Monday, May 21, 2012

Afghan Troops and Taliban Work Together

Britain’s Sunday Times reports, “Members of the Afghan army are forging secret alliances with the Taliban, threatening to undermine the ability of Afghan authorities to maintain control just as NATO troops prepare to hand over power to the country's security forces.”

Apparently, members of the Afghan army (trained and funded by the US) are wising up, deciding it’s not worth risking their lives guarding US supply convoys. They would rather serve and protect their own, local gang rather than die to serve the interests of the US gang.

"We lost seven men in an ambush when I first arrived at the base," says Afghan army lieutenant Mohammad Wali. “So I thought, why risk my life when there's another way?"

"The plan is simple," Wali told the newspaper. "When the Taliban attack the convoys we stay in our bases. If the Taliban capture something valuable then they share it with us later."

This story not only illustrates the foundational corruption of state enterprise, but is a great source of amusement to those who understand the true nature of state criminality along with its ever changing loyalties and allegiances- the exact, characteristic behavior exhibited by mobsters. In this case we have the opportunity to witness low level, small time criminals successfully outsmarting high level, big time criminals. Hilarious!

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