Friday, July 31, 2009

Can I Get Cash For This Clunker?

She's got a lot of mileage and is looking a bit haggard.
She has a good sized payload but it hasn't been much utilized.
Her motor runs cool but a lot of hot air comes out of her exhaust.
She's had frequent paint jobs but none have ever looked quite right.
Her steering pulls increasingly to the left.
Fuel capacity is unknown but seems to run best when full of cash.
Horsepower? It seems to vary depending on who's pushing the accelerator.
Rear suspension has been holding up but for how long?
Her upholstery, at least, has been well maintained, though there is a bit of junk in the trunk.
Her Kelly Blue Book value is dropping by the day, so the owner is motivated.

Time to trade in on a newer model:

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