Monday, June 18, 2012

Outlaw ‘Illegals?’ Outlaw the State!

There is much hubbub in the blogosphere recently about The Choomin’ Kenyan’s decision involving “illegal” immigration. Apparently, many believe that a country already looted and destroyed by our wonderful ruling class, will be damaged even further because a few hundred thousand, non-white individuals will be “legally” residing here.

Read any story about a crime or fatal auto accident story on your local news site. Check the comments section. If persons involved in the crime or accident have a Latin surname, there are always commenters blaming “illegals” for causing the problem. They then stumble through some incoherent rant about how “illegals” are destroying “their” country. These ignorant, bootlicking, US loyalists will jump on any person with any kind of non-European surname, though they have NO idea of the “citizenship status” of this particular individual. That’s of course, if you believe such a “fact” is even relevant. They create a convenient scapegoat to excuse their personal failures and create an easy target to attack, instead of having the guts to attack the real enemy- THE STATE!

In reality, these stiffs are all just pale faced welfare bums who dislike competition for free stuff from their diseased, demented Uncle Sam. They can be likened to slaves on one plantation, suspicious and hostile to slaves being sold or transferred from neighboring plantations. They want no competition for their master’s benevolence. They see their comfy, collectivist cocoon being threatened by outsiders.

Instead of “outlawing” migrants, OUTLAW THE STATE! All property will be privately owned, therefore no one can pass without being invited by the property owner. Anyone uninvited will be considered a trespasser and dealt with accordingly. There will also be no “free goodies” being distributed by this institution for such migrants to pursue. Such help will only come from charity, whose operation will be controlled privately and subject to the discipline of the market.

Problem solved. No violence necessary.

But something tells me this will be unacceptable to those angry “patriots” who psychologically require some kind of enemy to revile. They will no longer have anyone to blame their failures on. They will no longer have their master/caretaker to bless them with the miraculous appearance of loaves and fishes to make them feel wanted. Too bad for them. Those folks may just have to migrate themselves to someplace state slavery still exists.

No, Pedro and Juan are not a threat. They are not threatening your liberties and future. They are merely looking to better their lives. The real danger comes from those who claim to rule, control, manage, and direct your life and property for their benefit and at your expense. This rule is backed with the overt threat of violence. This threat is armed with superior firepower that you, dear “patriot,” paid for and, most likely, proudly recognize (Support the Troops!).

Want to “take back” the country? Ally with Pedro and Juan, hang the master and his overseers, and close the plantation.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters