Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Washington is a bad place to run over a pedestrian. If he is a white male, he is almost certainly a lawyer. So, if you run over him...our advice is to back up quickly and run over him again. Finish him off. Otherwise he’ll sue you.”
Bill Bonner

“So called ‘Congress’ is a long dead joke in this cryptocracy anachronistically called America. That icon so-called “freedom” has slipped off like a bad toupe worn by a Hitler look-alike in a wax museum. Your bullshit detector has to be changed and cleaned more often than a baby’s diaper just to keep up with the lies being spun on an hourly basis.
It’s sick out here.”
Zen Gardner

“A statist will never really lose an argument to me, because in the end, they have a gun to my head.”
Michael Suede

“That saying about death and taxes is both evil and stupid; it’s a soul-destroying and mind-destroying perversion of reality. It’s evil, because it makes people reflexively accept the worst things in the world as permanent and inevitable.”
Doug Casey

“I was taught that all on earth are made in God’s image. I was taught the Golden Rule. I was taught that life is sacred, and that we should love our neighbor. None of us are perfect, but why do so many wish harm on others? Why do so many revel in the slaughter of our fellow human beings? Why do so many cheer on the battle? Why do so many applaud when the bombs rain down? Why do so many pray to God for unmerciful war?
In the United States, war has become a constant. War is a part of our everyday lives, and it is difficult to even imagine peace. A better way is to be unable to imagine war!”
Gary D. Barnett

“Americans who show such strong support for America's foreign wars are living under a moral code that endorses States over rights, obedience of men to whatever States happen to control the territories they inhabit, decision-making control over war-making and indeed all public affairs by these States, and the precedence of duties to the State over other moral obligations.”
Michael S. Rozeff

“Westerners are brainwashed into believing that they have an obligation to someone who shares the same color passport... someone who happened to be born within the set of invisible lines that comprise our arbitrary political boundaries.
We're told that we have a civic responsibility to finance spiraling government deficits, buy more bombs, and pay off other people's mortgages... regardless of whether or not we share a common ideology, philosophy, or moral code.
This is completely absurd. Human beings are born free. No one comes into this world with an obligation to serve some arbitrary political construct.”
Simon Black

“Whether it is the nefarious machinations of the local Home Owners Association (HOA) as they employ the state as a violent proxy to keep the grass trimmed or the thoroughly evil complex of imperial extermination of brown people around the planet that disguises itself as foreign policy in DC, we live in a world made wrong by compliance.
If we distilled the essence of freedom down to one singular and crucial element, it is no more than the right of refusal.”

Bill Buppert

"A hero is someone who stands up for his beliefs, a martyr is someone who dies for a cause, and a soldier is someone who dies for someone else's profit."

“Have you ever noticed that Nazi soldiers, especially those who died in World War II, are never celebrated as heroes? Why is that? Didn’t they answer the call of their government in time of war? Didn’t they serve their country by loyally obeying the dictates of their government? Weren’t they patriots for their willingness to fight and die for their country?”
Jacob Hornberger
From the Darkness:
“If it’s not an official purpose [taking photos], and they’re outside the wire, then they shouldn’t have their camera out. This isn’t rocket science.”
Maj. Gen. Charles Gurganus, cracking down on war zone photography by the enlisted

“The international community’s been unified [and] . . . we are prepared for any contingency in that part of the world [Iran]. But our hope is that these matters can be resolved diplomatically.
We will do everything we can to prevent [Iran] from developing a weapon.”
Leon Panetta, giving his weekly call to war

“I think what both Republicans and Democrats need to do, and the leaders of both sides, is to recognize that if sequester takes place, it would be disastrous for our national defense and, very frankly, for a lot of very important domestic programs. They have a responsibility to come together and find the money necessary to detrigger sequester.”
Leon Panetta, threatening Congress with the end of the world if they allow $500 billion in defense-related cuts scheduled to kick in early next year

"These 600 acres [of Arlington National Cemetery] are home to Americans from every part of the country who gave their lives in every part of the globe."
B. Obama, The Chooming Kenyan, explaining how thousands of graves are a wonderful thing [So a burial plot is now considered a “home?”

“As far as Athens is concerned, I also think about all those people who are trying to escape tax all the time.”
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde, blaming Greec’s financial problems on tax evaders

"We have two courses we can follow: One is to follow the pathway of Europe. To shrink our military smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs. And they of course rely on the strength of America and they hope for the best. Were we to follow that kind of course, there would be no one that could stand to protect us."
Mitt Romney [“Protect us” from what? Men in caves? Who protects us from you and your ilk?]

"We're a nation that has been formed and preserved by heroes. John McCain is one of them."
Mitt Romney [Tell that to the Vietnamese women and children he personally murdered.]

"The infiltrators [Africans living in Israel] are a cancer in our body. The infiltrators must be expelled from Israel! Expulsion now!"
Likud MP Miri Regev

“It’s [the use of drones by cops] great. If you’re keeping police officers safe, making it more productive and saving money… it’s absolutely the right thing to do.”
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

"I don't think any of us are thinking this necessarily has anything to with politics."
Brad Trost, Canadian Conservative Parliament member, reacting to news that a severed human foot was mailed to Conservative Party headquarters. [Nah, people mail body parts to the wrong address all the time. Now if they had sent an envelope of corn starch- that would be political.]

“New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something. I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do.”
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, defending plans to enact a far-reaching ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts [“Doing something” to the government means eliminating still more individual freedom.]

"Products that we feel are marketed toward children, or are in poor taste with respect to out citizens will not be authorized for distribution."
Idaho State Liquor Division Deputy Director Howard Wasserstein, explaining why Idaho regulators have decided not to carry an Ogden, UT distillery's Five Wives Vodka because of its label, which depicts 19th century women in petticoats holding kittens near their lady parts.

"We [George W. Bush] have our problems politically, but the presidency transcends these differences."
The Chooming Kenyan ,getting all spiritual about his fellow mass murderer

"All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building."
Shamalov Berkovich, member of the Israeli Knesset

"Ultimately, the international community and the president of the United States are going to have to decide what steps we take [relating to Syria]."
Leon Panetta [No mention is made of Congress and its tax slaves. They, apparently, have no say in the decision.

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