Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“To be a good American, you must be stupid. If you think, the terrorists have won.”
Kevin Carson

“….Make no mistake, the founding fathers didn’t fight for our freedom, they simply fought for a nicer form of slavery.”
Brett Perry

“No group of self-appointed authoritarians has any legitimate right to dictate edicts that in any way effect your person or property, or mine; your liberty or mine. I could care less what the Second Amendment says or doesn’t say, in the end. Natural law always trumps artificial, meaningless government 'law' every time. I exist, and that automatically means I have every right to defend myself and my property with whatever weapons I choose. End of story.”
Alex R. Knight III

“Bombings, stealing and killing in pursuit of statehood by some groups is Terrorism and by other groups it is ‘freedom fighting.’ And thus does Israel, which justifies the most extreme brutality and violence based on the pure evil of Terrorism, celebrate those acts as ‘freedom fighting’ when done by its own side.”
Glenn Greenwald

“When an enemy without weapons can resist an army of great strength, the most powerful of all history, one should ask, who has the moral high ground?”
Ron Paul

“Investing with any criteria in mind other than maximizing return is, by definition, rewarding inferiority – or mediocrity, at best. Putting wealth to any use other than maximizing its growth is to squander it, to the detriment of the person who accumulated the wealth and all those he or she might employ. And charity often damages its recipients even more, by making them feel entitled, just because they’re poor, unlucky, incompetent, or whatever.”
Doug Casey

“Many American Christians claim that Muslims are inherently violent people. But it seems to me that such a description could easily be applied to those American Christians who see nothing wrong with killing an unlimited number of people for the sake of achieving such political goals as democracy and regime change.”
Jacob Hornberger

“At this point we need to ask statists what they mean by saying they advocate the rule of law. Do they refer to legislated law and therefore advocate a 'might makes right' kind of society that is ruled by law? Or do they refer to law in the sense of spontaneously emerging rules for just behavior, under which government too is subject?”
Per Bylund

“So once age and realism have eroded any expectation of adulthood or good sense, you realize that there is no hope. The limbic urges that power Washington are exactly those that you would find up some forgotten holler in West Virginia, at Jimbo’s Pool Hall and Rib Pit.”
Fred Reed

“Scorn the state! Get used to that feeling, because you’ll need to exercise it repeatedly in coming months and years, and you’ll need to embrace it without guilt.
When we contemptuously laugh at our government, it not only enrages the bureaucrats and state apologists, it unifies us as free and peaceful people. When we laugh scornfully at our government, the whole world laughs with us, and this larger community may indeed prove helpful to us as the American empire spasmodically crumbles.”
Karen Kwiatkowski

"As for whether slashing military spending would deny us needed protection, one could as well ask whether we are safe today with policies that risk ‘blowback,' bankruptcy, and monetary disarray."
Sheldon Richman
From the Darkness:
“You should not, and I’m sure you will not, let any state, from the United States to any state in the region dictate what will become of you all.”
Joe Biden, lying hypocrite, speaking to the Iraqi government.

"We continue to object to, and criticize, actions by Russia which we believe are wrong. At the top of the list is the invasion and occupation of Georgia."
Queen Hillary, ignoring the log in her own eye.

"We want our damn money, you owe it, we want it, and I plan to collect it."
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, threatening jail-time for those who have not paid their taxes.

“And in San Francisco, a ban on sugary drinks in city vending machines is starting to take effect. That’s so great. It was issued by Mayor Gavin Newsom, my new hero….”
Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC info-babe and food Nazi.

“Excellent health care is by definition redistribution.”
Dr. Donald Berwick, newly appointed director of Medicare and Medicaid

"Well, since there are men and women, fathers and daughters, sons and daughters, cousins and uncles, everybody — all of America — when you send your troops over there, that's America's war. And if you think that that is only one president's war, then you don't understand the obligation a country makes collectively.
When an individual, a family member has somebody over there, the entire country — that entire family is there. And all of America is at war.”
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, confirming the evil of collectivism.

The types of conflict that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think are likely to be fighting here for a decade or so, are focused on the people.”
Gen. George Casey [Yes, “focused” on killing them……for another ten years.]

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