Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dallas Threatens Slavery Resisters

"A summons to jury duty is not an invitation; it is a command."

Theses are the authoritarian words of a local politi-gangster that goes by the name of Martin Lowy, who declares himself to be “the Administrative District Judge in Dallas County.” Apparently, the “Judge” is impressed with the kidnapping techniques practiced by his totalitarian brethren in El Paso- all done to corral enough conscripts to “serve” as “jurors” in a medieval practice called “jury duty.”

It seems that Dallas County is now intending to arrest folks who dare disobey the court’s edict and show up at the court’s convenience to be enslaved as a “juror.” These slave resistors are referred to by the disparaging term, “deadbeat jurors.”

What can the free, peaceful people residing within the artificial boundaries known as “Dallas County” look forward to? Ask Marisol Campos of El Paso:

"The constables came in unmarked cars and they arrested me right outside of my house, and they took me away from my son, which was six months [old] at the time. It was terrible."

Well, isn’t that special? In order to satisfy the perverse appetite of a Texas version of Jabba the Hut, a man is literally kidnapped off the street, separating him from the young, helpless child he loves and cares for. To hell with the kid- Daddy’s got to work for da Judge!

The El Paso Gang claims, “Between fines and court costs, the county says the program pays for itself.” But isn’t that true of most government programs? They exist to shake down the public in order to enrich those who “work” in the program. It is, of course, irrelevant if the fleeced public benefits in any way.

Apparently, the powers-that-be in Dallas County are starting their new El Paso-style program with a bit more compassion- “they've quietly been calling in delinquent jurors to explain themselves to a judge.”

So now you get to enter the Judge’s hallowed chambers, prostrate yourself, beg for mercy and pledge eternal obedience in the future. You must show a commitment to the idea that your life is not your own and that your inalienable rights only exist at the convenience of the all powerful magistrate. You must passionately agree that being kidnapped off the street to serve The Judge is the highest of compliments and any personal tragedy, child neglect, income loss or misery that results is irrelevant and worth the cost. The Judge must be served!

The Holy One will sit high on his throne, in all his finery and arrogance and declare if you are worthy to be spared. He will determine if your pleas and pledges are sincere and cast judgment upon you.

Lowy works in a civil court which handles lawsuits. But I can imagine the following conversation from a colleague in a criminal court:

[Imagine Newman’s voice and delivery]

“Yes, dear slave, you will be cast into the pool of jurors to await your fate. You will eagerly await your name to be called and take your appointed seat in the jury [slave] box. There you will determine the guilt or innocence of the accused, [whether or not he has truly victimized anyone through fraud or bodily harm or property damage]. All that is relevant is that he is accused of disobeying The Law, which is always just and righteous! His guilt must be decided by you, dear slave, and your compatriots- and if found guilty, be tossed into the sea of cages with the rest of the wicked! What? Restitution? He should instead compensate his victim [if there is one]? Surely you jest, dear slave! How will I then satisfy my perverse appetite for vengeance and power? No, he will be condemned and flung into the darkness of his cell to suffer the privation deserved by one who dare contest the authority of The Law and dare challenge My Authority!”

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters



gcdugas said...

We can read and write all we want about the moral virtues of anarchy and the moral reprehensibility of statism and educate fellow slaves to hasten the coming day of liberation but we all know that is several generations away. I see our situation as that of an occupied land. Like the French Underground (hereinafter FU) we are enemies of the regime and subversives. Sometimes the FU members even had to wear Nazi uniforms and hold positions in the Nazi regime to be effective in their efforts of subversion. They could relay important info on supply trains so they could be derailed and blown up. They could get travel papers and other documents so that FU forgers could use them to get high profile dissidents out of the country. But the main point is that sometimes we need to “blend in” in order to be more effective in our efforts to liberate our fellow slaves. And liberation is what it is about isn’t it?

Concerning juries, I see it not as a forced “duty” but as a revolutionary opportunity. Once I sneak on to a jury I am KING, not “hizonor”. I am supreme and unreviewable. I determine the outcome. And I use MY criteria, not the state’s. The Judge is just another person to be ignored and subtly defied. And make no mistake about it, the defiance is total no matter what lip-service and other feigns the subversive may employ.

Please read

Take some time and reply with your thoughts. Thanks.

Enlightened Rogue said...


You make a good point about using this “power” by getting on a jury. The trouble I see is during voir dire- when jurors are questioned about certain beliefs. The lawyers eliminate any candidates who don’t hold the statist view of law and justice. To get by them requires at least some deception. I guess this is up to individual whether they feel comfortable doing this.
For me, I just can’t get by the fact that I’ve been literally kidnapped to be on this jury. What kind of system of “justice” operates that way?

MoT said...

"...but we all know that is several generations away"

That's absurd! That's like telling the founders, "Well, Tom, Ben and George, this revolution talk is all good and fine but it'll take your great grand kids to make it happen"! How bizarre is that?. By the time that generation rolls around they won't care about your sympathies or philosophy they'll simply curse your cowardice for allowing the chains to weigh so heavy.

Do this... Tell them you believe in jury nullification or that you feel it's an injustice that you have to be paid a pittance, on top of being robbed to finance the black robed criminals, and if there were any true justice that everyone working in the court would get paid exactly the same. Would the cops and the judges agree to THAT?

When they ask you if you can be impartial tell them "NO". That you've been kidnapped from productive life and despise the lot of them. See how quickly they make you scoot. And I say this as a twice hijacked juror #12 on murder and drug cases in Texas. I won't ever do it again!