Thursday, October 31, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

When you’re fighting a coup attempt, what better way to rally the loyalists then to have your hired killers “kill” a pre-demonized bad guy?

How long before it’s proven as another fake?

Is this just another Kentucky gun range video?

Seriously? They’re repeating the same scam of “no body”and "burial at sea?”

And they confirmed his DNA match via a clandestine pantie raid?

Here’s something new- they created a Hero Hell Hound to warm your heart.

Don’t let yourself stumble on the lies created about Syria.

Within a week, a new “bad guy” will have emerged to keep the DC slaves in fear…

...Oh, wait! He’s already been killed!

Good luck finding an oil company willing to work in a war zone creating by an illegal occupation.

Will The Regime then confiscate the oil from this company?

But first, of course, send in the tanks.

Every state in the Commie Collective already have laws against such behavior. But the DC Sociopaths are always on the lookout for someone else’s business to stick their nose into while virtue signaling.

And they’ll bastardize the US Constitution, if necessary, to accomplish just that.

How much longer before such a “simulation” becomes a reality?

Just doing what they can to keep families separated. After all, The Regime and the comrades in your collective are your real family.

Since none of the predictions made by Climate Kooks will come true, the war mongers will be greatly disappointed.

Good luck escaping Commie-fornia wildfires when there’s no power to charge your Leaf.

You might want to buy a sturdy mule as a backup.

Not to bomb it, unfortunately, but to continue the buildup for war with Iran…

He’s going to use the money he confiscates from these companies to “buy back” (meaning confiscate) your AR’s.

Beto not!

How do you “buy back” something you didn’t sell in the first place?

But Bernie, shouldn’t weed be “free” like everything else?

They call it “early engagement” of “terroristic threats”- defined as anyone who doesn’t bow to the DC Demons.

Will it be The Patriot Act on Steroids?

Are you freer now that you have less?

Like typical leftists, they claim they care but don’t want to actually pay for anything.

Lots of new toys for Johnny Law to drive around.

Just the opposite of what the “experts” said would happen.

State intervention in an industry always distorts the market- artificially low interest rates encourage adding production capacity even when demand is dropping.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"With membership in the Union, you receive access to this wonderful thing called the 'Bill of Rights' that outlines all of the protections of your liberty that you will have as a member. It’s been around for over 200 years and is rock solid. Pay no attention to the asterisks or the fine print. They are only there to guide the federal government on how the federal courts have interpreted each of those rights to make them mean whatever the federal government wants them to mean in a particular situation. No need to worry…"
Daniel Miller

"Banning anyone about anything is banning freedom and individual choice, no matter how disturbing or disgusting the alleged 'hate speech' may be. Libertarians will never advocate banning other people’s beliefs on the simple premise that 'hate speech' should be countered by 'more speech' and that the sunlight of individualism and freedom is the best disinfectant against the cockroach of hate speech."
Garry Reed

"One has to wonder how it serves the image and power of the United States to be portrayed, as it is portrayed, as fighting Israel’s wars for domination of the Middle East. How does the world avoid seeing the US of A as a two-bit vassal of Zionist Israel? Doesn’t Trump’s national security advisor, John Bolton, and Trump’s Jewish son-in-law make this perfectly clear every day? The President of the United States is nothing but the punk two-bit vassal of Zionism.
The US Department of State formerly was in the hands of 'Arabists.'  Today it is in the hands of Zionists. Washington in its total incompetence has aligned with a tiny percentage of the population against the majority in the Middle East. This will come to no good result."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Pretty soon, America might have to start asking: what exactly is 'progressive' about going insane? I think we’re getting close to answering that, and the answer is: nothing. The Left has managed to drain the meaning from the word 'progressive.' We will not be able to take it seriously for generations to come (if there are any generations to come). The Left has applied every possible gimmick from the bad faith trick-bag to disable thinking in this republic generally, and the language that serves thinking. But its contorted maledictions are working mainly against itself as one preposterous idea after another bursts out of its collective pie-hole and into the blue-checked Twitter windows."
James Howard Kunstler

"The system of taxation is one in which the violence against you is initiated by the system over which your control and say is negligible. To you, the tax collector is more or less as a thief. Your attitude toward this thievery may be favorable or unfavorable, but your attitude is irrelevant compared to the real fact that you lack control over the taxes. They are taken from you whether you like it or not.
It is this taxation procedure upon which all social welfare programs rest. They cannot be right morally if the taxation procedure is not right. So, is it right or wrong? Taxation extracted from you and over which you have no real say, except that 1/100,000,000th share of the vote, initiates violence against you. This means you have no choice. You must pay the taxes. This means your freedom is curtailed. Is this right? Is it right that your freedom should be curtailed by everyone else or by a system arranged in this way? It doesn’t matter what happens to the money extracted from you, whether it goes to good causes or bad causes. That misses the point, which is to evaluate its extraction from you, because no matter what’s done with your money, the way it’s taken from you is still the same, and that way is still open to a moral evaluation. (Besides right and wrong are not determinable by how the money is used. For one thing, you have no say over that either; and reasonable people differ on good and bad causes. The disposition of the money is likewise a process over which your say and control are nil.)"
Michael Rozeff

"The institutional order depends for its support on members of the general public believing that it is capable of gathering and assessing information in order to craft rules that will lead to predictable outcomes. But as the study of chaos and complexity shows that such talents are nowhere possible, it becomes evident  that promises by political systems to establish order in a complex world are illusory. The more far-reaching the range of what they presume to promulgate, the more widespread the resulting damage. This is why socialist systems have produced the most dramatic records of death and destruction from the massive mobilization of hubris that has energized such erstwhile utopias as the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela, to name some of the more recent and obvious."
Butler Shaffer

"Despite the shaping of their minds by twelve plus years of government education and the nearly constant barrage of government supremacism in the media, even the most hardened collectivists tend to realize that their personal behavior is largely driven not by fear of punishment for doing the wrong thing but the moral compass which starts to crystallize at an early age for taking the hard right over the easy wrong.  This is not to say that fear, the sine qua non, of all government is not ever-present.  It has continued to warp and fracture individuals every day in their pursuit of productivity and happiness."
Bill Buppert

"Throughout history, every great empire that has ever existed has eventually collapsed. Invariably, the pattern is the same. The political class, increasingly, becomes populated with pathological types. They create massive debt, make promises to the electorate that they can never deliver on, overestimate their power internationally, then, finally, wage a war that they cannot win.
This final step almost always proves to be the death knell of the empire, for two reasons: first, because the empire underestimates the collective power and resolve of its opponents and, second, because, in the midst of war, it runs out of money, due to its pre-existing debt and the massive capital demand of warfare.
No one has ever succeeded in stopping an empire from destroying itself in this manner. The best that can be done is to get well away from the Goliath before it falls."
Jeff Thomas

"Altruism is an attribute of the liberal mind. It is based on groupism, which is the concept of egalitarianism. It is the opposite of individuality and responsibility. It is the basis upon which all redistributive schemes are launched."
Bob Livingston

"Politicians who call for law and order are often viewed negatively, but poor people are more dependent on law and order than anyone else. In the face of high crime or social disorder, wealthier people can afford to purchase alarm systems, buy guard dogs, hire guards and, if things get completely out of hand, move to a gated community. These options are not available to poor people. The only protection poor people have is an orderly society.
Ultimately, the solution to high crime rests with black people. Given the current political environment, it doesn’t benefit a black or white politician to take those steps necessary to crack down on lawlessness in black communities. That means black people must become intolerant of criminals making their lives living hell, even if it requires taking the law into their own hands."
Walter Williams

"A certain type of person strives to become a master over all, and to extend his force, his will to power, and to subdue all that resists it. But he encounters the power of others, and comes to an arrangement, a union, with those that are like him: thus they work together to serve the will to power. And the process goes on."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"Today, much more is known about the intent of the political class and its elitist controllers, but it seems as if there is much more apathy today than at anytime in the past. How can this be? How can a more informed citizenry continue to hide their heads in the sand, and worship the nation state apparatus and its agents of force in the military? This is a travesty, and exposes the success achieved by the elites to brainwash the public into supporting any kind of butchery and mass murder under the guise that they are protecting the nation from non-existent monsters from afar. Societal weakness at this level deserves no respect or admiration whatsoever. It deserves only contempt. There is no excuse for such complicity in acts of war. The truth that must be accepted is that it is not just the government that should be blamed for all its heinous acts, but that each and every citizen who stands silent in the face of that evil committed in their name is fully responsible as well."
Gary D. Barnett

"Until society grows wealthy enough, all the rage in the world can't make it possible to take two days a week off from work.
Can you imagine, in the primitive economies of 300 years ago, agitating for a shorter work week? People would have thought you insane.
With little capital, and with most goods produced by hand, it takes all the labor power all the hours it can spare just to make life barely livable.
That's why people worked long hours in terrible conditions in the past (and why they do in the Third World today). Not because short men with white mustaches and a monocle took delight in oppressing them.
What emancipated people from these dehumanizing conditions was capital goods. With workers vastly more productive than before, thanks to the assistance of machines, physical output was multiplied in quantity and quality many, many times over. This greater abundance put downward pressure on prices relative to wage rates, and people's standard of living rose.
At that time they opted for more leisure and more pleasant working conditions rather than more cash.
But if you ask people who work in sweatshops today if they'd rather have more pleasant conditions (or fewer working hours) and less take-home pay, they overwhelmingly say no."
Tom Woods

"There are no human gods here, just hoods who think they are."
Fakeer Ishavardas

Thursday, October 24, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Debt Up $1.2 Trillion

Why remain part of this demonic empire headed for financial oblivion? The sooner we get out, the better.

Invading Parasites Scamming Asylum Status

They use children as pawns to help commit their fraud.


Emperor Lies Again About Bringing Troops Home

They’re just going to Iraq.

So, some remain in Syria to “protect” oil fields. And The Emperor is sending lots of your stolen money there!

Expect them to still be there ten years from now.

Which will mean thousands more troops sent to the Middle East. Not "coming home."

Obviously, The Emperor  is a very sick man.

They’ll use their new-found technology to create even better killing machines to enslave and destroy the world.

Someone might pick on them in a detention camp and we certainly can’t have that!

And don’t forget the trillions of borrowed money they are stealing from your great-great-grandchildren!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The Texas Constitution is clear in setting the condition of our state leaving the Union: 'Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States; and the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government unimpaired to all the States.' Clearly, that condition has been met. Therefore, how long will our leaders make us endure a federal government that actively denies us our rights and each day seeks to take more away from us before we start applying the 'T' word to them? At what point in the encompassing federal tyranny do the Remainers that deny the people their choice and right to peaceably leave the Union deserve the label of traitor? For as those that collude with EU to prevent the People their rights are seen as traitors, perhaps we should view those who collaborate with Washington to deny us our constitutional liberty as deserving a place in the ranks of Vidkun Quisling, Benedict Arnold, and Guy Fawkes."
Ryan Thorson

"Like Presidents Bush and Obama, Trump is just shifting U.S. troops around like pawns on a chessboard, ready to sacrifice them for the good of the empire and the national-security establishment. Trump’s unwillingness or inability to bring all the troops home from Syria and elsewhere, despite the prettiness of his 'endless wars' rhetoric, is a testament to the overwhelming power and influence that the Pentagon, the CIA, and the rest of the national-security establishment wield in our land."
Jacob Hornberger

"Hypocrisy is anything whatever may deceive the cleverest and most
penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it,
and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised."
Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi

"Human liberty can only exist or be restored with an accurate perception of reality. Mind distorting fictions of government must be exposed. To do otherwise is to keep us dependent on an ivory tower mysticism based on lies and the duplicity of politicians and bureaucrats. 
Government is a parasite cult, organized, and disguised behind a peculiar language of code words and phrases. Without anyone taking notice, change agents distort keywords in our language. This blunts, diminishes and distorts our thinking process to the great advantage of unseen authority. This process is so gradual as to be imperceptible. Out of it evolves very sophisticated control and plunder. When our words are manipulated, our thoughts are manipulated into false realities and illusions. Consequently, our competitiveness and survival instincts are reduced in favor of dependence on government authority."
Bob Livingston

"Once again prosperous and successful crime goes by the name of virtue; good men obey the bad, might is right and fear oppresses law.”"
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"I have mentioned before that there is no such thing as limited government; that is simply the orchid hothouse for the future prosperity of the expansion of government.
I do advocate self-government but that is the only self-limiting government in human affairs. Mind you, this is a dystopian vision in which the individuals, businesses and entities will fail and even perish but is nothing compared to the bureaucratized slaughter that has been the story of man for time immemorial under the illusion that GOVERNMENT COERCION AND VIOLENCE IS THE SOLE ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF HUMANITY."
Bill Buppert

"My God, we’re nearly 18 years into a 'war on terrorism' that’s a glaring failure at a cost of $5.6 trillion and counting. And now the same tactics are to be applied to 'white nationalism.' What could possibly go wrong? We’re sure it’ll turn out just as well as the war on drugs, the war on poverty and so on.
But that’s the 'do something' mentality of the Beltway class."
Dave Gonigam

"Socialists want everyone to have the vote, including all immigrants, none of whom would be illegal. Socialists advocate extending the welfare state by Medicare for All or single-payer, free college, housing benefits, and laws favoring labor. This set of giveaways combined with unlimited immigration and voting bankrupts taxpayers.
Unlimited immigration combined with an unlimited welfare state cause much higher taxes and inflation. These destabilize America by creating deep conflicts and deep economic distress. The economic system breaks down.
Democracy (everyone votes on anything) combined with unlimited immigration and the big government of the welfare state shatters freedom, property rights and capitalism, causing widespread economic distress and lower standards of living. This leads to drastic political changes, just as drastic political changes lead to drastic economic changes."
Michael Rozeff

"Our rulers have led us from one unnecessary slaughter to the next; and, to make matters worse, they have exploited each such occasion to fasten their chains around us more tightly. Like the ancient Israelites, we Americans shall never have real, lasting peace so long as we give our allegiance to a king—that is, in our case, to the whole conglomeration of institutionalized exploiters and murderers we know as the state."
Robert Higgs

"I’ve spent a lot of time in the Spanish-speaking world south of the US border. Other than quaint sombreros, some local food, and some basically primitive handicrafts, they don’t have a culture that’s worth anything.
That’s absolutely true of Africa. Africans should be eternally grateful to the West if, when da Gama was rounding the Cape in the 15th century, he’d just thrown out a wheel. But he would have also had to throw out an instruction book. But nobody could read it, because the entire continent south of the Sahara was illiterate.
This is true of most of the primitive world. I hesitate to say 'developing world' because development is solely due to imported capital and expertise. If that inflow stops, Africa could go back to the bush, with mass starvation.
The only cultures in the world that can compete with Western civilization are those in the Orient. But what do they have? Frankly, not much, apart from Taoism, Zen, yoga, martial arts, and some great cuisines. Some things of value but not much by comparison to the West."
Doug Casey

"Politics, as it exists today, never wastes a chance to make the beautiful ugly, and, even more so, the ugly even uglier
Let’s be honest about something we see nonstop but seldom appreciate: Politics makes life ugly. Politics turns people you disagree with into twisted, cartoon images of what they really are, and it pushes you into degrading and hating them. In short, it’s vile, corrosive, and hate-filled."
Paul Rosenberg

"It is enough to drive a person to despair that among the abundant evidence of American election interference, no attention is given by Democrats to interference by the Israel Lobby, the pharmaceutical lobby, the oil lobby, the Wall Street Lobby, the military/security complex lobby.  Sheldon Adelson, a single individual with a fortune from casino gambling of $33 billion, 300 million dollars, has more clout on the outcome of US presidential elections than Putin. These few lobbies mentioned above have resources between them in excess of the GDP of Russia.  It is totally impossible for Russia to outbid them."
Paul Craig Roberts

"We can no longer deceive ourselves with notions of absorbing Washington D.C. or Wall Street and making them work for us. The hope that this is possible is poison, and the elites use that poison to weaken public resolve. While we sit around waiting for the system to police itself the Earth turns and they become more powerful. Without a dramatic change in our own strategy, without direct action on our part instead of action through political middlemen, I predict our situation will only become worse."
Brandon Smith

"Any time you find yourself starting a sentence with, 'There should be a law,' you’re probably wrong. Here’s a helpful thought experiment for you to use from now on. Whenever you think there should be a new law, picture the person in government you hate the most and ask yourself if you want that person in charge of writing and enforcing your new law.
I understand that can be uncomfortable, but you need to start accepting the reality of what government can and will do to you. Government employees are not your betters, and they do not have your best interests at heart."
Jesse Kelly

"Government and its corporate partners have mastered deceit, in that this partnership has been able to purposely diminish the importance of the individual by exposing our differences instead of promoting our common human desires. Those long-standing common desires include love, family, peace and harmony, non-aggression, community, freedom, mutual respect, and caring for one another. By pitting us against each other through political means and fear, an almost uncontrolled opposition amongst us has emerged. There is nothing of value to be gained from this behavior, and only harm can result from such a detachment from common cooperation."
Gary D. Barnett

"Indifference is the opposite of love, it is the opposite of good, and it is the opposite of anything of value. It is worse than hate. Apathy in the face of depravity has become common among many around the world, but especially so in this make-believe land of the free called America. This attitude of emptiness breeds despair, but it is important to remember that the evildoers among us can only succeed in their efforts of madness so long as those watching remain silent and do nothing."
Gary D. Barnett

"The main grievance I have with any political structure is bigness. 
Some form of “democratic socialism,” after all, might be a great fit for a small community of 300 people who share the same values… goals… and lifestyles. 
Nitty-gritty, here’s what it comes down to: 
If it is voluntary, it is A-OK. If you want to live in an 'ecosexual' community that battles climate change by humping moss... you do you.
Why would I stop you? 
If it is mandated by law… by force… at the point of a gun… 
That’s where I start to quiver in paranoid fear at the potential implications. 
As we all should."
Chris Campbell

"To be sure, that generation of Americans that seceded from British rule in the late-18th century took the imperative of liberty as a given. They had benefitted from centuries of intellectual work by true liberals who had demonstrated that government does nothing for society but divide and loot people in big and small ways. They had come to believe that the best way to rule a society is not to rule it at all, or, possibly, to rule it in only the most minimal way, with the people’s consent.
Today, this social order sounds like chaos, not anything we dare try, lest we be overrun with terrorists and drug fiends, amidst massive social, economic, and cultural collapse. To me this is very interesting. It is the cultural condition that comes about in the absence of experience with freedom. More precisely, it comes about when people have no notion of the relationship between cause and effect in human affairs."
Lew Rockwell

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."
Frank Herbert

"Folks keep talking about another Civil War. One side knows how to shoot and probably has a trillion rounds. The other side has safe spaces, crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use. Now tell me, how do you think that’s going to end?"

Thursday, October 17, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Murders 30 Afghan Civilians in War Against Plants

They’re just following up a record setting September of Death.

Emperor Wannabe Wants ‘Climate Reparations’ for Colored People

Because pollution (like everything else) is racist, don’t you know?

When is someone going to commit this hysterical and mentally ill creature to the padded holding cell she so richly deserves?

Emperor to Send 3000 Hired Killers to Protect 911 Terrorists

They’re sent just one day after he pulls their comrades out of Syria.  

Does this clown think he’s playing Risk?

Sorry, folks- I’m left speechless on this one…

Can it get any weirder in Mordor?

Read more bad news here.

Don’t forget to hate on the incompetent Regime Gangsters for their contribution to the problem.

They can’t make up their minds about an economic intervention in the marketplace that they have no business being involved with in the first place!

He insists that you care about people who call themselves “Kurds.” And you also must be willing to increase your cost of living in a beautiful act of virtue signaling sacrifice.

This, of course, is not the first time.

What defines a "journalist" and why are they owed special protection from violence? There are already laws against physical assault.

So are the creators of Fake News now some kind of gods or deities owed special protection?

What about transgender journalists? Will they receive even more special protection?

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

This is What Texas Common Sense Sounds Like

Will the DC Demons listen?

Many thanks to Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn.

You can count on the race obsessed, hateful goblins and their supporting media propagandists (who never have had a complete grasp of the English language) to twist his words.

Monday, October 14, 2019

This is What Lying, DC Tyrants Sound Like

Ignore the crocodile tears. The very next day, he sent 3000 MORE TROOPS to die, if necessary, to protect the terrorist, murdering, House of Saud!

Enough of being led by lying, deceiving, Yankee, Lincolnistas.
Even Stinkin’ Lincoln didn’t believe his own hallowed Gettysburg Address.

Don’t let yourself be manipulated like the pathetic loyalists in his audience. He’ll say anything to win your affection. That’s what psychopaths do!

Are you tired of being a suffering subject? Are you tired of being shackled by a murderous empire?

Why do you need a “DC?” Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"If by treason, opponents of state independence mean a loss of faith in the federal political institutions, then they’d be correct. But why should one have faith in a government that is itself faithless? However, it is strange that those eager to declare Texans in favor of divorce as traitors seldom (if ever) consider that treason is a two-way street. If governments derive their powers through the people’s consent, then it stands to reason that governments can be guilty of treason against its people. Much like the UK’s parliament trying to undermine the sovereignty of their own people, is it any less treasonous for US and state politicians to undermine the sovereignty of Texas and other states by unconstitutional governance?
Consider the situation in the US. Routinely, the U.S. federal government operates outside its constitutional mandate, wielding powers that were either not enumerated to it or expressly forbidden. The executive branch wields legislative powers (through the bureaucracy), the Legislative branch passes laws that need to be COTUS amendments to be legal, and the Judicial branch co-opts legislative powers never enumerated it. Sure, one can point to a long tradition of such overreach, but just because one grows used to corruption doesn’t make it any less illegal. All of this effectively works to deny the people of the states their constitutional right to rule themselves. How is that not treason?"
Ran Thorson

"The socialists of all stripes including the democratic socialists completely fail to understand what has to be done to accomplish their aims. They think that by taking over government and enacting more programs they’ll make life better for workers. They think corporations or business in general are holding back the economy. They’ve got things altogether backwards. If we do what they want to do, the country will nosedive. These are almost totally benighted people who are trying to amass political power. They see that some things are wrong, but their solutions will only make them much worse."
Michael Rozeff

"The idea of the 'group' is the scourge of mankind, for when crowds gather, the individual disappears. When groups form, insanity is the result. This is the reason that the tyrannical state continually supports the group over the individual. This is the reason that the state promotes divisiveness, and pits group against group. This strategy weakens the whole of the masses, as all the strength of liberty resides in the individual and individual critical thought. Should the individual be marginalized, freedom will disappear."
Gary D. Barnett

"Anyone who qualifies as a victim and feels 'distressed' by the expressed view of someone else can bring a Title IX civil rights action against the person who caused 'distress' by expressing an opinion. In other words, the way America works today, if you can get yourself classified as a victim, you can shut up anyone to whose words you take exception.
When the 'vulnerable' have this kind of power, just how Orwellian is it to call them 'vulnerable?'
Zionists created the trick or deception of elevating themselves above criticism by accusing critics of being 'anti-semites' who intend harm to Jews. The success of this strategy has made it attractive to designated 'victim groups.' Consequently, the First Amendment only protects 'victim groups'."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Maybe there is a whole range of human values and human behaviors that have nothing to do with race — like reading to small children and helping them learn the English language so they don’t grow into adults who have to say 'know what I mean?' every other sentence because they’ve barely acquired enough language skill themselves to know what they mean. Maybe there’s something called an American common culture that contains values and behaviors worth emulating rather than opposing. Maybe 'multiculturalism' wasn’t such a good idea after all. Maybe ghetto culture is not such a precious foundation for a successful life. Maybe the Democratic Party should move out of the ghetto it’s built for itself."
James Kunstler

"It’s in the nature of a political government to not only put its own needs first (backed not by consensus, but by force), but also to continually expand its own power. 
Reason is… 
The bigger the government gets, the more unelected bureaucrats it employs. 
And the more politicians on the payroll who don’t have to explain themselves to their voters, the more these unelected buzzards will identify their own needs with the needs of the government. 
Meanwhile, whatever helps the power structures grow stronger is wrapped up tidy with neat slogans and cloaked in virtue. 
And the 'Deep State' grows stronger. This would explain why, when you give the government an inch, it always takes the mile. 
(And when it gets the mile, you rarely ever get even an inch back.)"
Chris Campbell

"The United States of America — the country in the singular — is too big, the scope and scale of its government too large, to be the object of true nationalism. The people of the United States are not united by a common descent, ethnic solidarity, or uniform values. The United States is not a 'nation of immigrants,' 'one nation under God,' 'the first new nation,' or an 'exceptional nation.' It’s not even a nation. National conservatives overlook or ignore that reality to their peril. The national conservatism they envision for the United States can lead only to the suppression of actual nationalism.
The United States is not a nation. Trying to make it so will stamp out any remaining nationalism in the United States."
Allen Mendenhall

"It’s bizarre—perverse, really—that the people doing the most whining about cultural appropriation by Americans don’t actually have worthwhile cultures themselves. The fact of the matter is that the only culture in the history of the world that amounts to anything is that of Western civilization. The West has given all of humanity concepts like freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of the press, free markets, individualism, science, and rationality. In addition, the West has created almost all of the world’s great music, literature, architecture, and philos. 
People trying to make cultural appropriation on the part of Americans into a scandal are basically scam artists and race hustlers. I’m talking about blacks who are outraged about white women wearing African earrings. Or Hispanics picketing a couple of white girls who set up a taco stand after visiting Mexico."
Doug Casey

"I hate all robots. None of them are our equals.
I’m sure there’s a villainous name for people like me, and there will be sensitivity training for people like us. There will be whole university departments dedicated to eradicating such attitudes – all administered by robots, of course."
Larry L. Beane

"Hate crime laws are the natural progression from the concept of political correctness. Remember, everything that is public policy is politically correct and everything that is politically correct is public policy. This means that only prescribed issues can be for public debate.
Political correctness is the opposite of tolerance. PC and hate crimes are about conformity to government- and elite-approved thought, speech and deed. The government, its politicians and its idiot PC-preaching pawns do all they can to force political conformity.
Political conformity and compliance are what PC and hate crimes are all about. This is fascism which is anathema to liberty."
Bob Livingston

"Several decades ago, some crackpots had the idea that mankind’s use of fossil fuels had a warming effect on the weather. Environmentalists were pretty fired up by the notion. So were many politicians. Economists were largely tongue-tied because they had long ago conceded that there are some public goods that the market can’t handle; surely the weather is one of them.
Enough years go by, and what do you have? Politicians from all over the world — every last one of them a huckster of some sort, only pretending to represent his nation — gathering in a posh resort in Europe to tax the world and plan its weather down to precise temperatures half a century from now.
In the entire history of mankind, there has not been a more preposterous spectacle than this."
Lew Rockwell

"If you have children and they are at a crossroads to go to college, be very careful with that decision and your guidance. You could very well lose your progeny to the most murderous cult in history because the collectivists control the heights of academia and they are using it to terraform the country into a vast slave plantation."
Bill Buppert

"There are of course many immensely wealthy and powerful structures today which benefit from adherents to religion, but most of those who’ve benefited from widespread religious indoctrination aren’t even alive anymore. Governments and world religions have historically been inextricably intertwined with and supportive of each other, because religions can be used to manipulate the masses into believing that it’s virtuous to be poor, humble, meek, submissive and obedient, to 'render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s', and to believe it would be generally sinful to use the power of their numbers to kill their rulers and seize their wealth. The answer to 'Who benefits from my religious beliefs?', if you’re Christian, is something along the lines of 'All existing Christian churches, all existing political structures built around exploiting Christian beliefs for political leverage, every preacher, pope and bishop who’s ever lived, and every western ruler since Emperor Constantine'."
Caitlin Johnstone

"No family, no matter their race, income, or zip code, should have to face the violence of government gun bans. Although the irony of government assault rifles facing down children in search of assault rifles speaks for itself, it would be just as immoral if the agents were armed with pistols. Owning an AR-15 in the house does not victimize anyone. Enforcing laws against an AR-15 owning family does."
David Gornoski

"The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other – instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals."
Edward Abbey

Thursday, October 10, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Emperor Declares Economic War Against France

Their subsidies are hurting the business of DC’s war whores.

Emperor Wannabe/Fake Injun Wants More Power for Union Thugs

Included is the extension of “labor rights” (which don’t exist) to those not even in unions.

Regime Clown-in-Gown Approves Bigotry Against Asians as Necessary Sacrifice to Diversity Gods

“Rarely has the Left been forced to be this open about its cynicism and hostility to civil rights.”

 “Free access and Free shit for everyone in the world!”

Apparently, such handicapped creatures believe they have special “rights” to invade another country.

“The last thing U.S. workers need is another guest worker program, most notably one that would further reduce low-skilled laborers’ employment chances. To begin with, but apparently unbeknownst to secretary Perdue whose department must certify the labor applications, a program already exists that offers growers the opportunity to import as many cheap labor workers as they need.”

Also, such action will only increase the number of invaders taking advantage of the Asylum Fraud.

Do you really want to sacrifice your sons and daughters to defend people called, “Kurds?” Do you even know what a “Kurd” is
If you do care, why not strap on a weapon and hightail it to Syria and help them? Best wishes to you.
But leave the rest of us out of it…

Some Gangsters want to replace their killing war with an economic war.

And they’re hiring a bureaucrat to keep track of all the theft and corruption to follow. They call it, “transparency.”

 It’s only “fair” that they be rewarded for stealing American’s social slave numbers and identities and then “exploited” by employers.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Harkening back to melodramas about the American Civil War and the careful programming of government schools, the mention of states declaring their independence from Washington can evoke calls of 'TREASON!' But is it really treason to demand that your government keep up its side of the political bargain under pain of divorce? In a word, no, not by the Constitution. But if the word is to be applied liberally, it has implications for those that would all too often use it to silence their opponents.
The U.S. Constitution is clear on the matter of treason, defining it as 'levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.' That’s by the book for Americans, the legal definition. Promoting secession is none of those things listed in COTUS. And for secession (voting for it or promotion of it) to be treason, it must be illegal first, and stated so in COTUS. Yet, there is no clause in COTUS to prevent a state leaving the Union. In fact, the ninth and tenth amendment make it clear that unless a power is given to Washington or denied to the states, it remains a power of the sovereign states. This includes the power to leave the Union. Sure, you could cite courts or famous politicians trying to make the opposite case, but even the most famous politician is not the Constitution itself. Unless abrogated by amendment, COTUS stands."
Ryan Thorson

"The false left/right paradigm is a perfect petri dish for obtaining or manufacturing the consent of the masses to be hypnotized. They want to believe that their team, which they have willingly joined, is the correct team and that the leadership of that team has their best interests at heart. They want to believe that the actions of their party, through legislation or direct means, are always rational and morally sound. And even when the leaders of their party do things which are completely contrary to the beliefs and morals of the people who make up the party, those people still want to believe that there must be some logical reason behind these decision that they do not yet understand.Beyond this, the threat of the 'other party' or team is an ever-constant stimulus in the form of fear. When people are afraid or hyperfocused on an outside threat, they once again become more suggestible. This is why mainstream political discussions focus less on understanding of the threat and more on perpetuating the threat — with understanding of the enemy, the threat can be assessed, and fear is reduced, even if the threat is real. Without understanding, fear only increases. Political powers only seek to constantly remind us that threats exist; they do not want us to have an in-depth knowledge of the mechanic behind the threats."
Brandon Smith

"What chance does peace have when millions of well-heeled, politically connected opportunists of all stripes depend on the continuation of a state of war for their personal financial success? For members of Congress, the Department of Homeland Security has quickly become the most magnificent dispenser of pork and patronage to come along in decades. Everyone is happy here, except for the beleaguered ordinary citizens, whose pockets are being picked and whose liberties are being overridden by politicians and private-sector predators with utter contempt for the people’s intelligence and rights. Yet, so long as the people continue to be consumed by fear and to fall for the age-old swindle that the government seeks only to protect them, these abuses will never end."
Robert Higgs

"Antifa is assuming powers that no one is granting them but themselves. If you and I decide that conservatives are a danger to people, are we right to label them as fascists and to follow this up by closing down their events and gatherings by violent means? Is it right for us or Antifa or any private group of people to become a law unto itself of this warlike and violent kind? No, it is wrong, and it is wrong because we ourselves in forming such a group and acting violently are breaking the peace. This is why Antifa should be crushed and why it’s the duty of authorities to do their jobs and keep the peace."
Michael Rozeff

"Free market libertarians regularly get accused by political opponents of wanting to empower corporations. But statist interventions are what empower corporations via cronyism and political privileges and protections from competition, interventions that Libertarians consistently oppose.
Accusing free-market advocates of being corporate shills is as absurd as it is lazy."
Bradley Thomas

"To threaten death to anyone who searches for or speaks the truth, or to allow the state to murder anyone of its choosing, is as open an admission of the fraudulent nature of any system that engages in the practice. Far beyond that, such life-threatening war against truth-speaking is also a war against the uncertainties that inhere in a complex world. We do not have the luxury of censoring, punishing, or destroying persons who would speak truth that is bothersome to those in power while, at the same time, avoiding the anti-life consequences made more far-reaching by political systems."
Butler Shaffer

"I thank the Gods every day that the politicians are so monstrously stupid, economically illiterate, short sighted and prone to such colossal failure in everything they do. One would be hard pressed to point to a single government program in the US for example whose existence made life better for anyone outside government employment. What is indisputable is that all innovation in human history starts in a single mind absent a gun to the head to provide the good or service."
Bill Buppert

"Left-wing rage gave us the Khmer Rouge and Mao's Cultural Revolution, not to mention atrocities of all shapes and sizes all over the world.
The KKK in its entire existence did not kill as many people as did a communist regime on a good afternoon.
Even today, when the KKK barely exists, leftists are hysterical about it, even though its demonstrations amount to 50 idiots being confronted by 1000 counter-demonstrators.
Yeah, scary."
Tom Woods

"The Russian media was banned from the  conference on press freedom, because the Russian media is free and the UK and US media are not.  The People Really In Charge—PRICs—are at work shutting down the rest of us as fast as they can.
Before long, the only words you will hear will be those used to control you.  The word freedom will be redefined as per George Orwell’s 1984 or be prohibited.  It will die as a word whose meaning is unknown."
Paul Craig Roberts

"News media must be consumed with an acute awareness that there are extremely powerful people who have a vested interest in manipulating the way you think and perceive. It’s just a fact, and if it isn’t at the forefront of your consciousness, your worldview will necessarily be severely malformed. Cultivating a reflexive curiosity about who benefits from a given narrative being promoted nips this in the bud."
Caitlin Johnstone

"Politicians love to separate people into subgroups and label them as 'minorities' and pit them against each other by offering one group special privileges not afforded another or ginning up animosity between them based on spurious claims and allegations. Prosecutors and judges can define what is hate and what is not; and what hate is good and acceptable and what is not. From there prosecutors and judges can demonize a criminal or crime or population segment (based on ideology, social status, race, etc.) they don't like and subject them to special penalties when they commit crimes."
Bob Livingston

"That leftist street punks, with the help of leftist media types and Democratic politicians, have been intimidating, threatening, suppressing, and, what is most alarming, physically beating up on those who they perceive as conservatives is a well-known open secret.  These victims, in the vast majority of instances, are those who make it possible for Big Conservatives to exist, for they constitute their audience(s).  This being said, it’s beyond irresponsible that Big Conservatives, ever-fearful of saying or doing anything that could lend credence to the left’s charges against them, won’t so much as call for their constituents to protect themselves."
Jack Kerwick

"The right of self-determination in regard to the question of membership in a state thus means: whenever the inhabitants of a particular territory, whether it be a single village, a whole district, or a series of adjacent districts, make it known, by a freely conducted plebiscite, that they no longer wish to remain united to the state to which they belong at the time, but wish either to form an independent state or to attach themselves to some other state, their wishes are to be respected and complied with. This is the only feasible and effective way of preventing revolutions and civil and international wars."
Ludwig von Mises

"Some may object – when I say everyone should pay his own way and the state should have absolutely no involvement in healthcare – that I’m putting a price on a human life. They say that a life has 'infinite' value. But like most of what you hear in this ridiculous debate, that’s a lie, told by the duplicitous and believed by the unthinking. There are lots of ways to figure out what a life is worth. How much can be negotiated for ransom on a kidnapping? How much is a thug paid for a 'hit'? How much is the annual premium for life insurance? How much is the present value of someone’s estimated lifetime earnings?
But what we’re talking about here, in the context of national medical insurance, is how much you’re willing to pay to keep a complete stranger alive."
Doug Casey

"If someone puts their hands on you make sure they never put their hands on anybody else again."
Malcom X