Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Thoughts on the Stupor Bowl

There has been lots of news this week in the local media concerning the upcoming Super Bowl in Arlington. A couple of items caught my attention and irked my rational mind:

1) The major item discussed, of course, is the abnormal, extremely cold and icy weather that has hampered travel throughout the Metroplex and put a chilly damper on any related activities. Power companies throughout the state have been having trouble keeping up with the demand and have instigated rolling blackouts throughout the area to help conserve power. At least, the hoi polloi has had to tolerate such an inconvenience. The privileged elites associated with Stupor Bowl activities, led by Chief Cowboy Fascist (CCF) Jerry Jones, have not had to suffer- at least at Cowboy’s Stadium, which has received an exemption from such action. Dallasites, as they shiver in their unheated homes, should remember that Jerry Jones owns them. He can run you off your land to build his billion dollar playpen, he can tax you to help pay for it, and now, he can steal your power. But then, you don’t mind, because you must have a professional football team in Dallas and you have been convinced that such sacrifices on your part are “good for the community.”

2) No major sporting event is complete in this day and age without a loud, thunderous demonstration of state power and the accompanying fawning and worship of the state‘s “heroic” enforcers. The most visible of these demonstrations are the annoying “flyovers” of military combat aircraft. Despite having the dome roof closed during the game, Cowboys Stadium will be blessed just the same with five Navy F-15’s traveling all the way from Virginia Beach, VA. This nice little trip and display will set back the US tax slaves a cool $450,000+. Or maybe the cost is being paid by borrowing from foreign investors, in which case your great-grandchildren will be paying for it by licking Chinese boots. Apparently, the F-16’s stationed just down the street at Carswell Air Force Base are just not adequate or patriotic enough to complete the task, though certainly they could accomplish such nonsense at far less cost.

Amerikans have an undeniably sick, perverted love and lust for the military. This disease has particularly infected professional sports which have become unwatchable, thanks in part to these nauseating histrionics. From this demonstration of war power the fans seem to derive motivation and emotional strength to cheer the impending battle of athletes. In reality, these flyovers are just a reminder that Big Brother is still in charge and your obedience and submission is mandatory. Never, never, forget who’s the boss.

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