Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Light Flashes

Azle homeowner displays 'Hispanics Keep Out' sign

“Hispanic” is a vague, political term with no identifiable meaning. How exactly do you define someone as “Hispanic?” Is it the color of their skin? Just how close would this home owner have to get to a potential trespasser to accurately determine if his skin is sufficiently brown to be defined as “Hispanic?”

Is your identification as “Hispanic” determined by one's surname? I know a pale skinned, blue eyed, blond woman whose last name is Fernandez- by marriage, of course. Is she now “Hispanic?” Must your family tree be analyzed before deciding if you are “Hispanic” or not?

This homeowner (if he/she wants to be fair and accurate) must keep a race inspector and genealogist handy to determine if any potential visitor to his/her property is a racially fit guest.

It’s complex and hard work being a bigot.

Police car burns in West Dallas

To serve and protect- poorly maintain your vehicle and shut down a major freeway for hours. Nice job, boys. It obviously wasn’t a wise choice to drive one of those POS Bailout Buggies.

It looks the Dallas LEO’s have a number of clunkers looking for some cash.

Man may have to move to Guatemala to be with daughter

This is just one instance of thousands that exposes the state’s power hungry hands, keeping busy adding unnecessary misery to individual‘s lives and families. It’s their job, after all, to properly manage the movement of their livestock within and between their arbitrary border fences.

On Television and Radio, Talk of Obama’s Citizenship

Why do media hacks, ignorant of the English language, (which obviously includes Mr. Stelter) always label those who disagree with the conventional wisdom (or information supplied by governments and their state controlled media), as “conspiracy theorists?”

Where’s the conspiracy?

Can’t people disagree with each other without being insulted with inaccurate, irrelevant labels?

The use of this word reeks of desperation by media-based state apologists. They seem desperately trying to stay relevant in a world that no longer listens to their falsehoods and misinformation- or at least take them seriously.

Many in Central's HOV lanes are actually driving solo

Good for them! These folks are true heroes. What a great example of non-violent resistance.

Why shouldn’t they drive in these lanes? They had a gun put to their heads to cough up the money to pay for them! What’s next? Will the state force us to buy a certain model of car, then tell us on what days we can drive it?

The solo drivers are “cheating?” Hardly. The only cheating going on is by the DMN, who are cheating their readers by not providing accurate and complete information. The writers at the DMN seem to be so morally depraved that they can’t even identify THEFT!

I encourage all to hold their local news organ accountable for not identifying immoral activity, whomever the instigator- whether it be street thugs mugging little old ladies or state thugs plundering its subjects. Theft is theft, no matter what uniform the thief wears.

‘Crime’ or self-defense? Iraq tries to arrest GIs

This is the Iraqi’s not so subtle way to scream GET OUT!

How can an invader legitimately plead “self-defense?” The US military has absolutely NO moral standing to be pleading such an excuse. Maybe the USG will finally get it through their heads that they don’t belong there, they were never invited there and are not welcome there. Stray, flea-infested dogs learn quicker than this.

In Lewisville, archivists catalog items for Bush library at SMU

What a wonderful library it should be.

I hope they install plenty of sinks so the excited visitors can wash the blood off their hands.

The museum wouldn’t be complete without an attractive display, listing the hundreds of lies told by the Bush administration.

A nice addition would be a digital clock that clicks one second for every one of the trillions of dollars spent (and borrowed) by this “conservative” President. Have visitors guess how many years (or centuries) will pass before all those seconds are counted.

DART bus burns at Addison Transit Center

More fine work from our “public servants.” DART shows how they can be just as incompetent as the Dallas Police whose car fire closed down a freeway for a considerable time (see above).

It’s bad enough they want to steal our money, invade our homes and tase us into submission. Now they seem to want to burn us alive, as well.

Pehaps these clowns should use some of their stolen money to keep these large traffic congesting beasts in better condition instead of paying $1.36 million for a large piece of scrap metal.

Enough shots in the dark

I guess people really ARE this ignorant.

I guess the author(s) is/are so tough that they’re too cowardly to list their names.

I would suggest to them- the next time a thug sticks a gun in your face and demands your money, make sure to tell him how he is showcasing “his weaknesses.”


Got to go now- my apartment manager says it’s time for her annual “inspection,” whatever that implies. No doubt she’s been well versed by Homeland Security on what to look out for in the way of subversion. I’ll make sure to hide away my miniature meth lab and take down my Allah Akbar! posters. You never can be too careful.

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