Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Hypocrisy

And the nonsense continues……

People talk about “peace and good will toward men” for a few hours, then they’re back to killing each other for the rest of the year. This has gone on for centuries. Why? Because The State, master creator of hate, death and destruction, still exists!

I’m all for replacing the deceiving “Christmas” bullshit with “Death to the State Day” or even the less antagonistic “Abolish the State Day.” Both names encourage the exact same result.
The invention of “Christmas,” itself involves deceit. It was originally a pagan holiday celebrating an astronomical constant (winter solstice), then somehow morphed into the day the Son of God was born. Huh?

It has become obvious that Jesus most certainly was not born on December 25, branding this hijacked holiday with a tattoo of deception. And why would the birth of the Son Of God, surely the most fantastic event in the history of this planet, only be recognized ONE stinking day of the year? Why aren’t believers celebrating this daily?

For you Christians upset about this proposal, please remember that The State is the Devil’s infrastructure. It allows the strong and the evil to oppress the weak and the peaceful. What a better way to challenge the Devil’s work than to abolish his tools? Think how much easier it will be to change men’s hearts towards the rest of humanity when The Great Deceiver/Great Divider/Mass Murderer- no longer exists!

If Jesus came to earth to “save mankind,” the most important revelation of that rescue is the declaration that hierarchal, Old Testament institutions (both secular and religious) enslave the lives and minds of God’s ultimate creation. In order for humans to remain free, they cannot tolerate self-appointed gatekeepers to regulate and control their consumption of universal knowledge, ethics, and spiritual guidance. Hence, their inevitable and even dutiful hostility toward the state.

Just as the secular Christmas is a silly fantasy, the religious version of “peace, good will towards men,” has equally been a fantasy used to perpetrate a fraud. The Christian “Church” (not necessarily individuals) will never be able to claim such a sentiment as genuine as long as it accepts, legitimizes, and obeys the criminal state and it’s opposing agenda.

Let “Christmas” be a time when Christians and sympathizers rise up and demand the end of their centuries old subjugation at the hands of the criminal state. Let the children enjoy their presents and holiday illusions (I certainly did) but let’s encourage those with an adult consciousness to work for a state-free world in which the potential for peace and prosperity is near limitless- surpassing any fantasy that a child could imagine.

Later, they can deal with the equally despicable enslavement by their organized religious institutions.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Friday, September 11, 2015

The Self-Inflicted Persecution of Kim Davis

Kim Davis is the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk who was jailed (and since released) by a U.S. District judge. Her accused crime? She refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses as authorized by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. This action has inspired a multitude of opinions concerning the justness of the actions of both Ms. Davis and the District judge who had her jailed.

First, I must admit a perverse pleasure in reading of such cases where the state “eats its own.” These are situations where state apparatchiks suffer the consequences of the state’s illegitimate “laws,” rather than enslaved mundanes who usually bear the brunt of such criminal interventions. Better to see a parasitic state operative suffering the wrath of their state master than non-consenting tax slaves who generally suffer the bulk of such abuse and who are also forced to finance such an operative’s lofty position of power. My empathy is saved for such non-consenting sovereigns- the truly “persecuted” ones.

I’ve read two, well written and logical analyses regarding this case. One claims Ms. Davis is being persecuted because she obeyed her state constitution, the other insisting she is rightfully being disciplined (though unjustly jailed) for not obeying an overriding, higher ranking constitution. Both views make sense to me but both presuppose the legitimacy of such a governing state that claims to govern and rule individuals. It also assumes that state created “constitutions” are equally legitimate as control mechanisms that regulate this institution’s ruling power. Though I respect this popular default perspective, it has become my secondary, not primary, perspective when viewing state created conflicts.

As one who believes that all men are born sovereign and free, only to be rightfully governed and ruled by their individual consent, I view such state created conflicts without the presupposition of the state’s legitimacy.

Knowing this, let’s begin my analysis with an examination of the players involved in this seedy drama:

The State
The state is an institution claiming governing and ruling power over a designated geographic area. Despite any state created designated limitations on its power (constitutions), this institution is prone to ignore such designated limitations if it so serves its relentless pursuit of more power. Neglecting such limitations is often defended with decisions made by state created courts who have the power to interpret such limitations. Such interpretations can only be overturned by the state itself. The state has thereby evolved into nothing less than a criminal mafia, financed through extortion, while claiming near limitless power and ultimately being accountable to no one. It is a self-regulating cabal.

Claiming the authority to ignore such designated limits of its power at its discretion (and confirmed by its own courts), the state has become involved in virtually every behavior, action, and transaction involving individuals. It has built itself to be a gatekeeper to nearly every conceivable human activity. The particular intervention discussed here is marriage.

Kim Davis
Ms. Davis, born as a sovereign and free individual, has chosen to discard her intrinsic sovereignty and consented to be governed and ruled by the state. She has done this by voluntarily becoming a paid, state operative, subject to the orders of her superior. The institution she works for is funded by coercive taxes enforced through violence, not voluntary contributions. Her duties include enforcing state dictates claiming power to permit or deny a “legal” marriage between individuals.

The conflict
The conflict arises when Ms. Davis refuses her master’s dictate to issue “legal” permission to marry among same-sex individuals. She defends her refusal, citing that allowing such a marriage is a violation of her Christian religious principles.

Any time I hear individuals adamantly citing religious objections to defend their actions my ears perk up. Such claims often come from those who pick and choose just what “principles” they fervently follow and those they don’t. Such is the case with Ms. Davis.

Why? Christians govern themselves in large part by doing their best to obey the Ten Commandments. Check out Commandment #8. Ms. Davis chose not to make her livelihood by way of free market, voluntary transactions with solicited customers. Instead she chose to become a willing, consenting employee/operative of an institution that funds itself through coercive taxation/theft that is enforced at the point of a gun! Such criminal activity is what directly funds Ms. Davis’ lucrative paycheck. As a declared Christian, what part of “Thou shall not steal” does Ms Davis not understand?

In the smoky cloud created by the state’s ambiguous legalities and varying interpretations of “law,” Ms. Davis’ plight can viewed as both fair or unfair. From the clear and unambiguous perspective of individual human sovereignty, the inherent right of consent, and the necessity of personal accountability and responsibility, Ms. Davis has created her own nightmare. She unwisely and voluntarily consented to being a paid operative of an inherently unjust criminal operation. Criminal operations rarely have qualms about persecuting their members if it serves their goals.

Ms. Davis’ religious objections ring hollow to observers who view her participation and employment with an institution funded by violent theft- an action that patently violates one of the most basic tenets of her adamantly declared religion.

It is my contention that the punishment suffered by Ms. Davis is self-inflicted, and she is ultimately responsible for her unwise choices and decisions.

I offer no pity for her, as she willingly and voluntarily became part of the state apparatus that now “persecutes” her. This lack of pity is further intensified when considering her blatant religious hypocrisy. My empathy, as always, will be saved for those non-consenting sovereigns (no matter their spiritual consciousness) who continue to suffer persecution from a bloated leviathan whose appetite for power and control is insatiable.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Friday, August 7, 2015

Texas Yokels Terrifed of Dead Muslims

The fear and paranoia regarding Muslims residing within the US Collective is certainly nothing new. But that anxiety does seem to becoming increasingly absurd.

That branch of the right wing I refer to as the “Hayseed Right” seem not only terrified of live Muslims, but dead ones, as well.

The Islamic Association of Collin County (TX) would like to create a cemetery on 35 acres of land it owns to bury its dead within the confines of Muslim tradition. But many local residents around Farmersville, TX are frightened and even intimidated by such a possibility. And they’re angrily resisting such a project.

For the purpose of discussion, I will not bring up the obvious conflict solution of “property rights” but will instead argue within the kooky, statist/superstitious paradigm of the Hayseed Right.

“People don’t trust Muslims.”

Yes, it's difficult to trust what you don't understand. And it's rather hypocritical for that party that demands trust, considering it's past performance.

Certainly some people don’t trust Muslims, primarily so-called “Christians”- undoubtedly the same variety of that faith who overwhelmingly supported the incineration of about 200,000 civilians (many, fellow Christians) in Japan, the genocide of American aborigines, and in recent history, the aggressive invasion, occupation, and wholesale slaughter of residents throughout the Middle East. The victims of the latter crime, of course, are overwhelmingly Muslims.

Considering such a sordid history, why would anyone (least of all a Japanese, American Indian, or Muslim) trust a “Christian?” Particularly those "Christians" who practice idolatry and loyalty toward the US regime.

"It is my duty and my right to warn when there is a danger."

Danger? Will these dead, buried Muslims come back to life in the middle of the night, break out of their burial vault and assault good, decent “Christians” while they sleep in their jammies?

Or maybe these crafty Muslims have something else up their sleeve- like deceptively burying live terrrrists who then access a series of underground tunnels, gather in force with other “dead” Muslims, then assail Little Johnny as he recites his bedtime prayers.

Maybe, just maybe, these muzzies stay underground and construct a hidden fortress used to store weapons to prepare for the inevitable assault upon the North Texas prairie.

Another concern expressed by these anti-cemetery folks is that the purpose of this cemetery may be to poison the water.


Muslims don’t embalm their dead don’t you know, so the evil spirits within them will be released underground and find it’s way to the water table. This water will then wind up in the drinking glasses of good, decent Christian folk and poison them with the evil, released, Muslim spirits!

Well……. at least poison them with the molecules that once constructed their now decayed, non-Christian flesh. Ain’t that bad enough?

The yokels concerned with these burials don’t seem to understand the basics of nature very well. Think of all the dead, rotting plants and animals whose carcasses have decayed and disassembled, the resulting molecular ooze finding its way through the soil and inevitably to the water table. Human decomposition is no different. Embalming only delays that deterioration and adds some quite noxious embalming chemicals to the mix. Yum! Drink up!

"There is something about it that ya'll are missing."

No, I think ya’ll are missing something of extreme importance- that being reason and education. Perhaps more time reading and researching and less time listening to prevaricating, poison peddling, preachers and talk show hosts would help ease your mind considerably.

And you’ll wind up with a nice, pleasant, quiet cemetery nearby to visit, relax and read your Bible.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Thursday, August 6, 2015

War Criminal Gets Jury Duty

Is a war criminal and mass murderer qualified to perform jury duty?

Apparently, such an individual is worthy to do so in Dallas County.

The Butcher of Iraq and Afghanistan took time off from searching for Iraqi WMD’s and playing with limbless soldier boys he created to “report” for such duty. He put on a good show, joking and laughing with kidnapped sovereigns, helping to pacify any objections to state sponsored forced labor to serve the “justice” system.

Sure, I was disappointed he wasn’t “chosen” to “serve” on an actual jury. But I am even more disappointed that not a single fellow captive out of 34 individuals would look into his eyes and demand he defend his murderous rampage of conquest. Not one.

The local loyalist slaves appear happy with their state master, content with its “policy“ of mass murder and mayhem, and not embarrassed in the least to be photographed with one of its premier instigators.

“I think he was a pretty cool guy”

Meanwhile, The Decider and regular guy can now get back to making speeches.

Feeling optimistic about the future?

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Friday, July 3, 2015

Music to Burn Your Flag By

After 46 years, this is still the most honest presentation of this song I have heard. Play it loudly while you fan the flames consuming that horrendous war rag.

Thank you, Jimi, for taking a horrible song praising a demonic, war loving, human hating, death cult and turning it into a creative presentation of TRUTH!

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why Not an ‘Independence From the State’ Day?

I’m about to witness my 61st “Independence Day” in the US Collective. And all I see forthcoming is still another celebration of failure, still another empty gesture from clueless citizen/slaves who have no independence.

The supposed “independence” noted and celebrated is recorded in the document known as The Declaration of Independence. Those enslaved by a king at that time, declared themselves subjects instead to some, as yet, undefined government master (later to be defined as a “republic”). The document rails about such worthy goals as equality among men, inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and government operating only at the consent of the governed.

But when present day loyalists view their present day reality through their star spangled eyes, do they see the ultimate achievement of these documented goals?

Once the hot dogs and beer are digested and the fireworks smoke clears, what do they have? Freedom? Independence? Liberty? Quite the contrary.

What they in reality have is a multi-century, linear regression from a declaration of the sanctity of the natural rights of man and the glory of individualism to an annual affirmation of conformity, unquestioned loyalty, collective obedience, and the glorification of human sacrifice when committed in the name of the king.

And not the old king, but the new one.

What in reality they have is the unfortunate opportunity to witness a spectacular, historical failure. The institution created and charged with protecting those declared, natural rights has instead morphed into the greatest threat toward their weakening and eventual abolition. Words on parchment outlining law, custom and structure regarding such an institution have been proven impotent to restrain the growth of a predator so large and menacing, that it not only threatens complete evisceration of individual wealth and liberties within its declared territory, but also the lives, wealth, property, and security of people throughout the world.

Seeing that that such a large, powerful and centralized political structure is not only inadequate, but inherently dangerous toward the stated goal of preserving liberty, aware individuals can only view celebrating such a structure as utterly senseless.

Perhaps a new way to celebrate Independence Day is to shift the focus of collective independence to individual independence. The idea that claiming a collective independence will protect our inalienable liberties seems to have failed. How about a more individually oriented, decentralized approach- all based on the sanctity of individual sovereignty and the truth that no man is born another man’s subject or slave?

Claim true independence by withdrawing your consent and allegiance to a criminal regime posing as a benevolent master. Separate yourself mentally and emotionally from the death cult that values human sacrifice for the collective over the life giving accomplishments of free living individuals.

And why stop there? Why not expand the scope from a localized effort to reassert our rights as freeborn sovereigns to a worldwide campaign of individual empowerment and liberation?

Instead of foolishly celebrating a past independence from one king, just to become enslaved by another, let’s actively declare and celebrate an independence to all present day state masters.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters



Sunday, June 28, 2015

NAACP- Racist Hypocrites

In case you don’t know it, the NAACP is an acronym for the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People.

That’s right, “colored people.”

If you’re like me, “colored people” brings back unpleasant memories of the era of Jim Crow, racially segregated bathrooms, and lynching. The term “colored” was used as an obvious opposite to “white” and that group's declared superiority. Just try referring to African-Americans as “colored” in public today and you’re likely to hear complaints from at least one party. It’s just not done. It’s outdated and unacceptable- and for good reason.

The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People claims part of their mission is to, “promote equality of rights and to eradicate caste or race prejudice among the citizens of the United States” and "to advance the interests of colored persons."
They not only use that offensive word in their mission statement, but also as part of their organization's name!

Does referring to African Americans as “colored” help or hinder with this stated goal?

The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People
is fully involved in the recent purge of Confederate flags in the south.

Recently, an “activist” climbed a flag pole at the South Carolina State Capitol and removed the Confederate flag.
In a statement on its website the group's president, Cornell William Brooks, included this gem in his support of the “activist’s" action:

“The NAACP stands with our youth and behind the multigenerational band of activists fighting the substance and symbols of bigotry, hatred and intolerance.”

Apparently, Mr. Brooks fails to see the “bigotry, hatred and intolerance” of still using, in this day and age, the term “colored people” to refer to African-Americans.

In Dallas, the cultural purge is soon expanding to the
removal of confederate monuments. The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People, “will meet next week to talk about Confederate landmarks in North Texas and decide which ones they will push to have removed.”

"If we are going to move forward in America, as Americans, we have to let go of those symbols," says Arthur Fleming, President of the
Dallas chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People.

Perhaps Mr. Fleming should first look in his own back yard for such symbols. Like his organization’s name! Using racist terms to describe the people you claim to care about is not a good way to “move forward in America.” How can you “move forward” if you still use unacceptable language from the past? How can anyone even take you seriously?

"We're in a period of time when we can change some things," continues Mr. Fleming.

Agreed, Mr. Fleming! You can start such necessary “change” by changing your name!

"Just says certain things have not changed," Fleming said of his thoughts when he sees a Confederate monument. "That's what it means to us."

People of reason and logic, who can spot a race hustling hypocrite from a mile away, agree with you, Mr. Fleming. “Certain things” have not changed. Some continue to use racist language from the past while supposedly working for a racism-free future. That's what your hypocrisy "means to us."

NAACP supporters may argue their organization should not change its name because of its historical significance. Yet, they refuse to accept such reasoning offered by others defending flags and monuments that have historical significance to them.

Too many people continue to bow and scrape to such hypocritical and arrogant attitudes. Too many people still consider such shakedowns (both cultural and financial) as sincere pleas for change, rather then accept the reality of their authoritarian, culturally insensitive, and yes, racist nature. And not enough people are willing to expose the otherwise obvious hypocrisy hiding behind apparent good intentions.

Cultural cleansing and dogmatism, as shown by Mr. Brooks and Mr. Fleming, has preceded many murderous, totalitarian campaigns in the past. Here’s hoping that these gentlemen’s obvious hypocrisy is a roadblock to their absurd and potentially dangerous enterprise.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hate Crime Ignored in Texas

This video appeared on a local news site today:


I forwarded the URL to the Washington bureau of the NAACP, hoping they would comment on and help publicize an obvious hate crime.

Here was my message:

"I just wanted to forward this important information to you about a recent hate crime in Rowlett, TX:

I know you will want to help publicize and comment on it. Failure do so will disappoint many in this area.

Best wishes."

I have yet to hear back from them as of this date. If you would like to contact this same bureau, the address is washingtonbureau@naacpnet.org

Maybe you can also ask them why they still offensively refer to African-Americans as “colored people.”

UPDATE- 6/27/15: Police say they have now identified the teens responsible and have issued warrants for their arrest.
Still no comment or reaction from the NAACP about this heinous, despicable, hateful crime.

UPDATE II- 6/29/15 Police have arrested a teen for assault.
Awaiting ardent demands by the local NAACP to classify this act as a hate crime.

Charleston Murders- The Rise of Willing Slaves

Beyond the obvious idiocy of blaming guns, racism, flags, and the unregulated internet for the multiple murders in Charleston, I’ve observed other disturbing behavior from sympathizers and their post-murder behavior.

Have you noticed how these “professional victims” literally revel in the misery created by such an event? I mean those who go way beyond the standard mourning activity. I’m speaking of people who wrap themselves in their collective misery like a soothing, protective cocoon. I’ve witnessed this multiple times when such a disturbing event occurs.

The media is all too willing to publicize their depressing, candle holding, fervid, sniveling- hoping to inspire guilt in those who had nothing to do with the murders (meaning in this case, all white people, gun owners, and southern nationalists).

It’s easier to whine, moan, and excessively grieve, rather than take definitive action toward finally taking responsibility for your own protection.

It’s easier to beg for help and defense from a political master rather then train yourself and others to resist predation from other individuals.

It’s easier to soothe your grief by directing anger at innocent people and inanimate objects rather than be enraged that these victims were not allowed or restricted by their political masters to arm themselves.

It’s easier, and even encouraged, to bow to the ground and chant prayers to the sky rather than make use of that amazing, earthly organ within your skull.

And all this behavior is indicative and characteristic of those who choose to live their lives as slaves- and even morbidly celebrate that fact.

Do they react with outrage that their political masters frown on such individual defense and responsibility? No, they beg for still more controls, authoritarianism, and "solutions" that further enslave individuals.

“Never again,” they scream, thinking such a collective demand will automatically be satisfied. But without subsequent individual change and action, such exclamations ring hollow, indeed.
Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Monday, June 22, 2015

Is It Wrong to Wish That Tyrants Die?

Have you ever felt so disgusted, so enraged, so frustrated with a state politi-gangster/criminal that you wished, even secretly, that they would die? Is it wrong to feel that way? Do you demean yourself by feeling and expressing yourself this way? Can such a wish be considered a threat?

It’s easy to understand why you think this way. You wish them dead due to suffering personally or suffering empathetically towards others who have been abused, mistreated, and even killed by their ruling master . You reserve such hatred for only the most egregious, murdering despots.

For those who lived during their time, was it shameful for them to wish that Hitler die (and certainly not by natural means)?
Was is shameful to wish that Stalin die?
Was is shameful to wish that Lincoln die?

I don’t recommend actively pursuing a plan of action to see that such an event occurs, but I see no problem with desiring such an occurrence. I would only avoid allowing such thoughts to become an obsession.

Wishing for the death of murdering, thieving tyrants is a purely natural part of an individual's action of self defense against a predator. It’s a psychological response to a threat where no active, physical response is practical or wise. Better to ease your frustration with bad thoughts aimed at deserving evil individuals than direct, suicidal confrontation. Better to relieve feelings of helplessness and impotence within the private, inner sanctum of your malevolent thoughts than face your target’s protectors.

Fantasy is a psychological defense mechanism that channels unacceptable or unattainable desires into imagination. And it is largely risk free.

Don’t listen to those who suggest shame for thinking that way. They still believe the life long conditioning that self appointed elites are your superiors (despite their despotic extremism) and that it is somehow “wrong” or “unpatriotic” to not remain subservient in action and thought to this perceived “authority.” Their lingering state worship and enslavement is clouding their judgment.

Keep violent, wishful thoughts if you must. It’s healthy. Just don’t forget to take only direct, peaceful action towards sidestepping such tyranny.

And you can even laugh at them while you do it.
Resistance is Mandatory

 No rulers

No masters


Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's the Difference?

Murdering collectivist A

Murdering collectivist B

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters




Sunday, May 24, 2015


I wrote this essay in 2004. Unfortunately, its content is still relevant.

Many individuals still believe war created by nation states is a viable option to settle disputes.

Many individuals still believe nation states are a necessary institution.

And many individuals keep on believing the lies of confirmed liars.

The video at the bottom was created in 2011.

Ask ten people what Memorial Day is about and you’ll probably receive ten different responses. Mentioned are claims of "recognizing those who have served and fallen in defense or service to their country," "identifying patriots who unselfishly answered the call," and "acknowledging the heroes of battle." A common theme encountered in the discussion is remembrance. But, what else should be remembered? Are there not other aspects of war that need remembering?

Remember the architects of perpetual conflict, the schemers and tacticians who design the strategy, chart the acts of aggression, and lay the blueprints for other’s destruction.

Remember the plague of nationhood that infects the innate free spirit of men, disrupts the natural order of peaceful exchange and fuels the slavish obedience to political orders; regardless their legality or morality.

Remember the irresponsible who jump at the opportunity for conflict, forgetting reason, composure, and diplomacy. Remember how they delegate to others the duty to lead the engagement.

Remember the propaganda meisters who flood the airwaves with poisonous lies to reassure a wary, skeptical public; all carefully calculated to stultify the truth of war’s consequences.

Remember the Masters of War who profit from this heinous spectacle- those who gain power and tarnished wealth. Watch them flaunt their booty paid for with the bloody currency of children not their own.

Remember those who consider it essential that defense of a state’s borders requires committing pre-emptive acts of aggression against people on the other side of the globe.

Remember the cheerleaders who urge on "their" warriors with shouts of jingoistic fervor; yet refuse or find it unnecessary to give up their comfort of state side security.

Remember those who have witnessed, first hand, the horror of battle and tasted the acrid flavor of war’s experience.

Remember those who discover an epiphany, a life changing understanding that war is not the glorious adventure of Hollywood imagery, not the youthful pastime of an entertaining video game.

Remember those of this group who then fail to warn others of this newfound knowledge, who fail to convince compatriots of the needless sacrifice and stolen innocence.

Remember those on the sidelines who do not obey their conscience to speak out against the carnage, who hold their tongues through shyness or cowardice; who stand by silent as family, friends, and neighbors are whisked off to their inevitable doom.

Remember the children who witness war and its atrocities. Remember the confusion within young minds told killing is wrong, than struggle to comprehend the exception of war.

Remember their bewilderment when told to accept the killing of strangers that have done them no harm.

Remember the irreconcilable conflict within the hearts of Christians whose testament instruct "love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you" and "If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also (Luke 6:27-–29)." Remember their befuddlement when finding serving their state requires disregarding these principles. Remember the ideological clash when told serving their "country" preempts faithfulness to their God.

Remember the broken bodies and shattered psyches, still with us to remind us of war’s human cost. Remember the lost potential, the dashed dreams, the oceans of shed tears, the newly discovered war against desperation and hopelessness.

Yes, remember the fallen, the dead. Visit their resting places with solemn respect. Make note of their obscenely abundant and escalating numbers.

Remember that each grave has a face, a story, a soul represented by that slab of coldly etched stone or weathered cross.

Then, remember the graves throughout the world without adornment of a marker- a name, an individual, sentenced to a burial of eternal anonymity. Don’t the numbers now grow exponentially? Some were enemies, some were allies. Remember they also once walked the earth as those you honor. Remember they also aspired to a life of peaceful contentment, though driven by a different philosophy or creed as a means to obtain it.

Remember how, when living, all sides were compelled by opposing views of righteousness but now all are colleagues in death.

Do not only grieve for their loss but remember the lies and liars that killed them.
Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

B.B. King- The Greatest Performer I’ve Ever Seen

B.B. King, 1925-2015
For most of us, it’s not often we have the opportunity to witness performance genius up close and personal. In the late 1980’s, over three consecutive Februarys, I was fortunate enough to see B.B. King in live performance.

He appeared all three of those dates at a small dance club, that to my knowledge, never had live music on a regular basis- let alone host a concert by one of the giants of popular music. This little club even had some of those disco-ish, metal cages that professional dancers would dance inside. How did B.B. wind up here, I thought? Was he good friends with the owner? Was he repaying a debt he owed? For whatever reason, it allowed me a chance to view the most soulful live performer I have ever seen.

Each of those dates I watched him perform, I sat closer to the small stage where he and his incredible band were perched. The final time, my table was no more than about eight feet from the stage.

B.B., at that time, was in middle age, but still had all the fire and passion of his younger days. But now, he also possessed the maturity of a seasoned showman after decades in the business.

To me, B.B. King is unarguably one of the best blues singers ever. You’ll get no argument from me if you claim he is the best. Couple that claim with another- one of the best (and certainly most influential) blues guitarists ever. I can’t think of another blues performer who was so talented at both voice and guitar. Certainly, no one was more soulful.

B.B. would sing his songs with such force and conviction there was no way you could not pay attention. He would play his guitar with so much feeling and lyrical beauty, he could make you weep. Literally. He didn’t play a lot of notes in a short amount of time to impress. Rather he had the genius to play just the right note at the right time to effectively communicate his musical message.

Being close to the stage, I could enjoy all the facial expressions and contortions that showed how he felt every single note that was transmitted from his brain to his fingers. There was never any just “going through the motions” to perform a song that he had already played hundreds of times before.

He played every song with complete conviction and emotional involvement.

The guitar is my favorite instrument to listen to. I love its versatility and the infinite variety of sounds it can produce. I enjoy listening to it play just about any genre of music, but the blues is my undeniable favorite. Play me some 12-bar git-tar blues and I am in heaven.

I’ve been able to see live, several of the great blues guitarists- Freddie King, Johnny Winter, Albert Collins, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Cray, JJ Cale, and Lonnie Mack, among them. But I never saw anyone with the combination of both raw power, sophistication, and showmanship than that offered by B.B. King. And I’ve never been able before or since to watch such beautiful brilliance from a mere eight feet away!

Thank you, B.B. King for all the great joy and amazement your music has provided over the years. Thank you for your unheard of 70 year career of superior artistry.

So many great and promising guitarists died young, never allowing their listeners to enjoy the apex of their craft. Fortunately, we were allowed to enjoy your genius until every ounce of life and vigor in your body had been consumed by time. Speaking for myself, we are both blessed.

Here’s one of my favorites. Don’t be fooled by the image- that’s James “Boogaloo” Bolden, B.B.’s wonderful trumpet player who plays a great solo:


Monday, May 4, 2015

Politicians Doing What Politicians Do Best........

......Pissing on the world while talking gibberish.

Then metaphorically flushing the lives of sovereigns down the proverbial toilet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The pigs will not protect your property.

They will only protect themselves, their paychecks and their pensions.

Do whatever necessary to protect YOUR property.

Hire a well trained sniper or two to position on your roof tops and take out any perpetrators aggressing against your property. These animals are cowards, and when seeing just a couple of their cohorts extinguished, it will send them running.

Peace will return shortly thereafter.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Pope- Holy Father & Weather Man

Pope Francis, Gatekeeper to God for all souls who consider themselves Catholic, has turned his attention to a more earthly “problem” - climate change.

It seems the Pope is preparing a much anticipated “papal letter” directed toward his overseers (bishops) concerning this fraudulent “science.” He is looking for earthly leaders to make “courageous decisions” to combat the supposed phenomenon, “regardless of its cause.”

His first target is the U.N. (Gatekeepers to Freedom) where he expects these “courageous decisions” to be made. I’m sure such decisions will be voluntary suggestions for us lowly peasants who destroy the planet. Yea, right.

Instead the attitude will be: You who strive to be “fruitful and multiply” and govern the earth for your benefit are way out of control and in dire need of (mandatory) direction from globalist elites, secular or otherwise.

It seems the Pope became “awakened” after visiting with survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Apparently, the Pope thinks this is the first time in earth’s history that such a storm has occurred and is oblivious to the fact that strong, damaging storms have been originating from oceans of the world long before man was around to name them, let alone allegedly cause them.

“I don't know if (human activity) is the only cause, but mostly, in great part, it is man who has slapped nature in the face. We have in a sense taken over nature."

I would counter that it seems that Ma Nature has been doing all the face slapping for millennia, despite the pathetic attempts of humankind to “take over.” I wonder if the Pope has actually spent any extended time actually out in nature. I doubt if he would make such laughable claims if he had.

With his forthcoming, fancy sounding “letter,” the Pope “is expected to tie together the environment, development and concern for the poor. It will be published over the summer, in time for the U.N. General Assembly’s discussion on sustainable development in September and the Climate Change Conference meeting on reducing global warming in Paris in December.”

So we can look forward to still another “conference” of Global Gate Keepers (paid for with millions in money stolen from peasants), to create still more “studies,” (paid for with millions in money stolen from peasants), to offer mandatory actions (paid for with millions in money stolen from peasants), that will only produce still more poverty and misery among these very same peasants. But it will enrich and empower still more bureaucrats, operatives, and collaborators.

But wait! This time, such actions will be blessed by one of the premier Gatekeepers to God and we polluting vermin get to witness a miracle- the umpteenth repackaging of Marxism; a demonic, enslaving political and economic system that keeps being resurrected.

“This has generated more excitement than almost any other papal document that I’ve heard of in the last 10 years,” said Daniel P. Scheid, an assistant professor of theology at Duquesne University, a Catholic school in Pittsburgh.

How will the Pope react if the peasants resist such orders? Will he side with “the poor” who he claims to represent, or will he endorse the coercive direction of the global elites with which he has teamed? Will it be “Praise the Lord and ignore that state goon’s gun pointed at your temple?”

"The threats that arise from global inequality and the destruction of the environment are interrelated; and they are the greatest threats we face as a human family today," [Cardinal Peter] Turkson said in what was regarded as a preview of the encyclical.

Can you think of better code words for coerced wealth redistribution than “global inequality” and the aforementioned “development?”

Jessica Hellman, an associate professor of biological sciences at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, said she expected the pope to frame the problem as a moral one.

When an argument cannot be supported by science, when an argument cannot be supported by
reason and when an argument cannot even be supported by logic is when desperate meddlers resort to “morality” as their justification.

If an argument fails the test of fact, reason and logic, marketing it as “virtuous” can always be counted on to win converts among the airhead, intellectually lazy populace that feels rather than thinks. It will be accepted by those who see a smiling man, saintly dressed in white, and instantly consider him trustworthy.

How can such a gullible person resist such a coercive action when marketed as “moral?” Such a proposed action just feels right and is promoted by a pleasant, disarming, man in a long, white robe who has written a paper impressively described as an “encyclical.” How can it not be okay?

Let me offer some reality to His Holiness: Just as manure stinks, climate changes. That’s what it does. Human individuals have adapted and adjusted to such changes throughout the history of the species. Individual thought and creativity, rather than centrally planned dictates from global tyrants with subjugating agendas, tend to offer the most competent solutions.

Many collective actions sold “in the name of God” or “for the good of the country” or “for the good of the earthly world” often result in physical enslavement as well as spiritual enslavement. Religious gatekeepers and politicians are the primary culprits. Even just a cursory study of history will show that.

Here’s hoping that Catholics and all other religionists view their gatekeepers as the fallible, not divine, creatures they are. Just as I hope they view their political gatekeepers with the same suspicion. Don’t allow your chosen spiritual consciousness to be hijacked and abused by salesman offering failed and even enslaving “solutions.” Particularly, those “solutions” where no problem even exists.

Instead, use the wonderful, discerning mind your creator gave you, for Christ’s sake.

If not yours.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Saturday, March 28, 2015

School Principal Threatened by Boy’s Haircut

Statists are rarely correct. Even when one statist rightfully disagrees with another, they do it for the wrong reason. It can be “idiocy galore” when statists tangle.

A young school boy (does it matter where?) was suspended from school by the principal because his “high and tight” haircut was deemed inappropriate.

It seems that this style of haircut is popular among The Emperor’s hired killers and the impressionable youth got such a haircut to honor a close relative enlisted within that group.

Obviously, the mother was upset but not for the reason that you would expect. Instead of claiming her son’s right to self ownership (by the fact that he is human), allowing him whatever method he decides to cut his hair, she distorted the principal’s objection as an insult to the military, simply because such a haircut is popular within those ranks!

"All I really want is for the school and the school district to do a public apology: Not just for my son, but for the fallen war heroes ... and the veterans, and the active military personnel that are in the Army now," Stinnett said. "Considering the military haircut as a distraction is basically saying that our Army is a distraction."

The criticism of the principal’s actions by loyalists is further intensified by the fact that the school is named to exalt a late war criminal.

So somehow, the principal’s objection to such a haircut in his school due to its appearance is distorted as an insult against the military, just because such a style of haircut is popularly associated with some members of that group.

I would ask the mother these questions, using her own method of warped logic:

Pornography is popular in the military. Should the principal allow pornography in his school so as not to insult the military? Should such material be offered in the school library to accompany all the texts that glorify the empire’s wars of conquest?

Prostitution is popular in the military. Should the principal allow students to have hookers for guests for show and tell. Should he sanction prostitutes serving boys in the restrooms during potty breaks?

Rape and sexual harassment is unfortunately popular within the military. Should the principal tolerate such activity in his school? Should he look the other way when witnessing a gang rape rather than risk offending heroic soldier boys?

Such questions, of course, sound ridiculous only because they follow the same illogic suggested by Ms. Stinnett.

So let’s summarize this “idiocy galore” by confused and equally guilty statists:

1) We have a school principal unnaturally concerned with the length and design of a child’s head hair, seeing it as some threat or “distraction” to other children and somehow negatively affecting the success of their education.

2) We have a mother upset, not because this tyrant commands her child what to do with his body, but by taking offense that the principal’s rejection of such a haircut is a slap in the face to military members sporting that same haircut.

3) A community “very proud of the name of our school” see the principal’s action particularly egregious as an attack against the “hero” for whom the school is named.

4) All parties involved in this childish squabbling are completely unaware that the institution and its members they honor to the extreme and irrationally defend, are the greatest threat to their safety and liberty- not the arrangement of hairs on a head and certainly not those who dislike such arrangements.

Statist quarrelling can certainly be perversely entertaining, an example of “Nero fiddling while Rome burns.” Except it can more accurately be described as “clueless slaves quarreling while liberty dies.”

 Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is What Ignorance Looks Like

Look to your immediate left. This is the face of ignorance.

Read the quote below. These are words of the ignorant:

"Two guys break into an atheist's home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters. Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him. And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot 'em. And they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him. And they can look at him and say, 'Isn't it great that I don't have to worry about being judged? Isn't it great that there's nothing wrong with this? There's no right or wrong, now is it dude?"

"Then you take a sharp knife and take his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, 'Wouldn't it be something if this was something wrong with this? But you're the one who says there is no God, there's no right, there's no wrong, so we're just having fun. We're sick in the head. Have a nice day.' If it happened to them, they probably would say, 'Something about this just ain't right."

This is what happens when you only read one book in your life.

So, according to the babble typed above, only theists can possibly know the difference between right and wrong. And no theists would ever commit such egregious acts against his fellow man.

According to Mr. Robertson, only by believing that a God will judge you after threatening eternal damnation if you disobey, can you be motivated to do what is right and avoid what is wrong.

Mr. Robertson’s choice of theistic direction is Christianity. The sole written doctrine of that religious choice is The Bible. Though the Bible may offer some useful wisdom, numerous other sources of philosophy and guidance offer equally and even complimentary insight on how best to live your life. Some of these sources come from other religions Mr. Robertson’s flock might even consider abominations. Though such sources may not include the risk of everlasting sorrow created by a vengeful, judgmental God if ignored, they may offer inspiration and direction to those less responsive to being motivated by threats.

There are, believe it or not, people in this world who have learned the difference between right and wrong by what serves their best interests. And that interest is best served by treating others respectfully and honestly. Violent, repulsive, behavior described by Mr. Robertson will fail at serving those best interests. How? Such behavior results in undesirable earthly consequences long before God can get a shot at the offender. Individuals witnessing such consequences are moved to avoid such behavior to avoid the inevitable earthly consequences.

Only the mentally deranged ignore what is in their best interest. Only the hopelessly sick perform acts contrary to strong, time tested social mores. This includes atheists. I've encountered many atheists and I have yet to meet one that didn't have a sense of right and wrong. Only the sick, unreachable ones ignore that best interest, just as sick, unreachable theists are equally blinded.

People don’t grow and develop in a moral vacuum. The value of ethics and proper behavior are broadcast from a variety of sources. Only the spiritually sick ignore such advice. Even the belief in a judgmental God will not stop such damaged souls from engaging in abhorrent, murderous behavior.

Mr. Robertson and any other like minded individuals should take advantage of such diverse sources of information. It might even strengthen or even expand their views of right and wrong.

To quote a wonderful line in a great movie:

“The Bible is a book. It is a very good book. But it is not the only book.”

Many Christians claim that The Bible was written by man but inspired by God. But couldn’t other written works by man be equally inspired by God throughout history? I would argue that any artistic creation (including the use of the written word) is spiritually inspired. What not take advantage of what they have to offer?

If Robertson is one of those Christians who believes Old Testament content is relevant and descriptive of his loving God, he can find multiple accounts there of violent acts of torture and murder far more heinous than the imaginary thugs he describes.

And such acts are being ordered and approved by the Almighty, himself.

People in the entertainment business seem to receive a permanent soapbox as part of their compensation. This platform inevitably produces multiple opportunities for such individuals to make fools of themselves. Whatever entertainment related talent they may have is worthless when they step off into unfamiliar territory where quite different tools and talents are necessary.

Their ill advised attempt at intelligent discourse is doomed when such individuals have limited their education and ignored their creator’s gift of reason and logic. The result is often embarrassment and lasting humiliation. A result certainly not in their best interest.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Time to Replace the Boy Scouts?

Are the Boy Scouts still an institution worthy of involvement in the development of young boys? Do they still teach the foundational values of individual responsibility and self-reliance?

Texas Blogger, Kent McManigal recently encountered some modern day Boy Scouts while out camping. After talking to some of these Scouts, he relates his disappointment at how few useful skills these Scouts had been taught. He offers an alternative organization to be formed- The “Browncoat Scouts.”

 Reading this post inspired me to relate my own experiences as a scout, decades ago, and how over that time, my opinion of the Boy Scouts has changed.

I was an Eagle Scout back in the 1960’s. Leaving aside the God and country nonsense (serving two religions, with opposing philosophies, at once?), I have a lot of fond memories of camping experiences. Back then, we were taught some survival skills. I can even remember times where we genuinely suffered, but all for our betterment. We learned and we were toughened.

I was a scrawny, little 11-12 year old and being constantly challenged. Some of those challenges were quite scary for a kid that age:

Sleep in a tent in the middle of winter, get up out of a (sometimes) warm sleeping bag on a 20 degree morning, walk out into two feet of snow, start a fire and cook a breakfast. Challenge met.

Hike 20 miles in one day. Challenge met.

Swim a mile in a lake. Challenge met.

Ride a bike 50 miles in one day. Challenge met.

Jump into the water and “rescue” a “drowning” kid 6 years year older than me and 40 lbs. heavier. Challenge met (after several attempts and being nearly drowned for real).

Hike and climb mountains for a week with a 50lb pack on my back through heat, rain, and hail. Challenge met.

Get up before dawn, be given a breakfast of nothing more that one raw egg and a single slice of bread, then work until midday performing tough, chain gang-like, manual labor in the hot summer sun. Then, after an equally puny lunch, still more tough work remains until sundown. Complain, or even speak at all, and you are sent back to your unit in shame.

Challenge met.

The reward? A strong sense of accomplishment, a constantly renewed vigor for life, increased confidence in my abilities and judgment, and wonderful camaraderie with fellow Scouts who met those same challenges.

Nowadays, those kind of actions would be considered, by some, as “abuse,” and if experienced by a black kid- “racism.”

Today, I see kids that age (and even several years older) that can barely walk up a flight of stairs. They probably don’t even know how to start an electric stove, let alone a fire to cook on. They think food comes out of a vending machine.

Schools are useless. Their “development” goal appears to be “extended adolescence.” They teach the young only obedience to “authority” and keep them just ignorant enough to be functionally helpless, always in need of assistance and “counseling” by the state parasites posing as that “authority.” These “counselors,” of course, are nothing more than gatekeepers, charging a toll to misinform and mislead a young individual on their road to adult servitude.

Dependency is praised as “good citizenship” and “patriotic” and independence smeared as radical rebelliousness, characteristic of the mentally unstable. Those who accept dependence are showered with accolades and awards. Those who choose independence are reprimanded and have dangerous pharmaceuticals shoved down their throats to soothe the savage sovereign.

I work a lot with teenagers and many seem virtually helpless, as if they were five year olds in a teenage body. They seem disinterested in learning or acquiring knowledge but merely seek to be entertained and satisfying their sweet tooth. A significant number cannot even write down the street address they live at.
They…don’t…even…know…where… they…live!
This helplessness seems particularly acute in urban/inner city areas where such vulnerability may threaten a young person’s outright survival.

Some of this can be blamed on their parents who baby them, coddle them, and refuse to stress the importance of being responsible for yourself. Some parents, of course, outright neglect their children. But I can also see the state's part in keeping them clueless in their state of extended childhood, making them easier to control and manipulate in the future. What perfect, young candidates to willfully accept bloody nationalism, conformity, and collectivism. Young minds are easier to mold when they are as gooey and malleable as clay.

It’s a shame that the Boy Scouts organization contributes to this brainwashing. It seems that any useful skills a Scout may learn is not for the benefit of that Scout as an individual in pursuit of his dreams, but is instead expected to be practiced for the benefit of the state collective, particularly by way of the military or politics- commonly referred to as “serving your country.”

Having always treasured these Scouting memories and their contribution to my personal development, there was a time when the Boy Scouts were in my will. But I had to drop them when their militarist and fascist political indoctrinations increased to levels even more intense than what I experienced.

Maybe Kent’s “Browncoat” Scouts can be what the Boy Scouts used to be, but without the poisonous nationalism, without the unquestioned allegiance to an illegitimate authority, and without the reverence for the civic religion.
No only would it make Scouting a healthier and more enlightening experience but it would make it even more fun.
Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters