Saturday, July 4, 2009

‘Independence’ Day?

Today is the day to “celebrate” the day a group of brave men banded together to declare themselves independent of a ruling tyrannical regime. The descendants of those brave group of men have created a still more tyrannical ruling regime that claims ownership of our lives and property.

As Stephen Kinsella asks, “One percent tax paid to a distant King over the ocean sound appealing, anyone?”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX) visited US soldier boys in Iraq, in part to celebrate Independence Day with them.
Is there anything more Orwellian than celebrating “Independence Day” while part of an invading, occupying army?
The Dallas Morning Ooze reports:
"Seven teams of officers will patrol the city, hunting for people igniting fireworks or shooting guns. They'll also be responding to reports from the public. "
"This is also another "no refusal" weekend in Dallas and other cities throughout the region. Officers will seek warrants to draw blood from those suspected of DWI if the drivers refuse to submit voluntarily to breath or blood tests. Boaters in some areas are also subject to the no-refusal policies."
Let’s all celebrate “freedom” in Dallas as Johnny Law steals away your fireworks, than violently holds you to the ground while the state’s vampires draw blood from your body against your will.

The Soviet Union didn’t disband- it just moved west!

Excuse me while I go burn a flag.

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