Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Light Flashes

New energy efficiency program

“Steinberg said they install new thermostats in people's homes that are connected through a broadband Internet connection. The thermostat will then send signals to EcoFactor's server to monitor the home's heating and cooling system and create a specific profile for maximum efficiency.”

Just how long will it be before EcoFactor’s server is monitored by the state’s future energy police? There are certainly ways individuals can monitor their own energy use without bringing in a another party.

Any kind of information portal into your home will ultimately be abused. Count on it.

An emotional farewell for North Texans headed to Afghanistan

Killing innocent people on the other side of the world (who never did me any harm) will make me “free“…..on this side of the world?

Sounds like some of that government school logic.

This new batch of cannon fodder will only create “terrorists” where previously none existed.

I know it’s sometimes difficult for nationalists and militarists to think, but they should ask themselves this question: Am I as free or freer than I was ten years ago, twenty years ago? Any honest person would have to answer, “no,” or even “hell no!” So how does the US military make or keep you free? And if you still believe this ridiculous claim, then aren’t they doing a pretty lousy job?

The only people “here” who threaten my freedom reside in Washington, DC. How about we have a plane load of troops go to that “war zone“ and fight “terrorists?” No need to harm anyone, just intimidate the hell out of them with some harmless explosions and strutting around in noisy war machines. The DC denizens will promptly crap their britches and hopefully decide there are better ways to make a living than by plundering and killing people.

Then the troops might get my “support.”

Illinois hotel backs out of hosting Muslim group

There are multitudes of Christians who propose or would not object to a worldwide Christian state. Does the US government consider them a terrorist group?

Allen council ponders ban against herbal smoking blend K2

H.L. Mencken’s words come to mine:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

The Nanny State marches on.
How is it the business of government what people put into their blood streams? Guaranteed, there are far more powerful, addictive and dangerous drugs sold by prescription than the innocuous K2.

“Irregular heartbeat and hallucinations?” You can find those symptoms listed as “side effects” in the hundreds of drugs advertised on the boob tube.

First lady touts childhood obesity initiative


This woman sports a backside as wide as a bus and she’s going to lecture us about obesity?


Deer crashes through window of store in Oregon city
How fortunate I came upon this critical piece of news. Accessing such information is essential to keeping informed.

What will we read about tomorrow? Maybe how a raccoon broke through a home’s screen door in Sopchoppy, Florida?

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