Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Hereby Secede - The Video

Here is my new video based on the essay “I Hereby Secede” which I wrote late last year:


masterymistery said...

Great idea -- its time has certainly come. I'm surprised though that mine is so far the only comment on this post. I found the video highly inspiring and motivating, and would have thought more people would have come here and commented.

On the other hand, it's Pretty good that your video features on the David Icke website.

Of course, the message is not only for the US. I strongly feel that people all over the world should consider whether their governments and institutions are really serving their needs or not. And if not, then secede! and then of course, succeed.

Anyway, to me, your content is of great value. I'm linking to "Enlightened Rogue" on my blogroll at Cosmic Rapture (under "other domains").

It would be great to see a link to cosmic rapture on enlightened rogue, but if not, no big deal. I'll still come back anyway and keep reading your stuff.

Keep up the Great Work!

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

Enlightened Rogue said...

I think people do all their commenting at the Youtube site. Thanks for coming here and sharing your views.
Where did you see this video on the David Icke site? I couldn’t find it. I’d appreciate it if you could send the link.
Thanks for viewing.
I’ll be linking your blog soon.

James Redford said...

Hi, Roger Young. Thank you very much for your excellent December 30, 2011 article "I Hereby Secede" and your June 27, 2012 YouTube video (under the username lightcaesar) containing audio of the reading of that text. Based upon the content of your declaration, I thought you might be interested in my below two articles. Both articles intimately concern each person's nature as "a sovereign, free-born individual, and a child of God/Nature".

The first article pertains to physicist and mathematician Prof. Frank J. Tipler's Omega Point cosmology, which is a proof of God's existence according to the known laws of physics (i.e., the Second Law of Thermodynamics, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics), and the Feynman-DeWitt-Weinberg quantum gravity/Standard Model Theory of Everything (TOE). It further extensively examines the nature of government and the future of liberty using Austrian School and libertarian class analysis in the context of coming technologies.

The second article is a demonstration of its title's assertion based upon the content of Jesus and the apostles' teachings as given in the New Testament, as well as analyzing those teachings in relation to the Old Testament. It is logically complete on this subject, in the sense of its apodixis.

James Redford, "The Physics of God and the Quantum Gravity Theory of Everything", Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Apr. 9, 2012 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2011), doi:10.2139/ssrn.1974708, .

James Redford, "Jesus Is an Anarchist", Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Dec. 4, 2011 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001.), doi:10.2139/ssrn.1337761, .

Enlightened Rogue said...


Your name sounded familiar to me and then I remembered why when you suggested reading “Jesus is an Anarchist,” which I read several years ago at I think I may have even linked to it on an article or two of mine. Great piece of work! I’ll be sure to read your other suggestions.
Thanks for reading, viewing and posting.

masterymistery said...

I'm sure I saw it under the "Awakening" tab at the Icke site, but I've now gone back there and can't see it there now. Sorry -- no misdirection intended. I must have seen it linked at another website (I do a fair bit of surfing!) If I remember where, or I come across it again, I'll definitely let you know.

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

Venn DiAgram said...

I saw the video on Alex Jones' site:

Thank you for this amazing video. Can you post the text so that I can copy and print for myself?

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks for the tip about InfoWars. They had also published my essay late last year.
The text: