Thursday, July 29, 2010

Light Flashes

The fact that cameras even exist in jail showers for “security” should raise some people’s attention. But it probably won’t. Gosh, no one could possibly have foreseen such abuse of equipment. In the unaccountable, fairy tale world of government employees, no one should be considered a perverted scum bag here. Only that “proper procedures were not followed.” And, of course, no criminal charges will be pursued. Since it was merely mundane citizens being violated, this whole nasty business is just a “personnel issue.”

This thug should work for the TSA. He can man and monitor the new porno scanners at the airport gates. He already has adequate experience.

.............Still another future TSA applicant.

World War I dead laid to rest 94 years after slaughter

“That's how World War I was fought -- waves of young men charging on foot at enemies who were dug in and waiting with guns at the ready. Millions of soldiers died.”

There once was a time when war, even without massive media coverage, was known to be obscene, ghastly, and unbelievably destructive. But now war, despite the ubiquitous media, is never adequately represented. The pernicious carnage inherent with armed conflict is not honestly depicted.

War has now been made more palatable to the public with high tech “precision” weaponry and pilot-less drones. Deaths are dryly reported as a certain number of “troops” or “insurgents” or “civilians” killed. We rarely see or read any candid description of the bloody, dismembered corpses or homes blown to bits, or the grieving survivors whose families and future have been destroyed.

In the case of the recently reburied victims of WWI, the slaughter was so intense and widespread there was no time for any proper individual burials. They were all merely chucked into a mass grave. The state can not only be counted on to hold free living individuals in contempt when alive, but to also disrespect them when they’re dead.

Fort Worth rancher changes mind on illegal immigrants

A “conservative” sees the light and realizes the value in the free movement of individuals. Everyone benefits when labor markets are unhampered by artificial, state imposed geographic restrictions.

But these workers are violating a “law,” you say? Laws are not legitimate if they’re not just. What or who do immigration laws “protect?” Lazy people?

GM to pay $3.5B for auto financing company

A broke and bankrupt company has $3.5 billion to buy another company? Gee, I wonder where they found that cash? Your extorted bailout bucks, by chance?

“But the acquisition also means that GM, which is 61 percent owned by the U.S. government, is getting back into the business of making risky loans.”

No need to worry. If the loans become delinquent, GM’s stooges in Congress will bail them out once again. The “too big to fail” precedent has been set in stone.

Judge: Ohio man can't form own Indian reservation

The state will strike down any assertion of individual sovereignty. Think about it. The only reason you can not successfully declare your own state, kingdom, etc. is because the existing powers have more fire power than you. That’s it! The state’s shaky claim to legitimacy and monopoly of power is backed up and supported 100% by violence. How is that civilized?

Audit: U.S. can't account for $8.7 billion in Iraqi cash

No surprise. Plundering Iraq was the real reason for the invasion in the first place. It was cleverly disguised with nonsense about WMD’s, removing ruthless dictators, and spreading democracy.

War is the health of the state and quite profitable for all those who participate and cooperate.

Senator: 6K graves at Arlington could be wrong

The US state certainly doesn’t care. All these poor souls are just nameless cannon fodder to them. They’re no longer useful so just pitch them in any old hole in the ground and be done with them.

The state and its ruling elites consider their subjects as livestock to be controlled when they’re alive. Being consistent, disposing of their remains is given the same amount of deference.

Soldier: You support the troops? Really?

No sir, I do not. Fewer and fewer individuals do. My advice is to do whatever necessary to leave your situation and return to the civilized world where people see no honor in “serving” as obedient slaves to demented political masters.

Petition Congress? You must be joking! Politicians answer to the call of their financial supporters who also happen to profit nicely from other people’s children fighting senseless wars on the other side of the world. Opinions and requests from “constituents” is just useless background noise to be blocked out.

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