Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Watch Who You Call a ‘Hero’

The mainstream media seems intent on referring to killed soldier boys as “heroes." How can such a subjective valuation escape question in a supposed news story?

There are no “heroes” in war- only hired assassins who volunteer to kill and plunder for the tyrannical state.

Even within the context of statist thought, Mr. Osborne was a liar who violated his enlistment oath to defend the US Constitution by actively participating in an illegal, undeclared war. He assisted in attacking a country that had not attacked his. To thousands, this conduct is nothing less than treasonous. His failure to obey this oath might even be considered cowardly; certainly not heroic.

Thinking within the rational context of a responsible, free-living individual, Mr. Osborne made a poor choice to commit undeserving aggression against others who had done him no harm. He paid the price. He was killed by those who rightly responded to that aggression.

The reporter’s use of the term “hero” to describe this individual exposes a depraved view of heroism and honor. If anyone is a “hero,” it is the Afghan insurgent who bravely resists a brutal and unwelcome occupier despite its overwhelming firepower. If anyone is a “hero” it is the conscientious objectors and deserters within the US military. They’ve realized their mistakes and have found the courage to stand up for principles, rather than unquestionably obey madmen. They have chosen to defend the sanctity of life and embrace the wisdom of the Golden Rule, rather than serve nefarious elders who see the world as something to dominate and control. They have awakened to the realization that these masters think nothing of taking advantage of naïve, foolish youth to do their violent dirty work.
Those among the public who heap “heroic” praise on these servile and deceased individuals suffer there own brand of social disorder and institutional obedience:

"We are Bible-believing people. The Bible says give honor where honor is due and he deserves to be honored"

This gentleman illustrates well the confused and obscene ideology of the Christo-fascist. “Honor” those who have served the forces of darkness? I believe this lost soul has confused Christianity with Satanism. This chronic social disease seems to inflict a majority of the churched people in this country. Someday they will realize they have been duped, misled and indoctrinated by the US state and its enablers. Someday they will recognize the bloody concept of “God and Country” is a false, unworkable notion that shields the crimes of deceitful men. But I fear before that time comes it will be too late to redeem themselves.

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