Sunday, October 28, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"If Texas wants to leave, don’t vote it away. Walk away and cut off all ties. Take a week to secure the borders and establish diplomatic relations with countries abroad first and the American government last."
Bill Buppert

"It is true that socialism and interventionism have not yet succeeded in completely eliminating capitalism. If they had, we Europeans, after centuries of prosperity, would rediscover the meaning of hunger on a massive scale. Capitalism is still prominent enough that new industries are coming into existence, and those already established are improving and expanding their equipment and operations. All the economic advances which have been and will be made stem from the persistent remnant of capitalism in our society. But capitalism is always harassed by the intervention of the government and must pay as taxes a considerable part of its profits in order to defray the inferior productivity of public enterprise.
The crisis under which the world is presently suffering is the crisis of interventionism and of state and municipal socialism, in short the crisis of anticapitalist policies. Capitalist society is guided by the play of the market mechanism. On that issue there is no difference of opinion. The market prices bring supply and demand into congruence and determine the direction and extent of production. It is from the market that the capitalist economy receives its sense. If the function of the market as regulator of production is always thwarted by economic policies in so far as the latter try to determine prices, wages, and interest rates instead of letting the market determine them, then a crisis will surely develop."
Ludwig von Mises

"When American politicians talk about 'rights' and 'liberty,' they certainly are not talking about our personal and individual liberty. For them, 'rights' and 'liberty' are code words for groupism (the crowd). Politicians and bureaucrats never remotely consider personal or individual liberty.
Government under any name or label is all about making and passing laws that strengthen and grow government. Where there are many laws, there is no individual freedom. Where there is no individual freedom, there is no freedom at all.
Politicians and bureaucrats have so skillfully imposed the word 'democracy' into the lexicon that the crowd confuses groupism with individual liberty. Democracy by all definitions is mob rule, or groupism. It is anathema to individual liberty.
Democracy does not equal human liberty. Democracy precisely means the manipulated mob. Mobs are rarely if ever spontaneous. They are usually manipulated events like the Arab Spring events of a few of years ago or the Antifa riots of late and coming to a city near you."
Bob Livingston

"The values and goals of the left and the right are mutually exclusive: you can’t have economic freedom and socialism, nor rule of law and mob justice, nor personal liberty and an unlimited centralized authority. And since the left has no interest (nor anything to gain) in competing fairly in the market place of ideas, if we wish to peacefully preserve our values and traditions, then separation is the only way. We must opt-out. And the longer we wait to act, accepting this melancholy truth, the less likely it will be that we will have the means of preservation… assuming that there’s anything left to preserve."
Ryan Thorson

"It’s hard not to sound like a curmudgeon when looking at America’s blossoming Idiocracy. For those of us who grew up forty or fifty years ago, this is not only a different country, but an entirely different world. A different reality. A different dimension."
Donald Jeffries

"Popular efforts by the electorate to create, amend, or repeal constitutional provisions or statutes are often met with judicial declarations of their unconstitutionality. Rarely is the question asked: if 'the people' are the sovereign political authority, why is their collective will subject to judicial preemption? The same question applies to the charge that people ought not 'take the law into their own hands.' Whose hands are to manipulate the machinery of state power if not the purported owners thereof?"
Butler Shaffer

"I form my friendships based upon neither diversity nor a lack of diversity, although there’s a natural tendency to associate with people like yourself. I form my friendships based upon the character and the beliefs that a person has. The attributes that create diversity are stupid accidentals. The fact that diversity is emphasized draws attention to incidentals like race, sex, and gender, and diverts it from important things like character and beliefs. Diversity has become destructive. Cultural Marxists love it because they hate people."
Doug Casey

"The only difference between socialism and fascism in practice is the name on the asset seized or controlled. Just because Nabisco and General Electric aren’t US Foods and US General Electric doesn’t mean they aren’t controlled by the government. Fascism uses taxation and regulation to vertically and horizontally control every aspect of a firm’s behavior.
 If you contest this notion, name one single component in the American provision of goods and services in the above-ground economy that isn’t regulated, just one."
Bill Buppert

"Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of.
In almost every act of our lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business or in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind."
Edward L. Bernays

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

Thursday, October 25, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

He then increases the punishment because he gave his dying wife an unauthorized plant to relieve her suffering.

Gangsters look out for each other.

They’re sending out fraudulent applications to border invaders.

Just a friendly reminder in case you have forgotten.

It would significantly hamper DC’s ability to prick wave Pyongyang.

The DC Demons consider the entire Pacific Ocean to be an American lake.

This kind of information helps feed the Texas independence movement.
Such nonsense as anchor babies, unlimited chain migration and (hopefully) even the "asylum" scam will end.

And they aren’t even unbreakable.

Here are some excellent, affordable alternatives.

Yet, he surrounds himself with globalist trash. 
What a fraud.
He built his empire on cheap money loaned from globalist banksters!

How can you be "nationalist" toward a political collective (the "US") that is not even a nation, but a forced collective of sovereign states?
US loyalists think exactly the same as globalists. They favor centralizing power in one place to rule disparate populations numbering in the tens of millions.

If he was actually going to send the military they would already be on their way. You don’t secure a nearly two thousand mile long border over night. The personnel there now aren't even armed! You might as well send a Boy Scout troop to hand out "Welcome!" packets,

The most you will see is a couple menacing looking helicopters flying low over the border area- kind of like those jet fighters flying aimlessly through the skies on 9/11, trying to convince people that they were actually doing something.

It’s all theater.

You’ll get “services more localized and physical in nature.”

Sounds like lots of creepy new surprises are in store.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Western civilization, at least since about Shakespeare’s time, has rested on this notion of the individual as sacrosanct—as against the collective, the group, or the mob. When people have given into the tribal instinct in the past and seen individuals only as symbols of a group or a class, it has resulted in atrocity. We should not think that this cannot happen again. Remember what Douglas Murray said in The Strange Death of Europe: 'Everything you love, even the greatest and most cultured civilizations in history, can be swept away by people who are unworthy of them.' And make no mistake, those who are currently stoking the mob’s worst instincts—at this point with naked hatred—are unworthy of Western civilization. They would do well to remember that there are many of us who still believe in individualism, reason and evidence as the cornerstones of that civilization. We aren’t ready to hand the keys to the barbarians at the gates just yet."
Neema Parvini

"The left is using their control of the cultural and the legal establishment to force ideological hegemony, one way or another. When faced with the prospect that the left’s substandard ideological product will time and again be rejected for a better alternative, for their own survival, the left has decided not to allow an alternative. And though they are indeed powerful, they are neither right nor invincible. There is a solution to the sort of control the left seeks over your life: opt-out."
Ryan Thorson

"Are Americans aware that the latest national defense posture statement reaffirms the neoconservative priority that America prevail over the world? Do Americans understand that Washington considers Russia and China to be threats simply because they have independent foreign and economic policies? Do Americans understand that American hegemony means that no country is permitted to be sovereign?"
Paul Craig Roberts

"We are, each of us, alone. And this is the first law of masculinity. And it is the most important law. Your value is equal to the value which you bring to the tribe. We are not equal. You are not special. Respect is earned, not given. Your brothers will not love you unconditionally for who you are, just being yourself. They will criticize you, push you to your limits, bring out the best in you, and give you their respect when earned. And this isn’t shocking at all. This is common knowledge to any man. Your childhood is over. The boy is dead. It’s time to be a man for the rest of your life."
Jack Donovan

"When someone starts talking about public policy, hold on to your wallet. Hold on to your kids. Hold onto your liberties. Watch the glaze that comes over people’s eyes and the blank stares that cloud over their faces as they prepare to sacrifice their and other people’s liberty, wealth and children on the altar of 'the public good' over the latest 'public policy.'
The messianic state, also known as the nanny state, legislates away our freedoms one by one, promising security in return and even deliverance from every modern problem under the guise of public policy. Remember, everything that is public policy is politically correct and everything that is politically correct is public policy.
This is how governments ensure conformity and control."
Bob Livingston

"People don't understand that, throughout history, when one group, culture, or civilization met another, the one with the more advanced technology almost always totally devastated the more primitive one. It’s sad, perhaps, but I fear it’s also inevitable. It’s how humans are genetically wired. We can, I think, overcome the will to conquer as individuals. But once humans form into large groups it’s a different story."
Doug Casey

"If freedom and liberty are to be evident in this society, government must be held down. No constitution can save us, nor can it provide liberty for the individual. No constitution written by politicians should be revered. It should instead be shunned. The enemy of freedom is government, and if any government is to exist, it should have only one mission and only enough power to protect that singular mission. That is to protect the natural rights of the individual, nothing more."
Gary D. Barnett

"The war on masculinity has an important component, it seeks the extinction of free moral agency and destruction of the will to confront those in power and dethrone them whoever they may be. The masculine impulse tends to an individualist impulse; mind you, there are now women of both sexes so the notion has gotten diluted."
Bill Buppert

"We all know that the brightest people are NEVER found in government. A-students work for C-students who create companies and are often drop-outs, and B-students go to the government because they cannot qualify for a real job."
Martin Armstrong

Thursday, October 18, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

No word yet on whether the war whores’ cash flow will be interrupted.

Regimes ruling empires always seem to have multiple and changing tyrants as “friends” and allies.
Why remain forced to participate in such a relationship?

It pays much better than just being one of the worshiped “troops.”

And then they try to claim there was no gold even there.

First steal, then deceive.

He helped cover up the crimes of the Clinton Crime Family.

Some Regime gangsters claim to be “supporters of the Hungarian people and want to send your stolen money to help them “advance democracy.”

But they still can’t balance their books. Obviously voting for either the Red Gang or the Blue Gang doesn’t help.

Why not vote with your money and your feet- and get the hell out?

Which allows about 9000 invaders to remain and not be deported…for now.

Hell, pushing paper is all these DC bureau-rats do. You’d think they’d be good at it!

Relying on a corrupt, incompetent, DC protection racket to protect you is not wise. Don’t you agree?

Some good news for the resistance:

Only about half of these monstrosities are even fit to fly. So where’s the loss? They can't kill if they're grounded or shredded into wind blown pieces.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The danger of thick libertarianism is not simply that vast chunks of the American population will fail to pass its entrance requirements, not keeping up every ten minutes with what MSNBC informs us is acceptable to believe and say. The danger is that thick libertarianism will import its other concerns, which by their own admission do not involve the initiation of physical force, into libertarianism itself, thereby transforming it into something quite different from the straightforward and elegant moral and social system we have been defending for generations."
Lew Rockwell

"Some argue that a state can’t leave the Union. In their argument, they will cite many sources and lay it on thick with appeals to patriotism, claims it was settled in the courts, and threats of violence, but the one thing they can’t do is use the Constitution. The Constitution is supposedly the supreme law of the Union, but you might not know it with as often as it is trampled by courts, congressmen, and presidents. Nevertheless, it is the source of authority for the federal government, and like it or not, Washington is bound by it. And in the Constitution, there is no prohibition on resigning the Union."
Ryan Thorson

"Tribes may have their differences or even come to conflict if they do not respect the nonaggression principle. But any war that erupts between two tribes is never going to match the horror of the centralized military industrial complex with its never-ending wars on a global scale. By the same token, tribalism prevents the possibility of a single world system that claims to 'end war' while enslaving the populace through dependency and force. One ring to rule them all is not the answer. It never was."
Brandon Smith

"Any political system built upon self-sacrifice (and all are) is an illusion and can only maintain authority at your expense. Distorted reality is any ploy that seeks to persuade you to share what you have with nonproducers or to seek guidance from external authority. Politics is such an ingrained system that few realize that politics is a system of reliance on external authority that perpetuates itself on illusions and distortions.
Relying on the external authority feels safe because it is the status quo. It feels like freedom because we have endured mass brainwash telling us our slavery is freedom and democracy.
But freedom and happiness are only restored through self-reliance and acting on our own judgment. Self-sufficiency and self-worth produce ultimate happiness and human liberty."
Bob Livingston

"Instead of loving truth, most people try to make true that which they love, which is a self-delusive practice that virtually guarantees frustration and failure.  Thus, most people live in an unreal world, a world they create in their own minds based on the way they would like it to be rather than the way it actually is.
It is absolutely essential that a person intellectually and emotionally recognizes that reality isn’t the way he wishes things to be or the way they appear to be, but the way they actually are.  The individual who is not able to make this distinction finds it virtually impossible to make decisions that lead to positive results."    
Robert Ringer

"The way toward the rule of the cultural Marxists is the moral corruption of the people. To accomplish this, the mass media and public education must not enlighten but confuse and mislead. The media and the educational establishment work to put one part of the society against the other part. While group identities get more specific, the catalog of victimization and history of oppression becomes more detailed. To turn into a recognized victim of suppression is the way to gain social status and to obtain the right to special assistance, of respect and social inclusion.
The demand for social justice creates an endless stream of expenditures deemed essential — for health, education, old age, and for all those people who are 'needy,' 'persecuted' and 'oppressed,' be it real or imaginary. The flood of never-ending spending in these areas corrupts the state finances and produces fiscal crises. This helps the Neo-Marxists accuse 'capitalism' of all evils when, in fact, it is the regulatory state that provokes the systemic failures and when it is the excess of public debt that causes the financial fragility."
Antony P. Mueller

"Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or loneliness. It consists in daring to do the right thing and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds not words."
Mahatma Gandhi

"Socialism is not the pioneer of a better and finer world, but the spoiler of what thousands of years of civilization have created.  It does not build; it destroys.  For destruction is the essence of it.  It produces nothing, it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership in the means of production has created each step leading towards socialism must exhaust itself in the destruction of what already exists."
Ludwig von Mises

"'If only we could get back to the Constitution'. I have heard this phrase uttered an untold number of times, but what does it mean? It means nothing to me, for it is not a worthwhile argument or for that matter, any argument at all. It places reverence on a political document, and any thinking person should be able to understand that if the protection of individual rights is due to a constitution drafted by politicians, then he has no rights at all."
Gary D. Barnett

"Guns have two enemies – rust and politicians."
Bill Buppert

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

This is what happens down the proverbial slippery slope when you don’t follow that Piece of Paper.

These DC Demons will do whatever necessary to start a war.

The fact that DARPA is involved in this supposed “peaceful” research should raise lots of alarms.

The DC criminals have their own agenda and it certainly does not include your inalienable right to arm and defend yourself.

More central planning from your Commie Overlords.

All they have to do is pop out an anchor baby and presto! 

And not just in the summer time. The Orange Lord feels some national socialism is necessary to appease Big Agra and the climate kooks.

This after eight years of claiming they would kill it. But the voting, loyalist, parasites just love having their pre-existing conditions covered and paid for by tax slaves like you.

Covering pre-existing conditions in health insurance is just as idiotic as being able to insure your home while it’s on fire!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"If some libertarians wish to hope for or work toward a society that conforms to their ideological preferences, they are of course free to do so. But it is wrong for them – especially given their insistence on a big tent within libertarianism – to impose on other libertarians whatever idiosyncratic spin they happen to have placed on our venerable tradition, to imply that people who do not share these other ideologies can’t be real libertarians, or to suggest that it would be 'highly unlikely' that anyone who fails to hold them could really be a libertarian. That these are the same people who complain about 'intolerance' is only the most glaring of the ironies."
Lew Rockwell

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
George Orwell

"Each American State needs to carefully re-examine its relationship with the Union to determine whether their needs are best served as a member or else declare Washington in breach, and the social-contract void. However, in the light of the systemic horrors perpetrated on us by our federal government, in a long corrupt history, it’s difficult to imagine that the informed conclusion would be anything other than the imperative need to separate."
Ryan Thorson

"If you give a dime to any 'gun rights' organization doing special pleading with the owners of the tax plantation and they help craft legislation and not eliminate laws and statutes, they are the king’s men and don’t give a rat’s ass about individual and private small arms ownership."
Bill Buppert

"Tribalism is commonly presented in the mainstream as a barbaric and outdated mode of living, which is why I highly recommend it. The more centralized civilization becomes, the less varied its ideas are, the less self-sufficient it is and the more easily controlled it is. This is the point, of course. Globalists use any means at their disposal to enforce centralization not because they think it will serve to better mankind, but because it gives them more dominance over mankind."
Brandon Smith

"The fact is that there is no ‘American People’. There are people who live on the North American continent, but that also includes Canadians and Mexicans. There are people who live within the political union called the United States of America. Perhaps those are the Americans. But to say that America is one nation, a single, homogenous and well-defined people is a massive stretch. If we are ‘one people,’ then it seems unusual that we would all readily identify ourselves as something other than simply American."
Daniel Miller

"If robots save us from the toil and trouble of working, that’s one thing. It means replacing leisure for labor, which cannot be a bad thing. But robots cannot replace us as valuers and consumers; no automated process can figure out what we will want. They can only carry out the work after the ends have been recognized. Ridding humanity of this burden cannot conceivably be a threat."
Per Bylund

"Democratic socialism is anathema to human liberty and is a concealed form of slavery. Democracy equals socialism equals communism equals fascism. They are all totalitarian forms of collectivism demanding self-sacrifice and total allegiance to the state, and are all anathema to life and liberty and property."
Bob Livingston

"The state is a human institution, not a superhuman being. He who says state means coercion and compulsion. He who says: There should be a law concerning this matter, means: The armed men of the government should force people to do what they do not want to do, or not to do what they like. He who says: This law should be better enforced, means: the police should force people to obey this law. He who says: The state is God, deifies arms and prisons."
Ludwig von Mises

"Once the government abandoned neutrality, foreign policy became more and more reckless, dangerous, and costly. It became less and less done on behalf of U.S. interests properly judged and became more and more a vehicle for interventionists, unilateralists, moralists, neocons, deep-staters, special business interests, special foreign interests, power-hungry politicians, and all the beneficiaries of a huge military-industrial complex.
These groups, whose interests are not the vital national interests of the American people, designate Russia as an enemy because they need enemies to sustain their power and money grabs. They made terrorism an enemy. They made the Taliban an enemy. They made Iraq an enemy. They have made Iran an enemy. They made Gaddafi an enemy. The more enemies they can create, the better it is for them. The worse it is for us."
Michael Rozeff

"I may, as a result of long endeavors to trace the destructive effect which the invocation of ‘social justice’ has had on our moral sensitivity, and of again and again finding even eminent thinkers thoughtlessly using the phrase, have become unduly allergic to it, but I have come to feel strongly that the greatest service I can still render to my fellow men would be that I can make ... speakers and writers ... thoroughly employ the term ‘social justice’."
F.A. Hayek1

"Being united by force just averages the good states with the bad. It means states can’t feel the full benefit of their good policies. It means they don’t suffer the full consequences of their failures.
It means wealth is redistributed. It means power is centralized. It means individuals have less control than they would over a smaller, more local government.
Forced unity eliminates the marketplace for the government. Let the states compete, and the best policies will rise to the top.
The American people will then truly have a choice and a voice in government.
You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers."
Joe Jarvis

Thursday, October 4, 2018

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Airport Goons Want to Scan Your Face

And if that causes you to miss your flight….well, tough luck for you!

And, as usual, the numbers reported are much lower than the reality.

Their idea is people around the world will more easily tolerate being killed by female hired killers rather than exclusively male ones.

From this, they claim, women will be “catalysts of change” and “create long lasting peace.”

Got that?

They’re coming in freaking caravans!

And now a Regime Clown-in-Gown has granted a defacto amnesty for 300,000 border invaders from previous decades.

Which under any reasonable person’s view would be an act of war.

Regime Consider 'Taking' Out Russian Missiles

Which under an reasonable person's views would be an act of war.

Doing what they can to slaughter and starve Yemenis while distracting the voting serfs.

And we subjects are supposed to consider this an “historic win.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?