Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Light Flashes

Dallas neighborhood where flags were burned sees another case of arson

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if these fires are started by one of the “victims” or their associates to stir up the fear and hatred that bloody nationalists and USG supporters thrive on.

Black flag operations are a well used staple in their arsenal, as well as the obedient, complicit, corporate media that catapults their propaganda.

Tuskegee Airman serves up war stories at Allen cafe

Murderous, bloodthirsty USG loyalists LOVE to tell their war stories, don’t they? Do they tell the stories of the scores of dictators they’ve propped up or the millions of innocents they’ve killed? Do they brag how they surrendered all of eastern Europe to Stalin or actively supported Pol Pot in Cambodia? Somehow, those stories never seem to be told and bragged on.

Boasting is commonly used to repress inner feelings of guilt or to disguise personal cowardice and insecurities. Neither affliction is flattering.

Comet may have hit Jupiter

Be assured that NASA is now working feverishly behind the scenes, looking for a way to blame this on global warming. The CIA is working feverishly behind the scenes to blame this collision on Iran and/or North Korea.

Pot-growing 'Potter' actor gets community service

The judge declares that the convicted was "until now, a man of good character." So, it shows a lack of character to grow plants in your home that the state feels inappropriate and a threat to community peace and security- enough of a threat to put a violator in a cage for 14 years (if the all-wise judge should feel the urge)?

Meanwhile, those who wear the state’s uniform kill, torture, murder, and rape. They are deemed worthy of constant adulation, shiny new medals, and ticker tape parades.

How can any reasonable, rational person read such an account and continue to support and obey the despicable and immoral institution that is the state?

Planned reservoir could end dreams in Fannin County

"I've worked my whole life to hold onto this thing; then to turn around and have somebody take it away from me, it's just not the American way.”

The gentlemen appears not to have paid much attention to the history of “America” since its founding. Land theft was the primary mechanism propelling the growth of the United States. Most of the victims of that theft were indigenous tribes who didn’t have sufficient means to fight back. Now, it is the American collective, backed by dictates created from majority (democratic) opinion, that decides what is best for the collective, not what is best for the property owner. These victims, as well, do not have the means to fight back against an entity with unlimited funds and absolute power. The property owner is only ”sovereign” in the fantasy world of nationalist propaganda. He is required be a passive peon in the reality of state dominance.

Dallas police may need to use makeup to cover tattoos

At least they’ll look clean cut and All-American when they tase and beat you into submission for politely asking them a question.

Chrysler to match 'cash for clunkers' incentive

Someone has already pointed out that government buying these “clunkers” will only lower the supply of used cars that poor people can afford. This is a gift to the auto industry lobby and its controlling labor unions. Instead of buying an affordable used car, these folks will turn to purchasing new with all the accompanying risks. With no money down, interest free loans they’ll be tempted to buy more car than they can realistically afford. The car loan debt will be a constant burden on their monthly budget (rather than making a one-time payment on a purchase of a “clunker”).

When the financial burden becomes too much for the purchaser he can simply give back the keys to the auto company with virtually no consequences. He has nothing invested up front in the purchase and can simply rationalize that he was paying for the car the same way a lessee would. Or, if he is the whiney, “the world owes me type,” he can scream for a government bailout. Meanwhile, the auto company is left holding millions or (God forbid) billions of unpaid loans and the screaming for THEIR bailout commences.

And the beat goes on......

Obama Meets al-Maliki at White House

"We will work very hard not to allow any sectarian behavior and opportunity to flourish. We will work on a national plan where all sons of Iraq and all daughters of Iraq are equal in their contribution and their services. They will be unified by Iraq, they will not be divided by other elements."

Have you noticed how politicians are always trying to “unite” people- that the world will not survive or have peace unless all are “united.” Their idea of “united,” however, is “be subject to our rule and do as you’re told!” Any dissidents who don’t agree are considered enemies, terrorists, instigators, haters and dividers, when most just simply want to be left alone.

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