Monday, July 19, 2010

Light Flashes

White House: Stimulus saved 3 million jobs

Spending $862 billion to create up to 3.6 million jobs? Let’s do the math. That comes to $239,444 per job created. You employers out there- is that a reasonable amount of money to create a new position in your company?

Of course, as with all state economic interventions, no mention is made of the damage that is caused towards one party (the ones paying the bill) to benefit another party (the one getting a job). And of course, no mention is made of the possible unseen consequences that inevitably occur with such interventions.

Washington is nation's strongest job market

Of course, Washington is creating all those six-figure salary jobs creating meaningless, deceptive numbers like those listed in the story above.

Coppell mayor, daughter found dead

Political people believe in coercion and violence to force others to subscribe to their vision. Why should anyone be surprised and shocked when violence is chosen as a viable option within their personal lives?

Death of a mayor: A question of honor

The woman kills her daughter and her cohorts in crime (her fellow city council members) decide the action worthy of “honor!” Only the barbaric state would “honor” a mother who kills her child! This is also the rationale the national government uses. They claim to abhor murder, yet honor their hired killers in the military. Murder committed by individuals, while clothed in the state’ clown suit or while under its employ, is not only considered legitimate, but also honorable.

Still more proof that politicians are sick, sick people.

Iowa billboard linking Obama, Hitler removed

The Tea Partier’s expose themselves for the wimps they are. A superbly illustrated comparison of Obama with past socialist tyrants is apparently just too much truth to be exposing to their targeted audience. The TP’ers also prefer to palliate American bred despots so as not to doubt their deeply held belief in American exceptionalism.

Man with baby in car nabbed for soliciting sex from Dallas cop

Sex between consenting adults is NOT a crime. Only the state has such a warped, totalitarian view of the world. Give cash to a woman for sex and a ghastly crime has occurred. Buying her dinner and movie ticket for sex is no problem. What’s the difference? Lesson: Barter for your sex, guys. Don’t chance risky sex by exchanging cash.

The only reason for the related problems (assault, robbery) is because prostitution is legally prohibited. Since a prostitute’s work is illegal and he/she is working "outside the law," there is little risk in assaulting and robbing such a person.

World War II Museum features animals of war

By all means, let’s include innocent animals in our constant displays glorifying war. Humans are blessed with complex brains designed to think and reason. Yet, they can be convinced and trained to kill on orders from self-proclaimed “leaders.” Even when such actions contradict their better, individual judgment. They’ve allowed themselves to be turned into a deadly, obedient herd, awaiting the command to march.

How appropriate to bring like minded creatures into the game to corrupt, exploit and bond with.

Obama gains evangelical allies on immigration

Christians are supposedly members of a Kingdom not of this world and are governed by the laws of God. But their “leaders” declare them to be “citizens” of a secular state governed by the laws of man. Would Jesus agree with the obscene notion that a child of God shall be considered “illegal,” merely because his feet rest on a state claimed piece of real estate?

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