Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama: Burial Plots are ‘Homes’

Every year on Memorial Day the War Emperor pays a visit to the burial ground where so many of his victims lie- Arlington National Cemetery. Here is a piece of wisdom the present War Chief shared with his adoring minions:

"These 600 acres are home to Americans from every part of the country who gave their lives in every part of the globe."

So a burial plot is a now a “home?” Perhaps he’s teasing us with a new solution to help homeless veterans and those foreclosed on their homes.

More likely, this crude, offensive comment illustrates the demented, empty, callous soul that inhabits this war demon’s useless bones. A landscape littered with the buried corpses of men, destroyed in humanity’s Spectacle of Failure (war), is somehow to be considered a suitable “home” for eternity. To consider this a reasonable description of such a horrid place indicates utter depravity. I guess his connection between a war cemetery and “home” is intended to give a warm, comforting, reassuring feeling to anyone visiting such an overwhelming display of murdered humanity, rather than the far more normal, humane reactions of sadness, anger, and disgust.

“The president promised war veterans that ‘we will be there for you,’ to ensure that troops returning home from battle get the benefits they deserve.”

Yes, he’ll be sure to provide them with a good hole in the ground to call home once they’ve been blown to pieces in combat, succumbed to cancer due to the depleted uranium and other poisonous contaminants they’ve ingested, or committed suicide when they are overcome by hopelessness.

I get the warm fuzzies all over. Don’t you?

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