Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Rand Paul’s Defection is Good News

Though I’m an anarchist who does not see political involvement as a useful, desirable, or even ethical exercise, I still have an abiding admiration and respect for Ron Paul supporters. They are nearly all well informed individuals, passionate about liberty. I also see all of these individuals eventually becoming anarchists. Why?

My first memory of being exposed to libertarian philosophy was in 1988. I read a book titled “Freedom Under Siege” written by a gentleman named Ron Paul. He was running for president that year and I (a Reagan-Republican at the time) voted for him. Though I did not immediately turn to libertarianism after reading that book, it did plant seeds of that philosophy in my mind that would germinate in the years ahead. I would go on to subscribe to his newsletter, which led to me also subscribing to a quirky, relatively obscure monthly publication called the “Rothbard-Rockwell Report," written by two gentlemen named Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell. Though having by then evolved into a strict Constitutionalist, reading these publications spread still more seeds in the fertile soil of my brain. These seeds eventually sprouted, grew, and crowded out any remaining noxious weeds of statism that held my mind and soul captive.

It wasn’t long after that I came to realize that the state was not only a criminal organization based on violence and coercion, but that in being so, it was operating exactly as it was designed and created to function. In other words, the idea of a benign and benevolent state, restrained from operating against the interests of the governed, was impossible and ludicrous. And having this monopoly on violence and coercion (along with near unlimited resources), the state could easily resist any attempts by the governed to reform and limit its power.

As you can see, my epiphany did not occur overnight. It took years. It was an evolutionary process, nourished by a passion for learning, exploration and seeking truth. I see this same passion and awareness among Ron Paul supporters today.

When Ron Paul decided to run for president in 2012, it wasn’t difficult to predict what would happen. The system would take any means necessary to stifle his campaign- whether through disinformation (corporate media-driven lies), voting fraud (which did occur), and even assassination (which still might happen). After the occurrence of any or all of these possibilities, I could easily envision Ron Paul supporters becoming disenchanted and disgusted. They would finally realize that state reform is not only impossible but not worth the time, expense, or effort. Thousands of liberty lovers would finally understand that politics is merely a clever scam the state offers as proof its slaves and subjects have a say in their political government. They would finally conclude that you cannot use love, peace, and truth to reform an institution based on divisive hate, war, and lies. You cannot expect an organism designed as a vicious predator, preying on the many at the expense of the few, to be encouraged, lobbied and convinced to become a virtuous protector, looking out for the interests of the masses.

Being a resilient group, I didn’t expect this massive disenchantment among Ron Paul supporters to occur until they were abused and marginalized at the upcoming Republican convention. However, with the recent, traitorous defection of son Rand Paul to the Romney camp (and apparently with his father’s blessing), I would now expect disappointed Paul supporters to start joining the ranks of the voluntaryists in mass much sooner than expected. Let the exodus begin!

That is the good news. More freedom loving individuals will be inspired to reclaim the individual sovereignty they were born with. They will no longer give allegiance or loyalty to a state that seeks not to guard their liberties but to enslave and control them. It will now become clear to them that the only real power they have (and it is potentially immense) is how they, as sovereign, peace loving individuals, live their lives. And it is only through peaceful exchange and persuasion among individuals, not by the commands of a beastly master, that they will convince others to do the same.

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