Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Having allowed the government – via the usurped authority of judicial review – to be the interpreter of its own powers and limitations; we ought not be surprised to discover that it has given itself a broad definition to the former, and a narrow construction of the latter.”
Butler Shaffer

“Wars are borne out of fear. Hyperinflation is borne out of fear. The state itself is borne out of fear. Fear that some other state will tax us. Fear that some other state will take our 'things.' Fear that some terrorists will tear down our mercantilist edifices. Fear that poor people and the elderly will go without food, housing, clothing, or education unless violence is used to redistribute wealth. All of these fears have the same underlying cause of scarcity. It is ridiculous to think that the state can take away the scarcity that pervades our physical universe through the creation of laws or the printing of money.”
Michael Suede

“Who is the majority that ‘he’ can have an opinion? Opinions like decisions are formed in a human brain or not at all. Since a majority is only a mindless collective mass of humanity, majority decisions are figments of human imagination. They are only the illusions of the participants in a poll, who are like the participants in a masquerade.”
Al Lowi

“True spirituality is diametrically opposed to organized religion. Oddly enough, religions feed off this hunger for spirituality and then build these elaborate hierarchical structures to control and contain it.”
Zen Gardner

“What kind of crackpot system do we have...where the president can create the Fed creates money...out of thin air? Of course, we know the answer, the new jobs are just like the new money; they’re not real.”
Bill Bonner

“At certain points in a democracy, it can function reasonably well… which is to say that most people will be mostly okay with the ways things run. In a late-stage democracy, however, things are rarely quite so tidy. To be more blunt, when you have a government that as a result of trying to suck up to ‘We the people’ has expended all of its stolen capital and obligated the next ten generations to life as tax slaves, then the system quickly degrades into little more than a bunch of mongrel dogs fighting over scraps.”
David Galland

“The state is the political means to wealth. Every state has been, every class is, every state will be, a class state that enforces transactions in which one privileged party benefits at the expense of the other. The state puts a majority of us in a position of accepting exchange on terms which nobody would willingly accept, if there were no restriction on the alternatives available to us.
The state, in short, forces us to feed a monkey on our backs in return for the right to live at all, in return for the right to feed ourselves.”

Kevin Carson

“Government has a serious problem. It’s got nothing worthwhile to do. All the cool things in life come from the private sector, and this is more obvious than ever. The market is creating whole worlds before our eyes, while the government seems ever more like a hopeless anachronism.
Government’s life depends on public frenzy about some grand task it is seeking to accomplish. But today, there is no epic struggle, no grand historic project, no leading us to the light, no vanquishing evil and all those other things government used to claim to do.”
Jeffrey Tucker

“Mean-spirited, power-seeking, self-aggrandizing people write mean-spirited, power-seeking, self-aggrandizing laws.
It means that politically created government-enforced laws can, and repeatedly do, trump morality, trump decency, trump reality, trump truth, and trump justice at the point of a gun.”
Garry Reed

“It's interesting that, rather than change their [the government’s] ways of doing business and introducing legislation that provides incentives for productive people to come here and stay here, they maintain policies that chase people away, and introduce new ones to lock the door after they're gone.
The lesson here (especially for natural-born citizens) is this: simply by accident of birth, you are born with a lifelong obligation that you never signed up for to finance the corrupt misdealings of the political class. And if you choose to abandon this obligation, they will bar you from ever entering your homeland again.
Regardless of what the propaganda says, this is not how a free society treats people. It might look and feel like a representative democracy on the surface, but under the hood it's the modern day equivalent of feudal serfdom.”
Simon Black

“What the hell is Al Qaeda? Who are these so-called Al Qaeda? Do they really exist? Why do they sound like some kind of aberration? Is there such a thing called Al-Qaeda? Or is it a brand? A fable? Maybe the closest thing we’ve had to fire-spitting dragons.”
Sibel Edmonds

“Not being able to secede, completely undermines the idea of freedom of association - the right to decide who you will associate with. To have any meaning, this right doesn't just apply to who you will invite for dinner - but to what type of government you will submit to.”
David MacGregor

“The voters are committed to irreconcilable goals, all over the world. They do not trust the state, yet they rely on the state for welfare payments. They perceive the corruption, yet they do not want to de-fund this corruption by spending cuts. They see that their liberties are being taken away by the state, yet they call for more action against undefined terrorists. They are, in a word, schizophrenic.
Schizophrenia does not produce healing. It produces confusion.”
Gary North

"Find out just what people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. ... The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
Frederick Douglass
From the Darkness:
“I think it’s very important that TSA keeps up its efforts. We Americans who travel a lot understand what’s at stake.”
Sen. Diane Feinstein

“It's a big distraction. Pedestrians aren't watching where they are going and they are not aware."
Thomas Ripoli, chief of the Fort Lee, NJ Police Department, explaining why his thugs are issuing $85 jaywalking tickets to pedestrians who are caught texting while walking.

“Rewarding terrorists with greater rights for making it to the United States would actually incentivize them to come to our shores, or to recruit from within the United States, where they pose the greatest risk to the American people. Such a result is perverse.”
From a letter written by former Attorneys General Edwin Meese III and Michael Mukasey and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, objecting to an amendment on the House that would roll back indefinite-detention laws.

“The amendment [that would roll back indefinite-detention laws] would essentially reward al Qaeda operatives with better treatment for having the wit to get out of their caves and sneak into America to blow up civilians in shopping malls.”
From a Wall Street Jounral editorial, declaring that the government should not have to face any restrictions at all when it comes to pursuing what it calls "terrorists."

"As soon as a member of al-Qaida sets foot on U.S. soil, they hear you have the right to remain silent."
Rep. Mac Thornberry, horrified that the amendment that would roll back indefinite-detention would give terror suspects full constitutional rights. [The horror!]

“It would be preferable to resolve this [dispute with Iran] diplomatically, and through the use of pressure, than to use military force. But that does not mean that [military] option isn’t available. Not just available, it’s ready. The necessary planning has been done to ensure that it’s ready.”
Daniel Shapiro, U.S. ambassador to Israel, chomping at the bit to kill Iranians

"If the United States provides the materiel, the South [of Sudan] can end the North's bombing campaign. Most Northern air force pilots are mercenaries -- if they start taking heavy losses, they will leave Sudan quickly"
Andrew Natsios, former U.S. special envoy to Sudan, looking to get the US involved is still another civil war

“TSA likes to talk about their successes and I’m proud of their successes — we haven’t had another successful attack in 10 years. The problem is, we have only have to miss one and it’s a disaster. We want TSA to become smarter, leaner and tougher.”
Congresscritter Mike Rogers, looking to bless you with more groping and gate rape at the airport

“In that situation if the international action is taken pursuant to a Security Council resolution or under our treaty obligations with regard to NATO that obviously we would participate with the international community.”
Leon Panetta, reaffirming his belief that a consensus of opinion from the international community, only, would be required before military action was taken, but that no such permission would be required from Congress

[Eduardo] Saverin has turned his back on the country that welcomed him and kept him safe, educated him, and helped him become a billionaire. This is a great American success story gone horribly wrong.”
Lil’ Chucky Schumer, excoriating the co-founder of Facebook for relinquishing his US citizenship to save millions in taxes [You’re only a "success" in today’s Amerika if you willingly turn over the fruits of your success to the criminal state.]

"If we leave too early and the Taliban and al-Qaida return, more Americans will suffer."
Congresscritter Mac Thornberry, explaining why he voted against an amendment that would have swiftly ended combat operations in Afghanistan by limiting funds only to the "safe and orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops and military contractors from Afghanistan." [That’s right, them terrorists will follow us home!]

“This Executive Order [Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen] will allow the United States to take action against those who seek to undermine Yemen’s transition and the Yemeni peoples’ clear desire for change. The President took this step because he believes that the legitimate aspirations of the Yemeni people, along with the urgent humanitarian and security challenges, cannot be addressed if political progress stalls.”
From a White house statement explaining De Fuehrer’s latest order threatening anyone, including American citizens, who interferes even “indirectly” with the transition to power of the new U.S [Of course, when you are a dictator, you can’t be bothered waiting on “political progress.”]

“This [Obama’s Executive Order regarding Yemen] is a big umbrella set of authorities that can be used as necessary. Again I am not going to name names here, because we haven’t designated anybody yet, but it is definitely meant today as a message to those who are trying to block transition that we have this tool to use against them and that they should think again about the policies they are pursuing.”
State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, showing her support for Obama’s usurpation of  powers

“This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me -- an agency assistant at the time. There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.”
Miriam Goderich, Obama’s editor, explaining why Obama’s official biography declares he was born in Kenya. [So, sweetheart, please explain to me why this “fact checking error” persisted for sixteen years, through at least three different versions of literary agent Jane Dystel’s website, and through at least four different versions of Obama’s biography.]

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