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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sandusky to the TSA

Congratulations to Anthony Freda for the brilliant illustration seen below. I was so impressed with it that I emailed it to the TSA. I gave the message the subject heading: “Congratulations to your new TSA employee!”

I heartily suggest you do the same. The email address from their website is
Be polite. Be peaceful. Go heavy on the sarcasm. But leave no doubt in their minds what you think about these pot-bellied, perverted, pedophile motherfuckers.

As Mr. Freda explains, “The amount of tyranny you get is equal to the amount you put up with.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yes, Social Security IS Theft

Paul Craig Robert’s recent piece defending Social Security illustrates just how far committed statists will stretch the limits of language and human reason to justify state initiated theft.

Dr. Roberts takes Walter William’s to task about his accurate claim that Social Security is “legalized theft.” Dr. Roberts responds with:

“This is an ideological argument that overlooks that Social Security is a pact between generations. The working generations provide retirement incomes for the elderly and in turn are provided retirement incomes by succeeding generations. Terminating Social Security for the elderly also terminates it for those who follow.”

A “pact,” you say? Just when did I consent to and sign such a “pact?” And just how could I have consented to and signed such a “pact” if this so-called agreement was created before I was even born? Was I therefore born into such an agreement and obligation? How is this not indentured servitude?

Funding Social Security involves taxing one generation to fund the benefits of another. “Tax” is just a deceiving, statist term for “theft”. These contributions certainly aren’t voluntary. Their collection and resulting distribution is ultimately executed at the point of a gun. It is the state that is the instigator and executor of this theft. And since the booty of this theft is transferred from one generation to another, how can it not be accurately described as inter-generational theft?

In his post, Dr. Roberts then lists all the tweaks and adjustments made to this theft program to make it both solvent and politically palatable. Of course, all these changes have failed miserably. Each succeeding generation becomes more upset about being forced into such an ill conceived program. And the system becomes ever more bankrupt and at risk of collapsing.

The first recipient of Social Security benefits was Ida May Fuller in 1940. She had participated in the program for three years and “contributed” a grand total of $24.75. After dying at the age of 100, Ms. Fuller had received (according to $22,888.92 in benefits. Shazam! That’s some return! If any private retirement program gave such a return on principal it would immediately be eyed with suspicion and investigated for fraud. But not when a government program gets such results. Only the benevolent, messianic state can create such financial miracles.

Social Security was set up as a Ponzi scheme at Day One, which is criminal enough. But it was also funded by force (through taxes). The program has also declared a “trust fund” exists when in fact there are only government issued IOU’s within this “trust fund” and absolutely no cash. These IOU’s must be funded by still more future theft victims. Therefore, you may also list the crime of fraud being committed by this deceiving program.

Instead of taking the individual responsibility of providing for their own methods of support in old age, the ruling generation in 1937 decided instead to loot the preceding generation and saddle all future generations with the same slavish obligations, theft, and fraud. In order to fund their poorly designed schemes, the state seems to prefer preying on those least able to resist. The dead are taxed by way of estate taxes and have no opportunity to fight back. The unborn are also victimized by being saddled with debts and obligations they have no chance of consenting to.

Yes, the money (“trust fund”) has been stolen, but even if that hadn’t occurred, the future demographics (workers/beneficiaries) cannot possibly support such a scam. In 1950, the worker-to-beneficiary ratio was 16.5-to-1. Presently, the worker to beneficiary ratio is at 3.1-to-1. See why your SS taxes are so high? And within 20 years it's expected to drop to 2.1-to-1. This setup cannot be supported without confiscatory, intolerable levels of taxation. Bernie Madoff’s scam eventually caught up with him and so will Uncle Sam’s.

Yes, “terminating Social Security for the elderly also terminates it for those who follow.” But it has to end sometime. Its failure is mathematically inevitable. It was doomed from the start. It’s unethical redistribution of wealth from one generation to another is unacceptable. How much longer should people be forced at the point of a gun to fund and tolerate such thievery and fraud? You can either end it creatively (and gradually) or you can sit back, whine about the political impossibility and temporary inconvenience and watch it fall into a colossal heap of misery. That is not an “ideological argument,” as Dr. Roberts might describe such a claim. That is reasoned fact.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Monday, June 18, 2012

Outlaw ‘Illegals?’ Outlaw the State!

There is much hubbub in the blogosphere recently about The Choomin’ Kenyan’s decision involving “illegal” immigration. Apparently, many believe that a country already looted and destroyed by our wonderful ruling class, will be damaged even further because a few hundred thousand, non-white individuals will be “legally” residing here.

Read any story about a crime or fatal auto accident story on your local news site. Check the comments section. If persons involved in the crime or accident have a Latin surname, there are always commenters blaming “illegals” for causing the problem. They then stumble through some incoherent rant about how “illegals” are destroying “their” country. These ignorant, bootlicking, US loyalists will jump on any person with any kind of non-European surname, though they have NO idea of the “citizenship status” of this particular individual. That’s of course, if you believe such a “fact” is even relevant. They create a convenient scapegoat to excuse their personal failures and create an easy target to attack, instead of having the guts to attack the real enemy- THE STATE!

In reality, these stiffs are all just pale faced welfare bums who dislike competition for free stuff from their diseased, demented Uncle Sam. They can be likened to slaves on one plantation, suspicious and hostile to slaves being sold or transferred from neighboring plantations. They want no competition for their master’s benevolence. They see their comfy, collectivist cocoon being threatened by outsiders.

Instead of “outlawing” migrants, OUTLAW THE STATE! All property will be privately owned, therefore no one can pass without being invited by the property owner. Anyone uninvited will be considered a trespasser and dealt with accordingly. There will also be no “free goodies” being distributed by this institution for such migrants to pursue. Such help will only come from charity, whose operation will be controlled privately and subject to the discipline of the market.

Problem solved. No violence necessary.

But something tells me this will be unacceptable to those angry “patriots” who psychologically require some kind of enemy to revile. They will no longer have anyone to blame their failures on. They will no longer have their master/caretaker to bless them with the miraculous appearance of loaves and fishes to make them feel wanted. Too bad for them. Those folks may just have to migrate themselves to someplace state slavery still exists.

No, Pedro and Juan are not a threat. They are not threatening your liberties and future. They are merely looking to better their lives. The real danger comes from those who claim to rule, control, manage, and direct your life and property for their benefit and at your expense. This rule is backed with the overt threat of violence. This threat is armed with superior firepower that you, dear “patriot,” paid for and, most likely, proudly recognize (Support the Troops!).

Want to “take back” the country? Ally with Pedro and Juan, hang the master and his overseers, and close the plantation.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“The rationalization for the existence of political systems has, at least since the Enlightenment, depended upon the illusion of a ‘social contract‘; that governments come into existence only through the 'consent of the governed' as expressed in a written constitution. I know of no state system that ever originated by a contract among individuals.”
Butler Shaffer

“I have often wondered how cops would be incentivized if their everyday job behavior could cost them their jobs and all future livelihood for the rest of their lives if their perennial abuses were not socialized over the taxpayers in their towns and cities for their bad judgment and violence against civilians. By extension, would it not be intriguing if all the collectivist fetishists in the American academy had to actually live in the societies they advocate for and had to live in isolated colonies for a long period of time under the rules they advocate?”
Bill Buppert

“Maybe government didn't ‘free’ humans to develop culture and civilization, as has been claimed- maybe those things developed and evolved as a sort of immune response to the deadly threat posed by government's growth; an evolutionary arms race.”
Kent McManigal

“'We' is one of the most dangerous words in the English language, particularly when bandied about in Western representative democracy.
It's a term often used when a politician wants to thrust a burden or obligation onto everyone else's shoulders, but without being too direct about it.
'We' masks responsibility by pushing the burden to some nebulous collective like 'society' or 'the country' rather than directly to individuals. This makes things much more palatable.”
Simon Black

“What's lost in the whole ‘gun violence’ mania is that guns aren't violent; people are violent.
The true definition of 'gun violence,' say libertarians, is disarming everyone using the threat of laws enforced by government guns.”
Garry Reed

“The only framework within which genuine democracy can exist is voluntary association of equals, in which we are all recognized as ends rather than means, and our right to informed consent on matters that affect us is respected. You’ll never find that within the state.”
Kevin Carson

“Globalization (as the centralization of power) presents social harmony as imposed control, human rights as defined by one agency, and efficiency as a one-size-fits-all process. Globalization is the ultimate in social engineering.
Implicit here is the notion that competition is wrong or wasteful. Absent here is the idea of freedom or personal choice.”
Wendy McElroy

“Congress is addicted to the allure of doing 'something.' Trusting free people to make rational choices is not considered ‘something.’ They are addicted to the belief that if there is a problem, there must be a legislative solution.”
Peter Schiff

“The Judeo-Christian and constitutionally mandated relationship between government power and individual liberty is not balance. It is bias – a bias in favor of liberty. All presumptions should favor the natural rights of individuals, not the delegated and seized powers of the government. Individual liberty, not government power, is the default position because persons are immortal and created in God's image, and governments are temporary and based on force.”
Andrew P. Napolitano

“Our rights to life and liberty are evident from the time of our very existence. These rights encompass all others, for without the right to life, and the freedom to sustain and protect that life; no other rights could possibly exist. Pieces of paper secretly drafted by politicians in the dark of night cannot give or protect rights, as those same politicians, or those who follow in their footsteps, could arbitrarily change the rules at any time of their choosing. For any set of rules to be valid, they first have to be accepted voluntarily by the individuals involved, and actively defended at every turn. But today, those individuals affected rely on a small group of corrupt politicians called 'representatives,' to act in their behalf, instead of taking responsibility for their own lot in life. That, in my opinion, is a recipe for tyranny.”
Gary D. Barnett

“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it.”
John Hay
From the Darkness:
"We have made it very clear that we are going to continue to defend ourselves. This is about our sovereignty as well."
Leon Panetta, defending his drone killing in Pakistan [“Defend yourselves?” The only reason you’re being “attacked” because you have invaded and occupied someone else’s home and property.]

“There’s evil people in the world. Drones aren’t evil, people are evil. We are a force of good and we are using those drones to carry out the policy of righteousness and goodness.”
Rep. King, depraved defender of drones and American exceptionalism

“If the civilian government in Islamabad would bite the bullet and make the political decision to open the ground lines of communication, that would deflect some of the negativity right now.”
An unnamed senior US government official, encouraging Pakistan to re-open supply routes to NATO forces in Afghanistan in order to ease tensions with the US [They can’t bite the bullet if you’re forcing it down their throats.]

"The question is how many more have to die at the hands of this bloody dictator [in Syria] before we intervene. I think you have to arm the opposition. They are desperate for arms."
John McCain, as bloodthirsty as ever

"To impose arbitrary and automatic cuts to our warfighters, who are putting their lives on the line for our country, would be morally unconscionable and would break faith with them and their families."
From a letter from the Republican heads of the House Defense, Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees, objecting to any budget cuts affecting their uniformed terrorists

“People say that ‘you’re selling your soul.’ No, I’m supporting the party that I belong to, in order to try to work within the party to get things I believe in.”
Rand Paul, explaining why he chose party over principle

"We can't yet say precisely how bad the damage would be, but it is clear that sequestration would risk hollowing out our force and reducing its military options available to the nation. We would go from being unquestionably powerful everywhere to being less visibly globally and presenting less of an overmatch to our adversaries, and that would translate into a different deterrent calculus and potentially, therefore, increase the likelihood of conflict."
Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, attempting to predict that scheduled Pentagon budget cuts could lead to war. [So the only way to “defend” yourself is to occupy and rule the entire world?]

“If the impact of climate change is going to make regions of violence poorer, then they really provide a level of fertility for inciting disaffection, resentment against the prosperous world. That’s an indirect effect that can create the conditions for terrorism."
Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change, blaming a change in the weather for terrorism

"Decades of right-wing and libertarian propaganda against Social Security have hardened the hearts of political elites, media, and even it sometimes seems of AARP against the elderly, who are portrayed as an expensive burden."
Paul Craig Roberts [No, it’s not the elderly who are the “burden“, it is unrepentant statists like Mr. Roberts who just can’t drop their defense of inter-generational thievery.]

Attention readers! My blog analytics seem to indicate that this weekly feature is not particularly well read. I enjoy putting it together but it is time consuming. I may be better off spending my time producing content that is more attractive to readers. If you think this feature is worthy of continuing (or not), please send feedback via the comment section or email me. Thanks!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Pretty Sight........

This what a burning drone looks like….

…..paid for with 176 million fiat dollars. Watch it burn. Watch its remains sink into the swamp. It is not satisfying to see such an abominable, death machine turned into simmering, blackened ash? Surely, a fitting illustration of the future of the murderous, US Empire.

UPDATE: “An unmanned Air Force space plane steered itself to a landing early Saturday at a California military base, capping a 15-month clandestine mission.”

Now our masters are flying drones into space to create still more mischief. Let’s hope that in the near future, this demonic looking craft finds a soupy, uninhabited swamp to crash into and burn.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snapshot of the State - Child Enslavement

"I appeal to you, my friends, as mothers: are you willing to enslave your children? You stare back with horror and indignation at such questions. But why, if slavery is not wrong to those upon whom it is imposed?"

Angelina Grimke

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TSA Admits It Doesn’t Protect Passenger Safety

Last week brought news that, “the Transportation Security Administration fired five employees and suspended 38 others on Friday for violating security procedures at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Fla.”

The report mentions the violations occurred during the late security shift which may indicate these sloths were merely too lazy and sleepy to bother. The optimistic among us might guess that these “violators” were possibly decent human beings who saw an opportunity to not abuse their fellow man.

The part of the report that really that really caught my eye was this: “The agency insists passenger safety was never jeopardized.” How do they know? How do they know that a potential underwear bomber, once through security and on the plane, decided life with his gonads intact offered better prospects than a promised afterlife gift of 72 virgins? How do they know that a mildly retarded reprobate didn’t smuggle a handgun onto the plane, hell bent on creating havoc and a name for himself, realizing too late that he’d forgotten ammunition?

And if skipping these random checks “never jeopardized passenger safety,” why do them at all? Why torture, humiliate, and embarrass innocent travelers with such procedures if ignoring such procedures doesn’t threaten their safety?
If these workers not doing random checks did not jeopardize safety, then why were they fired? That is their job, is it not, to protect the passengers against potential harm? This, of course, reveals that they were fired not for risking passenger safety but for simply not following procedure. The TSA seems to be admitting that random checks have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with harassment and fostering compliance and obedience among the human livestock. In a bureaucracy, success is not measured by performance or results, but by how well compliance to procedure and direction is maintained.

Finally, if anyone should be fired, it should be the spokesperson who claimed that “passenger safety was never jeopardized.” There is no job security nor advancement awaiting those in the bureaucracy not well versed in the art of lie and spin. In order to maintain the deception, they should have declared unequivocally that yes, these worker’s negligence did potentially jeopardize the safety of passengers! The fact that they didn’t reveals an individual much better suited for more reputable employment.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Monday, June 11, 2012

Snapshot of the State - Deception

"All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing else but a lie reduced to practice, and falsehood passing from words into things."

Robert Southey

Why Rand Paul’s Defection is Good News

Though I’m an anarchist who does not see political involvement as a useful, desirable, or even ethical exercise, I still have an abiding admiration and respect for Ron Paul supporters. They are nearly all well informed individuals, passionate about liberty. I also see all of these individuals eventually becoming anarchists. Why?

My first memory of being exposed to libertarian philosophy was in 1988. I read a book titled “Freedom Under Siege” written by a gentleman named Ron Paul. He was running for president that year and I (a Reagan-Republican at the time) voted for him. Though I did not immediately turn to libertarianism after reading that book, it did plant seeds of that philosophy in my mind that would germinate in the years ahead. I would go on to subscribe to his newsletter, which led to me also subscribing to a quirky, relatively obscure monthly publication called the “Rothbard-Rockwell Report," written by two gentlemen named Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell. Though having by then evolved into a strict Constitutionalist, reading these publications spread still more seeds in the fertile soil of my brain. These seeds eventually sprouted, grew, and crowded out any remaining noxious weeds of statism that held my mind and soul captive.

It wasn’t long after that I came to realize that the state was not only a criminal organization based on violence and coercion, but that in being so, it was operating exactly as it was designed and created to function. In other words, the idea of a benign and benevolent state, restrained from operating against the interests of the governed, was impossible and ludicrous. And having this monopoly on violence and coercion (along with near unlimited resources), the state could easily resist any attempts by the governed to reform and limit its power.

As you can see, my epiphany did not occur overnight. It took years. It was an evolutionary process, nourished by a passion for learning, exploration and seeking truth. I see this same passion and awareness among Ron Paul supporters today.

When Ron Paul decided to run for president in 2012, it wasn’t difficult to predict what would happen. The system would take any means necessary to stifle his campaign- whether through disinformation (corporate media-driven lies), voting fraud (which did occur), and even assassination (which still might happen). After the occurrence of any or all of these possibilities, I could easily envision Ron Paul supporters becoming disenchanted and disgusted. They would finally realize that state reform is not only impossible but not worth the time, expense, or effort. Thousands of liberty lovers would finally understand that politics is merely a clever scam the state offers as proof its slaves and subjects have a say in their political government. They would finally conclude that you cannot use love, peace, and truth to reform an institution based on divisive hate, war, and lies. You cannot expect an organism designed as a vicious predator, preying on the many at the expense of the few, to be encouraged, lobbied and convinced to become a virtuous protector, looking out for the interests of the masses.

Being a resilient group, I didn’t expect this massive disenchantment among Ron Paul supporters to occur until they were abused and marginalized at the upcoming Republican convention. However, with the recent, traitorous defection of son Rand Paul to the Romney camp (and apparently with his father’s blessing), I would now expect disappointed Paul supporters to start joining the ranks of the voluntaryists in mass much sooner than expected. Let the exodus begin!

That is the good news. More freedom loving individuals will be inspired to reclaim the individual sovereignty they were born with. They will no longer give allegiance or loyalty to a state that seeks not to guard their liberties but to enslave and control them. It will now become clear to them that the only real power they have (and it is potentially immense) is how they, as sovereign, peace loving individuals, live their lives. And it is only through peaceful exchange and persuasion among individuals, not by the commands of a beastly master, that they will convince others to do the same.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“The truth is that a nation is like an individual... and individuals do not become wealthy by going into debt and consuming. They become wealthy by saving and producing.”
Simon Black

“We pay too little attention to the reserve power of the people to take care of themselves. We are too solicitous for government intervention, on the theory, first, that the people themselves are helpless, and second, that the government has superior capacity for action. Often times both of these conclusions are wrong.”
Calvin Coolidge

“All I can say is it’s absolutely Orwellian how humanity is being treated by these monstrous overlords who seem to have a stranglehold on humanity’s perception. For so many, things do not appear in the mass mental framework until it’s been approved and sanctified by this central information HQ that has supplanted humanity’s consciousness.”
Zen Gardner

“You don’t have to work yourself into a fever over the Bilderbergers or the Trilateralists to see real conspiracy. Take a look at any government bureaucracy. Everyone there knows the goal: more power, more money and less work. The bureaucratic class ‘breathes together’ toward the same nefarious goal of making itself safer and richer, while making normal life difficult for those who are subject to its dictates. And it all comes at the expense of everyone else.”
Jeffrey Tucker

“The scapegoat has always had the mysterious power of unleashing man’s ferocious pleasure in torturing, corrupting, and befouling.”
Francois Mauriac

“Government supremacists cannot think outside of the hermetically sealed box they think in. Their moral imaginations are stunted to such a grotesque degree that all human freedom of any kind is always suspect and subject to regulatory control or outright prohibition.
Acton said that ‘power corrupts’ and Buppert’s corollary to Acton’s axiom is that power attracts the corruptible and absolute power attracts even worse. These are the professional politicians and their bureaucratic familiars that run the cogs and wheels of the state. They cannot think outside a box of absolute power and control through violence of everything and everyone around them. It is all they envision thence the exports of the only thing they know. Death does not ride a pale horse, it arrives dressed in the platitudes of government politicians and commissars who are single minded in their mission and focused on a simple, and for them, plausible goal: total obedience from all they survey and command.”
Bill Buppert

"Why is it that the government wants to monitor your every move, but it doesn't want you to monitor what it is doing? Why is it that the government wants drones spying everywhere on your private behavior, but does so very little to locate, gather evidence, try, and convict real criminals in its own ranks and in corporations who have committed and are committing crimes? Why does the establishment set itself up as an elite that is above the law while extending control over you? Who now controls police and prosecutors? If that control is going so very badly for the people, then who is going to control the use of drones."
Michael S. Rozeff

“Marriage predated the state. It needs no protection, regulation, or monitoring by the state to continue its existence.”
Laurence Vance

“Society now tolerates different views on God, but question one’s Nation, and you’ll invite for yourself some serious trouble. If you want to see how bitter people can become, refuse to salute the national banner, recite the national covenant of allegiance, or sing the national hymns, and you shortly will. Their cult-like commitment to the State becomes painfully obvious. Secular theocracy now rules the world over.”
Skyler Collins

“In politics, it is the idea that counts. So also in philosophy, pop music, pedantry and philanthropy. The idea is everything. And between the idea and the reality, there lies that vast uncharted terrain of promises unfulfilled, of lies and deceit and of naked hypocrisy, all of which account for the failure of the public discourse and of public life. In short, this self-inflicted deception accounts for the failure of society.”
Rex van Schalkwyk

"Anything not strictly anarchist will become a right wing circus freak show over time."
Angela Keaton

“There has never been a problem solved by passing a law; only by repealing them.”
Kent McManigal

“The political process is the process of violence against the innocent, which is something that should never be endorsed.”
Michael Suede
From the Darkness:
“We know that there has been a very consistent arms trade even during this last year of violence in Syria coming from Russia to Syria. We also believe that the continuing supply of arms from Russia has strengthened the Assad regime. What those arms are being used for we can not speak with any accuracy. But the fact that Russia has continued to sustain this trade in the face of the efforts by the international community to impose sanctions and to prevent further arms flowing to the Assad regime and in particular the Syrian military has raised serious concerns on our part.”
Queen Hillary [The War Wench hates competition]

“My message to the [Russian] foreign minister was very simple and straightforward. We all have to intensify our efforts to achieve a political transition and Russia has to be at the table helping that to occur."
Queen Hillary, bullying Russia into war against Syria

"The Syrian people want and deserve change and that should insofar as possible come about through peaceful means. It must be change that represents the rights and dignity of all Syrians."
Queen Hillary, claiming the ability to read the minds of millions of Syrians

“Where appropriate we will also dedicate active-duty forces, especially those with niche skills and equipment, to provide civilian officials with a robust set of reliable and rapid response options.”
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, General Raymond T. Odierno, proposing the use of the army to plan and carry out domestic law enforcement missions in the US.

“The mission to prevent terrorism on U.S. Soil starts with al-Qaeda, but it doesn’t end there. Homegrown terrorists, hostile nations, and lone radicals present perils, too. And the methods of destruction are vast. Ask homeland security experts about the dangers, and you’ll get a range of answers. But one thing is clear: The hunt can never stop.”
Susan Katz Keating, The Guard Experience, (the National Guard’s official magazine), keeping the fear alive

“Out of their experience after the Civil War, America's Republicans came to believe in a philosophy called Social Darwinism, with its call for individual self-reliance, free markets and limited government. Most Americans who rejected Social Darwinism became Democrats.”
Stephen B. Young,, giving one of the most ridiculous historical encapsulations I’ve ever read

“Yes and I think that we need to begin to prepare people for that.”
Sen. Marco Rubio, when asked if he would sanction a strike before he would tolerate a nuclear Iran

“The law is clear that investigative detentions are lawful for a reasonable period of time. Reasonableness is determined by the facts and circumstances at issue, and the facts and circumstances were the suspect was in one of 19 cars.”
Aurora, CO Police Chief Daniel Oates, defending detaining and handcuffing forty innocent bystanders after a bank robbery

"This day ushers in a new era of persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance where an unmanned aircraft will remain on station for days at a time providing critical information and services. This flight puts Boeing on a path to accomplish another aerospace first — the capability of four days of un-refueled, autonomous flight."
Phantom Works President Darryl Davis, celebrating the successful test flight of a massive experimental drone designed by Boeing Co. engineers to fly for up to four days

“There is not any serious debate about whether anthropogenic climate change is happening. Scientists are certain about that, and it is unfortunate that the national debate is lagging so far behind.”
Daniel Sarewitz, professor of science and society and co-director of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University

“We are fighting a war in the FATA [Federally Administered Tribal Areas], we are fighting a war against terrorism.”
Leon Panetta, officially notifying us that the US is fighting still another war, this time in Pakistan

"It is difficult to achieve peace in Afghanistan as long as there is safe haven for terrorists in Pakistan. It is very important for Pakistan to take steps. It is an increasing concern, the issue of safe haven, and we are reaching the limits of our patience.”
Leon Panetta [They wouldn’t be attacking you if you weren’t invading their land and attacking them. Pretty easy to figure out, no?]

"The core of Al-Qaeda that carried out the 9/11 attacks may be on the path to defeat, but the threat has spread, becoming more geographically diverse."
Queen Hillary, either lying or admitting that the “War on Terror” has been a complete failure [The answer to this failed war is, of course, still more war.]

"Well, you know, my first choice had always been my father. ... He is still my first pick. But now that the nominating process is over, tonight, I am happy to announce I am supporting Governor Romney."
Sen. Rand Paul [A once promising political career (if there is such a thing) is headed toward the ash heap.]

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snapshot of the State - Gatekeepers and Rulers

"I'm completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death."

George Carlin

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snapshot of the State - Child Abuse

"The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submissions on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it."

Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 4, 2012

Snapshot of the State - Inbred Depravity

"I learned the way a monkey learns - by watching its parents."
Prince Charles

What Would Happen Here?

Watch the video below. Can you imagine the reaction of “law enforcement” if this event had occurred in that part of North America claimed to be ruled by the DC Death Cult? This grandfather would have been slammed face forward on the concrete, handcuffed, and maybe even tased and/or batoned and punched into a bloody pulp for good measure. His young grandson would be swept up into the depraved arms of Child Pedophile Services (CPS) and scurried off to their nearest rape room, drug testing lab, or sold to child traffickers.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Washington is a bad place to run over a pedestrian. If he is a white male, he is almost certainly a lawyer. So, if you run over him...our advice is to back up quickly and run over him again. Finish him off. Otherwise he’ll sue you.”
Bill Bonner

“So called ‘Congress’ is a long dead joke in this cryptocracy anachronistically called America. That icon so-called “freedom” has slipped off like a bad toupe worn by a Hitler look-alike in a wax museum. Your bullshit detector has to be changed and cleaned more often than a baby’s diaper just to keep up with the lies being spun on an hourly basis.
It’s sick out here.”
Zen Gardner

“A statist will never really lose an argument to me, because in the end, they have a gun to my head.”
Michael Suede

“That saying about death and taxes is both evil and stupid; it’s a soul-destroying and mind-destroying perversion of reality. It’s evil, because it makes people reflexively accept the worst things in the world as permanent and inevitable.”
Doug Casey

“I was taught that all on earth are made in God’s image. I was taught the Golden Rule. I was taught that life is sacred, and that we should love our neighbor. None of us are perfect, but why do so many wish harm on others? Why do so many revel in the slaughter of our fellow human beings? Why do so many cheer on the battle? Why do so many applaud when the bombs rain down? Why do so many pray to God for unmerciful war?
In the United States, war has become a constant. War is a part of our everyday lives, and it is difficult to even imagine peace. A better way is to be unable to imagine war!”
Gary D. Barnett

“Americans who show such strong support for America's foreign wars are living under a moral code that endorses States over rights, obedience of men to whatever States happen to control the territories they inhabit, decision-making control over war-making and indeed all public affairs by these States, and the precedence of duties to the State over other moral obligations.”
Michael S. Rozeff

“Westerners are brainwashed into believing that they have an obligation to someone who shares the same color passport... someone who happened to be born within the set of invisible lines that comprise our arbitrary political boundaries.
We're told that we have a civic responsibility to finance spiraling government deficits, buy more bombs, and pay off other people's mortgages... regardless of whether or not we share a common ideology, philosophy, or moral code.
This is completely absurd. Human beings are born free. No one comes into this world with an obligation to serve some arbitrary political construct.”
Simon Black

“Whether it is the nefarious machinations of the local Home Owners Association (HOA) as they employ the state as a violent proxy to keep the grass trimmed or the thoroughly evil complex of imperial extermination of brown people around the planet that disguises itself as foreign policy in DC, we live in a world made wrong by compliance.
If we distilled the essence of freedom down to one singular and crucial element, it is no more than the right of refusal.”

Bill Buppert

"A hero is someone who stands up for his beliefs, a martyr is someone who dies for a cause, and a soldier is someone who dies for someone else's profit."

“Have you ever noticed that Nazi soldiers, especially those who died in World War II, are never celebrated as heroes? Why is that? Didn’t they answer the call of their government in time of war? Didn’t they serve their country by loyally obeying the dictates of their government? Weren’t they patriots for their willingness to fight and die for their country?”
Jacob Hornberger
From the Darkness:
“If it’s not an official purpose [taking photos], and they’re outside the wire, then they shouldn’t have their camera out. This isn’t rocket science.”
Maj. Gen. Charles Gurganus, cracking down on war zone photography by the enlisted

“The international community’s been unified [and] . . . we are prepared for any contingency in that part of the world [Iran]. But our hope is that these matters can be resolved diplomatically.
We will do everything we can to prevent [Iran] from developing a weapon.”
Leon Panetta, giving his weekly call to war

“I think what both Republicans and Democrats need to do, and the leaders of both sides, is to recognize that if sequester takes place, it would be disastrous for our national defense and, very frankly, for a lot of very important domestic programs. They have a responsibility to come together and find the money necessary to detrigger sequester.”
Leon Panetta, threatening Congress with the end of the world if they allow $500 billion in defense-related cuts scheduled to kick in early next year

"These 600 acres [of Arlington National Cemetery] are home to Americans from every part of the country who gave their lives in every part of the globe."
B. Obama, The Chooming Kenyan, explaining how thousands of graves are a wonderful thing [So a burial plot is now considered a “home?”

“As far as Athens is concerned, I also think about all those people who are trying to escape tax all the time.”
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde, blaming Greec’s financial problems on tax evaders

"We have two courses we can follow: One is to follow the pathway of Europe. To shrink our military smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs. And they of course rely on the strength of America and they hope for the best. Were we to follow that kind of course, there would be no one that could stand to protect us."
Mitt Romney [“Protect us” from what? Men in caves? Who protects us from you and your ilk?]

"We're a nation that has been formed and preserved by heroes. John McCain is one of them."
Mitt Romney [Tell that to the Vietnamese women and children he personally murdered.]

"The infiltrators [Africans living in Israel] are a cancer in our body. The infiltrators must be expelled from Israel! Expulsion now!"
Likud MP Miri Regev

“It’s [the use of drones by cops] great. If you’re keeping police officers safe, making it more productive and saving money… it’s absolutely the right thing to do.”
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

"I don't think any of us are thinking this necessarily has anything to with politics."
Brad Trost, Canadian Conservative Parliament member, reacting to news that a severed human foot was mailed to Conservative Party headquarters. [Nah, people mail body parts to the wrong address all the time. Now if they had sent an envelope of corn starch- that would be political.]

“New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something. I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do.”
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, defending plans to enact a far-reaching ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts [“Doing something” to the government means eliminating still more individual freedom.]

"Products that we feel are marketed toward children, or are in poor taste with respect to out citizens will not be authorized for distribution."
Idaho State Liquor Division Deputy Director Howard Wasserstein, explaining why Idaho regulators have decided not to carry an Ogden, UT distillery's Five Wives Vodka because of its label, which depicts 19th century women in petticoats holding kittens near their lady parts.

"We [George W. Bush] have our problems politically, but the presidency transcends these differences."
The Chooming Kenyan ,getting all spiritual about his fellow mass murderer

"All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building."
Shamalov Berkovich, member of the Israeli Knesset

"Ultimately, the international community and the president of the United States are going to have to decide what steps we take [relating to Syria]."
Leon Panetta [No mention is made of Congress and its tax slaves. They, apparently, have no say in the decision.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

‘America’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost!’

“Blessed are they who bash your children’s heads against a rock.”

At least one preacher gets it right:

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Friday, June 1, 2012

EEK! Words!

Your rulers have proven themselves scared to death of any who oppose them or organize against them in protest.

They live constantly in fear of folks exposing their criminal activities.

They are petrified of ideas promoting individual, human freedom, contrary to their goals of collective, human enslavement.

Now, they seemingly admit to being frightened by….. words. Yes, mere words.

According to Simon Black:

“After vigorous resistance, the Department of Homeland Security was finally forced into releasing it's 2011 Analyst's Desktop Binder. It's a manual of sorts, teaching all the storm troopers who monitor our Internet activity all day which key words to look for.
Facebook, a.k.a. the US government's domestic intelligence center, is the primary target for this monitoring... though it's become clear so many times before that various departments, including the NSA and FBI, are monitoring online activity ranging from search terms to emails.”

Our brave masters “only” list 377 words that make their brow sweat, their palms clammy, and cause them to wet their jammies at night. You can be assured that they’ll come up with still more in the future.

Here is the list of the offenders:
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Coast Guard (USCG)
Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
Border Patrol
Secret Service (USSS)
National Operations Center (NOC)
Homeland Defense
Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Task Force
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Fusion Center
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Secure Border Initiative (SBI)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)
Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS)
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Air Marshal
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
National Guard
Red Cross
United Nations (UN)
Domestic security
Law enforcement
Disaster assistance
Disaster management
DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office)
National preparedness
Dirty bomb
Domestic nuclear detection
Emergency management
Emergency response
First responder
Homeland security
Maritime domain awareness (MDA)
National preparedness initiative
Militia Shooting
Shots fired
Explosion (explosive)
Disaster medical assistance team (DMAT)
Organized crime
National security
State of emergency
Bomb (squad or threat)
Pipe bomb
Chemical spill
Suspicious package/device
National laboratory
Nuclear facility
Nuclear threat
Biological infection (or event)
Chemical burn
Hazardous material incident
Industrial spill
Powder (white)
Blister agent
Chemical agent
Nerve agent
North Korea
Food Poisoning
Foot and Mouth (FMD)
Small Pox
Human to human
Human to Animal
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Drug Administration (FDA)
Public Health
Toxic Agro
Terror Tuberculosis (TB)
Water/air borne
Norvo Virus
World Health Organization (WHO) (and components)
Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
E. Coli
Infrastructure security
CIKR (Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources)
Computer infrastructure
Communications infrastructure
Critical infrastructure
National infrastructure
Airplane (and derivatives)
Chemical fire
Port Authority
NBIC (National Biosurveillance Integration Center)
Transportation security
Body scanner
Failure or outage
Black out
Brown out
Service disruption
Power lines
Drug cartel
U.S. Consulate
El Paso
Fort Hancock
San Diego
Ciudad Juarez
Mara salvatrucha
MS13 or MS-13
Drug war
Mexican army
Cartel de Golfo
Gulf Cartel
La Familia
Nuevo Leon
Narco banners (Spanish equivalents)
Los Zetas
Meth Lab
Drug trade
Illegal immigrants
Smuggling (smugglers)
Barrio Azteca
Artistic Assassins
New Federation
Al Qaeda (all spellings)
Environmental terrorist
Eco terrorism
Conventional weapon
Weapons grade
Dirty bomb
Chemical weapon
Biological weapon
Ammonium nitrate
Improvised explosive device
IED (Improvised Explosive Device)
Abu Sayyaf
FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces Colombia)
IRA (Irish Republican Army)
ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna)
Basque Separatists
Tamil Tigers
PLF (Palestine Liberation Front)
PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization
Car bomb
Weapons cache
Suicide bomber
Suicide attack
Suspicious substance
AQAP (AL Qaeda Arabian Peninsula)
AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb)
TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan)
Home grown
Extreme weather
Forest fire
Brush fire
Tsunami Warning Center
Mud slide or Mudslide
Power outage
Brown out
Emergency Broadcast System
Cyber security
DDOS (dedicated denial of service)
Denial of service
Cyber Command
Cain and abel
Brute forcing
Mysql injection
Cyber attack
Cyber terror
Social media

Need more traffic for your blog? List the words above and enjoy all sorts of new traffic! You’ll have a bevy of word inspectors from no less then sixteen US intelligence agencies surveying every line, making note of every offending word.

Simon asks a very pertinent question: “Have you hit your breaking point yet?”

C’mon, folks. If these bastards feel threatened by mere words, how hard can they be to defeat?

 Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters