Saturday, May 27, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The FBI is the tip of the iceberg and the conversion of FBI HQ in DC and all its tentacled offices into homeless shelters and the cashiering of the entire agency would go a long way toward true justice in America."
Bill Buppert

"The government/bankers could not care less about pretended deficits, balance of trade, and helping the American people preserve their assets with a sound currency. What they are really interested in is making sure that they keep the people deceived and confused about the truth of their mass theft with paper money.
Once they create the money, all they have to do is control the volume; i.e., the numbers."
Bob Livingston

"A word Cultural Marxists use a lot lately is diversity. 'We’ve got to have diversity.' No, we don’t have to have diversity. There’s zero logical or moral reason why every room should have a quota of blacks, Hispanics, LGBTs, women, or whatever. It’s extremely stupid to have people qualify for something based upon accidental characteristics. It encourages them to view themselves not as individuals, but members of a group. So it actually foments class warfare.
In fact, birds of a feather usually flock together. This is perfectly natural. You don’t need diversity; it’s not a necessarily positive value, it’s a neutral preference. If you want it in your club, fine. But freedom of association is far, far more important."
Doug Casey

"Race is what you cling to when you have no meaningful achievements of your own to display. It’s a safe space for the unaccomplished. That’s why there’s been such an explosion of racism on the left, especially among some of its less successful demographic groups. When you have nothing to offer, or when you just don’t want to make the effort to be successful or productive, well…at least you have your skin. And the left has proved to be expert at making everything about skin. With so many layabouts, welfare cases, entitlement whores, and blame shifters among the masses, leftist intellectuals in politics, the media, and academia gain lots of traction by continually reassuring certain constituencies, 'Hey, man, your skin color makes you special! Your skin color makes you deserving!'"
David Cole

"And maybe you can’t tell the truth about what is fake news and what isn’t fake news -- but you can always tell the truth about what is real money and what is fake money. And the easiest way to find out is to go out on the street and ask the market.
The market will tell you the truth."
Andreas Antonopoulos

"We are increasingly a dysfunctional society. And we are led by a dysfunctional capitol, with a dysfunctional group of kleptocrats, in a kakistocracy, meaning rule by the worst people. There’s no moderation, here. It used to be that when one party lost power, they would spend four years trying to make the case of why they should be given power. Instead, what both parties now do is try to make the case of why you people were idiots for giving that guy power!"
Erick Erickson

"The new world of the internet longed for independence. But states and their friends moved to control our new world. They leached into the veins and arteries of our new societies, gobbling up every relationship expressed or communicated, every webpage read, every message sent and every thought googled, and then stored this knowledge, undreamed of power, in top secret warehouses, forever.
And then the state reflected what it had learned back into the physical world, to start wars, to target drones, to manipulate UN committees and trade deals, and to do favors for its vast network of industries, insiders and cronies."
Julian Assange

"Giving people money assuages the guilt of those at the top of the heap, but that’s not actually changing the inequality of the system. It may buy the silence of those deprived of opportunity, but it doesn’t change the sources of inequality. Since we don’t measure the sources of inequality, we don’t even recognize them. If we deprive a person of the opportunity to create value, to actively contribute to something positive and important, but reckon a handout of money will make inequality go away, we’re blind to the sources of inequality."
Charles Hugh Smith

"I had emphysema, had all kinds of different health problems caused by drinking and smoking … So I decided I wasn’t getting high from smoking cigarettes, and I had a pack of Chesterfields, so I took them all out, threw them away, rolled up 20 big, fat numbers, stuck them into the Chesterfield pack and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. And that’s been 30, 40 years ago."
Willie Nelson

Thursday, May 25, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Looks to “Restart” Afghanistan War

All blood sacrifice committed in the past has failed. Therefore, still more blood sacrifice is required until The Regime is pleased and satiated.

So he encourages part of The Deep State's enforcement wing to "Fight, fight, fight." Yea, right, that makes a lot of sense for someone who is supposedly fighting that very same Deep State. This Trump character isn't too bright, is he? His mind is still lost in the childhood fantasy of military worship.

That way you’ll drink more corn syrup to keep you fat and stupid and, of course, subsidize the corn growing farm gangsters.

By all means, laugh at her. That’s why she’s there- for our entertainment. If you throw her some peanuts, maybe she’ll do a little dance, as well.

After all, their lives are worth more than the peons who are forced to feed them.

"Providing training and equipment to our partners helps us improve their ability to organize, sustain, and employ a counter violent extremist force against mutual threats."
Translated: "Getting involved in other’s civil wars, defending their compliant dictators and therefore, US world hegemony."

And when considering the inevitable blowback, you can categorize such action as “terrorist farming.”

The Commanding Thief and Murderer warns others their “souls will be condemned” if they do what he does.

They do whatever it takes to keep their lucrative protection racket alive and kicking/murdering.

No mention is made of “democratic extremism.” You know- dropping bombs on innocent people in order to “spread democracy.” How can “good” be distinguished from “evil” when the supposed “good” commits the exact same acts as the supposed “evil?”

Here’s hoping the god-Trump ignores the Marxist rants concerning this hypocrite’s precious parasites.

And spying considered illegal by The Regime’s own standards.
And their punishment for such criminal conduct? Why, a scolding from their own corrupt "court" and nothing more, of course. This is how The Regime rolls. 

The Kurds want independence and the Shiites are against it. And The Regime will be meddling, as usual, in all of it.

They don’t want the Russkies getting control of Venezuelan oil. 

He plowed his fields to grow wheat but without permission from the King.

They’ll push and push to see how much you’ll put up with.

Some good news for the resistance:

China Neutralizes Regime's Spooks

Maybe they can help out Regime victims in North America.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"What keeps a truly civil society together isn’t laws, regulations, and police. It's peer pressure, social opprobrium, moral approbation, and your reputation. These are the four elements that keep things together. Western Civilization is built on voluntarism. But, as the State grows, that’s being replaced by coercion in every aspect of society."
Doug Casey

"Is liberty possible without fraternity – without some common, national bond?  Clearly, as we see played out throughout the west, the answer is no – as traditional national bonds are broken, society fragments and calls for ever-greater government action are made."
Bionic Mosquito

"Before the rise of legislative law, the private, decentralized, and polycentric common-law system was effective at promoting peace and public order because it lacked the monopoly power of a centralized state. Under both models, laws are never determinate or universally objective. But under a private law system, bad decisions that were not accepted by the public or viewed as overreaches could not be coercively imposed on society. This system of checks and balances allowed laws beneficial to the protection of private property to flourish while weeding out the bad laws."
Robert Taylor

"What is inflation? Just pull your wallet out and get a green piece of paper called dollars or currency. You have in your hand inflation, a product of the 'money creators.'
Every dollar created as well as all the credit created is inflation. This is a huge secret of the elite insiders.
The important thing to understand is that inflation (creating money) is theft coupled with destruction of wealth and eventually ruin. All who hold dollars are at risk but few realize it."
Bob Livingston

"Peaceful relations among men, where you are free to do whatever you choose so long as you do not violate the person, property or contractual obligation of another, can only exist in a cohesive society. A cohesive society shares common language, culture and values. When those are no longer shared, division results."
Andrew Piziali

"I see an undue level of fear, though, over the cultural Marxists. I see guys going out to counter-protest little 96 pound, vegan Antifa kids by strapping on ballistic plates or soft body armor and SAP gloves like they think they are going to war. I have to chuckle a little because it showcases the conservative tendency to meet every threat with a nuclear over-response (metaphorically speaking… in some cases).  Remember, in most situations these college-age weaklings have no clue what they are doing, they can barely move around in those skinny jeans they all wear and half of the men identify as women. This is not a group of well trained, bloodthirsty Cheka; they are incompetent and fumbling in the dark."
Brandon Smith

"The young men who do the fighting and killing on the front lines of this so called War on Terror must eventually come to realize they are waging war on behalf of evil men who have lied to them and the American public. Assenting to obvious mistruths and propaganda is essentially co-operating with and enabling evil. When citizens fail to hold their leaders accountable for blatant lies, false narratives, and despicable propaganda storylines, they become evil themselves."
Jim Quinn

"To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true!"
H.L. Mencken

"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.
They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted." 
Aldous Huxley

Thursday, May 18, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Gangster  Defends Regime Spying as ‘Fiscal Responsibility’

We’ll all be safer and save money if we just bow down and let The Regime spy on us.

View it as a gang war within The Regime fighting over money looted from you.

This is never a good sign.

Not hard to predict. Remember this event when some loyalist claims, “The US Government protects us.”

Can you believe that there are people and institutions that still use the ancient Windows XP? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as so many still believe in the ancient belief in the divine right of kings.

Full blown Russophobia and “duck and cover” drills in schools are not far behind.

Previous sanctions have completely failed, so the response is…… it some more.

Previous enforcement and crackdowns have completely failed, so the response is……do it some more.

Considering their Regime also executes political prisoners and would certainly execute them in mass if an armed rebellion occurred, how do loyalists explain their “disgust” with such a revelation?

“Yea, but, but….we don’t cremate the bodies. We’re too civilized to do that.”

Their reliable source? ISIS!

As in “unaccountable dark money,” which The Hildebeast is now soliciting after condemning such a method during her campaign. Shame and hypocrisy have never been a concern to the Clinton Crime Family.

All designed to cover NSA crimes and continue to ramp up support for war.

He has the audacity to blatantly lie about his own recent “presidential history.”

“During the discussion Judge Napolitano also said Barack Obama could be subpoenaed to testify if he viewed the unmasked intelligence.”

Yea, right, that will happen………

Please remember that those who warned that such information collected by Regime spying would be used for political and blackmail purposes were deemed “conspiracy theorists.”

Any tax relief must be “revenue neutral”- meaning in order to give you a break on one tax, they must increase their rate of theft on another tax. And you can forget any crazy notions that they reduce spending.

Some good news for the resistance:

Regime Thieves Fear for Their Lives

After committing crimes and threatening violence against tax serfs, they resist accountability.

The good news is not that the replacements will be an improvement but rather the disruption and chaos created by such changes further weakens The Regime and lowers its credibility among its subjects.

Netflix Documentary Exposes Criminal Nature of Regime

I recommend watching “Get Roger Stone.” Watching this film describe all the depraved events surrounding The Regime’s recent campaign for Emperor should inspire any decent person to immediately run out into their front yard and scream, “Secession NOW!”

Why would any rational person wish to remain a part of such a demented collective?

Vermont is the first to do it in the their legislature rather than a voter referendum.
It’s not hard to visualize secession spreading the same way. Why nullify Regime overreach time after time, issue after issue, when secession eradicates such tyranny in a single effort?

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Dope Offers No Hope

I had planned to write a blow by blow criticism of a recent comical speech slamming “libertarian individualism.” It was delivered by some character named “Pope Francis.” However, I don’t think I could do a critique better than what Tom Woods offers in his latest pod cast (below). He also adds a little extra credibility by being a Catholic by an adult choice and not by birth and child indoctrination.

The Dopey Pope/Self-Proclaimed Gatekeeper to God/Pedophile Apologist should be ignored as any other scam artist. Individuals holding this title have notoriously been  poorly educated simpletons with nothing to offer but magic beads and superstitious ceremonies. Why does anyone even pay attention to these hustling witch doctors?

It almost seems like this speech was purposely written to make him look foolish to any thinking person. It’s amazing that one who is perceived as a reputable guide and counselor by millions knows so little about human motivation and interaction. You may not really care what this emotionally and dogma driven character thinks about libertarianism and individualism (nor do I) but the warped logic and analysis he uses is similar to what any person you engage may use as their argument. Tom’s artful debunking offers a concise outline with which to structure your counter argument.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The problem society faces is that on the one hand, most people are trying to live peacefully, and on the other, people in power support the violent imposition of highly debatable and even dubious conceptions of the 'common good' onto everyone.
The possibility that we might have genuine, honorable disagreements about what constitutes the common good, and that therefore there ought to be some safeguards -- as indeed libertarianism offers -- against an unjust and violent embrace of only one version of that good, is not raised."
Tom Woods

"Police power is government power and vice versa. It is the police who enforce the liberty-stealing laws passed by government criminals. That’s why I hold police in such contempt. Politicians sit in ivory towers removed from the people they oppress. Police look the people in the face as they oppress them.
Government by definition, by nature, by history and by practical existence is police power. Government would not and could not exist without police power. When governments lose their police power, they collapse. Conversely, greater police power is wielded the closer to collapse we come."
Bob Livingston

"Whether one viewed socialism from the Left – as a utopian ideal – or from the Right – as an international force for evil – was relatively insignificant to either wing of the state bird of prey. What mattered to members of each crowd was that this doctrine could be exploited to mobilize popular support for their respective ambitions to have unrestrained state power over their neighbors. If socialism lost its appeal whether as a dream or a nightmare, new icons could be invented: isn’t this what intellectuals are for? To those on the Left, individuals leaving their carbon footprints in the world can make life itself a threat to be overcome by the most detailed of regulations. To those on the Right, lists of 'endless enemies' can easily be concocted to justify the expenditure of trillions of dollars to enrich weapons manufacturers and others who profit handsomely at the trough of the war system."
Butler Shaffer

"The simple fact is that Lincoln wanted war. He had the chance to save the Union without war before he took office. He had the chance to save the Union without war in March 1861. He rejected attempts to peacefully purchase federal property and began polling his cabinet about provisioning Sumter less than a week after taking office knowing full well it would cause war. As he later told a political ally, his decision to provision Fort Sumter had the desired outcome, meaning armed conflict. Nothing can sugarcoat Lincoln’s headlong rush into the bloodiest war in American history."
Brion McClanahan

"Illegal immigration is not a debate. There is no logical reason to defend it, unless your goal is to overwhelm the American system with potential democrat voters or to completely destabilize the country altogether. Why are we still arguing about this?"
Brandon Smith

"Appealing to emotions, when you have millions of functionally illiterate, normalcy bias ensnared, iGadget distracted, disciples of the status quo, has been the game plan of the Deep State for the last century. Americans don’t want to think, because thinking is hard. They would rather feel. For decades the government controlled public education system has performed a mass lobotomy on their hapless matriculates, removing their ability to think and replacing it with feelings, fabricated dogma, and social indoctrination. Their minds of mush have been molded to acquiesce to the narrative propagandized by their government keepers."
Jim Quinn

"Immigration driven by voluntary means can bring wonderful benefits to all involved, to include an evolving culture.  There is nothing close to this in today’s world – more so the opposite; immigration is subsidized, coerced, driven by state action.  This is the “open borders' we are lectured to embrace.
Culture change by force; subsidized by the victims.  Nothing libertarian here."
Bionic Mosquito

"The Fed and the income tax are both disastrous and unnecessary things, enemies of the common man in every way. Unfortunately, people have come to believe they’re fixtures in the cosmic firmament. They’re the main reasons—there are many other reasons, though, unfortunately—why the average American’s standard of living has been dropping since the early 1970s. In fact, were it not for these things, and the immense amount of capital destroyed during the numerous wars of the last 100 years, I expect we’d have already colonized the moon and Mars. Among many other things…"
Doug Casey

"The true test of civilization is only to be found in the kind of man the country turns out."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 11, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Offers Bonus To Military

Not to actually win a war but to train others how to lose a war. And you pay for it!

The purge of the internet has officially begun. No “laws” necessary when you have a complicit, state apologist, propaganda bureau posing as “independent media.”

The second one, that is. I’m sure plans are already underway for the next round of bombing….and even more profitable reconstruction.

It’s all necessary to continue the propaganda. Hubris and hypocrisy are necessary character traits to qualify as a Regime Stooge.

“One airline employee tells him that under FAA regulations, 2-year-old children are not supposed to have their own seats at all and are supposed to sit in parents' laps for the duration of the flight.”

And yet:

“…the websites for both the FAA and Delta appear to encourage parents to buy separate seats for young children and use a child safety restraint system.”

Surprise! The Regime produces contradictory gibberish. And rational people are expected to understand and follow it.

How ironic- True, confirmed terrorists warning us about imaginary, speculative terrorists.

I guess they think you can assault the crew by giving them paper cuts.

For some time they have blamed the personal failures and poor choices of politically protected non-whites on the R-word. To disagree with such improbable assertions, of course, makes you…….racist. Now they use racism to blame the unhealthy choices made by sickly non-whites.

Note this passage: “Researchers said the link between racism and health is significant. However, they can’t be 100% sure racism is the cause unless more thorough experimenting is done.”
Translated: “We need billions in more funding to be stolen from tax serfs!”

A headline coming soon to a Regime Rag near you-
“Racism Causes Climate Change”

The Chosen One can get away with in plain sight what the Russians are accused of doing with no evidence. He also got away with the same crime while sitting on the throne.

But, of course, to point out such evidence and fact is.....“racist.”

Only in the depraved world of the political elites is committing murder, theft, tyrannical oppression and general crimes against humanity seen as “providing young people of all backgrounds with an example they can emulate in their own lives.”

His adoring climate kooks are confused- continue to bow to His Highness or (gulp) actually criticize his excessive, hypocritical use of evil fossil fuels.

This battle, along with its participants, disappears with secession.

Uber finds a clever away to avoid the goon regulators and The Regime doesn’t like it.

How dare they survey a hostile warship full of terrorists immediately off their coast?  How dare they create such a “nuisance” with their “bad behavior?” What nerve! What hubris these Iranians have!

They want to create robots who can autonomously decide whether to kill you or not.

The residents of such zones not only protect fleeing refugees but ISIS, the supposed enemy.

They complain the “sharing economy” doesn’t “share the wealth.”
Translated: The productive activity of the “sharing economy” can’t be looted by state gangsters and parasites.

“It surprises me what some people try to take on an airplane,” says one goon. I would answer that it’s the type of individual who has not been entirely, enslaved, domesticated, and cowed by the terrorist regime that claims to rule them.

Why? They just want to import Cuban rum to sell in their state controlled liquor stores. So we have state gangster/monopolists colliding with Regime trade-gatekeepers. 

NPR has long been a favorite organ for disinformation.

Some good news for the resistance:

Excellent! Maybe they’ll start exiting some of the 80 countries they are presently terrorizing.

There are a lot of potential secessionists out there.

A worthy action even if they have to settle for assistance from the state who is charged by its subjects with such a duty. Ideally, these property owners could deal with such invaders with any measure of force they deem necessary.

They’re also known as “refugees.” Texas is leading the resistance with more states to follow.

Compassion requires we offer help to this sickly, deranged, psychopath. The good news? This babbling creature represents your opposition’s best and brightest.

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession, anyone?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"[Ann] Coulter is a member of a small cadre of professional political columnists. Their lives are consumed with politics. They get their book royalties based on politics. They will not admit what should be visible to every American: national politics does not change anything significant, except when some President pushes us into a war. Other than starting wars, no President makes a difference.
Political columnists live in a fantasy world. They live in a political bubble. They cannot think of life outside the Washington Beltway. They believe in national salvation by politics, and they are forever waiting for the millennium."
Gary North

"The culture of war . . . is not like the culture of ordinary peace-time life.  It is a culture dominated by fear, blood, and sadism, by irrational actions and preposterous results.  It has more relation to science fiction or to absurdist theater than to actual life."
Paul Fussel

"The more generations that pass without open conflict with authority, the more the public mind conforms and the more the people and the government become one. Any 'deviant' who questions authority is sure to encounter a hostile response from his friends and neighbors. He has defiled the Holy place."
Bob Livingston

"The Constitution, itself, should remind us that 'laws' do not exist in a vacuum, but are the products of human action which, in turn, is behavior driven by people pursuing their self-interests. With legislation created by a political system that enjoys a monopoly on the legal use of force, it is clear that laws are but the means by which some people pursue their ends at the expense of others."
Butler Shaffer

"I don’t want to hear nonsensical mainstream arguments about how we are a 'nation of immigrants.' We are not a nation of immigrants. I was born here. Most of us were born here. Our ancestors settled here and built this nation from nothing. This nation is established now and has been for some time. Times change and we don’t need a flood of random immigrants. If anything, we need highly selective immigration of only the best and brightest and most skilled from around the world."
Brandon Smith

"The chances are high that life on earth is approaching its end. The responsibility lies heavily on the American people, whose success, due to the mistakes of others, made Americans think that they are exceptional and privileged. Unaware of the inhumane threat to all life that is embodied in the neoconservative claim that Americans are exceptional and indispensable, the self-satisfied American public is unaware of the consequences of such hubris. Hubris is leading them, and the entire world, to slaughter in thermo-nuclear war.
The neoconservative claim of American exceptionalism is the identical claim made for Germans by Hitler. If Americans are indispensable, everyone else is dispensable and can be 'bombed into the stone age' as one US government official put it, or nuked as Washington intends to do to Russia and China. The claim of American exceptionalism is not accepted by Russia and China. Therefore, the insane, crazed monsters who rule over the West in Washington are bringing life on earth to an end."
Paul Craig Roberts

"The transfer of labor from humans to our inventions is nothing less than the story of civilization. Waxing nostalgic about jobs lost to technology is little better than complaining that antibiotics put too many grave diggers out of work."
Gary Kasparov

"The March for Science organization is nothing more than a modern-day Wizard of Oz. As the decrepit old charlatan’s power status was threatened, he exclaimed, 'Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! The great and powerful Oz has spoken!' His sophisticated smoke-and-mirrors show, similar to the manipulative doublespeak of social justice ideology, was designed to silence independent thinkers who would dare to question his authority. Note that his disgraceful scheme was finally brought down by facts, when little dog Toto merely pulled away the curtain to reveal the Wizard’s true identity. The Wizard of Oz turned out to be a displaced circus man named Oscar Zoroaster. Analogously, the March for Science is just a pseudonym for a particularly savvy branch of the Progressive agenda, and should be exposed as such."
Carrie Burdzinski

"Creation leads you to the best things in life, consumption just kind of fills the gaps in between."
Jason Zook

Thursday, May 4, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Media Spreads Lies About North Korea

You know you’re reading misinformation when you read declarations from unnamed “experts and officials.”

The bar is set quite low for qualifying as a Regime Gangster.

They torture animals, as well.

They’ve lied before. Why should anyone believe them now?

Can it get any more ridiculous? 

We see a 58% increase in those who wish to “rise” to the position of politi-gangster and control The Regime’s guns.

What will they march against, next? “Gravity policy?”
Without The Regime, these Chicken Littles are powerless and exposed as raving lunatics.

And totally necessary so loyalist hayseeds can continue to think of themselves as "exceptional."

Of course, everything is racist, which makes the word as irrelevant as “tolerance.” The left’s destruction of the language only destroys themselves and whatever “argument” they attempt to make. It also further lessens the credibility of their prized, tyrannical political collective. 

Let it continue! Millions are laughing at them!

They subsidized creation of the trash to make ‘murricans-look-more-better than the evil Russkies.

The politi-gangsters will examine “customer service by U.S. airlines" and “how air travel can be improved.”
And we all know what experts these critters are about “customer service.”

To help pay for “infrastructure investments.” Which of course can be translated to mean “payback to campaign contributors.” Also to be mentioned- Any state’s “infrastructure” is none of The Regime’s god damned business.

And, of course, the resulting problems are generally ignored. And this is just one case. It’s not arrogant to assume there are many others, yet unreported.
Perhaps such suffering will inspire obedient bootlickers to morph into shitkicking secessionists.

The rest of us are just raped financially.

And sharing weapons, ammunition, and supplies, no doubt- and all paid for by you!

“Why, sonnnnnnn, it feels just like just yesterday ALKIDA was our en-e-my that needed to be dis-troyed before they nuke Cincinnati!”

And, as usual, lies about it.

They protect themselves and let the rest of us die. This makes it easier for them to provoke nuclear wars. 
Loyalist’s ultimate defense for preserving the US is protection and defense. So this is the kind of P & D you get for paying those impoverishing taxes?

Or are we to feel satisfied and grateful that the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan will be snug and safe in their bunkers while the rest of us are turned to ash?

They’re checking your feces and urine to see if you have been naughty or nice.

No, really, I’m not making this up.

Some good news for the resistance:

Their hysteria reveals they obviously don’t understand the inherent nature of the Constitution.

And get ready for a similar reaction to what has occurred in Colorado.

Considering they’re financially bankrupt, let’s hope the reorder checks to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman start bouncing.

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession, anyone?