are 177 less tax eaters on the payroll. Of course, these children (livestock to their handlers) will merely be shipped to other holding pens (other government “schools”) where they will be brain washed and trained like poodles to obey their masters, instructed thoroughly in the mythology of state benevolence, and motivated to fight the Empire’s wars.

"Treating teachers with respect is not that expensive. Do it!"

I love it when the authoritarianism of state loyalists is blatantly displayed. Perhaps I would have more “respect” for these teachers if they didn’t put a gun to my head, forcing me to help fund their criminally failing schools and bloated salaries. Make your case to me through peaceful persuasion, rather than rudely demanding, “Do it!”

The ensuing chaos at the described school board meeting exemplifies well the utter depravity of mob-ocracy. Gangs of parent-parasites gather to demand others pay for the education of their children. No alternative is even discussed or researched. The spirit of entitlement runs deep among those indoctrinated in collectivist ideology. Otherwise peaceful individuals who abhor thievery when committed by other individuals see no problem with robbing their neighbor via state agents. After all, this state committed theft is validated, excused, and justified by that mysterious, nebulous scheme known as the “social contract.” This contract is enforced through violence, when necessary, against any individual that does not consent to the arrangement. The only alternative offered to those who refuse this arrangement is to physically leave the geographic region they call home. Moving only finds still another gang of parent-parasites demanding tribute.

Parental responsibility somehow morphs into a communal act whereby others are forced to finance this educational activity, but are allowed little or no direct input and control over its operation.

These freeloaders scream, “Pay the teachers, keep the doors open,” yet offer no voluntary financial support of their own to make up the reported shortfall. If these schools are so important, successful, and effective, why are not people lining up to voluntarily support them?

“No Justice! No Peace!”

I’ll say. Their certainly is no justice for the victims of collectivist greed. And I can assure you, there will be no peace as long as such theft is occurring and tolerated.

For the victims of state controlled, child indoctrination centers (both the children and the forced financiers), the demise of these dens of deficiency can’t come soon enough.

The Insanity of War Flags Over Graves

[This post has since been revised, expanded, and published at]

“The family of a Mesquite veteran wants his grave to bear an American flag.”

Enslaved individual’s reverence toward their state master is probably best illustrated by idolization of its symbols and glorification of its acts of mass murder, i.e. wars. Many insist on projecting this demented adoration upon the memorials of loved ones who participated in these acts.

“He could’ve been killed when he was serving,” she [a stepdaughter] said suddenly filled with emotion.

Yes, he very well could have been killed thanks to the state that kidnapped his mind and body and put him in this perilous situation. This fact, alone, should be cause for contempt, not celebration.

Why would anyone want that ugly banner, representing slavery and tyranny, flying over a loved one’s grave? My father was a WWII draftee/vet/victim who took a German sniper’s bullet. For this he received a piece of scrap metal called a “purple heart.” When he died, some criminal from the US Regime sent me one of these filthy rags. I immediately sent it to the landfill where it belongs.

Mr. Branton was victimized and enslaved by the bloody US regime at the peak of his life. The fact that he “didn’t brag” strongly indicates that his horrible experience is a bad memory not worth recalling or remembering. It was a nightmare he wanted to forget- and rightly so. My father talked little about his horrible experience, as well. Why demean his memory by praising and glorifying his oppressor?

“The flag means America to me. It means freedom, defending our country.”

How can a symbol that has flown over some of the worst atrocities, genocides, fraud, thievery, and rights abuses in the history of humankind represent “freedom?” Remember, this flag once flew with pride over a “country” whose state protected, with violence if necessary, chattel slavery. I won’t even go into the massive political slavery it represents. Flying this flag in the name of “freedom” is an egregious hypocrisy.

Of, course, you don’t defend anyone’s “country” when you bleed and die in the state’s wars. You defend and advance the depraved ambitions of the ruling regime and the state and corporate oligarchs that control it. When the US War Flag flies over a grave, it is a declaration that the soul buried beneath the ground is clear property of the US state in perpetuity. It is a proclamation that this soul’s most meaningful action in life was killing strangers to accomplish the goals of depraved, power mad psychopaths. It is advertising the idea that consent and slavish obedience to the political order is the highest personal goal an individual can achieve and be recognized for.

Having suffered state slavery and abuse during life, why condemn a loved one to a symbolic bondage for eternity?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“I can give you a prediction about the next presidential election almost a year before it happens. Ready? The U.S. government will win and America will lose. The status quo will be elected once more.”
Kent McManigal

“History reminds us that civilizations are created and sustained by individuals; they are destroyed by collectives.”
Butler Shaffer

“Why is it that when government charges people with conspiracy the general public simply nods and approves, but when people charge government with conspiracy that same public chortles and guffaws and calls those people conspiracy nuts?”
Garry Reed

“The notable thing is that the Web as we know it has been built by private hands working together, not by bureaucrats and politicians. This is the great lesson that our Jetsons world has taught us, and it points to a truth that all governments want to suppress: namely, that order is the daughter of liberty. How dare the bureaucrats and politicians presume to be the lords of what they had nothing to do with creating!”
Jeffrey Tucker

“There is a helluva lot more evidence of the negative effects of government power than of liberty, and a helluva lot more evidence of the positive effects of liberty than of government power.”
Michael S. Rozeff

"I do not like the pretensions of Government—the grounds on which it demands my obedience—to be pitched too high. I don’t like the medicine-man’s magical pretensions nor the Bourbon’s Divine Right. This is not solely because I disbelieve in magic and in Bossuet’s Politique. I believe in God, but I detest theocracy. For every Government consists of mere men and is, strictly viewed, a makeshift; if it adds to its commands ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ it lies, and lies dangerously."
C. S. Lewis

“Fear is the psychological weapon of choice for totalitarian systems of power. Make the people afraid. Get them to surrender their rights in the name of national security. And then finish off the few who aren’t afraid enough. If this law [NDAA] is not revoked we will be no different from any sordid military dictatorship. Its implementation will be a huge leap forward for the corporate oligarchs who plan to continue to plunder the nation and use state and military security to cow the population into submission.”
Chris Hedges

“The development of massive and diverse movements against established power is promising for the future of human life, liberty, and dignity. They can call out the crimes of governments and make the political environment less friendly toward oppression. They can undermine politicians’ sources of power by dispersing state power and developing and defending better options outside the system. The status quo is killing people.”
Darian Worden

“Over the years I have read or listened to many men rattling on about this and that arrangement of matters human, socialism, capitalism, republics, direct democracy, fascism, militarism, all the gang. What the theorists all seem to overlook is the irresistible buoyancy of excrement. Communism, theocracy, the divine right of kings, all eventually fall into the hands of the crafty and unscrupulous. If they don't, it is only because they haven't gotten around to it.”
Fred Reed

“Though depicted as utopians, obsessed with pie in the sky daydreams, or as bomb-throwing provocateurs of pandemonium, anarchists petition simply for a society in which freedom is the guiding principle. Granted, on its own, that doesn’t mean much, but without aggression against innocents, the state could not exist.”
David S. D'Amato

“The natural law is rooted in the religio of Christianity and sets the epistemic and moral foundation and context for the existence of all people as individuals and that such laws make the cooperation, norms, and relationships of community possible. To break the natural law in the name of a secular theocracy is to simultaneously break the relational bonds of community that are the basis for the natural rights of all individuals to be free and responsible.”
David Theroux

“Our system is supposedly based on the ‘consent of the governed.’ If you believe it still is, then withdraw your consent. Not even the hardest tyranny can exist without the support of the ‘drawers of water and hewers of wood’ (to use an old Irish example). Once we withdraw our consent psychologically, then we can begin to withdraw it physically. Simply put, don't work for them in any capacity and don't give them anything you can keep out of their thieving hands. Don't patronize their institutions. Don't vote for anyone who runs in their pack. Remember, they are robbing you (and your posterity) blind under color of law without fear of reprisal. Make them earn what they steal from you.”
Dr. Michael Hill
From the Darkness:
“America is in truth the first altruistic force for good on planet Earth. A population which will defend people, set them free, and then come home.
America does what it does to protect the freedom and the peace of the world against those who want to control everything and tell everyone what to do. We hold back the dark forces. Provide stability. Check chaos. We give the people of the world the opportunity to prosper.”
Martin C. Boire, Chairman of Support Our Troops

“…We’re in a war, and we’re talking about terrorists. We do things we don’t normally do. We could identify enemies during previous wars; it’s harder today. I hated to see the Japanese internment camps, too but a lot of times, circumstances create hardships for certain individuals. But sometimes, for the protection of everybody, they have to do these things. It’s a tough situation. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.”
Gary Gore, chairman of the Cherokee County, OK Republican Party

“Now I’m hopeful that some of the things we’re seeing with respect to the [Iranian] nuclear program that the United States is involved with. Which is, on occasion, scientists, working on the nuclear program in Iran, turn up dead. I think that’s a wonderful thing. I think it sends a very clear message- that if you are scientist from Russia or North Korea, or from Iran, and you’re going to work on the nuclear program to develop a nuclear bomb for Iran, you are not safe. And if people say, ‘you cannot go out and assassinate people,’ well tell that to al -Awlaki. Okay? We’ve done it. We’ve done it to an American citizen. We can certainly do it for someone who’s producing a nuclear bomb that can be dropped on the state of Israel or provide a nuclear shield for a country that will support terrorism.”
Rick Santorum, murderous piece of fascist dog manure and candidate for US Dictator

“Andrew Jackson had a pretty clear idea about America’s enemies. Kill them!”
Newt Gingrich, pseudo-historian and candidate for US Dictator

“I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.
All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?
The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.
As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”
Rep. Allen West, belligerent, American exceptionalist, defending his peeing soldier boys [Yes, war IS hell, created by monsters like you.]

"He [Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak] is a just man, not a dictator... and a man like him cannot be held responsible for criminal acts like those he is accused of committing."
Farid al-Deeb, Mubarak’s lawyer, claiming there is no evidence that Mubarak ordered Egyptian security forces to open fire on protesters

"To enact legislation that protects consumers, businesses and jobs from foreign thieves who steal America's intellectual property, we will continue to bring together industry representatives and Members to find ways to combat online piracy.
Due to the Republican and Democratic retreats taking place over the next two weeks, markup of the Stop Online Piracy Act is expected to resume in February.
I am committed to continuing to work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to send a bipartisan bill to the White House that saves American jobs and protects intellectual property."
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith

"Racism and libertarianism have had their dalliance, as Ron Paul's personal journey makes plainly evident. Even today, Paul opposes the civil rights legislation of the 1960s on the ground that society has no right to deny the 'liberty' of racist behavior. Even if Ron Paul himself is no racist, he gives comfort to racists. "
Jeffrey D. Sachs, economist

"If the [Supreme] court makes a fundamentally wrong decision, the president can in fact ignore it.
I fully expect as president that there will be several occasions when we will collide. The first one, which is actually foreign policy, the Boumediene decision which extends American legal rights to enemy combatants on the battlefield is such an outrageous extension of the court in to the commander in chief's role.
I will issue an instruction on the opening day, first day I'm sworn in, I will issue an executive order to the national security apparatus that it will not enforce Boumediene and it will regard it as null and void because it is an absurd extension of the supreme court in to the commander in chief's (authority)."
Newt Gingrich, candidate for US Dictator

"Yeah, I'd take out their [Iran’s] army and navy. No problem."
Bill O'Reilly, neo-con, chicken hawk, talk show host

Monday, January 16, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“From Plato and Aristotle to our Founding Fathers, a nagging fact about history endures: As the band of robbers camouflaged as crusaders for democracy plunder the planet, the iron fist of tyranny waits its turn.”
Christopher Manion

"Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order because it is better organized."
Terry Pratchett

“In rebellion, there is, of course, a right time and a right place. Barreling forward like a brainless bull charging the deceptive red cape of the matador is not the way to win back one’s freedoms, but a great way to end up impaled by the weight of one’s own thoughtless force. Respectively, resorting to random violence, or extraneous acts of revenge against current representatives, no matter how traitorous, would do nothing to alleviate the stresses of our country. They are mere middle men. Errand boys for corporate interests. Sock puppets. They are not the root of the ailment, only a symptom.”
Brandon Smith

“The vibrancy of any system depends upon its capacity and willingness to both generate and respond to change. Neither individuals nor civilizations can remain creative unless people are free to direct their own energies and to convert some portion of the material world to their self-interested purposes The death of civilizations, on the other hand, is facilitated by a movement from individualized to collective patters of thinking and conduct. Fear mobilizes mass-mindedness which, in turn, produces the state’s deadliest expressions; wars and genocides.”
Butler Shaffer

“Among campaigning politicians, the constant rhetorical refrain is fixed on practical solutions to problems facing the country, on “making government work” for ordinary folks. But the representative politics that Americans recognize just isn’t designed to do anything outside of cementing and legitimizing a system of state-enforced corporate capitalism.
Getting money out of politics is made impossible by the very nature and definition of politics. The state is an agency of an economic ruling class, and elections are its exiguous attempt at public relations. Real democracy in a stateless society would mean consensually organized groups administering their own affairs, free from aggressive, external rule.”
David S. D'Amato

“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”
Thomas Jefferson

“When those who are curious about voluntarism ask the ‘we’ questions, the underlying collectivist philosophy is still there, and this is what needs to be addressed first before any practical questions can or should be answered. Otherwise, you are just trying to get them to abandon their system for your system.”
Chris Dates

“Freedom, morality, and the human dignity of the individual consists precisely in this; that he does good not because he is forced to do so, but because he freely conceives it, wants it, and loves it.”
Mikhail Bakunin

“The [Occupy Wall Street] protestors show a very conflicted relationship with the police. They seem frightened and cowed by them yet the police and the protestors share the same common goal: increased concentration and use of violence to guide human behavior to fit the mold of the new homo Sovieticus the protesters desire.
The police and the protestors have one thing in common: they both have a pathological hatred of individual volition, free markets and free moral agency. The former represent the very concrete realization of the utopian ideal the latter wish for.”

Bill Buppert
From the Darkness:
“I don’t believe the people should be empowered to do what pleases them the most. We have a responsibility beyond ourselves.
That is not the kind of freedom our founders envisioned and it’s not the kind of freedom that makes up a society that is devoted to the common good. The definition of liberty, as our founders understood it, was freedom with responsibility. Well responsibility to who? To themselves? No. It was a responsibility to others. It was as responsibility to our family, your neighbors and your country .”
Rick Santorum, fascist/collectivist candidate for US Dictator

"I would send troops back into Iraq, because I think we need to start talking to the Iraqi individuals there... the idea that we allow the Iranians to come back into Iraq and take over that country with all the treasure — both in blood and money that we have spent in Iraq — because this president wants to kowtow to his liberal leftist base, and move out those men and women. He could have renegotiated that time frame. I think it is a huge error for us. We are going to see Iran, in my opinion, move back in at literally the speed of light. They're going to move back in and all of the work we have done — every young man that has lost his life in that country — will have been for nothing because we got a president who does not understand what is going on in that region."
Rick Perry, candidate for US Dictator

“Are they [Iran] trying to develop a nuclear weapon? Uh, no, but we know that they are trying to develop a nuclear capability.”
Leon Panetta

“I can’t live with the implications of not doing it [undertaking a ground invasion of Iran]. I can’t live with the thought of what a nuclear Iran brings to the region and what they said about Israel, which is our centerpiece alliance in the region. I can’t live — I can’t live with the world with a nuclear Iran.”
Jon Huntsman, candidate for US Dictator

“Ron Paul and his right-libertarian ideology does espouse a new kind of freedom, just as rebellious children who fantasize about running away from home dream of a new kind of freedom. But as much as we may have rebelled against our parents as little kids, we eventually matured and realized that the rules and regulations our parents imposed on us were meant so we'd grow up to be responsible, functioning adults in society.”
Carl Gibson. Huffington Post

“In fact, democratic government is one of the greatest institutional inventions of modern Western civilization. It allows us to pool our resources and to act collectively to address the serious social, economic, and environmental problems that we are unable to deal with as individuals. The public sector is also how we provide for essential human needs that are neglected by the market – such as clean air and water, safe workplaces, and economic security. What’s more, government serves as an essential instrument of moral action – a way for us to rectify injustices, eliminate suffering, and care for each other. In short, democratic government is one of the main ways we work together to pursue the common good and make the world a better place.”
Douglas J. Amy, from a website called, “Government is Good" [Check out the website- It’s hilarious!]

“We need to make sure that we tone things down, particularly in light of the Tucson tragedy from a year ago, where my very good friend, Gabby Giffords — who is doing really well, by the way, — [was shot]. The discourse in America, the discourse in Congress in particular… has really changed, I’ll tell you. I hesitate to place blame, but I have noticed it take a very precipitous turn towards edginess and lack of civility with the growth of the Tea Party movement. You had town hall meetings that they tried to take over, and you saw some their conduct at those tea party meetings. When they come and disagree with you, you’re not just wrong, you’re the enemy.”
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, blaming the shooting of politi-gangster Giffords on the Tea party, though the shooter has absolutely no connection with that group

“It certainly seems the Iranians are intent on carrying out the threat to deal with the Little Satan, meaning Israel, destroy it completely, and attacking in any way they can U.S. interests and personnel.”
Oliver North

“[Ron] Paul's conception of liberty is not the same as Lincoln's -- which is not a condemnation of Lincoln. Paul's view would have freed African-Americans from the statism of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Act. It would have freed the occupants of concentration camps from their dependency on liberating armies. And it would free the Republican Party from any claim to conscience or power."
Michael Gerson, Washington Post

"The actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps.”
A Marine Corps official commenting on a video posted on YouTube showing four combat Marines urinating on the corpses of three dead men in Afghanistan [Yea, right. You only look on them as sub-human, then kill them, but your “core values” prohibit you from pissing on them.]

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“To those who would argue that coercion is necessary to foster freedom, that force is a prerequisite for peace and that the expropriation of individuals’ property on threat of violence is compulsory to fund an agency that, alone, is capable of guaranteeing safety and prosperity, we say: you don’t know the real meaning of anarchy, you don’t know what voluntarism is and, until you do, you will never know what it means to be truly free.”
Joel Bowman

“War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday living. We precipitate war out of our daily lives; and without a transformation in ourselves, there are bound to be national and racial antagonisms, the childish quarreling over ideologies, the multiplication of soldiers, the saluting of flags, and all the many brutalities that go to create organized murder.”
J. Krishnamurti

“So much of the big lie that we’re witnessing on the world stage is simply projected pride – the big, fat, stinking manufactured pride of pathological egomaniacs reinforcing a fabricated world of their ugly, demented imaginations. Whether world conquest piggy-backing on natural and manufactured catastrophes, or attempting to morph humanity and terraform our environment to meet their specifications for world control, it’s all defensive.
They’re scared.”
Zen Gardner

“Remember: The system relies on our tacit consent. Withdraw that consent and the system will be laid bare for what it is.
And then it will not last long.”
Eric Peters

“Responsible men a women bear the costs of their actions, confine their decision making to their own property interests, and do not impose burdens upon others . Political institutions, on the other hand, are the epitome of irresponsibility because their very nature consists in violating property boundaries.”
Butler Shaffer

“Banish the word 'struggle' from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we have been waiting for."
Hopi elders

“The dogs of war are set to be loosed upon the throat of anyone who gives voice to peaceful opposition and creative resistance; for this is the Wolfsbane they have continuously stomped upon. The assassinated messengers of peace comprise a long and distinguished list of familiar names, but is also a list filled with myriad third-world democratically-elected leaders who had the hubris to suggest that their nations and people should remain independent from fascist jackals with nothing more to offer than loaded words and loaded guns.”
Nicholas West

“From a Commie under every bush, America has moved to a Mommy behind every bush. Can I have my Commies back?”
Fred Reed

“The federal government does not need an efficient manager. That's a pipe dream based on the noble but flawed premise that government can be made to operate as a business. It cannot. Business is subject to the forces of free choice, supply and demand, and competition. Can you imagine government subjecting itself to the forces of competition? Can you imagine government permitting us to ignore it?”
Andrew P. Napolitano

“The difference between chattel slaves and 21st century slaves can be measured in degrees. Just as slave owners staked ownership claims on their slaves, the government stakes an ownership claim on you. The two masters are exactly the same in the fact that both wish to only extract your labor, the state just found a more efficient way of doing it. By claiming ownership of your labor the state has staked an ownership claim on to your own body.”
Chris Dates

“Governments ignore their own 'permission to exist documents- their ‘hall pass'- and will kidnap or even kill those who point out the violations.”
Kent McManigal
From the Darkness:
“It might seem that Paul’s libertarianism is the very opposite of theocracy, but that’s true only if you want to impose theocracy at the federal level. In general, Christian Reconstructionists favor a radically decentralized society, with communities ruled by male religious patriarchs. Freed from the power of the Supreme Court and the federal government, they believe that local governments could adopt official religions and enforce biblical law.”
Michelle Goldberg, Daily Beast

"I am sure [Ron] Paul’s motives derive from ideological fervor rather than a conscious desire to oppress minorities. But the relationship between the abstract principles of his worldview and the ugly racism with which it has so frequently been expressed is hardly coincidental."
Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

“I think a lot has changed since 2008 actually, and I think there has been a lot of soul searching in the financial services industry, quite rightly too.
It is important not to treat banking lik esome mysterious art. Banking is a business and all businesses fact this question- what is your contribution to human welfare and to the common good.”
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, UK, a former chairman of HSBC [Good luck finding a “soul” in the financial industry.]

"I don’t see us as militarizing police, I see us as keeping abreast with society, and we are a gun crazy society.”
William Bratton, Homeland Security adviser

"We will ensure that our military is agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies."
B. Obama, reassuring us that his hired assassins are ready to kill still more people

“One of the criticisms I make is to what I refer to as more of a libertarian-ish right. They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low, that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues. That is not how traditional conservatives view the world. There is no such society, that I’m aware of where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.”
Rick Santorum, authoritarian, fascist candidate for US Dictator

“But when ideas are blocked, information deleted, conversations stifled, and people constrained in their choices, the internet is diminished for all of us. What we do today to preserve fundamental freedoms online will have a profound effect on the next generation of users. More than two billion people are now connected to the internet, but in the next 20 years, that number will more than double. And we are quickly approaching the day when more than a billion people are using the internet in repressive countries. The pledges we make and the actions we take today can help us determine whether that number grows or shrinks, or whether the meaning of being on the internet is totally distorted.”
Queen Hypocrite Hillary, top ranking official of a regime that has openly declared war on a free internet

“I think Jefferson or George Washington would have rather strongly discouraged youth from growing marijuana and their techniques with dealing with it would have been rather more violent than the current government.”
New Gingrich, supposed “historian” who doesn’t know that Washington and Jefferson grew marijuana

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DVD Reviews

Eastern Promises:
This drama involves a British midwife who searches for family information about a newborn whose mother has died after child birth. Her search results in crossing paths with the Russian mafia in London. This apparently well-researched story gives a glimpse into the intricacies of that organization and its unforgiving violence. Viggo Mortensen is excellent representing the subtle nuances of a smooth, well tempered mobster.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a somewhat weird, long-haired metal head who moves himself into the home of a grief stricken family that has just lost its wife/mother. In his own strange way, he manages to help each overcome their debilitating sadness. Not a great movie, but quirky and funny.

The Train:
This 1964 film has Burt Lancaster leading an effort by the French underground during WWII. The allies are approaching Paris and the Nazis aim to ship a train full of classic, priceless, French art to Germany before the liberation arrives. Lancaster’s character directs the counter action. Based on a true story.

The Overture:A very interesting and inspiring film made in Thailand. Based on a true story, it follows a musician, highly skilled in playing a xylophone-like instrument called the ranard-ek. This musician and others work to preserve the traditional music threatened by the government’s attempted cultural genocide in the 1940’s. Includes some amazing scenes of musical prowess.

Super 8:
Though a decent coming of age story (probably only attractive to pre-teens) and entertaining child acting, this sci-fi effort lacks the gee-wiz quality of typical Steven Spielberg produced movies of this genre.
Not Recommended

The Tree of Life:
A very different kind of film that some will love and others hate. Brad Pitt and Sean Penn star in this story about a man looking back on his life that included a loving mother, an overbearing father, and the devastating loss of one of his brothers. As one who has experienced the loss of a brother, I can identify with the spiritual reflection experienced by the character. Even if you wind up not liking this effort, you’ll have to admit that it’s an interesting piece of filmmaking.

Seven Days in May:
A very riveting, enjoyable drama released in 1964. Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster square off during an attempted military coup by a high ranking general against the president of the United States. It’s quite ironic and even spooky that a movie with this kind of story was released not long after the Kennedy coup.

Soul Surfer:
A true story about a young teen girl in Australia who loses an arm in a shark attack. This tragic event, however, doesn’t dampen her ambition to remain a competitive surfer. A nice enough story but the film is so directed at young kids and pre-teens that it winds up being too sugary.
Not recommended

The Devil's Double
This interesting drama looks at the man who worked as a body double for Uday Hussein, one of Saddam’s demented progeny. While forced to give up his own identity, he struggles to find a way to return to his family and being the man he once was.

La France:
This French made film finds a young wife who takes off to the front to find her soldier husband during World War I in France. She takes up with a French army unit that turns out to be made entirely of deserters. A sometime strange film that seemingly attempts to convey the desperation and hopelessness of war but doesn’t quite succeed.
Not Recommended

The Ascent of Man:
This 5 disc series, 1973 documentary is written and narrated by Dr. Jacob Bronowski, a leading scientist and versatile intellectual from the early and mid-20th century. It presents a unique perspective of the history of human beings through scientific endeavor, and the resultant technological and social evolution.

What in the World Are They Spraying?:
This documentary features G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger researching and discussing the phenomenon of geo-engineering, manifested in the form of chem-trails in the sky left behind by jet aircraft. A must see if you wish to understand how the global elites are poisoning your air , soil and water to exploit and even kill you.

The Reef:
A suspenseful drama done in the spirit of “Open Water.” Five individuals sailing off the coast of Australia find themselves in the water after there boat runs aground and sinks. They then attempt to swim through shark infested waters to the nearest land .

Atlas Shrugged- Part I:
I’ll come clean and painfully admit I’ve never read Ayn Rand’s novel. I can sense the story is a bit rushed to fit within the context of a feature film. But this is not surprising considering it was condensed from a 1000+ page novel.. Not much time is allowed for character development. For those who immediately “get” the theme and idea of the story, Part I is quite enjoyable and inspiring, as well as illustrating nicely the very conflicts between individuals and state criminals that exist today. Those who don’t “get” this attitude will probably find it a bore.

9th Company:
A very intense drama about Russian soldiers who train at boot camp together then are sent off to fight in the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. It just so happens they are there during the final year or so before the withdrawal of Soviet troops. The film does an excellent job of conveying the merciless brutality of war.

Wild Target:
A nice little British comedy about a hit man, who instead of killing his target, winds up being her protector. All in all, mildly amusing despite running out of steam at the end.

Boom Town:
This 1940 feature stars Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy as two oil wildcatters. Unfortunately, an entertaining film about two roughnecks repeatedly making and losing fortunes (and always with a smile on their face) is bogged down by their mutual relationship with a woman. Must all story plots contain a love interest?
Not Recommended

Faith Like Potatoes:
An attractive true story about faith and resilience is marred by a mediocre screenplay and even worse acting.
Not Recommended

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He Forgot the Gun

Michael Anthony Fuller, 53 walked into a Lexington, NC Walmart attempting to pay for his merchandise with a million dollar bill. Despite his insistence that the bill was real, the clerk turned him down and called the police.

Mr. Miller neglected to bring along one very important component necessary to give legitimacy to his paper currency- a gun. The US Government produces fiat money, based on nothing, in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. They are backed by nothing but a promise. The dirty, little secret, unknown to many, is that the acceptance of each FRN is enforced by an invisible gun that forces all participants in a transaction to accept such worthless paper as legitimate currency.

The irony is that if Mr. Fuller had brought a gun, he would have also been arrested for attempted robbery. When can we expect identical charges against those who offer that other funny money?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Secession- There Is No One Way

My piece on personal secession received a great amount of response from around the world. Within a 24 hour period the declaration was published at three high traffic sites; Lew Rockwell, Activist Post, and InfoWars. The latter one surprised me, as I’ve never heard Alex Jones even utter the word “secession,” let alone discuss it as a viable option. I love Alex, but he seems hell bent on restoring a republic and its regulating piece of paper (constitution) despite its massive failure to protect individual liberty.

The goal of my statement was as much to inspire others to take similar action, as much as it was to make a personal declaration. I would never insist that my declaration be the definitive proclamation for one to make, nor my resulting actions be the one path to follow.

Thinking, rational, and awakened individuals ultimately come to this conclusion: The power of some individuals to rule others is a fiction that only exists within the minds of those who claim to rule and those who accept such rule. They also realize that this rule is maintained not through consent, but at the point of a gun.

Each individual comes to this moment of clarity in a different way. Once this realization is made, each individual has his own way of declaring his sovereignty back from those who claim to own it in the present. This declaration also doubles as a notice and warning to those who may threaten it in the future.

Each individual will also each have his unique way to actively seek that now-declared freedom and decide how to defend it. From past reading and from recent communication with others, I can immediately list at least four legitimate plans of action:

Beating them at their own game - If you enjoy getting down in the mud with these brutes by participating in “the process” of “legally” defending yourself (as the state sees it), this is the path for you. Some folks in Canada have had success with such a method. Just make sure you are adequately armed with the proper knowledge to fight your opponent. But also be inspired by the fact that most of these self-professed rulers are ill-prepared intellectually (or morally) to defeat a well educated adversary.

Giving up citizenship or changing citizenship- Many have taken this route. There is a defined process (defined by the state, of course) to complete such an action. From what I’ve read, this process will be made more difficult in the future, as our rulers begin to be alarmed at the large numbers of their livestock running off from the barn yard. But please remember, your are swapping one ruling state master for another. Certainly, your new master will be perceived as more benevolent, but how long will that last?

Working for state secession- I see this plan of action gaining increasing popularity, not in the years ahead, but the immediate months. The eventual economic collapse of that piece of fiction known as the United States of America will make state secession all but necessary if survival (at least the political kind) is desired. I see state secession as a legitimate stepping stone to eventual personal secession. More and more folks will see how much better life is without the burdens put forth by the DC Death Cult. They’ll next turn their attention toward their state capitals and begin to ponder why they are necessary. Of course, existing states may break apart in still smaller states, as in this example a reader sent me from New York.

Going stateless- This is certainly the most extreme, the most direct, and the riskiest action to take. No stepping stones here. I greatly admire those who choose this route. If this is chosen, be prepared for near daily conflicts with a variety of state rulers who will claim you as their livestock, lay their brand on you, and insist that you recognize such a claim. Two individuals that come to mind who chose this path are Jeff Knaebel and Mike Golguski. Read their accounts and other’s thoroughly before deciding if this is the course of action for you.

The power of such a secession declaration isn’t as much an act of resistance to the powers that be and announcing your contempt for their arrogance, coercion, and tyranny. The greater value is creating a mindset within an individual that will inspire and direct their actions toward achieving true independence from ruling state criminals. Their declaration will also inspire others to take their own actions. Again, there is no one way to declare or take action. Creativity and originality, held hostage by state imposed conformity, will be released to produce a multitude of ideas to de-legitimatize and defeat the state.

But it is necessary to first make that affirmation. Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Such a declaration or affirmation is necessary as a guide and motivator, directing you successfully down, what may very well be, a dangerous path.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“In the interest of efficiency, I suggest the government consolidate the Wars on Drugs, Terror, and Piracy into a single war: The War on You. That would make things a lot simpler — and a lot more honest.”
Kevin Carson

“SOP U.S. Lies and Bull Shit. That's what America is to the world now and even the intelligent and knowledgeable Americans now take it for granted. SOP.
America has become an incredible farce to the whole world.”
Jack D. Douglas

“As the ranks of those dependent on the welfare state continue to grow, the need for the rulers to pay attention to the ruled population diminishes. The masters know full well that the sheep will not bolt the enclosure in which the shepherds are making it possible for them to survive. Every person who becomes dependent on the state simultaneously becomes one less person who might act in some way to oppose the existing regime. Thus have modern governments gone greatly beyond the bread and circuses with which the Roman Caesars purchased the common people’s allegiance.”
Robert Higgs

“Like the wolves, we have become part of a collective whose operating principle is violence, with the goal being to inflict it onto others and avoid having it inflicted upon us.”
Eric Peters

“The monolithic hurdle that Voluntaryists face, even in such an atmosphere of discontent and rebellion, is demonstrating how the underlying problems can never be solved simply by replacing one government with another, no matter how radical the change might seem to some. The paradigm must be shifted to include all political government itself in order to cure the ongoing and worsening ills we all face. We don’t need to change the government. In fact, we can’t. Its fundamental nature prevents any such change before we even get started. We can only eliminate it altogether in favor of non-violent, non-compulsory, free-market solutions.”
Alex R. Knight III

“When American evangelicals launch campaigns to deal with attempts to outlaw the ‘under God’ portion of the Pledge of Allegiance, they are not preserving religious freedom, nor are not paying homage to the ideals of liberty that inspired many of the founders of this nation. Instead, they are endorsing a pledge created by a socialist who despised the founders of this country and who hated the views that the framers of the U.S. Constitution had on law and the state. Indeed, the Pledge of Allegiance is the antithesis of all of those ideals upon which conservative evangelicals claim to be supporting and it is collectivist and Progressivist to the core. Yet, because it has the phrase ‘under God,’ Christians are willing to engage in what only can be idolatry and pledge their troth to another god.”
William L. Anderson

“It is the invariable habit of bureaucracies, at all times and everywhere, to assume…that every citizen is a criminal. Their one apparent purpose, pursued with a relentless and furious diligence, is to convert the assumption into a fact. They hunt endlessly for proofs, and, when proofs are lacking, for mere suspicions. The moment they become aware of a definite citizen, John Doe, seeking what is his right under the law, they begin searching feverishly for an excuse for withholding it from him.”
H.L. Mencken

“That genuinely exceptional America earned the admiration of the world – not because its government possessed the power to murder people by remote control, or annihilate entire continents in a nuclear paroxysm, but rather because its people were free and independent, and its society -- although displaying all of the imperfections to which fallen man is heir – aspired to be governed by the Golden Rule.”
Will Grigg

"It seems fitting that in a country where people aspire to two of everything – cars, kids, and homes – we should have two histories as well. And so we do: a public chronicle, or ‘Disney version,’ so widely available as to be unavoidable . . . and a second one that remains secret, buried, and unnamed."
Jim Hougan

“From the perspective of institutions, individuality becomes a form of entropy (i.e., energy otherwise unavailable for their productive purposes) that they insist on repressing. Liberty is a very volatile condition, conducive to all kinds of uncertainties and unpredictability’s. Institutions prefer uniformity, standardization, and the sense of security that comes from knowing that their interests will not be upset by diverse and spontaneous influences that cannot be exploited for organizational ends.”
Butler Shaffer

“The only way to protect ourselves, to restore our liberty, our security, and our prosperity, is to totally decentralize America. States must secede in a coordinated effort. If the political Powers That Be who are in control of state governments don’t want to do that and instead desperately cling to that dying, tyrannical, criminal regime in Washington, then it is up to the people themselves to secede, to withdraw support for the occupying federal regime, and to practice their right to protect and preserve their lives and their families’ lives.”
Scott Lazarowitz

“Life will give you back what you deliver. The Universe empowers the conscious. It’s available to all.
The rest of the mechanisms are at ground level. Stay there and be hamburger. It’s your choice.”
Zen Gardner

“Freedom is work, and there is no abstracting one’s self out of the market as if it were some independent process outside of ourselves that ‘will take care of everything.’ The market is us. Push us toward a better world by demanding wisely if you can bear it, as anyone who would dare call themselves an adult should be prepared to do.”
Ross Kenyon

“All public school is, in the US today, is indoctrination for jail or to train you to be a cubicle rat for the rest of your life.”
Jeff Berwick

“Without your right to have money that holds it's value, all else just fails because you don't have any real money. And that's what they're doing – they are robbing us blind.”
Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Liberty Dollar

“A given society is either building up and becoming more ethical and innovative, or it is falling down and receding further into immorality and destruction. Peace and prosperity are the direct logical inevitable conclusions of the sum total of moral voluntary commerce; war and poverty are the direct logical inevitable conclusions of the sum total of immoral involuntary crime.”
Vahram G. Diehl

“Those who don't read history probably don't know that America's Ruling Sociopaths have manipulated or outright lied the United States into virtually every war it's ever been in. The rulers get power, wealth and glorification in history books while everyone else gets folded flags and bugles played over boxes of their mangled remains.”
Garry Reed
From the Darkness:
“Anyone who votes for [Ron] Paul and is not brought up short by his denuding us in our defenses against terrorism and his passivity in the face of Iranian nuclear weapons, has to realize that nominating him is tantamount to re-electing Obama.”
Dick Morris, Fox News analyst and Republican strategist

“Millionaire job creators are like unicorns. They’re impossible to find, and they don’t exist…Only a tiny fraction of people making more than a million dollars, probably less than 1 percent, are small business owners. And only a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction are traditional job creators…”
Sen. Harry Reid

“The truth is that a military strike intended to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, if managed carefully, could spare the region and the world a very real threat and dramatically improve the long-term national security of the United States.”
Matthew Kroenig, Foreign Affairs

“With the Obama administration and European countries failing to implement crippling sanctions against Iran and openly stating that a military option could be devastating to the global economy, it seems that the radicals ruling Iran will soon not only have nuclear bombs but also the means to deliver them almost anywhere on the globe. There’s no time to waste."
Reza Kahlili, former CIA operative, writing for Faux News

"I think he's [B. Obama] a decent, patriotic American. He loves America different than me, but I don't doubt he loves America."
Mike Huckabee

“You don't have to vote for a candidate [Ron Paul] who will allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Because America will be next."
Rick Perry

“….Make no mistake: ‘strengthening’ the dollar by ending quantitative easing or raising interest rates is not a principled libertarian stand, and it has nothing to do with our ‘national character‘; rather, it is a highly politicized attempt to benefit the financial sector and large corporations at the expense of almost everyone else.”
Kyle Victor, Huffington Post [Obviously, absolutely no knowledge of basic economics is necessary to write for this rag.]

“There is a New Axis of Evil that has emerged with North Korea, between Pakistan, between China, and between Iran…and with Russia. Russia supplied the nuclear scientists to help Iran gain that nuclear weapon.”
Michelle Bachman

“I, the undersigned, pledge that I intend to support the nominee of the Republican party for president.”
Text of a loyalty oath that must be signed by every voter in the upcoming Virginia primary election. [Still more proof that Leviathan’s elections are rigged.]

“Don’t give me this idea — I hear this: ‘Oh, you’re a moralist. You’re trying to impose your values.’ Everybody’s trying to impose their values. That’s what America’s about.”
Rick Santorum, candidate for Head US Moralist

"Moreover, I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a Nation. My Administration will interpret section 1021 in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorizes complies with the Constitution, the laws of war, and all other applicable law."
B. Obama, in his statement upon signing the NDAA. [Funny statement coming from a man who insisted that such detention power be included. “Laws?” You mean the ones you make up as you please?”]