Sunday, June 30, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Is Iran really the aggressive one? When you unilaterally pull out of an agreement that was reducing tensions and boosting trade; when you begin applying sanctions designed to completely destroy another country’s economy; when you position military assets right offshore of that country; when you threaten to destroy that country on a regular basis, calling it a campaign of 'maximum pressure,' to me it seems a stretch to play the victim when that country retaliates by shooting a spy plane that is likely looking for the best way to attack."
Ron Paul

"If we are capable of burying the hatchet with Vietnam, China, Japan, Italy, and Germany within 20 years of fighting them or less, and if we could have normal relations with the Soviet Union and its communist allies throughout the Cold War, we can certainly have normal relations with Iran after all this time."
Daniel Larison

"Folks, which country is sending spy drones and Raptor attack drones into another country’s airspace, Iran or America? Which country is sailing military ships into another country’s territorial waters, Iran or America? Which country is flying military attack aircraft into another country’s airspace, Iran or America? Which country has built dozens of military bases within a few miles of another nation’s borders, Iran or America? Which country is sending covert armies into another sovereign nation to disrupt communications and cyber security and blow up facilities and assassinate government officials and scientists? You know the answer: the United States (and Israel, of course)."
Chuck Baldwin

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth."
H.L. Mencken

"Because there is only little and fickle market demand for words rather than things, intellectuals are always desperate for any help they can get to stay afloat, and the State, in permanent need of ideological support for its relentless onslaught against natural law and justice, is only too willing to offer such help and employ them as public educators in exchange for the appropriate propaganda."
Hans-Hermann Hoppe

"It’s too bad the word 'evil' has been so compromised, so discredited, by the people who use it all the time – bible-thumpers, hysterics, and religious fanatics. Evil shouldn’t be associated with horned demons and eternal perdition. It just means something destructive, or recklessly injurious."
Doug Casey

"Asking a philosophical non-voter to vote is like inviting a vegan out to a steakhouse.  The vote police do not appear to really care about non-voters and their welfare and why they don’t vote.  Rather, they are pursuing their own agenda and hiding it from the non-voters.  That is why they urge people to vote even though many of these people oppose the agenda of any candidate likely to win.  Hence, they are being manipulated to provide a faux consent to policies and candidates they explicitly oppose.  The non-voter is being conned by the vote police."
James Ostrowski

"Whether one chooses to become or remain subservient to collectivized systems depends upon individual thinking, whose nature tends to be destabilizing. Thinking produces questions which, in turn, generate a myriad of answers and variations on existing systems and practices. Most dangerous to the established order, questions can create an endless flow of more questions. As my favorite professor of anything, Malcolm Sharp, constantly reminded us, knowledge of any subject matter – be it law, economics, history, or even flower arranging – requires an ever deeper and sophisticated exploration of questions rather than answers to superficial questions. As Milton Mayer so well expressed the point, 'the questions that can be answered aren’t worth asking'."
Butler Shaffer

"The United States suffers from a long-term addiction, since at least the end of World War 2, to trying to run the world.
That addiction has cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars.
It’s cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of citizens of other countries.
It’s empowered evil regimes to suppress human rights both at home and abroad.
And it has never, ever 'worked' in the sense of bringing about lasting peace, any more than booze saves marriages or methamphetamine repairs mental anguish.
In fact, just like booze or methamphetamine, the US addiction to world 'leadership' wrecks the lives of everyone around the addict too. Which means that if the US gets its act together, everyone else, not just Americans, will be better off.
Cold turkey withdrawal may be out of the question, but the US can and should wean itself off the damaging drug of foreign interventionism."
Thomas L. Knapp

"Marxism, including democratic socialism, means that one works for everyone else and they work for you. That’s the theory. That’s one big reason it fails. People are not motivated to work for the good and happiness of others in any system where one is not credited with what one produces. Group voting and consensus procedures replace current methods of organizing ourselves to produce wealth. In our existing systems, we have pervasive methods of responsibility, accounting, prices, incentives not to shirk and freeload, control over waste, attribution of efforts, and rewards for productivity. Democratic socialism or any form of Marxism erases all this and replaces it with 'democratically' made decisions, or basically a communism that’s supposed to be viable and work. It doesn’t, because abolishing prices and markets destroys a raft of incentives that properly connect production to what consumers want and need. This is the price system. This is free markets. Unless consumers are satisfied, they do not buy the goods."
Michael Rozeff

"It seems that we've come to a time where only leftwing 'journalists' are allowed to have 'partisan motives.' Posting satirical memes and videos that mock the leftist power elites is prohibited behavior and doing so will bring the weight of powerful media organizations down on you, even if you're just a down-on-your-luck common citizen making snide comments on social media. Wrongthink is not allowed."
Jay Baker

"Anything that can be created to infinity cannot be 'spent' or 'wasted.' To spend or to waste implies to exhaust or use up. These money symbols (numbers) that we think of every day as money have no substance in reality. We as individuals do 'spend' numbers, but ours are limited. Therefore, we can use the term spend or debt as it relates to anything except the federal government and their symbiotic partners, the banks."
Bob Livingston

"It’s easy to dismiss a problem if its costs seem a distant consequence, like ignoring the fact that the Earth will one day crash into the sun. However, we’re talking about maybe a period of 5-10 years before the U.S. could begin suffering from a debt Armageddon. Everything we know from history and economic analysis says this could be the worst crisis ever faced by the Union. And, since our politicians refuse to do anything about it, the only option for Texas to avoid this doom is to quit the United States. And while saving the U.S. would be great if it could be achieved,  since there is no political will left in D.C. to change things significantly, the only thing remaining is to do it ourselves as our own country, as is our right under the Texas and U.S. constitutions."
Texas Nationalist Movement

"Today’s Democratic communists share Marx’s utopian aspiration of creating a perfectly secure society in which everyone is insured against any contingency. They take abundance of goods as a given, just as Marx imagined abundance leading into a glorious communist future. They imagine no one of any favored group denied their rights, except unborn human beings and capitalists, just as Marx imagined an end of all 'exploitation', profits, private property and capitalism.
Today’s Democratic communists have adapted their anti-capitalism and totalitarian aspirations for control to make them current and seemingly relevant to 'issues' like the environment, health, hate speech, gun ownership, and income distribution, etc. They’ve adopted progressivism as a road to their communist heaven on earth. It’s a ruse. Today’s progressives are communists-in-waiting. The Democratic candidates are communists in disguise."
Michael Rozeff

"Calm down with your political conversations. Whoever is running the country, nobody else's life changes. We still gotta go out there and make a living. Enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, bang your chicks and make your money."
Andrew Dice Clay

Thursday, June 27, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

100,000 “got aways” over the last five years.

3500 invaders in just three days, in just one sector!

Meanwhile, out here on the frontier:

An invading criminal plots an attack on a church while a “deported” invader returns to commit rape.

Hundreds more (already) convicted criminals are on their way to add more charges to their rap sheet.

Haitians have now joined the invasion of criminals joining 51 other countries.

The Regime seems more concerned about ranting virgins on the internet rather than any border invasion.

Shots fired. Expect this to become more commonplace as The Regime’s incompetence and impotence is further exposed.

After the Regime promises to step up deportations, a rogue Regime Goon commits sabotage and The Emperor ultimately wimps out.

Any "solution" will be nothing more than millions more stolen dollars to pay for the feeding and comfort of these invading parasites and criminals.

Such an “agreement” gives Mr. Yankee Shithead a piece of paper to wave at the media while saying, "Look how wonderful I am! I have a deal!"
The Trump Chumps will cheer so hard they'll pee their overalls.
"Whip me! Beat me! Chain me!"
"Tax me! Tax me! Tax me!"

One brain dead Regime Gang has nothing to offer but her weekly dose of dementia-addled thoughts.

Listen to this to learn just how bad the situation is in South Texas and the disinterest and incompetence The Regime shows toward protecting Texas sovereignty.

The Texas governor finally grows some stones and sends troops to the border.

Let’s hope target practice is on their agenda.

Heck, some border areas may not even require security infrastructure. Any invaders could be used for target practice.

That should convince future invaders not to make the effort.

Almost daily, The Regime comes up with new events to blame on Iran and as usual- with no proof.

Is the Regime controlled media pushing for war just to help their slumping ratings?

One of the “options” is nuclear bombers, declared to have “the greatest degree of flexibility.”

Gee, look at what buzzed Russia’s border just a week ago.

Christianity is unacceptable to those who defend the DC Demons.

If they’re also black, will they be able to “double dip” into the reparations pie?

And just how do you prove you're a qualifying homosexual?

They’ll make any effort possible to spread disinformation.

Language is their best weapon.

No oversight whatsoever during the program means lots of sweet paychecks for the War Whores.

Can we pay for their bus tickets home or burial expenses instead?

Will the Pied Pipers of Free Shit ever run out of reasons to loot you?

The death of journalism in DC controlled Amerika is not far off.

$18Billion of wealth disappears and the Deep State the Trump Chumps claim to despise is enriched even further.

It will be used to build more structures for Middle Eastern Zionist Terrorists to bomb into rubble.

DC transferred billions in oil assets to his gang who, of course, as usual, turned out to be just another thieving political gang.

Such opinions are not considered appropriate to qualify as a “swamp creature.”

And impotent Regime Gangsters will let him get away with it.

They probably don’t even have the basic security protections you have on your home computer.

“How dare they defend themselves!”

And this isn’t the first time they’ve been caught doing this.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Donald Trump is the consummate Zionist stooge. He has bewitched Christians and conservatives with his phony religious rhetoric and overt pandering to Israel. Of course, Christians were already poised and ready for a deceiver like Trump to come along. Ever since the end of World War II, America’s evangelical churches have dispensed the devilish and diabolical doctrines of dispensational futurism, which turned them into willing vassals of all things Israel."
Chuck Baldwin

"I’ve yet to meet one person who could justify the '12 years left to live' narrative… but still took it to heart.
It’s not controversial to disagree with it.
It’s just highly politically incorrect. And incredibly emotionally charged.
For that reason…
Anyone who doesn’t see the 'green movement' has all but morphed into a global apocalyptic climate church is... probably, at this point, embedded in the church.
Propaganda machines have always used innocence over reason as a powerful way to push their narrative.
It works well because…
A] It tugs on the heart strings
B] And, to dispute or dissent against a child’s emotional pleas would make one seem petty, insolent, and/or a cold-hearted brute."
Chris Campbell

"Unlimited mass immigration will favor more mass democracy in America. More democracy is inimical to the implementation of libertarian principles. It involves more voting on more issues, and the result is more initiation of violence through politics.
In addition, a broadened and intensified democracy creates so much disorder and violence that it often ends up with a demand for order from a strong man dictator. Authoritarian governments result."
Michael Rozeff

"Most people either don’t vote or do so out of habit or inertia and with little enthusiasm because they realize that the marginal benefit of doing so is so close to zero that only a mathematician could tell the difference.  The media love to tout the occasional close race decided by a few votes, however, these are rare and it is rarer still when a different result would have resulted in any real impact on the voter’s life.  From the standpoint of pure logic, voting is not rational for the individual."
James Ostrowski

"The word 'socialism' today is actually just shorthand for a welfare state, which is what Boobus americanus, the hoi polloi, really want. They don’t really care who owns the factories, the fields, and the mines. What they care about is that somebody gives them a soft life.
When you give people the ability to vote themselves free stuff at somebody else’s expense they’ll do it. But – much worse – they now actually think it’s the right thing to do. Why? Mainly because of the propaganda that they’ve absorbed through college, and the media, the entertainment world, and numerous other places. There’s no question about the fact that the U.S. will turn into a full-fledged welfare state."
Doug Casey

"A group is deadly. A mob is stupid. A collective has no morality. If we are to stand against evil, and stand effectively, then it can only be as individuals – and individuals who recognize that other human beings are also individuals, regardless of any groups or nations they may belong to. The state, at its core, is the antithesis of civilization. If we are to fight it, the best place to start is by reclaiming civilization, and civility."
Bretigne Shaffer

"One can love his country but hate his government and its actions. I love America but not the people who control America and its government. I love America, but its rulers are alien to individual freedom, its government is now anathema to liberty."
Bob Livingston

"Another reason people can find themselves eager to believe smears about [Julian] Assange is that the raw facts revealed by WikiLeaks publications punch giant holes in the stories about the kind of world, nation and society that most people have been taught to believe they live in since school age. These kinds of beliefs are interwoven with people’s entire egoic structures, with their sense of self and who they are as a person, so narratives which threaten to tear them apart can feel the same as a personal attack. This is why you’ll hear ordinary citizens talking about Assange as though he attacked them personally; all he did was publish facts about the powerful, but since those facts conflict with tightly held identity constructs, the cognitive dissonance that was caused to them can be interpreted as feeling like he’d slapped them in the face."
Caitlin Johnstone

"The U.S. does not lose wars because the real objective is never to win. The so-called War on Terror solidified this reality once and for all, even though this continuous war policy has been in effect since at least Vietnam, if not earlier. After the end of WWI, another war was needed to satisfy the hunger of the elites, but until the War on Terror, an end to each individual conflict was always imminent. Now there is no end in sight.
So why would the U.S. government and its puppet masters ever want to win a war, given that losing is actually winning in this multi-trillion dollar business? War is the health of the state, and so long as the proletariat continues to support war and those who prosecute war, war will never end, and freedom will never survive."
Gary D. Barnett

"We see a fundamental awareness among average people in the country that the major cities of the empire are not their friend.  After twenty years of public harping, people finally realize that trillions upon trillions of US government debt is both dumb and dangerous.  We know this because government supported economists have put forth a new theory to calm everyone down!   The US birth rate is down, veterans and their families are angry, the Fed is hated by all, and even the president’s tweets are no longer important to us.
All signs point to the end in our lifetimes of the DC empire, an end worth celebrating on this day, and every day."
Karen Kwiatkowski

"Governments are nothing more than sophisticated brigand bands with bad music, colored rags flapping in the breeze and large bands of armed thugs with a license to kill.
We all pay at the peril of our children and grandchildren as we feed the beast that makes life more and more centralized, regulated and less than optimal."
Bill Buppert

"It was a mistake for my generation to associate Orwell’s Memory Hole and falsified history only with fictional or real dystopias.  Falsified history was all around us.  We just didn’t know enough to spot it.  What living and learning has taught me is that history tends to always be falsified, and historians who insist on the truth suffer for it.  It has been established that many of the ancient historians are unreliable, because they were 'court historians' who sought material benefit by writing to please a ruler.  In my time many an historian has written for income from book sales by enthralling the public with tales of glorious victories over demonized enemies that justified all the sons, grandsons, brothers, fathers, uncles, husbands, friends, and cousins who were sacrificed for the sake of capitalist armaments profits.  No publisher wanted a truthful account that no one would buy because of the stark portrayal of the pointlessness of the deaths of loved ones. Everyone, or almost so, wants to think that their loss was for a noble cause and was 'worth it'."
Paul Craig Roberts

Thursday, June 20, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

No disease screenings are done of the invaders, yet The Regime has the resources to offer special accommodations for the comfort of mentally ill circus freaks.

Some of the “poor” and downtrodden still find reason to complain, buoyed by typical, ridiculous, over emotional comparisons by Regime Maoists.

Regime-created drug dealers are now getting in on the asylum scam.

American lives and wealth go to defending Poland from The Evil Russkies but the Poles don’t reciprocate.

You think the Poles would be willing to send some troops to the Texas/Mexico border? Could they at least help us shoot down the drones?

Regime Gangsters Talk More About Looting and Slandering White People

Just doing what they can to start a race war.

Over $3Trillion in just eight months on lots of goodies.

And “we” (meaning the War Whores) must sell them these weapons or they will buy them from The Evil Russkies or the Chicoms

As a result, you are forced to help pay for both these overt terrorists and their covert beneficiaries.

A couple blurry ships, a few blurry people and an even blurrier “limpet mine” is all they got.

The crew has another idea of what happened.

Considering that the DC Regime has already committed to economic war against Iran in the service of Israel and Saudi Arabia, doesn’t it make sense that they are behind this?

Next, they point us to a blurry still photo offering still no evidence of a limpet mine, only the usual anti-Iran speculation.

And if they were removing a limpit mine, isn’t that a good thing? It seems, far more damning evidence would show Iranians installing such mines, which would have to be done by boat or a diver with very long arms.

Let’s not forget the anti-Iran false flags offered by DC’s Prince of Darkness years ago.

Meanwhile, a thousand more killers are on the way to stir up more trouble and the ultimate attack we feared is being planned.

Of course, none of these assets are directed toward protecting the Texas border.

And don’t overlook the underlying hypocrisy in its creation.

This will (supposedly) encourage obedience to The Empire by Iran and North Korea. It’s irrelevant how many Cubans and Venezuelans die.

And you can be sure, he’ll get away with it. That “constitution” loyalists worship has been deceased since at least 1865.

Say “Bye, bye” to property rights and “hello” to forced worship of an ugly piece of cloth.

DC fascism is the “new freedom.”

Either you sell or give your scary looking, self-defense weapons to Regime goons or he puts you in a cage.

Those who commit crimes for the benefit of The Regime are let off will little or no punishment.

However, those who commit made up “crimes” against The Regime are prosecuted and persecuted. Truth is The Regime’s number one enemy.

In reality, of course, he’s doing just fine getting us there with his trade wars, shooting wars, and threats of shooting wars.

They supposedly have violated a treaty that The DC Regime never ratified themselves!

It’s just one piece of the plan to start WWIII. And you are forced to pay for it.

I’m sure they were just flying that nuclear bomber near the Russian border just to say, “hello.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Don’t socialists love to chant 'seize the means of production' and 'redistribute the wealth' without ever comprehending that they can’t seize or redistribute anything if nobody creates anything to seize and redistribute? Note from libertarians: Those who create things and produce wealth are capitalists! Those who seize and forcibly redistribute are socialists!"
Garry Reed

"The difference in lifestyle between you and someone in Zimbabwe seems as great to Zimbabweans as the difference between the 1% and you seems to you.
By what consistent moral principle are the American 1% to be expropriated, but you are not?
If you earn even $32,400, then you belong to the global 1%.
Why should only the 1% within an arbitrary set of borders be targeted for demonization and redistribution, but not 1% of the whole world?
In other words, when can we expect you to write your check?"
Tom Woods

"Socialism in the U.S. is unlikely. Governments have found it’s much more efficient to simply have the State control capital, as opposed to owning and operating it. It’s so much easier to just take as much as they want of the profits, then blame the capitalists if something goes wrong with delivery of the goods."
Doug Casey

"Discrimination has become a four-letter word.
To have any preference at all, it seems, is to be a bigot.
Noise music, we’re told to believe, is just as good as Mozart.
It’s just a different expression of art.
According to Gautama Buddha, the greatest essential human virtue is discrimination.
It is necessary, he said, to progress and to the advancement of civilization.
And, no, not superficial discrimination... judging people by things they can’t control… which the vast majority of people agree is wrong.
I’m talking about discriminating between things that are generative and life-affirming…
And things that suck us into despair, chaos, and suck out our energy.
It’s in our nature.
The body responds to beauty. It opens up. It becomes energized.
And it cringes in the face of senseless chaos. It closes down.  It sinks into despair.
If you don’t allow yourself to discriminate, you stop listening to your body… your soul…
Your being."
Chris Campbell

"All government is based solely on hitting and stealing and rationalizing all forms of anti-social behavior and legalizing piracy and plunder and calling it an enterprise for your own good. I always find it hypocritical when the communist can view taxes as just while at the same time ranting about keeping the full product on one’s labor. Go figure."
Bill Buppert

"In my view, the illusion that there is a choice in voting is more dangerous than living in a society where you are told you have no right to vote. At least in the latter situation you are not participating in your own enslavement.
The illusion of choice is a powerful weapon for the elitist class; it gives the populace false hope and a false sense that they have a say in their own futures. This is why it is likely that even in the event that the elites gain the complete totalitarian centralization they ultimately want, they will still allow voting to continue in one form or another, as long as they are certain they can control the outcome."
Brandon Smith

"According to Identity Politics, white people are in charge, but the evidence is to the contrary. There are no quotas for whites in university admissions, hiring, and promotion. It is the allegedly victimized 'preferred minorities' who get to go to the front of the line. There are no hate speech or hate crime protections for whites. Whites can be called every hurtful and offensive name in the book and have no right or power to demand apologies or the firing of the offender. White DNA has been declared to be 'an abomination,' and white people 'shouldn’t exist.' In America today, the way to get ahead is to claim victim-hood. Jews are experts at this, and blacks, women, and illegal immigrants have learned the same trick."
Paul Craig Roberts

"Many Americans admire America for being strong, not for being American. For them America has to be 'the greatest country on Earth' in order to be worthy of their devotion. If it were only the second greatest, or the 19th greatest, or, heaven forbid, “a third-rate power,” it would be virtually worthless… Maybe the poor Finns or Peruvians love their countries too, but heaven knows why — they have so little to be proud of, so few 'reasons'."
Joe Sobran

"When George Washington said 'government is force,' he meant that government is force against its own people.
Since by definition government is force, then it follows that government will use any ruse imaginable to increase its power. Increased use of government force or power could backfire unless skillfully handled and justified in the public mind. Therefore, governments rarely take action unless accompanied by skillful propaganda."
Bob Livingston

"Whether Western Civilization can be considered extinct, in a terminal state, or simply on a downhill course, is subject to differing interpretations. Suffice it to say that our culture is beset by rigor mortis, including its organizational systems; its creative vibrancy is gone; it no longer produces the values necessary for its survival; nor does it continue to meet the expectations of those who have embraced its qualities or purposes in benefitting human beings. Clarity in thought or vision that drives men and women to discover or create ways in which human well-being can be advanced, is being sacrificed to political or ideological ends. The Animal Farm mantra 'four legs good, two legs bad,' has been transformed into divisive slogans such as 'black lives matter,' and an insistence upon a multitude of subdivided gender identities."
Butler Shaffer

"Only with democracy, however, i.e., the free and unrestricted entry into the State, are all moral restraints and inhibitions against the taking of others’ lawful property removed. Everyone is free to indulge in such temptations and propose and promote every conceivable measure of legislation and taxation to gain advantages at other people’s expense. That is, whereas in a natural order everyone is expected to spend his time exclusively on production or consumption, under democratic conditions, increasingly more time is spent instead on politics, i.e., on the advocacy and promotion of activities that are neither productive nor consumptive, but exploitative and parasitic of and on the property of others."
Hans-Hermann Hoppe

"The fact is that there is no difference in principle between religious liberty and educational liberty. Just as people shouldn’t be forced to send their children to church, they shouldn’t be forced to send their children to a state-approved organization for secular education and training. Families have the natural, God-given right to make educational decisions for their children without state interference or meddling, just as they do with respect to religious decisions.
No one should be forced to attend church. By the same token, no one should be force to submit to a state-approved education. For that matter, no one should be forced to fund a state-approved school any more than he should be forced to fund a state-approved church. The state has no more business in education than it does in religion."
Jacob Hornberger

Thursday, June 13, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Welcomed with free diapers, these criminals use fraud instead of firearms as their weapon of choice.

They enter with ease (some with armed escorts) and given free, unhampered travel.

Thousands enter each month to create thousands more anchor babies.

Many have evil intentions while others spread disease (with more on the way).

There are easily 100 million people who would qualify for “asylum.” Are you prepared to take them all?

Regime controlled media elites (and ex-Regime Goons) declare such an invasion as appropriate and necessary while using absurd comparisons.

DC criminals see walls and protective barriers as useful for themselves while a foreign group of tyrants orders a private wall to leave its gate open!

The Emperor gets more defenders at the Mexico-Guatemala border but not the Mexico-Texas border:

Watch this lunacy become more and more laughable in the weeks ahead.

The Regime is now officially attacking any dissent to this constant war propaganda.

They’ll always find a way to steal from you, because they truly believe your money belongs to them first!

More and more capital is sent to The Imperial City. So, is your life now any better? How many of these newly employed operatives will serve you?

Either give her and her fellow gangsters more money or they’ll become more corrupt than they already are!

Our coast will be defenseless while they stir up more terrorist acts against China.

Polish tax slaves get a freebie at the expense of DC tax slaves.

DC is the world’s most perfect bully.

Not only your money and property belong first to The Regime, but your thoughts, as well.

Only their version of terrorism should be allowed promotion.

He wants to make it as easy as possible for The Regime and Big Agra to stuff more GMO garbage down your throat.

They’ve begun the first step toward such a reality- They want to hold the manufacturers liable for customer misuse of their legal product.

There are no limits to the idiocy of desperate hoplophobes.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?