Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gang Wars

Kay Bailey Hutchison has become serious about being the next Texas governor. $12.5 million of bribe money can catapult a lot of propaganda toward the voting numbskulls. So, the perky UT cheerleader who morphed into KayBay, The War Bitch wants to rule the Lone Star State.

Why? I don’t really see that much difference between her and incumbent, Rick Perry. Perhaps it’s because Perry not long ago mentioned the S-word (secession) which can not be tolerated among the DC power elites. KayBay has her marching orders- assure the continuing dependence of Texans on benevolent Washington.

My guess is she has been in Washington long enough now to be in a secure, profitable position with the power elites. She now is willing to try her hand at ruling her own little fiefdom and more directly show her love for the tax peasants. Let’s just hope she isn’t as murderous as the last female governor who invited in the Federales to torture, burn and barbecue about 80-some Texans at Mt Carmel. Considering that KayBay doesn’t much like brown people (at least the Arab kind), Mexicans might want to be wary and pay attention.

I can just see her working to convince DC to build still more imperial military bases within the state to better protect her people against the constant threat from evil doers. It wouldn’t surprise me to see her lobby for an invasion force originating from those bases to invade and punish Mexico for its drug war violence and illegal immigration.

Am I being too hard on the “lady?” I despise all politi-gangsters and am wary of these sociopaths who have so much power over my life. When they have female brains in their skulls I tend to fear them even more. Considering the large percentage of women having no qualms about murdering their own child, there’s no hesitation toward the next step- murdering other’s children- or bravely, patriotically ordering armed thugs in clown suits to do their dirty work for them. The political culture defines such action as “leadership.”

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