Saturday, February 28, 2015

Texas Secession- A Long Shot?

Libertarians are notorious for being aloof or even hostile to involvement in any significant group activity with like minded individuals. Individualism runs deep in such circles.

This also seems to be the case with not just libertarians, but all those who view secession as a legitimate and desired action.

Russell Longcore discusses how such an aversion to organized activity or squabbling over minor differences is hurting the secession movement in Texas. He likens the challenge of channeling all these independent folks into a unified, political action to that of herding cats.

This should not come as a surprise because politics is the art of division, not unity or even compromise. Differences are always emphasized at the expense of similarities. Everyone has an agenda and the undying belief that their version is pure, unique, and undoubtedly the best. And, unlike in a world of true, individual liberty (anarchy), there is ultimately only one action allowed to occur. Political government offers only one, centralized authority within any arbitrary, geographical area and therefore, only one organizing principle is allowed.

Not only does this division make a consensus difficult among those that are otherwise allies, it makes it even more onerous to convince the general populous that a radical action like secession is rational, necessary, and doable.

Knowing this, I therefore predict that it will take some kind of economic calamity before your rank and file Texan considers secession as anything but a kooky, extremist, even treasonous idea.

There are too many hard core loyalists here, minds thoroughly brainwashed by state controlled education and reassured and directed by state controlled media. Abandoning the state collective that they’ve been programmed to love and obey is an easily dismissed option.

Then throw in the threat presented by thousands of ultra-obedient soldier slaves stationed at numerous terror cells (military bases) throughout the state- most willing to perform any human sacrifice necessary to preserve their worshipped, God-State deity (please ignore the Alex Jones’ nonsense that "The Troops" are "awakening").

True, an economic collapse would mean the neutering of the military’s DC masters and the end of their regular paychecks. But how would they react? Would they still follow orders from their now disempowered despot? Would they seek violent revenge against a universally perceived scapegoat? Or would they wise up and join ranks with the civilized?

Only a remnant few realize how starting the secession process now would minimize any pain and suffering that may follow. The challenge of convincing the clueless herd of that necessity offers a much different metaphor than herding cats- more like training a stolid turkey to drink falling rain without drowning itself.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Texas Tyrants Want Panic Buttons

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson
In that terrorist compound known as the Texas Legislature, debate over an open carry hand gun bill has apparently inspired the idea of installing “panic buttons” in member’s offices. These gangsters would therefore be able to summon their uniformed thugs with guns to neutralize any perceived threat that may enter.

Reading of such a lame request and the furor created by this debate has exposed a couple truths about the state and it’s imprisoned, tax cattle:

1) These terror cell members are terrified of their “constituents” and are alarmed at the growing number of dissidents willing to confront them face to face (see video below). They are openly concerned about the increasing incidences of freeborn humans exercising rights that even these self-proclaimed rulers allow.

2) Just the idea of “panic buttons” exposes a deep seated disease in the enslaved populace (including their election mob appointed rulers) that individuals should no longer be responsible for their self-defense- that a more appropriate response to such an active threat is to conveniently “push a button” that will (hopefully) summon a rescuing knight to avert the threat.

Of course, the preferred “rescuing knight” is the state, which must continually promote its hopelessly inept protection racket or risk obsolescence. State provided protection is a fundamental principle of collectivism.

Try to view this recent development as good news. Your rulers are frightened, they are desperate, they are becoming increasingly aware of their irrelevancy.

And they have nothing to counter efforts to restrain their tyranny except by offering still more tyranny. Such blatant and offensive anti-liberty measures merely awaken even more of the sleeping populace.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters