Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“We are taught that 'anarchy' means violence, looting and the aggressive form of chaos that all-too-often flourishes in the wake of natural disasters. We are told that this is what happens given the absence of state control. Nothing could be further from the truth. The state IS control. It is the very incarnation of force and violence from which it purports to protect us.
To those who would argue that coercion is necessary to foster freedom, that force is a prerequisite for peace and that the expropriation of individuals’ property on threat of violence is compulsory to fund an agency that, alone, is capable of guaranteeing safety and prosperity, we say: you don’t know the real meaning of anarchy, you don’t know what voluntarism is and, until you do, you will never know what it means to be truly free.”
Joel Bowman

“Freedom goes in a million directions, in countless dimensions. The lust for power concentrates all like down to a unidimensional line, and, finally, to an excruciating point, with the tyrant’s boot forever on the neck.”
Christopher Manion

“Does doing for your country mean doing something beneficial for one’s fellow human beings who live in the territorial United States? If so, any honest participant in the marketplace is doing it already. He or she hardly needs to be admonished by a president [Kennedy] who himself never made that sort of contribution. All genuine market participants (those who eschew fraud and political privileges) offer goods and services that other people believe will make their lives better. Productive people’s direct motive may not be to do unto others, but that’s what they must do via persuasion if they are to prosper.”
Sheldon Richman

“It's amazing how so many governments don't get it... going out of their way to repel or even prevent talented foreigners from settling, as if the fundamental freedom to work hard and prosper is somehow derived from bloodlines, ethnicity, or irrelevant, invisible lines on a map.”
Simon Black

“If you must live your life under the direction and control of strangers, better they be local strangers than rulers at a distance. Even better: that you live under the dictates of your own well-formed conscience.”
Paul Hein

“’….Civility’ is a one-way concept. The state – and especially the state that imposes a ‘welfare’ vision upon others – is free to engage in violence, use violent rhetoric, and kill or imprison anyone who stands in the way of such a ‘vision.’ One is not ‘uncivil’ unless he or she opposes such a regime, even if the opposition is only in the form of words.”
William L. Anderson

“Statist elites depend on two things to perpetuate their scam: that their oppressive acts can be perpetrated behind a cloak of obscurity and that the productive citizenry should remain too disconnected and disorganized to rebel.”
Steve LaTulippe

“Mainstream politicians are inveterate liars. Their very existence is based on lying. They tell us government works when it doesn't, that we need to attack foreign countries when we don't, that taxes are voluntary, that they've read the bills, that they don't trade favors for money, that they don't sleep with hookers.
Bureaucrats are simply failed politicians. They couldn't lie good enough to get elected so they had their lying politician cronies appoint them to juicy taxpayer-funded jobs.”
Garry Reed

“The fate of those who defy our two-headed official ruling party is no different from those who challenge the single-headed ruling parties that dominate what we call 'totalitarian' or 'authoritarian' states.”
Justin Raimondo

“Regulations are before-the-fact demands by the government that presume the individual and one’s business guilty, in which one must submit one’s private personal or financial information to the government to prove one’s innocence. Government regulations and arbitrary restrictions are literally searches and seizures by the government of information that is none of anyone else’s business, and effect in the stifling of everyday citizens’ growth and prosperity.”

Scott Lazarowitz
"The police are to the government as the edge is to the knife."
David Bayley

“Karl Marx was wrong. Religion is not the opium of the people. Government debt is. The true faith of the West is not faith in God. It is faith in faithfulness of governments – the United States government above all.”
Gary North
From the Darkness:
"One of water fluoridation's biggest advantages is that it benefits all residents of a community -- at home, work, school or play. And fluoridation's effectiveness in preventing tooth decay is not limited to children, but extends throughout life, resulting in improved oral health."
Dr. Howard Koh, assistant secretary for HHS

"We think that there are some entities within China that we have brought to the attention of the Chinese leadership that are still not as, shall we say, as in compliance as we would like them to be. And we are pushing very hard on that and we may be proposing more unilateral sanctions."
Queen Hillary, looking to make economic war on the Chinese

“Perhaps socialism was not an alternative to capitalism, but its heir. It will inherit the earth not by dispossessing the rich of their property, but by providing motives and incentives for behavior that are unconnected with the further accumulation of wealth.”
Robert Skidelsky

“That’s the kind of stuff that produces Oklahoma cities, produced two deputy sheriffs being killed in West Memphis.”
Rep. Steve Cohen, commenting on Jesse Ventura’s popular TruTV show, “Conspiracy Theory.”

"It is messy. It causes lots of terrible things to be on the news. The drug traffickers are not going to give up without a terrible fight. And they do things that are just barbaric - like beheading people."
Queen Hillary commenting on the Mexican drug cartels [Yea, Queeny, kinda like you do with your 500 pound bombs.]

“Of course, as we speak, al-Qaida and their affiliates continue to plan attacks against us.”
B. Obama, keeping the fear alive

“….I call on all our college campuses to open their doors to our military recruiters and ROTC. It is time to leave behind the divisive battles of the past. It is time to move forward as one nation.”
B. Obama, at his goose stepping best

“The idea of America endures. Our destiny remains our choice. And tonight, more than two centuries later, it's because of our people that our future is hopeful, our journey goes forward and the state of our union is strong.”
B. Obama, having a collectivist orgasm

“Operating under the significantly reduced funding level now being debated would cause severe problems, likely requiring us to curtail critical activities needed to support our troops and carry out our national security mission.”
Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn [I certainly hope so.]

“We should not speak about 30 months, but probably think in terms of 30 years.”
EU Special Representative Vygaudas Usackas, speaking of the EU’s commitment to Afghanistan

"Good citizens who report suspicious activity in good faith, should not have to worry about being sued."
House Homeland Security Chairman Pete King, introducing the "See Something, Say Something Act" as a shield against lawsuits for those "acting in good faith" and with "objectively reasonable suspicion" that a plot may be unfolding.

"That's how you hollow out a military."
Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary, accusing Congress of dumping a “crisis on my doorstep" by holding the Pentagon to last year's spending levels. [Let’s make it so hollow that you can hear the wind blow through it.]

"I would not refer to him as a dictator.”
Joe Biden, on Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak

“The concept of national service is not new, nor is it outdated. When America needs it, national service is the personal obligation of every American. And she needs it now.
All of us bear an obligation to serve—an obligation that goes beyond paying taxes, voting, or adhering to the law.”
Gen. Stanley McChrystal [This dude us downright spooky.]

"All governments must maintain power through consent, not coercion."
B. Obama [One you have finished your fit of laughter, ask yourself this question: What are the odds that he really believes this?]

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