Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TSA Admits It Doesn’t Protect Passenger Safety

Last week brought news that, “the Transportation Security Administration fired five employees and suspended 38 others on Friday for violating security procedures at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Fla.”

The report mentions the violations occurred during the late security shift which may indicate these sloths were merely too lazy and sleepy to bother. The optimistic among us might guess that these “violators” were possibly decent human beings who saw an opportunity to not abuse their fellow man.

The part of the report that really that really caught my eye was this: “The agency insists passenger safety was never jeopardized.” How do they know? How do they know that a potential underwear bomber, once through security and on the plane, decided life with his gonads intact offered better prospects than a promised afterlife gift of 72 virgins? How do they know that a mildly retarded reprobate didn’t smuggle a handgun onto the plane, hell bent on creating havoc and a name for himself, realizing too late that he’d forgotten ammunition?

And if skipping these random checks “never jeopardized passenger safety,” why do them at all? Why torture, humiliate, and embarrass innocent travelers with such procedures if ignoring such procedures doesn’t threaten their safety?
If these workers not doing random checks did not jeopardize safety, then why were they fired? That is their job, is it not, to protect the passengers against potential harm? This, of course, reveals that they were fired not for risking passenger safety but for simply not following procedure. The TSA seems to be admitting that random checks have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with harassment and fostering compliance and obedience among the human livestock. In a bureaucracy, success is not measured by performance or results, but by how well compliance to procedure and direction is maintained.

Finally, if anyone should be fired, it should be the spokesperson who claimed that “passenger safety was never jeopardized.” There is no job security nor advancement awaiting those in the bureaucracy not well versed in the art of lie and spin. In order to maintain the deception, they should have declared unequivocally that yes, these worker’s negligence did potentially jeopardize the safety of passengers! The fact that they didn’t reveals an individual much better suited for more reputable employment.

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