Sunday, September 29, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"All governments are, as they must be, oligarchies: only a relatively small number of people have substantial effective discretion to make critical decisions about how the state’s power will be brought to bear. Beyond the oligarchy itself and the police and military forces that compose its Praetorian Guard, somewhat larger groups constitute a supporting coalition. These groups provide important financial and other support to the oligarchs and look to them for compensating rewards—legal privileges, subsidies, jobs, exclusive franchises and licenses, transfers of financial income and wealth, goods and services in kind, and other booty—channeled to them at the expense of the mass of the people. Thus, the political class in general—that is, the oligarchs, the Praetorian Guards, and the supporting coalition—uses government power (which means ultimately the police and the armed forces) to exploit everyone outside this class by wielding or threatening to wield violence against all who fail to pay the tribute the oligarchs demand or to obey the rules they dictate.
Democratic political forms and rituals, such as elections and formal administrative proceedings, disguise this class exploitation and trick the masses into the false belief that the government’s operation yields them net benefits. In the most extreme form of misapprehension, the people at large become convinced that, owing to democracy, they themselves 'are the government'."
Robert Higgs

"The politicians claim that 'hate crime' laws will deter people with hateful motives from carrying out their crimes based on their hatreds. But much like laws against murder don't prevent murder and laws against burglary don't stop burglars, hate crime laws apparently haven't stopped hate crimes. What they have done is create an almost cottage industry of claims of hate crimes from people seeking to profit from them.
Hate crimes are essentially thought crimes. Hate is a nebulous term, and it's dangerous when the political elite or the mass media or popular opinion can define what is criminal and what is acceptable on their terms. You may recall that it became so popular to hate Jews in Nazi Germany that an entire ideology was created off it. This 'hate' became public policy and state-sanctioned."
Bob Livingston

"All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death, to do what they do not want to do.
Even if the absence of government really did mean anarchy in a negative, disorderly sense – which is far from being the case – even then, no anarchical disorder could be worse than the position to which government has led humanity."
Leo Tolstoy

"American revolutionaries in 1776 employed violent means as a last resort, but only after a long train of abuses had occurred which they articulated, and only after all peaceful avenues to rectify the injustices had been exhausted. Antifa articulates nothing as a group, doesn’t make clear its grievances, doesn’t try to have its grievances redressed, and goes about singling out, not a government oppressing it, but other private groups. The role assigned to any government is to keep the peace among its citizens. Accordingly, government should crush Antifa."
Michael Rozeff

"We must ask, not whether an anarcho-capitalist society would be safe from a power grab by the men with the guns (safety is not an available option), but whether it would be safer than our society is from a comparable seizure of power by the men with the guns. I think the answer is yes. In our society, the men who must engineer such a coup are politicians, military officers, and policemen, men selected precisely for the characteristic of desiring power and being good at using it. They are men who already believe that they have a right to push other men around – that is their job. They are particularly well qualified for the job of seizing power. Under anarcho-capitalism the men in control of protection agencies are selected for their ability to run an efficient business and please their customers. It is always possible that some will turn out to be secret power freaks as well, but it is surely less likely than under our system where the corresponding jobs are labeled 'non-power freaks need not apply'."
David Friedman

"Perhaps Identity Politics is correct.  The days of 'the whites' are over.  The days of white people brainwashed into cowardice and impotence are at an end.  The Americans and their empire are incapable of self-defense.  All white gentiles can do is to attack Israel’s enemies for Israel, thus multiplying the crimes of whites and the associated guilt that has destroyed a once vigorous people who made the modern world with all its faults and advantages."
Paul Craig Roberts

"No people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want."
Ludwig von Mises

"Do insurers owe the public coverage? No. The fact is that nobody owes you, or anybody else, anything. If you don’t qualify for a policy, that’s unfortunate. You also may not qualify for joining an athletic team. Or getting into a school. Or working for a certain employer. Or a thousand other things. I’m sorry. But tough. Your choices are to either do something to improve your circumstances or, if you can’t, find an alternative. One person’s bad luck doesn’t constitute a mortgage on another person’s life."
Doug Casey

"Today’s level of lawlessness and insecurity in many black communities is a relatively new phenomenon. In the 1950s, ’40s, ’30s and earlier times, people didn’t bar their windows. Doors were often left unlocked. People didn’t go to bed to the sounds of gunshots. And black people didn’t experience anything like what’s experienced in Chicago and other cities such as one person being shot every four hours and murdered every 18 hours. The uninformed blame today’s chaos on discrimination and poverty. That doesn’t even pass the smell test, unless one wants to argue that historically there was less racial discrimination and poverty than today."
Walter Williams

"Don’t just ask 'Cui bono?' of potential false flag events. Ask it about every belief in your head. Rigorously holding that candle up to the ideas in your own mind will reveal a lot of junk floating around in there that benefit other people, both the powerful and the not-so-powerful."
Caitlin Johnstone

"Great insights and strokes of brilliance come from individuals who, in wanting to solve a particular problem, with the ability of deliberate focus and reflection, come to a realization. 
This, at its most basic, requires that individuals be untethered from the collective, allowing their thoughts to roam freely outside of 'the box.'
(After all, if the answer was obvious, the collective would’ve already picked it up.)  
Sometimes, the realization has little to do with the particular problem-at-hand. But what ties all great discoveries together is that it came from an active, open, and searching mind.
There’s been exactly zero cases of a spontaneous collective 'Aha!' moment leading to a great invention, discovery, or insight. 
It always took root in an individual mind first. 
Brilliance, in other words, is a product of what makes us unique as individuals, not what makes us the same. 
The seed always begins with the individual, then is tempered and shaped and elaborated on by others. 
This is a liberating realization because individual brilliance doesn’t discriminate… 
Every single individual with the capacity for insight has the ability to ruminate on a specific problem. And, flipside, the problem can be seen through a billion lenses that are all entirely unique. 
We have billions of potentially brilliant solutions whirling around at this very moment, screaming to be let out."
Chris Campbell

"There is one huge difference between businesses (even Woke Capitalism) and government: business firms cannot engage in the kind of coercion that is the lifeblood of government rule. While Americans might still believe that corporations one day will rule the world, creating a Rollerball dystopia, there is a reason that such scenarios are depicted in fiction, and that is because they are fiction. Government coercion and brutality, unfortunately, are quite real. While one can fear what is happening in corporate boardrooms and executive offices, one always should fear government more."
William L. Anderson

"…The business people, regular people in Russia and China, are hardly dictators. So they’re saying that Putin is a dictator, that Xi is a dictator. I don’t think either one of them has all power. And even if they are- obviously there is a dictator in North Korea- how do you achieve peace unless you’re willing to deal with them? The U.S. president, by the way, is a dictator. He has the power to launch atomic weapons on his own say so. He has the power to destroy the world on his own say so. I mean, what is a more dictatorial power than that? And everybody thinks that’s okay, that’s fine. Maybe they don’t like it if Trump can do it, but they thought it was fine if Bush or Obama could do it. So the U.S. presidency is actually an elected dictatorship."
Lew Rockwell

"If you are paralyzed with fear it’s a good sign. It shows you what you have to do."
Steven Pressfield

Thursday, September 26, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Murders Thirty Afghan Pine Nut Harvesters

When you get together with your colleagues around an open fire, the DC Demons think you are ISIS…or whoever the enemy du jour is.
And don’t expect the regime-controlled media to report the crime.

Regime Murders Forty Afghan Wedding Participants

When you get together with your colleagues at a wedding, the DC Demons think you are ISIS…or whoever the enemy du jour is.

The DC Demons show their “compassion” by targeting food and medicine.

They follow that by sending more of their hired killers to the House of Saud to do some “defensive” prick waving.

I would assume this includes the cost of caring for those wonderful “migrants” who abandon their children in record numbers, expecting someone else to raise and take of them.

The number of repeat invaders is growing.

Now, a moronic Emperor-Wannabe wants to welcome those invaders escaping bad weather!

Will they be repeat invaders every time the weather becomes unpleasant?

Professional looters never run out of targets to satisfy their greed.

They are considered an “abhorrent affront to our nation, the struggle and unity of its diverse population.”

Please take this for granted- All white people are considered “white supremacists” until officially designated otherwise.

And the Diversity Gods hate them.

And all to help his coke snorting son. Politi-gangsters call it “family values.”

The classically vague, detail-free reason of “irreparable harm” is used.
Shouldn’t representatives of the people of Alaska decide this?

Let’s see how much of this is embezzled.

Some good news for the resistance:

Disrupting gangster business in The Imperial City is a good thing to liberty lovers.

These disruptive goblins in DC are as irresponsible as their slob comrades in NYC.

Idling cars produce more pollution than moving vehicles.

Don’t report these incidents to the Climate Christ-child. She’ll blame her cult members for stealing “her childhood!"

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

'My AR is Ready'

Last week, a political party of violence peddling Bolsheviks held a debate involving candidates who wish to be anointed the next American Emperor. One candidate by the name of Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (known to Real Texans and Real Mexicans as The Fake Mexican) adamantly announced his intentions to confiscate the firearms of peaceful American subjects.

"Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47," the former El Paso congressman said. "We're not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore."

Not surprisingly, this assertion brought a rousing response from those who would object to such a criminal action. One of those objecting was Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain. His response was equally inflammatory:

“My AR is ready for you, Robert Francis.”

Being the typical, loud mouthed, bullying coward, O’Rourke took Mr. Cain’s blunt eloquence as a “death threat.” He was so offended, he even reported Mr. Cain to the DC Regime’s version of the Gestapo.

But just who is issuing “threats” in this exchange?

This fact must be made perfectly clear: “Beto” is the one doing the threatening here; threatening to confiscate a peaceful individual’s property, threatening to take away a peaceful individual’s tool of self-defense and threatening lethal violence against peaceful individuals, if necessary, to accomplish just that.

Remember O’Rourke’s use of the well-worn, collectivist “we” in his confiscation announcement? It does not mean “he” personally, as Emperor, will be politely knocking on your door. It will be a cadre of heavily armed, loyalist goons doing his dirty work.

Mr. Cain is obviously aware of this fact, making his measured response completely rational.

Yes, his “AR is ready.”

1) It’s “ready” to be used to defend himself, his family and his community from criminal, murderous rampages.
It is the innate response of any living creature to defend itself. And to any sentient human organism, that immediate defensive response is initiated solely by that individual human organism, not by calling “911” or “sheltering in place.”

2) It’s “ready” to be used to defend himself and others from violent, authoritarian, communist goblins who want to disarm honest people so they will easily be slaughtered in the next mass shooting.

3) It’s also “ready,” if necessary, to defend himself and others from the violent state goons, sent by gangsters like The Fake Mexican, to disarm honest, peaceful people by any means necessary, including killing these honest, peaceful people!

“My AR is ready” is the modern-day version of the slogan from the early days of the Texas Revolution directed at other violent, state authoritarians: “Come and take it!”

Mr. Cain’s comments represent those individuals who adamantly refuse to be butchered by pharmaceutical-addled barbarians, while at the same time being bullied into disarmament and rendered defenseless by power mad, hoplophobic tyrants.

The last thing these folks want is violence but being blessed with the virtues of preparedness and common sense, they are “ready” to do whatever necessary to protect their property and families- And that includes securing the tools necessary to procure that protection!

If the words, “The rights of the people to keep and bear arms  shall not be infringed” is not concise enough or too complicated for “Beto” to understand, perhaps “My AR is ready” will be more easily grasped by this severely challenged individual and other despots like him.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back."
Al Swearengen, character on “Deadwood”

"The untruth or false idea believed and propagated by socialists is that businesses screw everyone in sight. They are accused of exploiting labor and consumers. This is the senseless idea that Karl Marx thought up, and today’s socialists still believe it. Even some successful businessmen believe it! Based upon this false idea, socialists recommend all sorts of government controls, laws and regulations over business. You need only read the published recommendations of one politician after another to see that they believe the idea that businesses screw people. This is also the idea pushed by very many journalists, talking heads, media figures, professors, teachers, clergy, and others.
Nonetheless, no matter how many people believe this idea, it’s still false. Without the business, you and I could not make anything but the rudest clothing and shoes, the most primitive dwellings and grow the crudest kinds of foods. We’d be reduced in many cases to foraging, hunting and starving unless we traveled to new hunting grounds or stole from our neighbors."
Michael Rozeff

"Doubtless, violence is ugly and should be used only when necessary. But not only is there nothing intrinsically immoral about violence; it is a moral good when it is the means by which the prey becomes the predator and the predator the prey.
Violence is or would be a moral good if and when an unassuming Trump supporter—an elderly man, say, a slender woman, or a teenage boy—knocked the lights out of a bike lock and chain-wielding Antifa or Black Lives Matter thug who was determined to assault a 'Nazi' or 'white supremacist'."
Jack Kerwick

"Many Americans are concluding that the Supreme Court wants to make sure that illegal aliens are as represented in elected legislatures as US citizens. Identity Politics has produced a Supreme Court that regards achieving diversity more important than citizenship. The precedent is being established that citizenship is established by mere presence.  If a person can place a foot on US territory, the person becomes a citizen. President Trump’s attempt to enforce US borders is regarded as a racist act."
Paul Craig Roberts

"What should be evident is that the U.S. and its military have been responsible for tens of millions of deaths due to its wars, its violent aggressions, and its sanctions. No other nation on earth has ever been responsible for such carnage, and no other nation has caused such widespread suffering. How many have really been wounded, disfigured, or harmed by war, chemical weapons, sanctions, and total destruction of infrastructures at the hands of the United States? How many have been displaced, and lost their families? How many continue to live with the horrors of war? And considering that more people are being killed every single day by U.S. forces, and that more war seems inevitable, how many more millions will die before Americans wake up to the horror of this aggression?"
Gary D. Barnett

"Today, companies like Nike, Google, Microsoft and others don’t need a communist party to impose their own totalitarian-like discipline upon workers. These companies are Woke and want to make sure everyone else knows it, and if someone wishes to be hired and remain employed at one of these firms, then uttering or declaring politically-incorrect thoughts either at work, on social media, or somewhere else is going to lead to being on the unemployment line. Thus, one can be sure that the ranks of these tech firms are honeycombed with informers and outright spies who are examining their colleagues and employees to see who among them might not be sufficiently pro-LGBTQ+ or pro-choice, and who should be cast out into the outer darkness for wrong thinking."
William L. Anderson

"Society’s devils and demons are born by following the instinct to avoid and isolate the things that trouble us -- by not facing them head-on. 
Without facing them head-on, however, true progress is impossible.
We’re only left celebrating faux, superficial progress. 
Progress that lacks any soul or wisdom. 
Progress that lacks any wholeness, richness, or depth. 
Only freedom -- especially the freedom to bring the festering darkness into the light -- will offer us such an opportunity. 
When freedom as an inalienable right becomes a moot point… 
That’s when the real work will begin. 
Until then, we’ll invest our time, energy in continuing to plant the seeds."
Chris Campbell

"Throughout human history, the minds of intelligent men and women have contributed to the well-being of our species by creating, inventing, and discovering systems, truths, and works of both art and technology that enhance the qualities that help transform us from knuckle-dragging beasts to civil beings. Such improvements were possible only so long as persons were free to think, speculate, and pursue questions teased from their active curiosities."
Butler Shaffer

"The cultural left has captured the bureaucracies at American corporations. One thing we hear a lot from our friends on the left is that Big Business is conservative, and would never do anything that would hurt its bottom line. Wrong! I have seen personally how companies will do politically correct things that actually hurt their business model, but that win its management pats on the back among their social cohort. These documents I looked at today assert — assert, do not argue — that the total politicization of the company’s culture is critical to its business success … and then go on to describe a program that is almost certainly going to cause major problems with teamwork, cohesiveness, and conflict. These documents are a recipe for creating intense anxiety and suspicion within the company. It’s as clear as day. You cannot imagine why any sensible company would embrace these principles and techniques, which can only hurt its ability to compete. But there it is, in black and white."
Rod Dreher

"The Deep State is destructive, but it’s great for the people in it. And, like any living organism, its prime directive is: Survive! It survives by indoctrinating the fiction that it’s both good and necessary. However, it’s a parasite that promotes the ridiculous notion that everyone can live at the expense of society.
Is it a conspiracy, headed by a man stroking a white cat? I think not. I find it’s hard enough to get a bunch of friends to agree on what movie to see, much less a bunch of power-hungry miscreants bent on running everyone’s lives. But, on the other hand, the top dogs all know each other, went to the same schools, belong to the same clubs, socialize, and, most important, have common interests, values, and philosophies.
The American Deep State rotates around the Washington Beltway. It imports America’s wealth as tax revenue. A lot of that wealth is consumed there by useless mouths. And then, it exports things that reinforce the Deep State, including wars, fiat currency, and destructive policies. This is unsustainable simply because nothing of value comes out of the city."
Doug Casey

"Throughout history, people have been forced to live under regimes that wield the power to control trade. It’s time for one nation to lead the rest of the world out of this statist morass. I say that that nation should be America. Here is what I propose: A constitutional amendment stating the following: 'No law shall be enacted, by either the federal government or the state governments, respecting the regulation of trade, or abridging the free exercise thereof.'
The advantage of a constitutional amendment, as compared to simply repealing, ending, abolishing, and dismantling Trump’s sanctions, embargoes, trade restrictions, tariffs, and trade wars is that the American people would no longer have to concern themselves with some president or Congress imposing, willy-nilly, some new restriction on their freedom to travel and their freedom to trade. If Trump, for example, wakes up some morning and suddenly and impulsively decides to start a wage war against China, someone can quickly file suit in federal court to get his trade war enjoined as a violation of the free-trade clause in the Constitution."
Jacob Hornberger

"It would be the mark of success, if, in the third millennium, people managed to convert all states into benevolent service companies."
Hans Adam II

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."
Bob Marley

Thursday, September 19, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Emperor Lies About ‘Super Weapons’

Talking out of one’s ass is common among blustering bullies.

Regime Wastes Billions Operating Gulag

The even larger crime, of course, is that some of the prisoners have been held there for as long as eighteen years without being charged.  

It’s always the civilians that suffer, never the instigating politi-gangsters.

“The opening salvo in The Green New Deal.”

Thankfully, the appointment is temporary.

Of course, you and I were told that only the Taliban that committed war violence during that time.

Can you say “hypocrite?”

The Chinese must be reminded of DC’s “supremacy.”

They need to remind Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova that they’re better off being enslaved by DC than by Moscow.

If he survives his stay in a UK gulag, he’ll shortly be extradited to “The Land of the Free” to be tortured and killed.

Iran says, "bullshit" as DC does what’s necessary to keep the war drums beating.

They’ll be “defending” their subjects from the truth about their many crimes.

The fact this case is not immediately dismissed tells you all you need to know…

Meanwhile, on the border, the number of invaders has decreased but the underlying problems remain.

Don’t you consider hypocrisy a crime when practiced by those who claim to rule you?

It’s looks like any person or organization that disagrees with her about anything is designated as “corrupt.”

They’re also looking to loot his income.

Consider both actions a warning to other whistleblowers who valiantly publish the crimes of the state.

The technology, of course, will eventually be shared with local police forces.

The demon-faced, mentally ill, teeny hypocrite will lecture them to adopt her pseudo-science scam and anti-carbon bigotry.

And bribes to Regime Gangsters keep the whole scam going.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"We cherish our right to keep and bear arms in defense of ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our community, and our Texas. We will not accept the politicization of our pain. We will not accept any policy that would reduce us to the status of defenseless prey. We will not listen to the ceaseless judgment from self-righteous and disconnected narcissists who love nothing more than to see Texans suffer. Be gone. You have no power here."
Daniel Miller

"Still using the same principle that political rulership should be employed to the extent of the evil in man, we would then have a society in which complete political rulership of all the affairs of everybody would be called for.… One man would rule all. But who would serve as the dictator? However he were to be selected and affixed to the political throne, he would surely be a totally evil person, since all men are evil. And this society would then be ruled by a totally evil dictator possessed of total political power. And how, in the name of logic, could anything short of total evil be its consequence? How could it be better than having no political rulership at all in that society?"
F.A. Harper

"The rich will be, and should be, first in line for living forever. They may or may not be the nicest people. But their wealth is some evidence that they’re more diligent, more intelligent, and harder working than most. That’s tough luck for the ne’er-do-wells, the mooches, and the slackers. If you’re poor, you made your bed. Now, you sleep in it. And, yes, I hear the whines about 'bad luck.' You make your own luck over the course of a lifetime. In fact, the bread generally goes to the wise, the race to the swift, and the battle to the strong. At least in a free market. That’s what justice is all about."
Doug Casey

"The main merit of individualism is that it is a system under which bad men can do least harm. It is a social system which does not depend for its functioning on our finding good men for running it, or on all men becoming better than they now are, but which makes use of men in all their given variety and complexity."
F. A. Hayek

"I vehemently deny that 'systemic racism' exists in America to any significant degree. The vast majority of Americans are not racists. Yet we have a problem, which is the perpetuation of the false idea that we are racists. There is also the problem of the false idea that racism causes or has caused people of color, mainly people of African heritage and genetic composition, to be so disadvantaged that non-black Americans have to turn themselves inside out in all sorts of ways, including money payoffs, in order to rectify the situation.
I deny that racism is anything worth getting riled up about, much less legislating about. I think that all such efforts to conjure up the specter of racism are scams, con games and rackets designed to favor certain specific beneficiaries. Race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have kept alive the racism myths, and they’ve succeeded in passing them on to a new generation of both black and white people. Along side of them and adding fuel to the fake fire blazing in people’s heads are Barack Obama and other socialists and progressives like him who see racism as a way for them to seize government power."
Michael Rozeff

"Our Ruling Elites have no idea how many of us already want to see them all in prison jumpsuits, and they also have no idea how fast the moral revulsion with their corrupt 'leadership' might spread. Scanning the distracted, consumerist rabble from the great heights of their wealth and power, they reckon the capacity for moral outrage is limited, leaving them safe from any domestic crusade.
They also trust that the citizenry can be further fragmented, further distracted, and so they will continue to be invulnerable. Or worst case scenario, a few especially venal villains will need to be sacrificed, and then all will return to the bliss of Neofeudal exploitation.
But they may have misread the American citizenry, just as they've misread history."
Charles Hugh Smith

"We hear much about America’s external empire—UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan.  What I am suggesting is that the United States itself has become an internal empire of antagonistic races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, and agendas.  As empires are unstable, the US is doubly so.
The decision to deep-six the immigration policy of assimilation was a conscious decision to disunite the country.  Diversity coupled with reverse discrimination dispossessed the core population of their country.  It was an act of national suicide."
Paul Craig Roberts

"I’m not aware of a foreign terrorist threat, attempt, or action against the United States, in which a motivation was stated, where that motivation was anything other than opposition to US military imperialism. Statistically, religion doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it. If you occupy another country, people get mad – with or without religion.
This is part of a broader picture of counterproductive self-defeating masochism. Terrorism has predictably increased during the war on terrorism (as measured by the Global Terrorism Index). 99.5% of terrorist attacks occur in countries engaged in wars and/or engaged in abuses such as imprisonment without trial, torture, or lawless killing. The highest rates of terrorism are in 'liberated' and 'democratized' Iraq and Afghanistan. The terrorist groups responsible for the most terrorism (that is, non-state, politically motivated violence) around the world have grown out of US wars against terrorism."
David Swanson

"The rule of law no longer applies. The law in the U.S. has become the 'expression of the general will' as seen in recent Supreme Court rulings and in the absolution of Hillary Clinton for her crimes by the FBI director and the Department of JustUs, and the unrelenting illegal — but state-sanctioned — spying on and investigations into President Trump and his associates during and after the campaign.
Americans would do well to study to the French Revolution for a precursor to where we're headed."
Bob Livingston

"It is psychologically comfortable to believe that we live in a just world. It is much less psychologically comfortable to understand that we don’t, and that we never will unless we fight very hard for it. One is an illusion, the other is reality. A preference for reality over comfort is the primary factor which separates those who serve corrupt power from those who speak out against it."
Caitlin Johnstone

"I have said before that if the federal government in the US were forbidden from stealing a single dime from its supplicant populations it would wither and die and further, if it was unable to transfer a single ruble of its stolen booty to the vast government enstupidation factories from K-PhD, communism would die on the vine in the west as a 'rational' framework in a generation. The education complex in America is the primary communist software virus hothouse in the US if not the west."
Bill Buppert

"A society’s first line of defense is not the law or the criminal justice system but customs, traditions and moral values. These behavioral norms, mostly imparted by example, word-of-mouth and religious teachings, represent a body of wisdom distilled over the ages through experience and trial and error. Police and laws can never replace these restraints on personal conduct. At best, the police and criminal justice system are the last desperate line of defense for a civilized society. Today’s true tragedy is that most people think what we see today has always been so. As such, today’s Americans accept behavior that our parents and grandparents never would have accepted."
Walter Williams

"You will not hear the mainstream media or even much of the alternative media talk about the real solutions to elitist criminality or government corruption. You won’t hear about these solutions because they are hard; they require struggle and sacrifice. Voting is easy, which is why it does not work. Legislation is easy, which is why it does not work. And, protesting with signs on a street corner is easy, and it might spread the word on an issue, but ultimately it does not work. The corruption remains.
There are two options left; first, walk away peacefully from the system and build one that works on your own or with others of like-mind. If you are successful, then expect the corrupt system and the elites behind it to try and stop you. Second, when this happens, the only option left is to fight back and remove the threat. This is where we are inevitably headed, not because we want it, but because they will force the issue."
Brandon Smith

"Participating in a gun buyback program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids."
Clint Eastwood

Thursday, September 12, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Clown-in-Gown Destroys Texas Border Sovereignty

He overturns the rule requiring asylum scam-seekers to remain outside the US until their case is heard. Now, anyone can arrive seeking asylum and allowed to disappear into the American wilderness and sanctuary cities.

There is only one possible response to this nonsense (beyond secession, of course):


Make sure to welcome all the new murderers, drunken killers, and anchor baby mamas seeking “asylum.”

And tell the military to quit whining about having a minute fraction of their trillion-dollar-per-year budget being spent on true national defense- border security.

If the military wants to kill foreigners, why not kill the foreigners invading our border rather than killing innocent, non-threatening foreigners on the other side of the planet?

Regime Ramps Up Harassment of Iran

Along with the above-mentioned harassment of cancer patients, DC offers harassment of the Iranian Space Agency, an Iranian shipping network, and attempted bribery and extortion of Iranian oil tanker captains.

No surprise, here if you’ve been paying attention.

The Demons on the Potomac require a steady diet of dead civilians.

And they’re meeting at this very moment on how to do just that.

According to him, killing their unborn children as a sacrifice to the Climate Gods will reward them with better weather.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to kill both the born and unborn in wars- as the Regime does now? That way you would also please the campaign-donating military/industrial complex.

Now she has a blue one for the ocean.

Remember when humans utilized the wonderful brain in their skulls to adapt to natural changes in their environment?

Now, they just whine like hysterical, entitled children while begging for a bailout from their DC Daddy.

The race-confused, anti-carbon bigot refers to such a threat as “calling out capitalism.”

“Capitalism?” If only we had capitalism!

The pilot was “serving his country” by bombing it with white phosphorus.

Why should only foreigners have this wonderful experience of “deep penetrating burns” and death by “inhalation and ingestion?”

And they’re teaming up with the Big Tech Fascists to do it.

This particular Goon is considered an “incorruptible beacon of justice.”

He can’t understand why Afghans keep killing people who invade their country…

He apparently hungers for more human sacrifice by those who kill for their king.

We can now look forward to increased resistance by the Taliban and increased terrorism by the DC Regime- all inspired by the twenty-year-old paranoia involving “re-grouping terrorists.”

DC knows how to treat their foreign lapdogs, particularly those who have a history of oppressing their subjects.

And the fiscal year is not even over.

Whatever it takes to make a buck- even off the misery of others.

It makes servicing The Regime’s trillions in debt cheaper while ruining your retirement.

As Ron Paul says, such an action "is an example of a popular definition of insanity: doing the same action over and over again and expecting different results."

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?