Monday, January 2, 2012

Secession- There Is No One Way

My piece on personal secession received a great amount of response from around the world. Within a 24 hour period the declaration was published at three high traffic sites; Lew Rockwell, Activist Post, and InfoWars. The latter one surprised me, as I’ve never heard Alex Jones even utter the word “secession,” let alone discuss it as a viable option. I love Alex, but he seems hell bent on restoring a republic and its regulating piece of paper (constitution) despite its massive failure to protect individual liberty.

The goal of my statement was as much to inspire others to take similar action, as much as it was to make a personal declaration. I would never insist that my declaration be the definitive proclamation for one to make, nor my resulting actions be the one path to follow.

Thinking, rational, and awakened individuals ultimately come to this conclusion: The power of some individuals to rule others is a fiction that only exists within the minds of those who claim to rule and those who accept such rule. They also realize that this rule is maintained not through consent, but at the point of a gun.

Each individual comes to this moment of clarity in a different way. Once this realization is made, each individual has his own way of declaring his sovereignty back from those who claim to own it in the present. This declaration also doubles as a notice and warning to those who may threaten it in the future.

Each individual will also each have his unique way to actively seek that now-declared freedom and decide how to defend it. From past reading and from recent communication with others, I can immediately list at least four legitimate plans of action:

Beating them at their own game - If you enjoy getting down in the mud with these brutes by participating in “the process” of “legally” defending yourself (as the state sees it), this is the path for you. Some folks in Canada have had success with such a method. Just make sure you are adequately armed with the proper knowledge to fight your opponent. But also be inspired by the fact that most of these self-professed rulers are ill-prepared intellectually (or morally) to defeat a well educated adversary.

Giving up citizenship or changing citizenship- Many have taken this route. There is a defined process (defined by the state, of course) to complete such an action. From what I’ve read, this process will be made more difficult in the future, as our rulers begin to be alarmed at the large numbers of their livestock running off from the barn yard. But please remember, your are swapping one ruling state master for another. Certainly, your new master will be perceived as more benevolent, but how long will that last?

Working for state secession- I see this plan of action gaining increasing popularity, not in the years ahead, but the immediate months. The eventual economic collapse of that piece of fiction known as the United States of America will make state secession all but necessary if survival (at least the political kind) is desired. I see state secession as a legitimate stepping stone to eventual personal secession. More and more folks will see how much better life is without the burdens put forth by the DC Death Cult. They’ll next turn their attention toward their state capitals and begin to ponder why they are necessary. Of course, existing states may break apart in still smaller states, as in this example a reader sent me from New York.

Going stateless- This is certainly the most extreme, the most direct, and the riskiest action to take. No stepping stones here. I greatly admire those who choose this route. If this is chosen, be prepared for near daily conflicts with a variety of state rulers who will claim you as their livestock, lay their brand on you, and insist that you recognize such a claim. Two individuals that come to mind who chose this path are Jeff Knaebel and Mike Golguski. Read their accounts and other’s thoroughly before deciding if this is the course of action for you.

The power of such a secession declaration isn’t as much an act of resistance to the powers that be and announcing your contempt for their arrogance, coercion, and tyranny. The greater value is creating a mindset within an individual that will inspire and direct their actions toward achieving true independence from ruling state criminals. Their declaration will also inspire others to take their own actions. Again, there is no one way to declare or take action. Creativity and originality, held hostage by state imposed conformity, will be released to produce a multitude of ideas to de-legitimatize and defeat the state.

But it is necessary to first make that affirmation. Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Such a declaration or affirmation is necessary as a guide and motivator, directing you successfully down, what may very well be, a dangerous path.

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Robert said...

Jeff Knaebel and Mike Golguski chose to "renounce" their citizenship, for which, "There is', as you put it, 'a defined process (defined by the state, of course) to complete such an action." This is expatriation, which is why they went to New Delhi, India and Bratislava, Slovakia, respectively.

There is no STATE 'defined process' for individual secession, nor does one need the STATE'S permission[1]. One simply declares that he has seceded, i.e. withdrawn from membership, in a government, or governments, and then acts accordingly, i.e. behaves like a free man.

Secession. The act of withdrawing from membership in a group. ~ Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, page 1351

"It is an inarguable historic fact that the Declaration of Independence was a declaration of secession from the British Empire." ~ Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. [Jurist Doctor or Doctor of Jurisprudence]

They didn't need the King's permission, and neither did I!!

"Secession means the right to stay put, on one’s own property [native land], and either to shift alliance to another political entity, or to set up shop as a sovereign on one’s own account." ~ Walter Block, Professor of Economics at Loyola University New Orleans and Senior Fellow with the Ludwig von Mises Institute
[1] The United States has no specific law on secession... ~ West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.