Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snapshot of the State - Hall of Shame

"A true portrait should, today and a hundred years from today, be the Testimony of how this person looked......

......and what kind of human being he was."

Philippe Halsman

This is What Fascism Looks Like……..

…….Inspired by flag worship,

Symptomatic of authoritarianism:

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snapshot of the State - Cheering for Your Destruction

“And in such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people, as Albert Camus suggested, not to be on the side of the executioners.”

Howard Zinn

Death to Their Drones

Alex Jones and his buds show us how it's done. Prepare yourself and hone your skills. Make sure your aim is true.

The powers that be continue to contaminate our skies with poisonous aerosols. These crimes occur at high altitude, where the perpetrator enjoys utter immunity and invulnerability. He is an unreachable target to the common man defending himself. However, low altitude, spying drones are another matter.

Bye, bye, birdy.

“By crushing the armies of our enemy, by seizing the weapons they thought to turn against us, we were fighting for our very existence! But if there those who would deny us peace, refuse our rightful place in the universe, then, we will unleash such terrible vengeance, that generations yet unborn will cry out in anguish! The enemy may shatter our bodies, but they cannot break our spirit... Even now, they advance on our homeworld to seize by force, what they cannot claim by right... They cannot imagine what awaits them.... We will SMITE the invaders from our skies! Though they sweep over our lands like the sands of winter, never again we´ll bow before them... Never again endure their oppression... Never again endure their tyranny... We will strike without warning, and without mercy, fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul... We will shatter their dreams, and haunt their nightmares…”

Scolar Visari from Killzone

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snapshot of the State

"Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty."

George Washington

Texans Say ‘No’ to Voting

If you wish to read a classic piece of state inspired propaganda, carefully read this piece from CBS.

“Tuesday will mark the second election day in May for many voters in North Texas. If tradition holds, most voters won’t bother with showing up.”

This is GREAT NEWS! More and more people are learning that voting is a scam and a complete waste of time. More and more people don’t participate because they have learned that politicians are nothing more than criminals operating a protection racket. More and more people are coming to the realization that it is not necessary, nor desirable, to have others centrally planning and managing their lives!

“Texas is one of the worst states in the nation for voter turnout, and not much is being done to fix it.”

Statists seem to think that there is something to “fix.” Why? And just how do they plan to “fix” this perceived problem? By spewing even more propaganda that voting is somehow useful and contributes to the health and prosperity of the voter? There is nothing to fix. Massive refusal to vote is a clear, undeniable signal to their self-professed rulers that people no longer recognize that rule as legitimate, useful, and certainly not in their best interest.

“Candidates get the courage to run. They put their names on every road, desperate for every vote. They have to – even with 26 million people in the state, there aren’t that many votes.”

It takes “courage” for some to claim superior ability to govern other people’s lives rather than allow individuals peacefully governing themselves? What is being misidentified as “courage” is in reality arrogance and pomposity. Those running for political office seek to wield the monopoly of power that the state claims. And unfortunately, still too many of the sheeple consent to this ill begotten power. What encouraging news to hear that such sociopaths are “desperate!”

“A state with a rich history of revolution and independence is now mostly indifferent.”

The reporter seems to think a people with “a rich history of revolution and independence” should be actively consenting to being ruled by petty tyrants and control freaks. On the contrary, it’s because of that history that they have the common sense to stay at home! The reporter's attitude confirms that politics is merely an extension of state violence where “citizens” war amongst themselves rather than outsiders. One side “wins” the opportunity to use violence (through “law” and “policy“) against those they have electorally defeated. The outcome of all elections is ultimately enforced through violence. The result is the same as in any shooting war- anger, mistrust, hate, alienation.

Also, it’s easier for the state to maintain its power when its human livestock is squabbling with each other rather than with the state itself. The state’s technique of “divide and conquer” goes hand in hand with "problem-reaction-solution."

“In the 2006 general election, Texas ranked 48th among states for voter turnout. In the presidential election of 2008, 47th. In 2010, Texas was dead last.”

What wonderful progress! Let’s hope it continues! The fact that Texas was dead last in a presidential election might just mean that more Texans than I thought despise the DC Death Cult and would be open to the idea and necessity of secession.

“Last May, only 1 in 10 voters cast a ballot in mayoral elections in both Dallas and Fort Worth.”

Still more great news! Let’s hope that ratio increases to 1 in 100 next year.

“University of North Texas political science professor Philip Paolino says much of the blame lies with many Texans being of one mind/one party. ‘The actual getting people to vote, getting them, encouraging them to go to the polls, ends up with the parties.’”

Well, of course- it’s a party controlled process. There are only two to choose from and they both believe in state slavery and authoritarianism.

"'If there’s no competition, Paolino says, there’s no need to get voters to the polls. 'The one party problem is big.'"

Well, whose fault is that? If the parties were truly different, some might believe there is a choice and be fooled into voting. The fact is there is no difference and both parties make no effort to be different. And why should they? Whichever “side” wins, the existence of the state as uncontested ruler is preserved. The fact that some voted implicit consent (no matter the “side” they represented) provides the state its “evidence” for declaring its legitimacy.

“Experts say Texas’ requirement to be registered a full month in advance to vote, and the sheer number of elections, could also be contributing to low turnout.”

You can always identify a corporate media report when the unnamed “Experts” are brought forward to make unconfirmed claims. The poor reader is expected to accept as gospel all information disseminated by these mysterious “Experts.” Let’s say these claims are true. It would provide further evidence of disinterest among people in voting. No matter how easy the state makes it to vote, people still don’t care nor allow themselves to be conned.

“Tarrant County elections supervisor Steve Raybon says most counties try to make voting convenient. Early voting goes on for weeks. Local elections are on weekends.”

Near non-stop elections appear to be the trend. The state is desperate to convince its populace that its existence is necessary. It now continually sponsors non-stop scams to interest its slaves. It ain’t workin.’

“He says counties can’t afford much outreach though. ‘In Texas, we generally leave it up to the candidates, the parties to motivate their base, to motivate their voters to get out. and it’s the job of election officials to make it convenient.’”

Both are failing. Any “outreach” fails because the true nature of the state has been exposed and its elections have been proven fraudulent. No amount of “outreach” can rescue a failed and discredited religion.

“Parties often don’t want to push voters too much, especially during primaries, to avoid appearing to favor one candidate over another. In Richardson Monday, however, the Tea Party filled a bus with phone bank volunteers calling voters for Senate candidate Ted Cruz.
Cruz, who later joined the volunteers said he has seen grass roots excitement among voters. He admitted though it could be difficult to motivate people following a holiday weekend.”

The people have spoken- not through an election but through their behavior, their choices, their money, and their feet. They’ve told these predatory politi-gangsters that spending time with their family and friends, and enjoying life is a more worthy use of their time. Good for them!

“'The people who are going to come out [and vote] are those who are motivated, those who are energized,' Cruz said.”

I would describe them more accurately as brain washed and clueless. Just the kind of “citizens” our rulers prefer.

“In Fort Worth, longtime Texas House member Lon Burnham was walking door to door trying to find voters who hadn’t cast a ballot yet. Burnam said he was finding a general disinterest among voters, and far less interest than during the presidential campaign of 2008.”

Get the message, dude. This disinterest is due to disgust, being better informed, and a general awakening among the population. Take it as a clue that a revolution is near; a revolution that does not include the likes of you.

“The Memorial Day holiday though is something he said he wished encouraged more people to get to the polls.
‘One of the thing people fought and died for against both external foreign enemies and here in this country, people fought and died for the right to vote.’”

Maybe its seeing all those graves (and the newly discovered truth behind their existence) is what “encouraged” folks not to involve themselves in a fruitless, dishonest enterprise that never results in any significant change. And reactionary slogans about dying “for the right to vote” no longer have any credibility. Elections come and go but the number of graves just keeps on rising. Why bother?

“The counties still have to spend money, just in case voters do show up. The May 12 elections cost Tarrant County roughly $600,000.”

Still more stolen, wasted money. Still more to be angry about. These folks just don’t seem to get it.

I truly hope I live to see the day when an election is held and NO ONE SHOWS UP!

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama: Burial Plots are ‘Homes’

Every year on Memorial Day the War Emperor pays a visit to the burial ground where so many of his victims lie- Arlington National Cemetery. Here is a piece of wisdom the present War Chief shared with his adoring minions:

"These 600 acres are home to Americans from every part of the country who gave their lives in every part of the globe."

So a burial plot is a now a “home?” Perhaps he’s teasing us with a new solution to help homeless veterans and those foreclosed on their homes.

More likely, this crude, offensive comment illustrates the demented, empty, callous soul that inhabits this war demon’s useless bones. A landscape littered with the buried corpses of men, destroyed in humanity’s Spectacle of Failure (war), is somehow to be considered a suitable “home” for eternity. To consider this a reasonable description of such a horrid place indicates utter depravity. I guess his connection between a war cemetery and “home” is intended to give a warm, comforting, reassuring feeling to anyone visiting such an overwhelming display of murdered humanity, rather than the far more normal, humane reactions of sadness, anger, and disgust.

“The president promised war veterans that ‘we will be there for you,’ to ensure that troops returning home from battle get the benefits they deserve.”

Yes, he’ll be sure to provide them with a good hole in the ground to call home once they’ve been blown to pieces in combat, succumbed to cancer due to the depleted uranium and other poisonous contaminants they’ve ingested, or committed suicide when they are overcome by hopelessness.

I get the warm fuzzies all over. Don’t you?

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“The creation of the state will always end in the collapse of a given society. This process of collapse may take years, decades, or even centuries, but all states always succumb to the bad means upon which they were founded. Arguing that this is not so does not change the reality of what is. Reality does not care about theory. Reality does not care about good intentions. Reality is what it is, and no amount of violence can stop it or alter the laws that govern it.”
Michael Suede

“This is a great time be alive. but not a good time to be asleep.”
Zen Gardner

“The Pentagon has gone rogue. It no longer protects the US from war; it causes wars. It no longer seeks to win wars; it wants them to go on forever. It no longer avoids wasting US resources; it sucks up all it can get.
Like drug fighters and poverty fighters, the fighters in the military were happy to have an enemy...especially one that couldn’t do them any real harm.”
Bill Bonner

“Socialism is not really an option in the material world. There can be no collective ownership of anything materially scarce. One or another faction will assert control in the name of society. Inevitably, the faction will be the most-powerful society — that is, the state. This is why all attempts to create socialism in scarce goods or services devolve into totalitarian systems.”
Jeffrey Tucker

“Taxation is force alloyed with fraud — a nasty combination. It’s theft, pure and simple. Most people basically admit this when they call taxation a ‘necessary evil,’ somehow mentally evading confrontation with the fact that they are giving sanction to evil. But I question whether there can be such a thing as a ‘necessary evil.’ Can anything evil really be necessary? Can anything necessary really be evil?”
Doug Casey

“There is no longer any moral justification whatsoever for the existence of the United States. The only morally defensible alternative to empire is peaceful dissolution.
So long as the Empire remains intact, there will be no end to all of the nasty little wars, corporate personhood, Wall Street dominance and our unconditional support for the Israeli military machine. These are all gifts from the Empire.”
Thomas H. Naylor

"For whenever a nation becomes large enough to accumulate the critical mass of power, it will in the end accumulate it. And when it has acquired it, it will become an aggressor, its previous record and intentions to the contrary notwithstanding."
Leopold Kohr

“The state and all of its predatory appendages like the corporate and military industrial complexes, are not groups of people with weapons who need to be overthrown, they are just bad ideas that can very easily be rendered obsolete with the right combination of good ideas. The only battlefield that the revolution can be won on is in the mind. To destroy the problems that were created with violence the most effective weapons are good ideas and nonviolent solutions, not violence and politics.”
J. G. Vibes

“You might be forgiven for thinking ‘the enemy’ our ruling circles always talk about is somebody with a strange language and religion on the other side of the world. But in fact ‘the enemy,’ for the ruling class, is anyone capable of disrupting its goals or undermining its power — including us. The American people are potentially a far greater threat to their power than any foreign government.”
Kevin Carson

“The hard reality is that never was any war glorious or deserving of celebration. No U.S. war has ever been warranted or necessary in my opinion, and no war has ever been fought by those in this country for self-defense or for "national security." In fact, the only things secured by wars are the coffers of the banks and war-dependent corporations, the government’s advancing power structure, and graveyards.”
Gary D. Barnett

“Laws are rules, made by people who govern by means of organized violence, for non-compliance with which the non-complier is subjected to blows, to loss of liberty, or even to being murdered.”
Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy

“Is it not a tragic thing that we’ve allowed the country to become a large-scale reformatory in which almost everyone is guilty of some ‘offense’ against the system – but hardly ever guilty of committing an actual harm? In which we’re treated like idiot children by heavily-armed busybodies empowered and prepared to do literally anything to us in order to obtain our submission? And to what end? Or rather, where does it end? Will it actually get to the point that armed men will hover over our dinner tables to make sure we’ve eaten all our veggies? Will we have ‘physical jerks’ in front of the TV each morning a la Winston Smith in 1984? What will prevent things from going that far?"
Eric Peters
From the Darkness:
"There's now an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth and job creation right now."
B. Obama [Here comes QE3]

“[Iran’s] continuing violation of international rules and norms and inability thus far to convince the world community that it is not pursuing the weaponization of nuclear power is of grave concern to all of us. We’re hopeful we can resolve this issue in a peaceful fashion with respect to Iran that recognizes their sovereignty but also recognizes their responsibilities.”
B. Obama, lying motherfucker and newly discovered Kenyan [No, Barry (or whatever your real name is) no one can touch your natural monopoly on “violation of international rules and norms.”]

"While under certain circumstances, certain Government officials - such as sworn law enforcement officers - are allowed to travel with firearms on airplanes, the law is clear regarding the steps that must be taken before a gun is brought onto a plane. In today's day and age, we simply can't afford to have anyone ignore these important regulations, all of which are designed to protect the traveling public."
Attorney William J. Hochul Jr, explaining why a Virginia-based Piedmont Airlines pilot was arrested at the Buffalo airport for trying to bring a loaded .357 Magnum aboard a LaGuardia-bound flight. [Yes, I’m sure a pilot would want to bring down his own flight.]

“This model presumes Geneva Convention IV 1949 standards of armed conflict and the pursuant UN endorsements of it are now, due to the current common practices of Islamic terrorists, no longer relevant or respected globally. This would leave open the option of once again of taking war to a civilization wherever necessary (the historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki being applicable to the Mecca and Medina destruction DP in Phase III).”
From a document used in a course held at the Defense Department’s Joint Forces Staff College, teaching its future leaders that a “total war” against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists

"If your main argument for how to grow the economy is that I knew how to make a lot of money for investors, then you're missing what this job [US Dictator] is about."
B. Obama, dissing his soul brother, Mitt Romney [This from a man who is owned lock, stock, and barrel by Goldman Sachs.]

“It [Iran] wants to annihilate Israel, and is developing nuclear weapons to realize this goal.”
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, keeping the lie alive

“Washington has a spectrum of viable military options, including a limited strike against a few key nuclear facilities, as well as a broader bombing campaign that could destroy the Iranian military and destabilize the regime. The response could be commensurate to the seriousness of Iran’s transgressions.
This proactive approach should help calm nerves in the region about Obama’s mettle, and could forestall Israel from taking matters into its own hands.”
Matthew Kroenig and Jamie Fly, writing for the Washington Post, encouraging mass murder against Iran

“We’re going to do a much better job of educating people about unmanned aviation, the good and the bad. We’re working on drafting the right message and how to get it out there. You have to keep repeating the good words. People who don’t know what they’re talking about say these are spy planes or killer drones. They’re not.”
Michael Toscano, president of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, starting a Public relations campaign to convince you that drones are your friends

"A summons to jury duty is not an invitation; it is a command."
Judge Martin Lowy, the Administrative District Judge in Dallas County, explaining his version of kidnapping and servitude

"There are, in fact, many things to admire about [John] Pistole, his willingness to take on a completely thankless job, his general forthrightness, and in particular his campaign to teach the U.S. public, and its elected representatives, that there is no such thing as perfect security."
Jeffrey Goldberg, praising the TSA’s head pedophile

“If I were empress of the Universe I would insist on every individual having a unique ID permanently attached – a barcode if you will; an implanted chip to provide an easy, fast inexpensive way to identify individuals. It would be imprinted on everyone at birth. Point the scanner at someone and there it is.”
Elizabeth Moon, science fiction writer, global warming alarmist and rabid Malthusian

“Those are things [rubber bullets and tear gas] that law enforcement utilizes day in and day out and in certain situations it might be advantageous to have this type of system on the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).”
Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County, TX Sheriff’s Office, looking to arm his drones

“The United States will work with the international community to intensify our pressure on [Syira’s] Assad and his cronies, whose rule by murder and fear must come to an end.”
Queen Hillary [Tell me, Madam War Wench, just how is it YOU and your ilk "rule" here, in the Land of Drones? Through love and kisses?]

Friday, May 25, 2012

Snapshot of the State

"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people."

Howard Zinn

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dallas Threatens Slavery Resisters

"A summons to jury duty is not an invitation; it is a command."

Theses are the authoritarian words of a local politi-gangster that goes by the name of Martin Lowy, who declares himself to be “the Administrative District Judge in Dallas County.” Apparently, the “Judge” is impressed with the kidnapping techniques practiced by his totalitarian brethren in El Paso- all done to corral enough conscripts to “serve” as “jurors” in a medieval practice called “jury duty.”

It seems that Dallas County is now intending to arrest folks who dare disobey the court’s edict and show up at the court’s convenience to be enslaved as a “juror.” These slave resistors are referred to by the disparaging term, “deadbeat jurors.”

What can the free, peaceful people residing within the artificial boundaries known as “Dallas County” look forward to? Ask Marisol Campos of El Paso:

"The constables came in unmarked cars and they arrested me right outside of my house, and they took me away from my son, which was six months [old] at the time. It was terrible."

Well, isn’t that special? In order to satisfy the perverse appetite of a Texas version of Jabba the Hut, a man is literally kidnapped off the street, separating him from the young, helpless child he loves and cares for. To hell with the kid- Daddy’s got to work for da Judge!

The El Paso Gang claims, “Between fines and court costs, the county says the program pays for itself.” But isn’t that true of most government programs? They exist to shake down the public in order to enrich those who “work” in the program. It is, of course, irrelevant if the fleeced public benefits in any way.

Apparently, the powers-that-be in Dallas County are starting their new El Paso-style program with a bit more compassion- “they've quietly been calling in delinquent jurors to explain themselves to a judge.”

So now you get to enter the Judge’s hallowed chambers, prostrate yourself, beg for mercy and pledge eternal obedience in the future. You must show a commitment to the idea that your life is not your own and that your inalienable rights only exist at the convenience of the all powerful magistrate. You must passionately agree that being kidnapped off the street to serve The Judge is the highest of compliments and any personal tragedy, child neglect, income loss or misery that results is irrelevant and worth the cost. The Judge must be served!

The Holy One will sit high on his throne, in all his finery and arrogance and declare if you are worthy to be spared. He will determine if your pleas and pledges are sincere and cast judgment upon you.

Lowy works in a civil court which handles lawsuits. But I can imagine the following conversation from a colleague in a criminal court:

[Imagine Newman’s voice and delivery]

“Yes, dear slave, you will be cast into the pool of jurors to await your fate. You will eagerly await your name to be called and take your appointed seat in the jury [slave] box. There you will determine the guilt or innocence of the accused, [whether or not he has truly victimized anyone through fraud or bodily harm or property damage]. All that is relevant is that he is accused of disobeying The Law, which is always just and righteous! His guilt must be decided by you, dear slave, and your compatriots- and if found guilty, be tossed into the sea of cages with the rest of the wicked! What? Restitution? He should instead compensate his victim [if there is one]? Surely you jest, dear slave! How will I then satisfy my perverse appetite for vengeance and power? No, he will be condemned and flung into the darkness of his cell to suffer the privation deserved by one who dare contest the authority of The Law and dare challenge My Authority!”

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snapshot of the State

“The police are not here to create disorder…..

Chicago, May, 2012
…..they're here to preserve disorder.”

Chicago, May, 2012
Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, 1968

Another Show Trial for the Military

A soldier accused of planning to bomb Fort Hood troops is beginning his trial in Waco, TX. According to CBS, “[Pfc. Naser Jason] Abdo, a Muslim soldier who was AWOL from Fort Campbell, Ky., is accused of planning to bomb a Killeen restaurant filled with Fort Hood soldiers and shoot any survivors last summer.”

One item in the story that caught my eye was this:

“Authorities who searched his backpack and motel room say they found a handgun, ingredients for an explosive device and an article titled ‘Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom.’ An article with that title appears in an al-Qaida magazine.”

An “al-Qaida magazine?” What does such a magazine look like? What is it called? Does it have photos of al-Qaida babes and ads selling lots of fun and attractive al-Qaida merchandise? It’s “facts” such as this that makes me suspect the reporter is merely repeating a military produced script rather than performing any investigative reporting.

Face it. The US military is a sick, sad joke- completely desperate in trying to cover their crimes and maintain the tax serfs’ loyalty. They are a sadistic, depraved group of murdering, thieving mercenaries serving the interests of criminal banksters and power mad politicians. Why should anyone be surprised and shocked that someone would want to take vengeance upon them? Even one of their own! Who would know them better?

No, violence is not necessary to defeat this death dealing institution. All that is necessary is to expose its true nature and mission. Only increased enlightenment among the population will break the spell of respect and reverence so many maintain towards this institution and the criminals that operate it.

If the facts in this report are accurate, this ex-slave made the wrong choice in how to resist and instigate change. He, apparently, originally pursued conscientious objector status but then decided violence to be a better direction to take. That was his fatal error. Not only has he ended any chance to improve his life, he has emboldened his accusers with more propaganda and nonsense about “terrorist threats” to keep the populace alarmed and in fear- inspiring them to keep their respect, reverence, and support for their “protectors.” And to keep on forking over the trillions in tribute, of course.

Avoid acts of violence in your resistance. It only strengthens the state and its defense. The only defense it knows or has available is violence. And it’s much better at it than you are. It does not, however, have a defense against truth. Keep relentlessly professing the truth and more and more individuals will be awakened. This includes those presently enslaved within the military and its industrial complex. When basic truths awaken an individual enslaved by indoctrination and circumstance, even more truths are revealed- truths that guide a unique, human creation to walk the path of peace.

When Texas reclaims its independence from the DC Death Cult, Ft Hood and other terror camps and toxic waste dumps will be emptied, shuttered and padlocked- either to be preserved as stark reminders of DC-initiated state tyranny or reclaimed by life and liberty loving Texans for productive, peaceful use.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Monday, May 21, 2012

Snapshot of the State

"There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their roughness and spirit of defiance."

Walt Whitman

Afghan Troops and Taliban Work Together

Britain’s Sunday Times reports, “Members of the Afghan army are forging secret alliances with the Taliban, threatening to undermine the ability of Afghan authorities to maintain control just as NATO troops prepare to hand over power to the country's security forces.”

Apparently, members of the Afghan army (trained and funded by the US) are wising up, deciding it’s not worth risking their lives guarding US supply convoys. They would rather serve and protect their own, local gang rather than die to serve the interests of the US gang.

"We lost seven men in an ambush when I first arrived at the base," says Afghan army lieutenant Mohammad Wali. “So I thought, why risk my life when there's another way?"

"The plan is simple," Wali told the newspaper. "When the Taliban attack the convoys we stay in our bases. If the Taliban capture something valuable then they share it with us later."

This story not only illustrates the foundational corruption of state enterprise, but is a great source of amusement to those who understand the true nature of state criminality along with its ever changing loyalties and allegiances- the exact, characteristic behavior exhibited by mobsters. In this case we have the opportunity to witness low level, small time criminals successfully outsmarting high level, big time criminals. Hilarious!

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Having allowed the government – via the usurped authority of judicial review – to be the interpreter of its own powers and limitations; we ought not be surprised to discover that it has given itself a broad definition to the former, and a narrow construction of the latter.”
Butler Shaffer

“Wars are borne out of fear. Hyperinflation is borne out of fear. The state itself is borne out of fear. Fear that some other state will tax us. Fear that some other state will take our 'things.' Fear that some terrorists will tear down our mercantilist edifices. Fear that poor people and the elderly will go without food, housing, clothing, or education unless violence is used to redistribute wealth. All of these fears have the same underlying cause of scarcity. It is ridiculous to think that the state can take away the scarcity that pervades our physical universe through the creation of laws or the printing of money.”
Michael Suede

“Who is the majority that ‘he’ can have an opinion? Opinions like decisions are formed in a human brain or not at all. Since a majority is only a mindless collective mass of humanity, majority decisions are figments of human imagination. They are only the illusions of the participants in a poll, who are like the participants in a masquerade.”
Al Lowi

“True spirituality is diametrically opposed to organized religion. Oddly enough, religions feed off this hunger for spirituality and then build these elaborate hierarchical structures to control and contain it.”
Zen Gardner

“What kind of crackpot system do we have...where the president can create the Fed creates money...out of thin air? Of course, we know the answer, the new jobs are just like the new money; they’re not real.”
Bill Bonner

“At certain points in a democracy, it can function reasonably well… which is to say that most people will be mostly okay with the ways things run. In a late-stage democracy, however, things are rarely quite so tidy. To be more blunt, when you have a government that as a result of trying to suck up to ‘We the people’ has expended all of its stolen capital and obligated the next ten generations to life as tax slaves, then the system quickly degrades into little more than a bunch of mongrel dogs fighting over scraps.”
David Galland

“The state is the political means to wealth. Every state has been, every class is, every state will be, a class state that enforces transactions in which one privileged party benefits at the expense of the other. The state puts a majority of us in a position of accepting exchange on terms which nobody would willingly accept, if there were no restriction on the alternatives available to us.
The state, in short, forces us to feed a monkey on our backs in return for the right to live at all, in return for the right to feed ourselves.”

Kevin Carson

“Government has a serious problem. It’s got nothing worthwhile to do. All the cool things in life come from the private sector, and this is more obvious than ever. The market is creating whole worlds before our eyes, while the government seems ever more like a hopeless anachronism.
Government’s life depends on public frenzy about some grand task it is seeking to accomplish. But today, there is no epic struggle, no grand historic project, no leading us to the light, no vanquishing evil and all those other things government used to claim to do.”
Jeffrey Tucker

“Mean-spirited, power-seeking, self-aggrandizing people write mean-spirited, power-seeking, self-aggrandizing laws.
It means that politically created government-enforced laws can, and repeatedly do, trump morality, trump decency, trump reality, trump truth, and trump justice at the point of a gun.”
Garry Reed

“It's interesting that, rather than change their [the government’s] ways of doing business and introducing legislation that provides incentives for productive people to come here and stay here, they maintain policies that chase people away, and introduce new ones to lock the door after they're gone.
The lesson here (especially for natural-born citizens) is this: simply by accident of birth, you are born with a lifelong obligation that you never signed up for to finance the corrupt misdealings of the political class. And if you choose to abandon this obligation, they will bar you from ever entering your homeland again.
Regardless of what the propaganda says, this is not how a free society treats people. It might look and feel like a representative democracy on the surface, but under the hood it's the modern day equivalent of feudal serfdom.”
Simon Black

“What the hell is Al Qaeda? Who are these so-called Al Qaeda? Do they really exist? Why do they sound like some kind of aberration? Is there such a thing called Al-Qaeda? Or is it a brand? A fable? Maybe the closest thing we’ve had to fire-spitting dragons.”
Sibel Edmonds

“Not being able to secede, completely undermines the idea of freedom of association - the right to decide who you will associate with. To have any meaning, this right doesn't just apply to who you will invite for dinner - but to what type of government you will submit to.”
David MacGregor

“The voters are committed to irreconcilable goals, all over the world. They do not trust the state, yet they rely on the state for welfare payments. They perceive the corruption, yet they do not want to de-fund this corruption by spending cuts. They see that their liberties are being taken away by the state, yet they call for more action against undefined terrorists. They are, in a word, schizophrenic.
Schizophrenia does not produce healing. It produces confusion.”
Gary North

"Find out just what people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. ... The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
Frederick Douglass
From the Darkness:
“I think it’s very important that TSA keeps up its efforts. We Americans who travel a lot understand what’s at stake.”
Sen. Diane Feinstein

“It's a big distraction. Pedestrians aren't watching where they are going and they are not aware."
Thomas Ripoli, chief of the Fort Lee, NJ Police Department, explaining why his thugs are issuing $85 jaywalking tickets to pedestrians who are caught texting while walking.

“Rewarding terrorists with greater rights for making it to the United States would actually incentivize them to come to our shores, or to recruit from within the United States, where they pose the greatest risk to the American people. Such a result is perverse.”
From a letter written by former Attorneys General Edwin Meese III and Michael Mukasey and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, objecting to an amendment on the House that would roll back indefinite-detention laws.

“The amendment [that would roll back indefinite-detention laws] would essentially reward al Qaeda operatives with better treatment for having the wit to get out of their caves and sneak into America to blow up civilians in shopping malls.”
From a Wall Street Jounral editorial, declaring that the government should not have to face any restrictions at all when it comes to pursuing what it calls "terrorists."

"As soon as a member of al-Qaida sets foot on U.S. soil, they hear you have the right to remain silent."
Rep. Mac Thornberry, horrified that the amendment that would roll back indefinite-detention would give terror suspects full constitutional rights. [The horror!]

“It would be preferable to resolve this [dispute with Iran] diplomatically, and through the use of pressure, than to use military force. But that does not mean that [military] option isn’t available. Not just available, it’s ready. The necessary planning has been done to ensure that it’s ready.”
Daniel Shapiro, U.S. ambassador to Israel, chomping at the bit to kill Iranians

"If the United States provides the materiel, the South [of Sudan] can end the North's bombing campaign. Most Northern air force pilots are mercenaries -- if they start taking heavy losses, they will leave Sudan quickly"
Andrew Natsios, former U.S. special envoy to Sudan, looking to get the US involved is still another civil war

“TSA likes to talk about their successes and I’m proud of their successes — we haven’t had another successful attack in 10 years. The problem is, we have only have to miss one and it’s a disaster. We want TSA to become smarter, leaner and tougher.”
Congresscritter Mike Rogers, looking to bless you with more groping and gate rape at the airport

“In that situation if the international action is taken pursuant to a Security Council resolution or under our treaty obligations with regard to NATO that obviously we would participate with the international community.”
Leon Panetta, reaffirming his belief that a consensus of opinion from the international community, only, would be required before military action was taken, but that no such permission would be required from Congress

[Eduardo] Saverin has turned his back on the country that welcomed him and kept him safe, educated him, and helped him become a billionaire. This is a great American success story gone horribly wrong.”
Lil’ Chucky Schumer, excoriating the co-founder of Facebook for relinquishing his US citizenship to save millions in taxes [You’re only a "success" in today’s Amerika if you willingly turn over the fruits of your success to the criminal state.]

"If we leave too early and the Taliban and al-Qaida return, more Americans will suffer."
Congresscritter Mac Thornberry, explaining why he voted against an amendment that would have swiftly ended combat operations in Afghanistan by limiting funds only to the "safe and orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops and military contractors from Afghanistan." [That’s right, them terrorists will follow us home!]

“This Executive Order [Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen] will allow the United States to take action against those who seek to undermine Yemen’s transition and the Yemeni peoples’ clear desire for change. The President took this step because he believes that the legitimate aspirations of the Yemeni people, along with the urgent humanitarian and security challenges, cannot be addressed if political progress stalls.”
From a White house statement explaining De Fuehrer’s latest order threatening anyone, including American citizens, who interferes even “indirectly” with the transition to power of the new U.S [Of course, when you are a dictator, you can’t be bothered waiting on “political progress.”]

“This [Obama’s Executive Order regarding Yemen] is a big umbrella set of authorities that can be used as necessary. Again I am not going to name names here, because we haven’t designated anybody yet, but it is definitely meant today as a message to those who are trying to block transition that we have this tool to use against them and that they should think again about the policies they are pursuing.”
State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, showing her support for Obama’s usurpation of  powers

“This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me -- an agency assistant at the time. There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.”
Miriam Goderich, Obama’s editor, explaining why Obama’s official biography declares he was born in Kenya. [So, sweetheart, please explain to me why this “fact checking error” persisted for sixteen years, through at least three different versions of literary agent Jane Dystel’s website, and through at least four different versions of Obama’s biography.]

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
"Personal violence is for the amateur in dominance. Structural violence is the tool of the professional. The amateur who wants to dominate uses guns; the professional uses social structure. The legal criminality of the social system and its institutions, of government…is tacit violence. Structural violence is a structure of exploitation and social injustice."
Johan Galtung

“There is a reason that the young are sent as cannon fodder to die in the wars of the politicians, bankers, and corporations. They are less likely to challenge the orders they are given; orders meant to be obeyed regardless of the immoral nature of those demands, and regardless of the horrible consequences they will most certainly face. Those who ‘serve’ do not serve the people who falsely praise them; they only serve one master, and that master is the nation state and its benefactors. It is not ‘we the people.’"
Gary D. Barnett

“History has shown us the creative and liberating powers to be found in minds that are free to think, speculate, and communicate with one another without any forceful restraints as to methods or content. We are living in the final days of a dying civilization, a death brought about by an abundance of repression designed by and for the benefit of those who presume to rule others. Perhaps we can rediscover from the origins of our now-terminal culture those conditions in which the minds and bodies of individuals were free to be create the substance of that civilization. If so, an even more wondrous, life-enhancing civilization may arise from the ashes.”
Butler Shaffer

“Many people who sound the bombastic call of patriotism presuppose that we're all born with a certain obligation to society... to a piece of dirt that was here long before human beings walked the earth, and will be here long after we've vanquished ourselves from the planet.
This is total bunk. Human beings are born free. No one comes into this world owing anybody anything, especially by some complete accident of birth.”
Simon Black

“Throughout history, very real organizations of people with specific and directed beliefs have sought to guide the course of our cultural progression according to their personal values, sometimes using coordinated and underhanded means. The New World Order is no different in this regard. Its uniqueness lay only in the insidious nature of its methods and the complexity of its structure. In fact, I would have to question the sanity of anyone who DOESN’T believe that conspiracies are a constant and concrete reality. Secretive groups of men have always sought power over others and have always cloaked their thirst in the auspices of patriotism and rationalism.”
Brandon Smith

“Whether people believe the theories espoused by Krugman or Bernanke is besides the point. Whether the theories espoused by Krugman or Bernanke are even correct is besides the point! The market does not care if Bernanke or Krugman are right or wrong. The market will not change the governing laws of its behavior to suit an academic theory. The market will do what it always does, and in the end, the market always wins.
Michael Suede

“The desire to have liberty in one’s own life drives that individual to advocate that all other individuals also have liberty. The adherence to nonviolent resistance–even at the cost of ones own life– is premised on the idea that there is some greater cause that exists out there other than one’s own life and happiness. This is the exact idea that Statism is premised on. That there is a “greater good” out there, and the individual may have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of this concept. I, the individual, reject this type of thinking, and I believe it is up to the individualists in this movement to defeat this type of altruistic, collectivistic thinking wherever it pops up–even within our own ranks.”
Chris Dates

“Clever those politicians: they create the illusion of authority created out of thin air by some poll that is passed along to them for ‘safekeeping.’ In actuality, the group is more like a ventriloquist’s dummy because the erstwhile human members of the group seem to turn off their brains in the interim leaving the spokesman free to masquerade his brain as the surrogate brain for the group.”
Al Lowi

“We use our egos as a sort of windshield. The trouble is, it keeps us from fully experiencing the true reality. Imagine there was no windshield….and you also were spirit and not material. Those bugs would pass right through and not get killed nor block your vision when they hit.
Which is exactly what happens. Your reality, what you see and perceive in life, becomes the crap stuck on your windshield with very little of the true picture getting through to you.
It’s the same with consciousness. When you wake up you realize you have nothing to defend, nothing to fear, nothing to strive for. You find out you’re already complete and connected to everything. No one can take your freedom because you are freedom. You realize this whole game of life that’s been meticulously laid out for us is built upon perceived wants based on a false sense of security, and a need to strive to get what you are told you need.”
Zen Gardner

From the Darkness:
“Gold is a great thing to sew into your garments if you’re a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939, but I think civilized people don’t buy gold; they invest in productive businesses.”
Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charles Munger

“Over the next several years, a rotational force of up to 2,500 U.S. Marines will train alongside Australian troops, and live on Australian bases out of the Northern Territory. The first 200 Marines arrived last month.
We will also develop closer cooperation between the U.S. and Australian air forces – initiatives that will bring our militaries, already working together around the world, even closer.
And, I’m happy to announce today, that our partnership is growing deeper and stronger in the homeland security arena as well, with the adoption of numerous agreements between our two nations.
In fact, part of the reason for my visit this week is to sign new agreements that will express our intent to: improve information sharing between the United States and Australia; continue to work together to secure the global supply chain; further cooperate to fight terrorism, transnational crime, and violent extremism; and facilitate travel for our citizens.”
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano [When militaries of different countries “cooperate and share,” nothing good ever happens.]

"At this time of great challenge and evolving threats, our nation is fortunate to have Secretary Napolitano at the helm of the Department of Homeland Security."
Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director

"Local communities and organizations are an important part of our efforts to counter violent extremism and keep communities safe. Nonprofit organizations, such as the ADL, help in this effort by providing invaluable training to thousands of law enforcement officers on how to identify early signs of violent extremism."
Janet Napolitano [“Identify,” meaning smearing and demonizing those who don’t submit and follow the Party line.]

“IB (Information Board) are uncomfortable with the use of the term Whitelist. I am sure we can appreciate the sensitivity around the use of such terminology today so please ensure it is no longer used.”
From an email, written by Scotland Yard Security services chief Brian Douglas, announcing that the computer term "whitelist" — used to denote a list of acceptable contacts — has also been outlawed as "racist"

“The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security. Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”
Leon Panetta, looking for more jobs to keep his hired killers busy

“My job is to get America back on track to have a balanced budget. Now I'm not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year. The reason is taking a trillion dollars out of a $15 trillion economy would cause our economy to shrink [and] would put a lot of people out of work."
Mitt Romney

"Terrorists in Pakistan have killed more than 30,000 Pakistanis. We need stronger, more concerted efforts against the scourge of terrorism.”
Queen Hillary [Hilarious! The world’s leading terrorist is calling for an end to terrorism.]

“We commend India for the steps steps it is taking to reduce imports [of oil] from Iran. We are working with India on alternative sources of supply."
Queen Hillary, thanking the Indian regime for helping starve Iranians

“We've seen over the last several days, particularly with regard to the IED that was recently recovered, that terrorism is and should be and continues to be our No. 1 priority and the No. 1 priority of a number of our intelligence agencies. The amendments [in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)]that are up for passage again — reenactment — at the end of this year [are] absolutely essential in our efforts to address this threat.”
FBI Director Robert Mueller

“This law [FISA] gives the intelligence community the tools it needs to determine who terrorists communicate with, what they say and what they may be planning. FISA strikes a balance as it allows the FBI to acquire intelligence information about foreign terrorists abroad, while preserving and protecting the civil liberties of American citizens no matter where they are.”
Rep. Lamar Smith [Out of over 32,000 FISA applications between 1979 and 2011, exactly 11 have been rejected]

"I understand that frustration. I understand the frustration at inequity. We’ve become a little more inequitable, and I don’t think that’s a good long-term thing for society.”
Jaime Dimon, head gangster at JP Morgan Chase, feeling your pain

Monday, May 7, 2012

Snapshot of the State

"War should be the only study of a prince............

.........He should consider peace only as a breathing-time, which gives him leisure to contrive, and furnishes as ability to execute, military plans."

Niccolo Machiavelli

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Political government has always been a useless, painful cancer on humanity. Its most evolved mutation, the Westphalian nation-state, has metastasized over the last 360-odd years, covering the globe with tumors of ‘national sovereignty’ which perpetually eat away at the humanity they infest, using that humanity partially as fuel for their own growth and partially as fodder for their wars with other, similar tumors.”
Thomas L. Knapp

“Reality does not have a liberal bias; it has a conspiracy bias. Liberals and conservatives deny reality when they deny the validity of falsely labeled ‘conspiracy theories.’
The substance of truth must supplant the fabricated images and illusions of politics. Reality must overcome fantasy. Otherwise, the criminal wars and cosmic deceptions will continue indefinitely under the reign of the political mythologists and state terrorists who have hijacked America, Israel, and Western Civilization.”
Saman Mohammadi

“It’s hard to believe we’re on a planet with such psychopathic control freaks whose sole aim is domination for their selfish purposes. When the vast majority of the world are loving, caring and sharing compassionate individuals you have to consider this an invasive or mutant species that needs to be exposed and put in its place.”
Zen Gardner

“Perhaps someday soon the general public will wake up to the truth. Television is great for watching films and sports events. Other than that, it is mostly made up of liars, hypocrites and shills for the empire.”
Philip A Farruggio

“By giving the government unlimited powers, the most arbitrary rule can be made legal; and in this way a democracy may set up the most complete despotism imaginable."
Friedrich von Hayek

“Debates in political circles are always centered more around scoring points and showing off, instead of being focused on actually solving the problems at hand, which is one of the many reasons why there are never any real 'political' solutions to any of the world’s problems.”
J. G. Vibes

“Those who continue to believe the propaganda about all U.S. wars leading to the protection of freedom, and to our national security, are blinded by ignorance, and consumed by pathetic false patriotism. No U.S. wars have ever served the purpose of freedom; they have only served to destroy it.”
Gary D. Barnett

“Free societies beat controlled societies every time. This is not because free societies get more attention and care from the intellectuals and political elites, but rather the opposite. The more the intellectuals attempt to think them through and the more the state attempts to provide for them, the more they stagnate and eventually fall to ruin. But societies that are permitted to develop from the internal energy of problem-solving individuals, developing in unexpected and seemingly irrational ways, grow in a manner consistent with the well-being of everyone.”
Jeffrey Tucker

"All political systems are socialistic, in that they are premised upon the subservience of individual interests to collective authority."
Butler Shaffer

“Although terrorism is not a risk that requires an undue amount of care to control and live with, the idea of terrorism has seriously infected political discourse and U.S. policies, domestic and foreign. Whenever warmongers want to incite sentiment for a new war in a new foreign land, they wave the red flag of terrorism. The words ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ have become instant propaganda tools for manipulating mass sentiment.”
Michael S. Rozeff

“In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if a tax is levied on your wages by an American state or a Chinese state? Either way, if you don’t pay and you resist the confiscation of your wages, you will end up dead. The coercive funding of a national defense force is tantamount to the American state waging a violent war against its own population to ensure its own survival. If the purpose of a national defense force is the protection of property rights, then clearly it is oxymoronic to argue that the defense of property rights must entail the destruction of property rights.”
Michael Suede

“The National Security Establishment understands that selective terror achieves political and psychological goals that state terror does not – that it rallies people to revolutionary ideals. So the National Security Establishment engages in selective terror, too, by targeting the rebel, his family and friends in their homes.
This is the selective terror con­ducted by counter-terrorists. But don’t be confused: it is terrorism. All terrorism is psychological and political; state terror seeks to immobilize people and make them submissive, apathetic and/or ostensibly ‘content.’
The National Security Establishment fully understands that once people have been terrorized, they have been politically defeated, without necessarily receiving bullets.”
Douglas Valentine
From the Darkness:
“We made some al-Qaeda terrorists with American blood on their hands uncomfortable for a few days. I am very secure in what we did and am very confident that what we did saved American lives.”
Jose Rodriguez, former chief of CIA clandestine operations, defending the use of torture

“The Russian soldiers are here as invited guests of the U.S. government; this is part of a formal bilateral exchange program between the U.S. and Russia that seeks to develop transparency and promote defense reform.”
Cmdr. Wendy L. Snyder, U.S. Defense Press Officer for policy, explaining why Airborne troops from Russia are set to take part in drills focused around targeting terrorists at Fort Carson between May 24 and May 31 [We already have to be concerned about being shot by US solider trash, now we have to worry about Russian killers, too?]

“To think that there's a bureaucrat in the United States Army that would consider the use or abuse of First Amendment rights in determining who is going to perform at an Army base is an insult and defiles the sacrifices of those heroes who fought for the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights.”
Ted Nugent, clueless as to who his soldier boys actually kill for

“If we are not prepared to intervene, even indirectly by arming and training Syrians who want to liberate themselves, be candid. And then be quiet. Don't pretend the United Nations is doing anything. Don't pretend the United States is doing anything. And don't embarrass the nation with an Atrocities Prevention Board. The tragedies of Rwanda, Darfur and now Syria did not result from lack of information or lack of interagency coordination, but from lack of will.”
Charles Krauthammer, neo-con, chicken hawk columnist

"Unfortunately, in war, there are casualties, including among the civilian population."
John Brennan, White House counterterrorism advisor, defending the administration's campaign of drone missile attacks against militants while acknowledging that the air strikes have sometimes killed noncombatants [I guess it’s just tough luck for the murdered innocents. Right, Johnny?]

“We wonder, what if we got rid of cash? After all, cash is what keeps terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers in business.”
Erin Burnett, CNBC

"As a matter of international law, the United States is in an armed conflict with al Qaeda, the Taliban, and associated forces, in response to the 9/11 attacks, and we may also use force consistent with our inherent right of national self-defense. There is nothing in international law that bans the use of remotely piloted aircraft for this purpose or that prohibits us from using lethal force against our enemies outside of an active battlefield, at least when the country involved consents or is unable or unwilling to take action against the threat."
John Brennan, The Obama Regime’s counterterrorism adviser, shrugging off civilian killings in the US drone war

“Our mission day in, day out, is to protect the health of the American people, by keeping pollution out of the air that we all breathe, by keeping toxins out of the water that we all drink, keeping harmful chemicals out of the lands where we build our homes, and our communities, our schools, our churches.”
EPA Czar Lisa Jackson [Apparently Ms Jackson is not aware that she works for the worst polluter on the planet.]

"Our goal is to destroy al-Qaida, and we are on a path to do exactly that."
B. Obama [Destroy? Then why do you keep funding them?]

“On Loyalty Day, we rededicate ourselves to the common good, to the cornerstones of liberty, equality, and justice, and to the unending pursuit of a more perfect Union.”
B. Obama, creating a new holiday while commanding us to the serve the collective.
“Because of the historic reluctance to engage and operate overseas, it is self-evident that there is still huge potential in the German defence structure to deliver more useful firepower to the alliance”
British Defence Secretary Hammond, encouraging Germany to do more killing for NATO

“When the final chapter of this [Afghanistan] war is written, historians will look back and say, not only was this the greatest fighting force in the world, but all of you also represented the values of America in an exemplary way.”
B. Obama, praising his hired assassins

“Reproductive health and voluntary family planning programmes urgently require political leadership and financial commitment, both nationally and internationally. This is needed to continue the downward trajectory of fertility rates, especially in countries where the unmet need for contraception is high.”
From a study entitled, “People And The Planet,” issued by the Royal Society

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Snapshot of the State

"America is just the country that how all the written guarantees in the world for freedom are no protection against tyranny and oppression of the worst kind. There the politician has come to be looked upon as the very scum of society."
Peter Kropotkin

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snapshot of the State

"However low a man sinks he never reaches the level of the police."

Quentin Crisp

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hiring ‘Veterans’ - A Bad Business Move

“A Texas agency has joined with AT&T Inc. to help match qualified military veterans to more than 600 technical jobs.”

Though ATT may enjoy a short term public relations success amongst militarists and nationalists, the long term costs and liabilities of such a policy will sure to be costly, if not outright devastating. Imagine the lost time incurred by employees dealing with numerous medical and/or legal problems caused by broken minds, bodies, and souls- all, of course, easily blamed on their “service.” Imagine the increased insurance costs and legal liabilities the company may be liable for. ATT is already suffering from a lack of growth. Do they really believe that nearly exclusive hiring of “veterans” will help reverse this trend?

At present, there are 110,00 military slaves on psychotropic drugs. These drugs cause all sorts of irrational and violent behavior. Eighteen former military slaves commit suicide EVERY DAY. Any who have seen battle have bodies poisoned by depleted uranium which will eventually bring about a number of medical problems for both them and their families.

The reason any company hires anyone is because they see that person offering value that will contribute to the company’s profitability. Hiring an ex-military slave would seem to be a very risky, a very unwise, a potentially unprofitable business decision.