Thursday, November 28, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Property rights don’t exist under communist regimes.

Emperor Wannabe-Fake Injun Wants to Hire 10,000 ‘Workers’ to Fight the Weather

Yes, I still consider blatant idiocy among the ruling class as a “crime.” Their idiocy tends to morph into policy.

Regime Goon Sticks His Beak into Iranian Politics

It’s a shame he doesn’t share the same enthusiasm and support for those who uncover and protest his crimes.

It’s “very possible” Iran will attack “again.” Of course, there never was a first time.

But hey, they’re thinking about it…

Wasn’t it just earlier this year we heard all the eloquent speeches from The Emperor to “bring the troops home?”

By golly, it was!

Add these clowns to your list of “world organizations” that have zero credibility.

Perfectly constructed propaganda, preparing you for your dark future.

That’s just one of many crimes listed in an annual “waste report.”

Only cutting off DC’s Tax Teat will stop such abuse.

After secession, A hard rain’s gonna fall on these thieving bastards.

And you always considered it hyperbole that I referred to these creatures as the “DC Demons?”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The only time that you should despair is when you are personally powerless to make a difference. As Texans, we should always remember the lessons from our past. Gonzales teaches us that we should stand. The Alamo teaches us what might happen when we refuse to stand down. Goliad teaches us what happens when we do stand down. San Jacinto teaches us what can happen if we never give up."
Daniel Miller

"Slogans masquerade as ideas.  The media is devoid of integrity.  Fantasies such as Russiagate,  Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Russian invasions, Venezuela represented as 'a threat to American national security,' Western Democracy in which voters decide nothing, self-regulating financial markets—really the fantasies are endless, and they leave America as the blind man of the world."
Paul Craig Roberts

"History of all government is the history of power, violence and slavery.
'Politician' is a deceptive colloquialism for violence brokers. The brokerage is the potential and actual dispensation of state violence through taxation, regulation, fining, kidnapping, caging, maiming and killing in the tried and proven continuum of government compliance. The notion that a single man is incapable of self government but a single psychopath and his connected minions and apparatchiks is the key to a peaceful and just society lording over millions.
It is no more complex than that, all government outside of self-government demands violence to see its project in train and complete. Left or right is simply misdirection, it is always the choice between individualism and collectivism, the choice between non-intervention and intervention. In North America, there is no single political party that doesn’t want the reigns of government so it can take its collectivist vision and enforce it at gun point.
Politicians are the enemy of all free-range humankind.
Have you noticed a trend in the US? No matter what wing of the Uniparty gets in office, government gets bigger at the Federal levels and the state subsidiaries continue to expand their portfolio of zookeepers instructions to the zoo animals?"
Bill Buppert

"Trade wars rarely produce any benefits for either side.  They are the equivalent of sending tens of thousands of soldiers to be mowed down by machine guns on the blood-soaked Somme battlefield in WWI.  Glory for the stupid generals; death and misery for the common soldiers."
Eric Margolis

"War is inseparable from propaganda, lies, hatred, impoverishment, cultural degradation, and moral corruption. It is the most horrific outcome of the moral and political legitimacy people are taught to grant the state. Wrapped in the trappings of patriotism, home, songs, and flags, the state deludes people into despising a leader and a country that until that point they had barely even heard of, much less had an informed opinion about, and it teaches its subjects to cheer the maiming and death of fellow human beings who have never done them any harm."
Lew Rockwall

"Because it is therefore taken for granted that states must exist, a startling blindness to or denial of the necessary costs of creating and maintaining states has existed.  This is true both with respect to existing states and to proto-states, that is, movements that wish to become states.  More often, when proto-states clash with each other or with existing states, anarchy is ironically often blamed for the resulting violence and chaos.  This is an error as the primary cause of the ensuing violence is the perceived need for each entity to completely vanquish its opponents and drive them out of existence entirely.  If any such disputant in modern times has been anarcho-capitalist in its goals and methods, that is the best kept secret of all time. All known disputants have sought to achieve monopoly state power by defeating all competitors.  The sum total of the resulting violence, murder, mayhem, destruction and chaos has been incalculable."
James and Michael Ostrowski

"The truth about economic sanctions is that they are abhorrent. It is the intentional use of power and control by governments to purposely brutalize an entire population of innocent men, women, and children, in order to advance a political agenda. This is the definition of terrorism. It is done without compassion or caring for the mass suffering that will always result. It is a knowingly planned destruction of entire societies, which can only lead to the mass suffering of innocent people. It is unholy."
Gary D Barnett

"Any single man must judge for himself whether circumstances warrant obedience or resistance to the commands of the civil magistrate; we are all qualified, entitled, and morally obliged to evaluate the conduct of our rulers. This political judgment, moreover, is not simply or primarily a right, but like self-preservation, a duty to God. As such it is a judgment that men cannot part with according to the God of Nature. It is the first and foremost of our inalienable rights without which we can preserve no other."
John Locke

"So many of us are looking forward to some escape route coming from outside of us to rescue us from ourselves; some are looking forward to the second coming of Jesus, some are looking forward to the aliens coming in to save the day, some are looking forward to the Democrats or the Republicans finally capturing the whole entire government and setting things right with the world, and some are looking forward to billionaires setting up a space colonization program so we can get off this accursed blue orb before we destroy it. But there is no deus ex machina here. No one’s going to save us from ourselves. Even if we do succeed in running away from home, we’ll inevitably bring the same inner demons with us that got us into this mess in the first place.
We’ve got to turn inward and evolve beyond our self-destructive impulses. The only way out is through. The mind virus of celestial escapism stops us from doing this, because it offers us yet another false promise of deus ex machina. It lets us run away from doing the hard but necessary real inner work, just like doing drugs or binging on Netflix or any other kind of escapism."
Caitlin Johnstone

"Once we accept that protecting citizens and their property is the central function of government, we must ask what makes it so important. The answer is that we all gain immeasurably from the reliable performance of that function — stable, enforced property rights lower the transactions costs of voluntary, mutually-beneficial arrangements (especially complex arrangements) at almost uncountable margins of choice; they deny others (including government itself) the ability to force involuntary arrangements on others at those same margins. Increasing the former and decreasing the latter as much as possible allows us to become unimaginably more productive and better off, peacefully, without sacrificing any of our liberties."
Gary Galles

"The word democracy is an agenda quite different from its innocent sound. It is a euphemism for despotic government. Democracy is a term that conceals a system of manipulating people by manipulating their thought processes. The word democracy is the most politically correct word in America and in the entire world. Every politician uses the word democracy repeatedly to numb the people and disguise authoritarianism.
Democracy means disarmament of the mass mind into a state of apathy, resembling deep sleep. Change agents cleverly transferred the word republic into democracy for the purpose of the numbing of the senses. The word democracy and all that it implies destroys in our minds the relationship of cause and effect so that our own thoughts betray us. It has made us a pablum society wherein we unknowingly love evil and hate good.
To attempt to defend democracy and gun ownership at the same time is a masterpiece of cynicism and an illusion of the possible. It can’t be done. We have to love one and hate the other. But we must first know the difference."
Bob Livingston

"Men of incalculable stupidity and likely sexual inadequacy talk about nuclear war as winnable. Dream on. Reflect: American cities cannot feed themselves. Three days without food shipments and New Yorkers would clear the supermarket shelves. A week and they would kill for cans of tuna fish. Two weeks and they would be eating each other. A very few nuclear bombs on transportation hubs would prevent distribution of food for months. Even fewer cobalt bombs, designed to produce a maximum of lingering radiation, would make the farm belts lethally radioactive for a decade.
'Defense Intellectuals,' usually stupid enough that they ought to live in trees, chatter about escalation dominance and the intimidation factor and airtight missile defense. They are nuts. What they really need is a codpiece and a subscription to Pornhub Premium.
This is why it is a really, really, bad idea to have a psychopathic cockatoo, two loon Christians, and a pathologically aggressive momma’s boy in a position to start a war."
Fred Reed

"In two words, properly understood and defined, our strength is INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. This is our basic principle. It’s INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, not more and not less.
But if the wrong definition of freedom is used, this principle is subverted. Freedom must be understood as the absence of the initiation of violence by other people against you. Freedom does not mean power, ability, security, or the possession of goods. Freedom in the social-political sense means that the person with freedom is not the object of aggression initiated by others, including especially government itself."
Michael Rozeff

Thursday, November 21, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

No crime is too heinous if done in the service of the DC Empire.

Military’s Mad Scientists Looking to Create New Super Bugs

You can look forward to some new mutant bacteria pumped under your house to look for explosives.

Regime’s Terrorist ‘War on Terror’ Has Killed 801,000 People

The killing will continue, and the costs involved will still be unpaid in the 22nd century.

The only way to stop such madness is to cut DC’s Tax Teat.

The only way to accomplish that is through secession.

Regime Gangsters Renew Totalitarian ‘Law’

And the majority Gang wouldn’t allow the other Gang members to even read it!

And they’ll be sending 3000 more killers to The House Of Saud to protect those particular terrorists and “to deter Iranian threats.”

Just what “threats” would those be?

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Emotional responses are gradually crowding out fact and evidence based reason. Truth is losing its connection to objectivity and is becoming agenda based. If it serves the agenda, and agendas are increasingly emotion based, it is truth. Many can no longer comprehend the content of what they read. Words become like a bullfighter’s red cape. They set off emotions, not thought. Depending on how people have been programmed by their education, indoctrination, and value inculcation, they have emotive responses. One consequence is that discussion is replaced by denunciation."
Paul Craig Roberts

"The death squads and concentration camps of history were never staffed by rebels and dissidents. They were were run by those who followed the rules."
Etienne de La Boetie 

"Everything is a lie.
Everything.  Out of the mouths of politicians, news reporters, journalists, thought leaders in sports and entertainment.  Well, not everything.  On the rare occasion we hear some truth from any of these, they are shut down and ostracized.
Everything we are taught about history is a lie.  Not a little lie, like George-Washington-cut-down-the-cherry-tree lie; big lies – lies that have resulted in the deaths of millions and the cost of trillions.  The dead can be considered the trophies in the game rooms of the liars and the sacrifices of a worshipful population; the cost is going into the pockets of the same liars.   Whenever someone sticks his head up and says “wait, that isn’t true,” he is labeled a conspiracy theorist – before being shut down and ostracized.
Do you want to succeed by the standards of this world?  Be a champion of the biggest lie.  Do you want to survive?  Don’t openly challenge any of the lies.
Do you want to do righteous work?  Speak truthfully."
Bionic Mosquito

"Might does not make right. Laws made by governments do not define justice. If they did, tyrants and tyrannical governments could declare all their crimes as both legal and just. A free people has other independent standards of justice. A free people holds government to account according to these standards.
The term social justice is correctly defined as justice in the public realm, that is, freedom from violence initiated by a government against innocent persons. Violence initiated in the private realm by persons privately are correctly termed crimes and torts. Such private violence is not social injustice."
Michael Rozeff

"The use of force backed by the threat of violence is the bedrock upon which all government programs are built. Their very existence relies on compelling citizens to pay their taxes lest they be punished for their resistance. And to be clear, such threats are not leveled against the perpetrators of any crime, but rather against innocent victims who have aggressed against no one.
By contrast, private charity programs rely on peaceful, voluntary donations for their existence. Donors are free to refrain from turning over their money to an organization which they object to the goods or services being provided, or feel the organization is not effectively using funds to benefit those in need.
Contrast that with how the government would react if you decided to stop paying taxes because you don’t like the services it offers and provides in return. Agents of the government would descend upon you and threaten fines and imprisonment — resorting to physical assault if necessary — if you didn’t obey.
So, without you having threatened or aggressed against anyone, but merely by boycotting the submission of your property (via taxes) to the government, this organization would not stop short of invading your property and initiating violence against you."
Bradley Thomas

"The only thing valid about it is that each individual human being is a unique intersection of varying attitude, aspirations, and aptitudes on a variety of subjects, issues, skills etc. I am amused at the intersectional cannibalism emerging from the myriad factions of mental illness parading as political discourse that seem to teem on the intellectual plains of the left-wing culture. I am convinced daycare and two working parents have caused trauma or irreversible damage to most children that makes them vulnerable to the deadly swansong of government supremacism.
But remember, the left always pretended they opposed McCarthy on principle, when in reality they were only upset that it was their idols being blasphemed. Now that Woke Leftism has the cultural whip hand, they are gleeful at the prospect of enforcing their own blasphemy laws and dealing out McCarthy’s tactics to their enemies in triplicate."
Bill Buppert

"Responsibility, not to a superior, but to one’s own conscience, the awareness of duty not exacted by compulsion, but the necessity to decide which of the things one values are to be sacrificed to others, and bear the consequences of one’s own decision, are the very essence of any morals which deserve the name."
Friedrich A. Hayek

"I’m pushing against a cultural dogma that’s been mainstream doctrine for generations, but I really find all this blather about adventure and the indomitable human spirit of exploration quite tedious and idiotic when it comes to space colonization. We’ve got creatures swimming in our own oceans with brains many times larger than our own, and we’re killing them all off before we’ve even developed any kind of real theory about what they’re doing with all that extra gray matter. There are parts of the moon that are better explored than vast expanses of our own seas. We don’t even know what consciousness is, and science is largely uninterested in answering this question. I don’t believe the spirit of exploration and adventure is what’s driving our longing to break for the stars. I think it’s nothing but garden variety escapism."
Caitlin Johnstone

"Money is not a magic wand that governments can wield to summon economic growth. It is a measuring stick, or a clock. The way to measure valuations across time and space is not in currencies and price indices but in time-prices: calculating the real price of anything by the amount of time it takes to earn the money to buy it. Real wages are measured not in dollars and cents that can be manipulated – but in immutable hours and minutes."
George Gilder

"Disarmament comes via democracy. As long as we defend democracy, we are for gun control whether we are conscious of it or not.
What, pray-tell, caused the great loss of freedom of the American people? Democracy, of course. Democracy is the American version of National Socialism.
Passive words like democracy disarm the mind, and then it is only a matter of time before you volunteer to hand over your guns. 'To keep and bear arms' is the opposite of democracy."
Bob Livingston

"We are not a nation of ethnicity, religion, geography, or even of history. All we have are our principles. And the most important one is the freedom to say what we want without grievous consequences. 
America’s Overton Window should be wider than anywhere else on Earth, and that is an absolute fact."
Isaac Simpson

"Hobbesianism is the common element of both left and right. To be sure, the fears are different, stemming from different sets of political values. The Left warns us that if we don’t have leviathan, our front yards will be flooded from rising oceans, big business moguls will rob us blind, the poor will starve, the masses will be ignorant, and everything we buy will blow up and kill us. The Right warns that in the absence of leviathan, society will collapse in cesspools of immorality lorded over by swarthy terrorists preaching a heretical religion.
The goal of both the Left and Right is that we make our political choices based on these fears. It doesn’t matter so much which package of fear you choose; what matters is that you support a state that purports to keep your nightmare from becoming a reality."
Lew Rockwell

"Why shouldn’t you ever surrender your guns?  Quite simple, really.  They are the main line of defence for individual liberty in the world.  Anyone who wants to take away your guns wants you to be a victim of crime, either by street criminals or by the government or by both.  Victim disarmament is inexcusable, unjustiable, and despicable.  No one who ever says anything in favour of disarming people has any good intentions, and such people should be, at least, ostracised."
Jim Davidson

"We are getting ever closer to the finality of sanity as we have known it, and a continued collective fall from grace will necessarily be the death knell of our society. This truism is ignored by most, but truth is our only salvation. Truth can defeat deceit, but only if there is enough courage left to accept it."
Gary D. Barnett

"The bureaucrat is not free to aim at improvement. He is bound to obey rules and regulations established by a superior body. He has no right to embark upon innovations if his superiors do not approve of them. His duty and his virtue is to be obedient."
Ludwig von Mises

Thursday, November 14, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

There’s still more killin’ to be done in Yemen. This shipment has occurred despite what’s termed “Congressional outrage.”

Aren’t you glad you vote for a Congress Critter to look out for you?.....

Big Brother’s ‘Internal Passports’ are on the Way

It’s futile to resist the DC Borg…

You’ll need to accept being “hacker bait.” It's for your own "security."

They would rather spend billions feeding the parasites that walk on through…

They’ve come up with a new term to keep you afraid- “Nuclear breakout.”

Make sure to thank a veteran this week for his selfies, not his “service.”

What’s another $52 TRILLION? Right?

You must “accommodate” the “world’s ambition.”

And he’ll happily point a gun at your head to make you comply.

And here we thought only Comrade Bernie was the lunatic extremist.

I would guess that drone strikes against offenders is next…

“If we want that thar oil, we gonna take it, by God!”


Which, of course, offers still another reason to destroy that depraved, mob-ruling tyranny known as “democracy.”

It’s going to cost $10.4 million to “repair” an animal burial site.

How do you “repair” such a site? Put the bones back into the ground?

Congratulations to the pagan aborigine tribes for sharing the same ineptness, depravity and irrationally we usually only witness from the DC Demons.

They completely ignore their power to manipulate search results.

Their “mission” is not yet “complete.”

I’m guessing there are still a few goat herders who refuse to bow to the DC King.

They were considering deploying the far superior Russian anti-aircraft technology which would prevent The DC Demons from bombing their country in the future.

They’re convinced by the parents who are even more evil than the guy who killed their kids!

What other kinds of information will they begin to ban?

Some good news for the resistance

President of Texas Nationalist Movement Interviewed by Atlantic Magazine

It’s a reasonably fair interview of Daniel Miller. Just ignore the usual nonsense about counting Social Security payments as “federal funds” being paid to Texas and the blather about the US Constitution providing “no means of secession.”

Below, Daniel talks to a curious Irishman.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"In sum, if we proceed with the decomposition and decentralization of the modern centralizing and coercive nation-state, deconstructing that state into constituent nationalities and neighborhoods, we shall at one and the same time reduce the scope of government power, the scope and importance of voting and the extent of social conflict. The scope of private contract, and of voluntary consent, will be enhanced, and the brutal and repressive state will be gradually dissolved into a harmonious and increasingly prosperous social order."
Murray Rothbard

"There’s no question that some males are wired to act like females and some females are wired to act like males. It’s certainly a psychological aberration but probably has some basis in biology.
The problem is when these people politicize their psychological peculiarities, try to turn it into law, and force the rest of the society to grant them specially protected status.
Thousands of people every year go to doctors to have themselves mutilated so that they can become something else. Today they can often get the government or insurers to pay for it.
If you want to self-mutilate, that’s fine; that’s your business even if it’s insane. To make other people pay for it is criminal. But it’s now accepted as normal by most of society."
Doug Casey

"No family, no matter their race, income, or zip code, should have to face the violence of government gun bans. Although the irony of government assault rifles facing down children in search of assault rifles speaks for itself, it would be just as immoral if the agents were armed with pistols. Owning an AR-15 in the house does not victimize anyone. Enforcing laws against an AR-15 owning family does."
David Gornoski

"Our strength has always been our adherence to a single principle: INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. Of us. Of us only. Of our People only, not of everyone in the world. Not of other Peoples elsewhere. They have their own governments. Our government is instituted by us to protect our rights, not theirs. That’s the principle that underlies the Declaration. It is stated in the Constitution too. That is what We the People means. Us, not them.
Our government is limited in principle to securing our individual freedom, not that of other peoples and lands. It’s supposed to be limited in domestic and foreign matters.
Our strength, individual freedom, is undermined with every step taken by government that does not clearly, directly and obviously defend our individual freedom, meaning only maintaining the absence of force initiated against us. Our individual freedom is likewise undermined by every step taken by government that goes abroad with other aims than defending, clearly, directly and obviously, OUR individual freedom."
Michael Rozeff

"According to the Left, private property and the free market are evil, not the sources of prosperity and civilization itself. The family is the ultimate evil, since it is the ultimate source of inequality. That’s why Karl Marx called for its abolition.  The key fact about the human race is our radical inequality, said Mises. Without it, there could be no division of labor, no social cooperation, no market. There could be no liberty, because liberty depends on the ability of people to exercise without hindrance their unequal talents."
Lew Rockwell

"If understanding from work in chaos has demolished the traditional rationale for political systems being able to predict, and thus plan for outcomes in complex systems, then the arrogance of collectivism has suffered a lethal blow. In contrast with coercively mandated agencies of ersatz order, the physical, biological, chemical, and economic realms – each functioning according to their own ineluctable processes of causation – produce regularities that do not depend upon whether men and women acknowledge or accept their influences. Persons driven by the obsession for power over others will not be dissuaded by forces they can neither control nor circumvent, but will reach into their imaginations to invent any subterfuge their intended victims will find plausible that will serve their anti-social ambitions."
Butler Shaffer

"It’s 2019 and most of the country believes that communism and socialism are viable social models for modern human zoo-keeping. Go figure.
When I was much younger, I couldn’t imagine what led to the fearful, informer-based culture in the Eastern Bloc that we were told existed behind the Iron Curtain. I understand now, though. The bigger the government , the more it needs citizens who not only conform but have so swallowed the Kool-Aid they are willing to inform on their neighbors or friends or family. The confidential informant culture is a vital survival and leveling mechanism for government supremacists."
Bill Buppert

"I’m going to take a lot of flak for saying this, but I honestly believe that the impulse to colonize space is one of the more pernicious cultural mind viruses in our society. I mean, think about it: we’ve got a planet right here for which we are perfectly adapted, and we’re burning it to the ground while looking up at a red dot in the sky going 'You know I bet if I nuked that bitch I could build a hermetically sealed house on it someday.' How much more insane could you possibly get?"
Caitlin Johnstone

"Gun violence and gun ownership are not the same thing. Let me remind you that 327 million Americans did not shoot anyone last weekend. But the gun grabbers want to take away our guns anyway."
Bob Livingston

"The demise of the United States is easily seen by the polarization of American politics. The Democrats come in and want to raise taxes and hunt the rich sending jobs and capital overseas. The Republicans come in and want to lower taxes and bring jobs and capital back home. The problem is very clear. Tax rates should NOT be a political yoyo. Corporations must have a budget. They cannot plan long-term because it all depends upon the next election every time. Unless the Supreme Court outlaws Marxism, there is no hope for the United States to survive long-term. Our political system will self-destruct the economy. There is just no consistency which is vital to economic growth."
Martin Armstrong

"We now live in a backward world. We live in a world where political trimmers and murderers are lauded and adored while those who tell the truth and expose state corruption are vilified. While Trump and the conservatives are levying brutal sanctions on much of the planet, driving entire populations of men, women and children to starvation and disease, those heroes like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are dying in prison for exposing the truth about power. At the same time, a cadre of liberal politicians are actively advocating total Marxism, while there is violence in the streets, and the common people are at each other’s throats.
It is difficult to define and fully understand the mass transformation that must occur in order for society as a whole to stop thinking. When this happens, the citizenry becomes confused, and extreme apathy gains favor among the general population. This is exactly what the political class seeks, as non-thinking individuals are very easy to manipulate and divide. Once this division is in place, general chaos is the result, and any moral foundation is shattered."
Gary D. Barnett

"We are human beings, not dogs. I can buy a book. I can buy a car. I can buy a house. I can buy a plot of land. I can buy a machine (a capital good) to make my labor more productive. I can let you live in my house (use my car, borrow my machine, etc. ) in exchange for a fee.  That is called rent. It is a voluntary contract, and that is what separates human civilization from the law of club and fang.
A dog doesn’t think in these terms because he cannot understand trade. He is incapable of a voluntary contract. A dog will simply attack a person or an animal to seize that which isn’t his if he wants it.
Commies and dogs both seem to think that if you can pee on it, you can just take it."
Larry L Beane II

"Here are my questions to those who blame racial discrimination for the problems of black people: Is it necessary for us to await some kind of moral rejuvenation among white people before measures can be taken to end or at least reduce the kind of behavior that spells socioeconomic disaster in so many black communities? Is it a requirement that we await moral rejuvenation among white people before we stop permitting some black youngsters from making education impossible for other black youngsters? Blacks were not the only people discriminated against in America. While Jews and Asians were not enslaved, they encountered gross discrimination. Nonetheless, neither Jews nor Asians felt that they had to await the end of discrimination before they took measures to gain upward mobility."
Walter Williams

Thursday, November 7, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

The DC Demons assist their UN thug-buddies in this bit of carnage.

Regime Backed Terrorists Attack Clinics in Afghanistan

“The units are ‘responsible for extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances, indiscriminate airstrikes, attacks on medical facilities, and other violations of international humanitarian law or the laws of war’.”

That’s what death cults do, right?

Or are they just “people who are doing their duty or responding to a higher call.”

Regime Violates its Own Sanctions

The “rule of law” is whatever you say it is when you claim to rule the world.

They call it “protection.”

Their real reason, of course, is to starve Damascus.

At the same time, their colleagues in the skies take time to prick wave the Russians (who were invited to be there).

If you buy from someone else, you threaten their hegemony and control.

This time, it’s the construction industry. Apparently they want to add homelessness to starvation as their weapons of choice.

Such a crime against humanity is okay if done in The Regime’s “national interest.”

They're also not sure if they or their proxies will be shot by their own weapons!

Such incompetence and degeneracy are common among morally bankrupt empires.

Don’t you think it’s time for a separation?

These clowns are creating powers they do not have

According to many warped, depraved, hate filled, racist loyalists, such a reasonable sentiment is a criminal offense.

There’s still lots of killin’ to be done in Africa…

They do this even after admitting there is “no evidence” to prove previous accusations of such behavior.

And is it’s not surprising to find the usual nut cases behind this tragic mistake.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"What can we say about the forcible extraction of money from you by the government or system? It’s involuntary. It reduces your freedom. Its a form of servitude or slavery, because it takes what’s yours and transfers it elsewhere. No matter what you think of the procedure, it’s a theft whenever the taking is without your consent. Does voting amount to consent? Have you consented to taxation by voting? No one knows but you, and unless taxes are made to be voluntary, no one can ever know. We cannot infer from the act of voting that you consent to the system or the taxes you pay, nor can we infer that you do not consent. We can ask why force is necessary if indeed everyone consents. The fact of force being imposed is consistent with the idea that otherwise the government would not be able to raise the amount of funds that it raises using force. This means that consent to taxes is not the rule. You may be voting for the lesser of evils. It cannot be concluded that your vote is a form of consent to taxes.
Do you tacitly consent to the taxes by not revolting or joining a revolutionary movement? That cannot be concluded either. The rightness or wrongness of taxes doesn’t depend upon whether or not you take up arms to defend your freedom. The moral judgment depends on whether you are being robbed or not, and there seems to be no way of escaping the conclusion that you are being robbed. By this is not meant that every single one of us thinks he is being robbed or doesn’t consent. It means that the system of taxation is arranged in the manner of armed robbery, and this would not be so or necessary if robbery were not the intent and the reality."
Michael Rozeff

"The unfortunate thing about fear is that it is paralyzing. Fear causes people, especially so in the case of major political questions, to make terrible decisions. It causes them to embrace a hated status quo rather than imagine the potential for a positive future. It can, if wielded by would-be tyrants, rob an entire people of their self-confidence and reduce them to a status of willful dependence. It is the political version of Stockholm Syndrome.
Thinking about independence in this way may help you and the people of your State reject fear and embrace self-government outside the context of the federal union. For a freedom-loving people who believe in individual liberty and limited government, fixing the federal government and supporting those who promise to do so, is no longer an option. 
Having this discussion right now is a matter of survival. If history has taught us anything, it’s that there is no such thing as the status quo. Much like Newton’s Laws of Motion, tyranny in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. In this instance, it is the force of a people who are no longer content to be deprived of the right of self-government."
Daniel Miller

"A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices."
George Orwell

"Any decent psychological detective can conclude why the Left, including especially the Democratic Party — formerly a pillar of our political system — has gone insane. Losing a national election two and half years ago traumatized the base. In the process, the party made the rueful discovery that it was devoid of reality-based political ideas. This prompted the adoption of reality-optional excuses for failure masquerading as political ideas: Russia did it! Trump was 'Putin’s puppet.' That clinically paranoid meme, and the massive investigatory activity it provoked, ended in more failure, so profound that the party still can’t face it."
James Howard Kunstler

"Government is not the glue that holds society together.  It is the savage adhesive that bonds subject populations to their rulers through the use of violence and the threat of violence to milk every possible liter of unearned succor to support the imperious warfare/welfare state that is so commonplace today.  The genius of the mechanism is the endless parade of useful idiots and willing slaves, especially in all facets of the media, who sing endless serenades to their keepers and controllers.  A somewhat Hobbesian version the Stockholm syndrome et large."
Bill Buppert

"It is antithetical to the very idea of science to peddle a theory (a hypothesis, really) that can be made to fit anything. And that’s exactly what 'climate change' theory does. It can’t be pinned down – fact checked – because the climate constantly changes. Its eponymous assertion – that the climate changes – can’t be questioned. 
Such a person is a 'denier' – an interestingly religious term.
Which is what we’re dealing with here. A Doomsday Cult, actually. Led by professional Jim Joneses, who aren’t interested in mass suicide but mass control.
Once you understand this, you understand everything else."
Eric Peters

"New code words and phrases enter our language all the time. They work off old ones that have been around for years. Terms like 'public policy,' which really means government policy; 'conspiracy theory,' which means any challenge to conventional wisdom; 'extremist,' which means anyone who advocates for small government and a return to the constitution; and 'terrorist,' which means anyone the government decides, including Americans who advocate for liberty; are all old code words.
Democracy may be the most deceptive code word ever conceived. It implies liberty and one man, one vote. But it is mob rule collectivism and benevolent totalitarianism."
Bob Livingston

"The situation of having to belong to a state to which one does not wish to belong is no less onerous if it is the result of an election than if one must endure it as the consequence of a military conquest."
Ludwig von Mises

"The nature of the political class is like that of a partnership, where regardless of individual beliefs or desires, only one agenda is primary. The end result is a meeting of the minds of this union, so that collectively, they can achieve the single proper outcome. Individual needs are secondary, but not forgotten in this political circus, and are pursued through a type of publicly staged animosity that leaves the false impression that one side is against the other. This is the most deceptive characteristic of this deadly game, but it is a key component in keeping the common voters at each other’s throats so that they are distracted and not aware of the growth of power and control over them.
In other words, the political class bathes in the same dirty tub, and when bathing in feces, none are ever truly clean. They live by empty promises and lies, and compromise is their manner of survival. They have voluntarily chosen to be a part of the most corrupt venture and greatest failure of mankind, government. Because of this, most should never be admired or trusted."
Gary D. Barnett

"The unintended consequences of demonizing the white population—all except those guilt-ridden white liberals living on multi-million dollar trust funds who join in the demonization of white people—are many and far reaching. For example, why would any white male with a brain join the military of a country that has abandoned his interest and is operating against him?  Why would he join a military of a country that the Democratic Party prevents from defending its own borders?  Why would he join a military and be sent to kill Arabs in the Middle East and blacks in North Africa when he is taught to feel guilt for his racial hatred of 'racial minorities?'
Doesn’t a country collapse when its core population is demonized and dispossessed?
When agendas advance themselves by using lies to suppress truth, how can rational decisions be made?
When emotions displace reason, the result is conflict."
Paul Craig Roberts

"After the USSR fell and America emerged as the undisputed ruler of a unipolar world, it was determined with the help of influential neoconservative think tankers that the US must maintain this unipolar paradigm at all costs. As soon as that view became the establishment orthodoxy, any threat to US hegemony was now interpreted as a threat to national security. An 'attack' on America was no longer limited to physical attacks on US soil, or even on US allies and assets: any attempt to escape unipolarity is now treated as a direct attack on the empire.
This is why we’ve seen nations like Iraq, Libya and Syria spoken about by the propagandists as 'enemies' as though they pose some kind of direct threat to the American people. There was never any actual threat to the physical United States, but those nations were not complying with the dictates of US hegemony, and that noncompliance was treated as a direct attack
This 'if you’re not obeying us you’re attacking us' mentality is ridiculous on its face and no right-thinking citizen would ever consent to it, which is why the consent manufacturers need to promote imaginary nonsense like weapons of mass destruction, a Russian 'attack' on American democracy, and a conspiracy theory about the Kremlin infiltrating the highest levels of the US government. It’s got nothing to do with actual fears of those nations posing any threat to actual Americans." 
Caitlin Johnstone

"Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too."
Marcus Aurelius

"It is always the adventurers who do great things, not the sovereigns of great empires."