Friday, February 4, 2011

Ft. Hood- Revisited

The wise, all knowing sages of the US Senate have issued their report on the 2009 massacre at Ft. Hood, TX. You can read about it here, here, and here. The FBI is blamed in part for its “failure to use its analysts well,” which may have “contributed to it overlooking the significance of communications with known terrorists transmitted by Hasan.” Perhaps they were too busy assisting potential car bombers by supplying them encouragement and fake explosives.

The report includes the usual “statist speak and gobbly-gook to fill space on a page, such as, "our investigation found specific systemic failures in the government's handling of the Hasan case and raises additional concerns about what may be broader systemic issues." Yep, fair warning to present and future bureaucrats and state apparatchiks- those broader systemic issues will get you every time.

My favorite quote comes from a frequent contributor to “From the Darkness,” Mad Joe Leiberman: "There wasn't evil intent by people in the federal government. There was just what I would call negligence, failure to perform the duties as we have a right to expect federal employees will do.” Say it isn’t so, Joe! Negligence from our brave, competent public servants? Evil?  Perish the thought.

In essence, this is what the report concludes:

Cause of attack: Government bureaucrats didn't read minds well enough.

Recommendation: Government bureaucrats should learn to more accurately read minds in the future.

Nowhere does it recommend that these potential victims (trained assassins, highly expert in the use of firearms) be allowed to carry a sidearm while on base. That would have brought a quick end to this attack or maybe even discouraged it in the first place. But then, don't expect government to ever act in a rational manner or exhibit any judgement whatsoever based on common sense. The state restricts, discourages and even bans free individuals from defending themselves with personal firearms. The state runs a protection racket and cannot tolerate free individuals not being dependent on the nanny state to protect them. The state even forbids such activity among its military servants and warriors (at least when not in a war zone) whose job it is to efficiently dispense violence through the use of firearms. Of course, that violence must be directed against unruly subjects and rival states. The state cannot afford to trust its individual warriors to decide just who else to direct those weapons against. Such a risky policy might just lead to a history changing coup. When a slave, you will always be reminded who your master is.

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