Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hiring ‘Veterans’ - A Bad Business Move

“A Texas agency has joined with AT&T Inc. to help match qualified military veterans to more than 600 technical jobs.”

Though ATT may enjoy a short term public relations success amongst militarists and nationalists, the long term costs and liabilities of such a policy will sure to be costly, if not outright devastating. Imagine the lost time incurred by employees dealing with numerous medical and/or legal problems caused by broken minds, bodies, and souls- all, of course, easily blamed on their “service.” Imagine the increased insurance costs and legal liabilities the company may be liable for. ATT is already suffering from a lack of growth. Do they really believe that nearly exclusive hiring of “veterans” will help reverse this trend?

At present, there are 110,00 military slaves on psychotropic drugs. These drugs cause all sorts of irrational and violent behavior. Eighteen former military slaves commit suicide EVERY DAY. Any who have seen battle have bodies poisoned by depleted uranium which will eventually bring about a number of medical problems for both them and their families.

The reason any company hires anyone is because they see that person offering value that will contribute to the company’s profitability. Hiring an ex-military slave would seem to be a very risky, a very unwise, a potentially unprofitable business decision.

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